Board statement: dressing room, winning the 10, values


Celtic’s statement yesterday had interesting parts to it.  First was timing, it was released early evening, after a full working days’ deliberations on what to do next.  I suspect the appropriate reaction to the home draw with St Johnstone was under review for much of that time.

The second element that stuck me was the voice, this was “The Board”, not more commonly used “The Club” voice.  The Board is more personal, it was a choice to identify with the decision.

Several points stood out:

“understands the importance of winning the league championship this season..

“deliver the tenth championship in a row that is so important to us all.

“operate according to our Club’s values.

“our collective objective is best served by continuing to support Neil

“Neil has the support of the players…

“The Board recognises the range of views expressed by our supporters and the strength of those opinions.

Talk of winning the league this season and delivering the tenth championship in a row is ballsy.  I cannot say I’m optimistic.

Some have wondered if the dressing room was behind the manager.  It was not necessary to address this, but the statement confirmed it to be the case.

“The strength of those opinions” translates as “we hear you.”

“Our collective objective is best served by continuing to support Neil” alludes to the options that you and I have pondered.  Sacking the manager is the easy part, replacing him with someone who will turn things around is the greater challenge.

Operating according to the Club’s values is an opaque statement, you can interpret it as you wish.  Neil looks lost in his challenges, but I don’t like the way he has been hounded.  He has been through traumas due to his association with Celtic that no one has ever had to tolerate and achieved greatly as player and manager.  We do not owe him a living, but he deserves dignity and respect, especially when vulnerable.  That’s how I interpreted that part of the statement, anyway.

I suspect if the board were confident any alternative course of action would increase our chances of winning the league, a different statement would have been issued.  Pragmatism is greater than sentiment.  Instead, they have placed their chips on the man from Lurgan.  If he delivers, it will be one of the most remarkable titles in our history.

Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles, is available now.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

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  1. DAVID66 on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 9:15 PM



    Istanbul players refusing to come back on unless the offending official is removed.



    Just watching United. Going nowhere under a manager who is clearly out of his depth but will win more than he loses simply because of the resources he can tap into. Fans are torn on whether to call for his head as he was such a legend as a player and the board are reluctant to fire him for the same reason. Sounds familiar?

  2. Red Bull Leipzig, who we beat at Celtic Park almost exactly 3 years ago, look very likely to dump Man U out of the Champions League. It’s not definite yet, as they do have a knack of amazing comebacks.

  3. Man U,get yet another non penalty.Every week,it seems to be.They might even have had more penalties than the Huns.

  4. GEEBEE1978


    Maybe being a wee bit harsh there, GEEBEE. Win their game in hand, and they are only 2 points behind Spurs and Liverpool. Now pulled back 2 goals in 2 minutes. 1 more and they are through.






    When I last looked in here in October, a few posters mentioned SoT. Was hoping he had been on, or someone had contacted him. Sadly not 😔








    I believe Paul67 tried to contact him on his given e-mail address but received no reply,hopefully SoT


    has just got pissed off with technology and is living the quiet life in the sun.hh



    Walk on being sung on STV. Makes me long to be at Parkhead and hearing it sung properly.”



    Judging by most of the comments on CQN , it could be just you and I at Celtic Park :-))




    That is true. In a strange and congested season, United as well as teams like Southampton, Villa and Leicester are well-placed. However, they seem to have a habit of taking a step forward then a couple back.



    If he wins the title this season or at least makes a decent fist of challenging, then I’ll hold my hands up but right now, slipping into the EL and aiming for top four can’t be satisfactory considering the outlay.

  8. In other news, Dynamo Kyiv’s win will almost certainly see Ukraine taking our automatic CL spot. They will be guaranteed another two games on top of Shakhtar’s win over Real and Zorya beating Leicester.



    While the Scottish media will talk about our performances we really need the other Scottish sides to step up. Kilmarnock losing to Connor’s Quay is as bad if not worse than us losing to Sparta Prague.

  9. Incredible goal by 20 year old Westin McKenzie for Juventus at Barcelona. A profusion of very young players between 16 and 20 years old introduced recently by Bayern, Dortmund, Juventus, Chelsea, Barca and Real Madrid, among others, many of them American and English. One thing you notice is that most of these players are very muscular, with obvious upper body strength, something that would really help players like Micky Johnston deal with the hammer throwers.

  10. Interesting watching Leipzig shape.



    When out of possession they have a rigid back 5 and midfield 3 tight in the middle.



    When a pass is played through the side of the 5, they break quickly to block a cross if the offside doesn’t work



    The wingbacks get right up the pitch when in control but get back quickly as do the middle 3



    Very similar to Inter last year which I raved about here and compared to our lack of shape then



    Our wingbacks do have the pace to get back but the issue is the middle 3.



    They don’t come back as a unit. One might try to tackle and press , the other is miles back at the CHs and the third had to decide where to cover



    Our returning wingbacks also try to fill in for middle 3 and leave gaps outside the back 3



    Another thing; Leipzig commit as many forward as us but they get wide to take long balls. We bunch up in the middle and try to pass across the field. Opposite wing back to the ball should be on touch line and our middle 3 and other end should try to find that spare man with cross field passes or low crosses



    All these teams have fit and agile players in middle 3. Our current players are all the sitting players other than Christie



    Hopefully turnbull will bring some drive



    We don’t need a Platini passer or a Deschamps tackler. 3 athletes in the middle and you run pass move. 2 strikers will score



    All needs good coaching and training but so many teams can do it.

  11. CONEYBHOY on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 10:17 PM



    Agreed. We have nothing to lose on Thursday and it would seem Neil Lennon is immune even from another pasting so why not put Soro and Turnbull in there and bring some energy, as you say?



    What’s the betting he goes with Brown and McGregor again? Honestly, if he does I’d be tempted to think that he’s actually daring the board to pay him up and put him out of his misery.

  12. Can’t believe Utd got that penno btw. Striker fouls ch then throws a shoulder in and falls over. Shocking

  13. Dont like the “Lennon out”Banner hanging there.Not the sentiments,but the manner of it.Maybe thats just me,but I don’t think he deserves that.

  14. Geebee1978



    On a lighter note. I worked with a guy in England years ago who wanted Voluntary Severance but his boss wouldn’t let him go



    He started coming into work wearing cycling shorts and sleeveless shirt. A big biker lad and not a good look but he worked in our engine test beds so no attire rules broken. Took all teabreaks etc. Stayed just outside the rules but on the zone that the Union would stop him getting sacked



    He got his money👍

  15. Saying”The Black guy”is now shockingly racist enough for both teams to walk off the pitch.?


    So if the game had been in some African,Middle East country,and someone asked Who got the Red card” and the official pointed and said”The white guy”would that cause the same furore.I really don’t see it happening.

  16. CONEYBHOY on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 10:34 PM



    Haha…..brilliant. Well, if Neil Lennon starts coming to the dugout in cycling shorts we’ll know he reads this blog😂

  17. CONEYBHOY on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 10:17 PM


    Interesting watching Leipzig shape



    So hope someone at Celtic Park is reading your post.



    In other news, feeling auld when Kluivert’s wean scores against ManU!!!👴🏻



    HH jg

  18. Turkeybhoy



    That could be something to do with the 5 centuries of chattel slavery, rape, economic exploitation and overt racism that white people haven’t suffered at the hands of others?



    Sorry about yer dug mate. I had a lovely dog from when I was 10 till I was 20. Was like losing my brother.



    HH jg