Bogus issues and a Good Old Celtic debate


I’ve not spent a lot of time online this week (work sometimes creeps in) but can’t believe the amount of traction that notion that Sevco would somehow be able to acquire SFA membership of a dead club, with all associated benefits, but be in a position to dictate set terms on how past misdeeds of Rangers would be recorded.

This is a bogus debate which serves only to deflect from the more serious issues facing Sevco, namely, do they have circa £25m to pay their way this season?  If not, their pedantic views of disciplinary matters are moot, although they may be used as a principled excuse to fold a football club.

On more positive matters……….

Tony Hamilton asked me into the Celtic TV to discuss various issues surrounding the club.  We spoke about how recent events elsewhere have had a galvanising impact on supporters of Celtic and other clubs, where Celtic’s future should be.  I also gave a breakdown of what the death of Rangers would mean financially to Celtic, with or without Champions League group stage qualification, talked about how it would benefit the entire Scottish game if we found a new league to play in, and the great atmosphere we have at Celtic Park these days – which you can experience if you buy a season ticket, which you absolutely-without-a-doubt-should!

Do it now.  The video is below:

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  1. Right that the grass done.


    That’s the problem with tax free bungs.


    I bunged ole BSR a tenner a week to keep the grass in check while I was off in Sammi land and he hops it to Espana leaving me with a jungle out front.


    I can’t get my cash back or else I’ll be all over the MSM front page chip rappers.


    Was at Heathrow yesterday, place was jumping. Anything happening in London?


    BSR did you ask the guy if there was a handicap limit to get on the courses there.


    How are you Ryan O/ D?



    Shopping next.


    Maybe golf later. Goldstar enjoy Inter game, if you want a game of golf before Aberdour text me.



    Is it today Sevco can go?







  2. Shagger gets it.



    McGregor insisted: “My club went into liquidation in June and I became a free agent.”

  3. Tom McLaughlin on 27 July, 2012 at 11:26 said:



    In which case I anticipate some incoming fire from your fellow antipodean.

  4. Rangers players better prepare for culture shock at some third division grounds, warns Elgin stalwart Danny Rodgers



    SOME of Ally McCoist’s L’enfant terrible’s, many just weaned off dummy tits and assisted bathing, will toddle into the dressing rooms of the Third Division over the next few weeks and the poor wee diddum’s get the shock of their lives.


    No longer cocooned in the cotton wool confines of the Murray Park creche facilities, many of McCoist’s kids will have their eyes opened to the raw realities of football when they roll up at the well to hell that is the likes of Abaddon of Annan, the Tartarus of Peterhead and the Mictlan of Montrose.


    But Danny Rodgers believes it might just be the making of them.


    You can’t even call Rodgers a journeyman pro because he plays for Elgin and doesn’t get a penny for his efforts, in fact he is paid in meat coupons and a carton of Benson & Hedges.


    The 30-year-old makes his living as a Gazebo salesman and is currently going through the rigours of pre-season for the 14th year in a row.


    A Rangers fan, the Elgin midfield hardman admits his feelings of dismay at the turmoil his boyhood heroes are enduring sits uneasily with the delight he feels about the prospect of playing against McCoist’s little ones in the coming campaign.


    And he believes Rangers’ ability to get out of the bottom tier of Scottish football will be determined by how quickly players adapt to their new, primitive, stone-age surroundings.


    He said: “It’ll be a real culture shock. Going from the dressing-rooms of Celtic Park and even Dundee United into the Third Division will take a bit of adjusting. We don’t have hot water, in fact we don’t have ANY water. There’s no electricity and sometimes you have to get ready in the dark. It can catch you out. We also have to take our pre-match micturation in a hole dug out in the middle of the mud-hut dressing room. Its like Paleolithic regression.


    “In some of the changing rooms down here, once the squad is named the subs have to leave to allow the first-team some space to prepare for the game. It can get pretty crammed. The subs are then let back in as the starters are going out the door into the tunnel….its a bit like trying to get stripped in a cross between a revolving door and an elevator.


    “It’s a tough one for The Rangers. I’m led to believe the boys might get massages, EBT advice, and tactical instructions and stuff like that before games but before a game down here even just shuffling a few inches in the store room is a luxury.


    “They’re not going to be able to get that at most of the places because the dressing rooms aren’t big enough to fit a table or Ally’s tactics board. We normally get ready in the groundsman’s broom closet or an airing cupboard. In fact you can only get in one by one in a long straight line then stand up straight against the wall and once you’ve done that it’s time to go back out for the 2nd half. It’s pure mental. But I love it. It’s more the kind of set up you would expect to see in a rural Indian village so it’ll be a shock to a greetin faced bunch of entitlement monkeys.”


    Rodgers says every club in his league does its best to make ends meet, which can often mean the comfort of players coming way down their list of priorities- players hang their shirts on rusty nails and share a single commode to do their number two’s.


    “The Rangers kiddies will feel themselves lucky to be scrapping for spaces under the hole in the drainpipe when its raining here and there at some of the grounds.


    He added: “There are a couple of clubs whose showering facilities are atrocious.


    “One club still has the old communal bath. But some have dead cats and that yellow stain you get right around the inside of the bath. Its pure grotty so it is. It isn’t used for health and safety reasons but it’s still there and they’ve stuck five or six garden hoses around it . I’m pretty sure the Rangers boys will at least have one cold shower most of the time but that’s not to say it won’t have run out by the time the ninth or tenth player has used the showers…its a test for the Rangers lads and their much vaunted love of the 16th century…this will be like the dressing rooms they used at the Battle of the Boyne.”


    Rodgers reckons some of the more experienced player who have stayed will cope but the young guys at Ibrox who will now get their chance will no longer be playing on luscious green grass. Come winter times its more like mud wrestling some of the pitches are like bogs, Kirk Broadfoot will be like the creature from the black lagoon come November. Games are regularly cancelled and have to played at places like Elgin or Berwick on a Tuesday night…then some of the games are so brutal that its like the Somme out there…with legs and different bodily appendages ripped clean from body’s and buried the mud.


    “The bookies will make them massive favourites to win our league but it will be harder than many people reckon. I’m not saying they won’t do that but they’ll find it hard.”


    Finally Ally McCoist was asked about his line up for the Ramsden Cup game against Brechin: “Numbers wise we should be all right…make no bones about it our experienced guys are fine and raring to go…but we have some youth players are still suffering from colic, a few are still teething and it might have come too early for those still suffering from nappy rash…but the positive thing is once the weekend season starts we will save money on baby sitters and day care costs.”

  5. Should the SFA allow Sevco without the condition that they have to accept any sanctions attributable to the Oldco ….what do we do



    Ignore and carry on …I won’t …they can keep Scottish football , I’ll have no part in it unless CFC take a stand against such a course of action

  6. A ban on a DR type publication? – yes the ole Thugs and Thieves will never change, and we all feel a ban is justifiable.



    But sadly a waste of time that would lead Celtic into a potentially banning all newspapers, based in Scotland who are all just as likely to cross into anti Celtic territory, at the drop of a copy.



    The counter productive nature of any such ban would also likely see in an increase in readership via new Sevco 5088 sympathisers.

  7. I am NL in NZ Tauranga on

    Italiabhoy scratch NZ of your list . Not low tax its a low wage economy- for most and lots of tax avoidence schemes for the top 10%. The only reason there is low unemployment here is because we have more kiwis in Oz than in our biggest Cities and the future of our young is over the ditch even after the Nats sell anything that isn’t tied down to their mates. I’ve been to plenty of low tax countries and they are generally called third world. Quoting Caymens , Isle of Man , Channels is really just pointing out the places that tax avoiders live in ir go to spend their avoided taxes. The DR just held this NL story for today to try to influence the suits. Tax avoidence nah everyone does it look at NL. It will be interesting to see if we live by the rag or by laws and rules. NL it appears has abided by the rules , lost a packet and has not asked for the name of any person involved or made any furher furher speaches. So low wage economy but great weather and the fishing is good. Bring on the finns.

  8. philvisreturns on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon – “It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion”



    A defense of income tax from that well known socialist Adam Smith



    I guess that’s why, in the UK, the top 10% of earners pay over 50% of all income tax collected.



    By the way, you’re welcome. (thumbsup)



    TheGreenManalishi – I do agree with the main thrust of your argument that for any tax paying entity we have simply compliant or non-compliant, simplifies matters.



    Thank you. It’s not a trivial or pedantic point either.



    We have a tradition in this country: everything that is not forbidden is allowed.



    This is an essential element of the liberty we take for granted. It means we don’t need to wait for some bureaucrat in a government office to draw up an exhaustive list of all the things we are allowed to do and how we may do them. We are free to get on with our lives so long as we avoid doing that which is forbidden.



    Therefore, what people lawfully do with their own money is their business. We can argue till we’re green in the face whether one tax saving scheme (such as the one Neil participated in) is more “ethical” than another (say, an ISA).



    To me, that’s like arguing about the numbers of angels that can dance on the head of a pin. Ultimately the only thing we can all agree on is obeying the law.






    weeminger – No that wouldn’t be tax avoidance because you are not avoiding paying tax on petrol you’ve purchased. You’ve simply chosen to spend less on petrol because it too expensive.



    To stick with your fuel analogy tax avoidance would be the old farmer trick of filling the car with red diesel.



    Nope, you’ve gotten it all wrong.



    If our farmer fills his car with red diesel he’s probably breaking the law.



    If you change your behaviour to minimise the amount of tax you pay on, say, petrol, but are still obeying the law, that is what some on here are calling “tax avoidance”.



    I’m saying two things:



    * 1) We should all obey the law






    * 2) As long as other people obey the law it isn’t really very productive of us to cast judgment on how they spend, save, or invest their own money, money which has already been heavily taxed at source in most cases. “Tax avoidance” is therefore irrelevant for practical purposes.




  9. bournesouprecipe –



    Spot on.



    You can’t just ban a newspaper every time they write a negative story about you. It invariably means you end up looking petty and vindictive.



    Most times it’s best to ignore it, or comment when it is appropriate, but banning outright always backfires.

  10. BSR



    Not if thems were out of business ….what would they report on



    Squeeze the bassas until they play fair

  11. philvisreturns on

    ernie lynch – It occurs to me that it might be easier to sell season books if the fans knew when parting with their hard earned dosh that the millionaires it was going to were at least paying tax on the same basis as the rest of us.



    Are you suggesting they don’t pay income tax and national insurance?



    I’d wager Neil Lennon probably pays more tax and NI in a year than you will in a decade.



    Still, motes and beams, Ernie.



    Motes and beams. (thumbsup)

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    ernie lynch on 27 July, 2012 at 11:21 said:



    ME…….!!! ……LLLOOOLLL

  13. Tom


    should we not ban newspapers who are blatantly anti CFC



    Why should we allow the DR to print such comment but then entertain them by giving then interviews and paying from advertising

  14. ItaliaBhoy on 27 July, 2012 at 11:13 said:


    Canada, Australia and NZ are not low tax economies and currently have some of the steepest increases in inequality. You intae that, freedom to be poorer?


    USA You favor trailer parks and no health care for kids?


    Hong Kong: you quite relaxed about democracy, civil rights and pensioners scavenging for food.


    What about Chile in the 70’s? That must have you all aflutter?

  15. PFayr –



    I know what you mean, but whether we like it or not, the Neil Lennon story is just that . . . a story.



    If Celtic were to ban the DR for that, we would be on a hiding to nothing. I would ban a paper for a libelous story about a player or official of the club, but a purely negative story doesn’t cut it.

  16. Eurochamps- will do. After my performance in the medal last week I need some practice, needed a 6 at the last to break 90, ran up a 10.

  17. Tom



    Over the years we’ve got plenty of stories to choose from




    They’ve been at it for years

  18. After all these months, I have still to see any advance on these two pro-Sevco arguments.



    1. They have the potential to attract large numbers of supporters of the con artists formerly known as Rangers and unprincipled people are willing to turn a blind eye to impropriety get a share of the cash.



    2. They are the people.



    There must be something more rigorous, but I don’t recall seeing it.

  19. Does anyone know if Sevco have arranged for the design and production of new strips, new club badge etc for the new club?



    Do they have a new sponsor in place?



    Surely it would be inappropriate if they were to turn out on Sunday with the old RFC(IA) kit on?

  20. pfAyr –



    Fair comment. But you can’t sue a newspaper for being anti-Celtic. You can sue them for libel, as Martin O’Neill did.



    Can you remember when Keevins was banned from a press conference at the Supporters Association? Not Dalglish’s finest moment as Celtic manager, regardless of what we think about the Shugster.



    A PR nightmare.

  21. philvisreturns on 27 July, 2012 at 11:41 said:



    ‘Are you suggesting they don’t pay income tax and national insurance?’



    No. Not sure how you came to that conclusion. Do the Jesuits not teach logic these days?





    ‘I’d wager Neil Lennon probably pays more tax and NI in a year than you will in a decade.’



    Possibly. Though probably not from want of trying on his part.



    He certainly will have paid a lot more in professional fees in trying to avoid paying tax and national insurance.

  22. philvisreturns on 27 July, 2012 at 11:41



    He is a good source of information, as long as you can seperate the wheat (carbs?) from the chaff.



    I think this site needs more and more ernie.

  23. What day is the CQN golf day and what time does it start?



    Not a golfer but would like to take a wee dander along if it’s possible.

  24. The Olympic marathon run is coming to an end, two exhausted Englishmen are helped from their knees, tears in their eyes, veins in their necks throbbing, they both limped over the finish line. A hail of microphones surrounds the knackered duo. “How do you feel Stewart and you Neil?” -“We tried our best, but we carried that bastard Charles Green from the beginning, an utter hindrance, we had to dump him in the gutter within touching distance of the finishing line” A valiant effort guys, now go piss in a cup.



    A fairy tale ending.




  25. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo –



    Kevtic has always been famous . . . through the Daily Record and his big pal Gerry McNee.



    Is there something new?

  26. hiwonkyradar @ 11:31



    The 30-year-old makes his living as a Gazebo salesman !?


    I can assure you he has never seen one like ours !





    Eurochamps67 @ 11:28


    In my book, If your old enough your good enough