Board statement: dressing room, winning the 10, values


Celtic’s statement yesterday had interesting parts to it.  First was timing, it was released early evening, after a full working days’ deliberations on what to do next.  I suspect the appropriate reaction to the home draw with St Johnstone was under review for much of that time.

The second element that stuck me was the voice, this was “The Board”, not more commonly used “The Club” voice.  The Board is more personal, it was a choice to identify with the decision.

Several points stood out:

“understands the importance of winning the league championship this season..

“deliver the tenth championship in a row that is so important to us all.

“operate according to our Club’s values.

“our collective objective is best served by continuing to support Neil

“Neil has the support of the players…

“The Board recognises the range of views expressed by our supporters and the strength of those opinions.

Talk of winning the league this season and delivering the tenth championship in a row is ballsy.  I cannot say I’m optimistic.

Some have wondered if the dressing room was behind the manager.  It was not necessary to address this, but the statement confirmed it to be the case.

“The strength of those opinions” translates as “we hear you.”

“Our collective objective is best served by continuing to support Neil” alludes to the options that you and I have pondered.  Sacking the manager is the easy part, replacing him with someone who will turn things around is the greater challenge.

Operating according to the Club’s values is an opaque statement, you can interpret it as you wish.  Neil looks lost in his challenges, but I don’t like the way he has been hounded.  He has been through traumas due to his association with Celtic that no one has ever had to tolerate and achieved greatly as player and manager.  We do not owe him a living, but he deserves dignity and respect, especially when vulnerable.  That’s how I interpreted that part of the statement, anyway.

I suspect if the board were confident any alternative course of action would increase our chances of winning the league, a different statement would have been issued.  Pragmatism is greater than sentiment.  Instead, they have placed their chips on the man from Lurgan.  If he delivers, it will be one of the most remarkable titles in our history.

Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles, is available now.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

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  1. Jamesgang



    And Kluivert was only 20 at euro 96. Seems like only 10 years ago to me. Great summer. Went to all 3 games as I was in the midlands. That hotel pub, beer garden built into Villa Park was amazing. Ceilidh band and everything laid on for us

  2. 1996 does only seem like 10 years ago!


    Therein lies the problem!



    Did a mental double take the other day. Wondered if it was 2010. Then remembered, nope, it’s another 10 onto that!



    Right. Bed for this old codger.



    HH jg

  3. Magnificentseven on

    MODERATOR 2 on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 5:31 PM


    Fr. McGreer :



    Red card



    Just back on and noticed your post, well deserved, hopefully permanent

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    CORKCELT on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 10:48 PM



    Would agree with your midfielders and although our greek bhoy has not impressed to drop him would kill any confidence he has left.

  5. Any wee sleekit who gets barred can easily just do the new email thing and register as another “name”…………


    ……wull know thum soon enuff thanks to thur snyde guff tho – thank goodness.

  6. Aye, yon Hot Smoked is for the watching!



    Coming on here, looking for crossword answers!



    HH jg

  7. Magnificentseven on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 11:10 PM



    I know, he will be back, and to be fair he was obvious even before today. It can’t be easy to try and moderate them

  8. Yesterdays statement, for the first time in memory, separates out the actions of the board of directors from the club. The board act in the best interests of the company (what they perceive to be). The board has decided that its not in the interests of the company to replace the management team with an alternative. This is likely due to a suitable alternative not being available and for economic and moral reasons.



    There is access to UCL next season for 2 clubs. Neil will leave at the end of the season or before with the company’s thanks. The view of the company is that you cant always win.



    This was the message yesterday from the company to its investors.

  9. GEEBEE1978 on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 9:19 PM





    I would even argue looking beyond these shores. I like the look of Hassenhutl – never heard of him before Southampton snapped him up. Remember the headlines of “Arsene who?”?



    *was in a Celtic minded bar when he joined the Arse, 2 big heavy set North Londoners were discussing this aresh*ole wanker, why do we need a bluddy frog was also uttered. 2 years later they won the double and then repeated it a couple of years after that.

  10. Magnificentseven on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 11:20 PM


    Very easy…………just a matter of time.



    Some give themselves away sooner than others

  11. TURKEYBHOY on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 9:47 PM



    What’s going on here with these officials.



    *who appoints them

  12. geebee1978



    Being critical myself of the position the Board have presented on the the present manager, and elsewhere previously I can appreciate the sentiment shown by Protesters but they haven’t quite thought things through.


    ‘CFC not PLC’ suggests that they are separate entities rather than part of the same one. That logic tends to support a position adopted elsewhere in Glasgow, same club different company. It is bogus of course, but why give it succour?

  13. BIG WAVY on 8TH DECEMBER 2020 12:29 PM



    Got waylaid yesterday. My post was in reference to your hot chocolate one. No harm done.




  14. DAVID17


    He should not be allowed to stay until the end of the season. We would be lucky to finish second.


    Should be sacked asap

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Can someone clarify ….



    Has someone actually left a banner outside Celtic Park which says “Lennon Out”?

  16. I have a virtual meeting coming up so I’m out of here but I have tae congratulate the posters on here the day. We all see things differently but there was no visible sings of acrimony.



    Mrs TT once said tae me years ago “you’re a really nice and decent person”, I thought what is she after, but she then said, “you hold grudges and make a really bad enemy”.



    That’s straight tae heaven out for me, probably spend a lifetime in purgatory and then possibly the last one up the stairs on judgement day after putting the lights out.



    So although our last manager was very very successful and as DD said possibly the best since Jock leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth, he could have cost us the honest second time round 9 and another treble.



    If he had stayed for the remainder of the season and then left, widnae have been happy but at least we may have been spared the current panto.

  17. I think, apart from Ronnie Simpson, the Lisbon Lions were pretty much the of same generation as the Beatles, and part of that same Zeitgeist in the 1960s, so it is in that spirit if you like, I commemorate the anniversary of the death of John Lennon forty years ago. John would have been 80 just a couple of months back. Technically it was December 9 on this side of the Atlantic, but I was in California at the time, working up in Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, but actually living, (but not loitering) in a tent in a County Park to the South of there. Had a Motor though, Mercury Montego 1972, 2.5l which I had driven across from Boston, Jack Kerouac style a few months earlier. Great car, now a bona fide classic. Remember that evening listening to the car radio, Beatles and Lennon songs playing one after the other, when I thought that does not feel quite right, something bad has happened to John, and sure enough when it broke to the news the word came through from New York City that he had been shot near where he lived in Manhattan. A little bit of my childhood died with him albeit this time on the West Coast of the USA not the West of Scotland where I first heard him sing, on the radio. Love me Do….




  18. Re,the Lenny banner.I said he should be gone,but I don’t like this.He does not deserve that abuse.


    By all means slaughter the Board for keeping him on.Well deserved there.

  19. James gang,


    No problems with teams walking off,I j UST think the comment made was very softThe4th official looked stunned.All opinion I suppose.Thanks about the Dug.