Blowhards + compliant media = liquidation


Comments reported today from Paul Murray, Rangers director during their infamous EBT period, get to the heart of the immediate problem facing Duff and Phelps.  Murray said:

“On Monday I made it clear that, in the best interests of the club, the Blue Knights were prepared to take a step back from this process.

“We did so because we did not want to further delay the absolutely critical task of selecting a preferred bidder.

“But we also made it clear our offer was still on the table.

“Now, in the light of the lack of activity over the subsequent 48 hours, I am reconsidering our position.”

Murray’s Blue Knights, no doubt in common with all other bidders, were offered a period of exclusivity as preferred bidder in return for paying a non-refundable £500k.  The Blue Knights declined and no one else has been prepared to put their cash on the line.

The Blue Knights are “reconsidering [their]position” about what?  They left their bid on the table and refused to pay the £500k.  If they reconsidered this can only mean they have removed their bid completely or they have agreed to pay the £500k.

The last thing Rangers need is another blowhard using a compliant media to make people believe he will put cash on the table without actually doing so.  Murray goes on to use phrases like “absolute urgency” without realising put up or shut up time happened weeks ago. Liquidation draws near, if he cannot pay to become preferred bidder he is a (welcome) distraction.

You would have thought this guy did enough damage when he was director during the EBT years! It’s almost like there is a group of malevolent CQN’ers teasing the administrators with promises and media campaigns in an attempt to consume all available rescue time.  Every couple of days one will pop up full of bluster and inaction. We’re talking about £500k for a consortium presumed to have multi-millionaires; so what if they lose, the cash goes to the creditors and surely it’s worth taking the chance?

If it was Celtic, you, me and thousands of our friends would have put the cash on the table weeks ago.

The most recent deadline to appoint a preferred bidder is tomorrow.  If Duff and Phelps cannot do so you can be assured that there are no proper bids.

As we have said from day one, despite Duff and Phelps magnificently inaccurate “irrelevant” comment, there is only one show in town and that’s Craig Whyte.  More on him, and why he’ll not walk, away this afternoon.

The charity auction on eBay for a unique Neil Lennon painting ends at 20:44 BST tonight. This guy’s image is worth more than any other sportsman, we’re now over £4k! Rumours of the decline of his legend are completely fabricated.

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  1. All the noises are building up and pointing to Liquidation sooner rather than later.



    Not sure if I want it sooner, I’m enjoying them being spit roasted if i’m honest.



    I am not a bad man.

  2. Has anyone in the media actually acknowledged that Craig Whyte still owns 85% of Rangers? And that he can decide who to sell his shares to?



    Assuming that liquidation does come, how low will any bidder for the huns’ property be able to go and be sure of success? I can’t see there being too many folk prepared to bid for Murray Park as it can’t be built on. And Ibrox is close to several shopping centres with a big Asda just up the road, so no use as a supermarket.

  3. Paul67



    I wish they would die soon.



    My pleasure in their misery is fairly topping up my trips to confession…

  4. Paul67



    Kin yi no get ESPN to change advert on top of page,every time I see


    that Q P ragers badge a come oot in a rash.


    Yours hopefully vp

  5. I thought the deadline was after the latest round of SFA carve ups (sorry I meant to say rule proposals) on 30th April.

  6. The End



    Does the end seem to be coming to fast?


    Are we all disappointed that it didn’t last


    We wanted a long drawn out affair


    Blood and tears down the marble stair



    Will the end be the beginning of a new team?


    Are we expecting a change in the old regime?


    We wanted our rivals to come back anew


    Will the Third division, come to their rescue!



    When the end is all over, what is to come?


    Off with the corsets, as the laughter is done


    The end of an era, power, corruption and lies


    A wounded monster, let’s hope that it dies

  7. Paul67 – Has anyone asked Paul Murray if he received a loan from the Employee Benefits Trust?



    If they all chipped in there is a small chance they would have enough for a CVA….



    With the amounts talked about in individual bids the myth about a CVA being agreed is a risible notion.

  8. Raffle for Celtic Vs Rangers ticket in aid of the Kano Foundation


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    Entry into the raffle costs three of your English pounds, i.e.£3.00 and you can enter as many times as you like.



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    Simply keep a note of the transaction number and email me at sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com to be added into the draw.



    Closing date will be Thursday 26th April.



    Hail Hail



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  9. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    “Malevolent CQNers” Paul?









    Certainly. :)

  10. Oh Craigy, you came and you bought out Sir Murray


    Who then left in a hurry


    Oh Craigy, you read out a speech in their lobby


    Now the game’s a bogey



    Oh Craigy, you’d rather watch tennis than fitba


    Well, you’d be a lot safer


    Oh Craigy, your shares cost less than a subway


    And we need you to stay…

  11. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Murray goes on to use phrases like “absolute urgency” without realising put up or shut up time happened weeks ago. Liquidation draws near, if he cannot pay to become preferred bidder he is a (welcome) distraction.



    I’m struggling to believe a chartered accountant is having problems “realising” all of the intricacies and implications, so that leaves me with the only option left, he is not being 100% honest, ooopps he cound just be a diddy of an accountant I suppose :o)

  12. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    When the time comes I will not miss the Old Firm one bit. I will miss the rivalry but not the poison with which it is laced.



    I will not miss mistrusting referees when big decisions go against Celtic and the consequent angst of Celtic supporters saying how much better we need to be to live with it.



    I will not miss the incredible one sided reporting of the media filled by ex Rangers men and Celtic men too morally weak to provide balance or have the courage to walk away from an industry where touching the forelock is a condition of employment (with apologies to the odd exceptions.



    I will definitely not miss the snarling callers who phone in if Neil Lennon as much as walks funny, it is not his fault he reveals the worst in them.



    I do not enjoy games against Rangers, I want to win as much to be saved the triumphalism as for the footballing rewards.



    I do look forward to rivalry without the poison but see little sign of the antidote appearing.

  13. Paul 67



    Classy Stuff m8.






    especially – “If it was Celtic, you, me and thousands of our friends would have put the cash on the table weeks ago.”



    THAT, is the difference IMO.



    Hail Hail


    Off oot


    May God Bless Paul67 and ‘Every’ CQNer.


    But, most important of all…..God, please shine your Light on


    Neil Francis Lennon



  14. Martin O’Neil. ” It seems ok to give plenty out to Neil,


    but at the slightest hint of anything from him people are up in arms”, curious







  15. Well said Paul.


    The manipulations being attempted are staggering,without the relevant questions being asked by,as you rightly said ,”the Compliant” media.


    Subject to todays hearings I expect a much more robust statement of intent from our Board,they must not allow political correctness to be mis-construed as complacency,not for the first time Neil Lennon is taking the flak and being criticised by the Walkers and Keevins and their like ,as quite frankly they are concerned he is drawing attention to them forcing them to stand up or roll over,and we know the answer to that.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Sunk below the Waterline


    Sweet surrender on the Clydeside


    You remember we used to run and hide


    In the shadow of transfer embargoes and organised crime


    And we’re counting all the money sunk below the waterline



    Near misses on the Ibrox stairways


    Judge dismisses in the darkened court days


    A foghorn blowing out wild and cold


    A policeman shines a light upon my shoulder



    Up comes a roaster fast and silent in the night


    Over my shoulder all you can see are the spot lights


    No money in our jackets but our liquidation form


    Your hands are cold but with league reform



    She can see himall sweaty where they used to go


    She can feel him in the places where the inhalers go


    When he’s walking by the river with his SPL fines


    he can still hear him whisper


    Let’s get sunk below the waterline




  17. Enquiry into rangers rule breaking by SFA adjourned today.



    Hearing into Celtic manager goes ahead at 3pm










  18. Poetry izzit ? Ah cin dae that



    Tae Duff & Phelps



    Ah’d love tae skelp…


    Aw yis dae is help


    The darnel




    Man alive !


    Cin yis no joost


    Pull the plug


    N lit thum pass awaw ?


    Thir’ll be nae


    Mass cairds


    Fae me at aw

  19. Paul or anybody – – Can you tell me if Murray has passsed the ‘fit and proper person’ rule st out please. As I see it how on earth can he have gotten through that scrutiny.


    On wee Neil, I think now is the time for the board to get off the fence and back him to the hilt else we will still be swimming against the current as per usual. If we make a stand NOW, then we send a message that little Timmy has had enough, once and for all.Sadly I see if the boeard does not back Lenny he may walk at the end of the season and willbe replaced by a “more compliant” yes toady. This cannot be alloed to happen.



    Hail Hail





  20. SFTB………from last thread…The ole wacky races.


    Ah!..The memories.


    The family would sit around the telly and pick their favourites – Mine was the Anthill mob (OK ya mugs, get out and push). Boy, that Rufus Roughcut wasn’t too smart:)….But I was never daft enough to pick ole Dick…ever.


    Hail Hail



  21. jock steins celtic on 19 April, 2012 at 12:33 said:



    why didn’t Murray buy the Huns fae Murray a year ago ?



    Now that’s a bloody good question. And one that a half decent journalist would have asked him by now.



    Could it be that he knew the whole thing would end in disaster and he wanted to be the one starting a new club rather than finishing on old one?

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