Bogus issues and a Good Old Celtic debate


I’ve not spent a lot of time online this week (work sometimes creeps in) but can’t believe the amount of traction that notion that Sevco would somehow be able to acquire SFA membership of a dead club, with all associated benefits, but be in a position to dictate set terms on how past misdeeds of Rangers would be recorded.

This is a bogus debate which serves only to deflect from the more serious issues facing Sevco, namely, do they have circa £25m to pay their way this season?  If not, their pedantic views of disciplinary matters are moot, although they may be used as a principled excuse to fold a football club.

On more positive matters……….

Tony Hamilton asked me into the Celtic TV to discuss various issues surrounding the club.  We spoke about how recent events elsewhere have had a galvanising impact on supporters of Celtic and other clubs, where Celtic’s future should be.  I also gave a breakdown of what the death of Rangers would mean financially to Celtic, with or without Champions League group stage qualification, talked about how it would benefit the entire Scottish game if we found a new league to play in, and the great atmosphere we have at Celtic Park these days – which you can experience if you buy a season ticket, which you absolutely-without-a-doubt-should!

Do it now.  The video is below:

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  1. Art of War



    Pretty sure that approach works in Frampton’s as well. Then again, the women in there are just happy a bloke is actually talking to them…

  2. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    the fighting fund, hope they’ve kept enought to pay their taxes :oD)))

  3. newradbhoy with the kano 1000



    Every penny spent so far has came from the Fighting Fund including the new pitch.



    My particular favourite is £507.00 for new towels for the players…

  4. Just watching a bit of the Mexico-SOUTH Korea game there. Is there anyone in the crowd at these Olympic football games who has ever been to an Association Football match previously?


    Apart from excellent CQNer who is something of a TeamUSA groupie.

  5. traditionalist88 on

    Paradise celebration for Sean Fallon


    By: Newsroom Staff on 26 Jul, 2012 14:56



    MEMBERS of the Lisbon Lions team gathered at Celtic Park today to celebrate the 90th birthday of the legendary Sean Fallon as Celtic hosted a special lunch to celebrate Sean’s milestone year. The Irishman will turn 90 this Tuesday, July 31.



    Sean and the Lions will also be special guests at this weekend’s match against Inter Milan and together with Celtic chairman Ian Bankier, Sean will also unfurl the SPL Championship flag on August 4 at Celtic Park, before our match against Aberdeen.



    Looking ahead to this weekend’s match against Inter Milan, Lisbon Lions captain Billy McNeill said: “This will be a tremendous occasion and one which all the Lions are looking forward to immensely.



    “Myself and the other members of the Lisbon Lions team are fortunate enough to have a place in Celtic´s history and we are very proud to have played


    our part in the last 125 years.



    “Celtic in our minds will always be one of the world´s greatest clubs in terms of its origins, its proud history of success, its spirit and, of course, its supporters.



    “It will be all these things which we will celebrate on July 28, and what better way to do it than against one of the other great names in European football.”

  6. ASonOfDan


    Good point well made, lol let’s hope so, would be good 2 get a few new players in before next week.hail hail

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on



    does it look like it? We eventually signed a GK after having one on loan for 2 seasons,which imo was embarassing.


    q1)Do you think current squad will get us to CL?


    q2)Have we given ourselves the best chance to do so?


    q3)Do you think interest will wane if we dont get to CL or EL?

  8. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    It’s slightly worrying that PL has made an open letter call to the fhans. It might suggest that Season ticket sales need to be improved.


    Do we have “fishul” numbers of season tickets sold on a season by season basis.


    It looks like that PL faces that old chestnut



    Will we spend the CL money before we actually confirm that we have it?


    Will not spending the CL money before we actually have it, mean we won’t get to the CL because our squad was not good enough?


    Will spending the CL money before we have it, then not qualifying cause us to go bust, because we subsequently can’t pay back wages?



    Past experience and rangers bankruptcy make me think that we will select the first option, especially with:


    Possibly reduced season ticket income


    Possibly reduced TV income


    Possibly Settle for safe EL income instead



    I personally think that “our level” at this time is not the level of the CL but is realistically nearer EL level, and I never subscribed to the theory that CL qualification was a bigger deal than the EL final, (although financially it is) I would take another Seville run in a second over another CL qualification from a fitba fans perspective.

  9. The 10 players that Charlie Green was signing, are they on extended leave following their Euro Competition exertions or are they expected anytime soon?

  10. TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) on

    dirtymac » fast forward to the G.O.D



    Sorry to be pedantic but there is a legal requirement for Celtic to tie their a/c’s in with the football season. Celtic’s trading year is 1/7/11- 30/6/12 which covers the football season (give or take a bit at each end) any revenues (or costs) which relate to 12/13 would be adjusted in the balance sheet but would not be reflected in the trading accounts as this would not give a like for like comparison to each trading year.


    Your model assumes the club is starting with a deficit at the start of the trading year, but this is not reflected in the balance sheet either by way of huge bank overdraft or a large sum of overdue payables. The last balance sheet shows a negligble amount of debt. Peak debt is a much misunderstood concept.




  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A Son of Dan – You will have enjoyed PLs Sermon From The Mount earlier? We know we cant spend 4,5 mil on a player,end of last season PL and NL should have told certain players and agents to find new clubs,try to recoup some money to re-invest before pre-season.The guys who left were mostly out of contract.

  12. Dirtymac



    Thanks for that.


    That is what my understanding was.


    Which supports what Paul67 has been saying that Celtic spend every penny that they bring in.


    It would appear that without CL income Celtic cannot afford to buy players from existing income without increasing debt.


    Sevco will be back in the SPL in 3 years debt free.


    Celtic need to be at least on an equal footing to meet that challenge.



    CL income over the next few years would give us a great chance of banking some funds to blight the Zoms when they return.



  13. traditionalist88 on

    I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam)



    I was surprised they started selling general sale tickets for the Aberdeen game as early as they did, thought they might have held off in order to try and sell more season tickets or at least see how many general sale tickets there would be.



    What if theres a rush on general sale tickets for this match and it sells out then someone walks up on the Friday to buy a season ticket…you’d like to think a fair quota have been kept back for anyone wishing to purchase season tickets between now and August 4th or that these tickets will be released to general sale in a staggered manner.







  14. Calling all Celts in the North of Ireland.


    Get along to Solitude on Saturday and give some support to the


    auld Cliftonville, who I’m sure were voting against Sevco in their hearts.


    The Inter game really presented their club with the sh*tty end of the stick.


    Comrades all.


    Teuchter ár lá

  15. O.G.Rafferty on

    TheGreenManalishi, 15:43


    It’s true, it’s not clear from that list.


    Neil canamalar, 15:32


    It would fit well with the other pieces of the puzzle… one lie will often lead to another, to cover the original…

  16. Paradise_Found on

    Sorry to keep re-posting – this will be last on this subject. Just trying to find out in time for weekend





    hi all looking for bit of info. Does anyone know if there is a supporters bus picks up in Busby/Clarkston area. Any contact details? Got some friends who are interested. Sure I’ve seen a few crowds waiting in the past but not sure if it is still running. Cheers HH.

  17. Andrew67 on 26 July, 2012 at 16:16 said:



    “Sevco will be back in the SPL in 3 years debt free”



    There are no signs pointing to Sevco playing any football at all, let alone conquering the lower divisions with Sally at the helm…

  18. !!Bada Bing!!



    I enjoy supporting Celtic, probably the reason I renewed within days of being able to do so .



    Neil Lennon has built this team over two seasons and you are saying they are not good enough to get by some diddy team from Finland. That is what you are saying at the end of the day.

  19. Paradise_Found



    Contact the supporters association and they will be able to tell you.

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A Son of Dan – We should beat Helsinki,a tougher tie awaits.IMO we are not giving NL and US the best chance to succeed.We shall see my friend.HH

  21. An Fear Dearg on

    TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) on 26 July, 2012 at 16:14 said:


    Sorry to be pedantic but there is a legal requirement for Celtic to tie their a/c’s in with the football season






    Are you sure about that? A lot of clubs have a 31 December year end. Which means that their accounts effectively show the financial results of two halves of two different seasons. And a Balance Sheet position roughly half way through a season rather than at the end of a season.



    UEFA licensing regulations encourage this approach because all their financial paperwork is predicated around 31 December year ends. My own club here, Cliftonville, still have a 31 May year end because that’s the end of the IL season and the club members feel that that gives better information in the accounts of how we actually performed over each season (and aids comparisons with the previous season). But it does also mean more work because a set of interim accounts from June to December have to be done each year purely for UEFA licensing purposes.

  22. Paradise_Found on 26 July, 2012 at 16:19 said:




    There is still a bus running from that area, I’ve seen the crest on the bus at away games.



    Sorry but I can’t help with details of it though. Might be an idea to check supporter’s notes in the Evening Times mate.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Paradise Found-A bus leaves from the Monty Lounge in EK Village if thats any good mate

  24. hail hail Dexter,


    there are many songs too we could add:


















    add to the list bhoys and ghirls


    hail hail

  25. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    a bit more respect for the Finnish Champions please

  26. traditionalist88 on

    Diagram on has limited availability all around the ground now for Aberdeen game, same for Helsinki with the exception of the Lisbon Lions stand(good availability). Lots of general sale tickets sold in the Lisbon Lions for the Sheep game then?! Season tickets hopefully accounting for the rest:)




  27. Steinreignedsupreme on

    !!Bada Bing!! on 26 July, 2012 at 16:09:



    “does it look like it? We eventually signed a GK after having one on loan for 2 seasons,which imo was embarassing.”



    I’m not sure what is ’embarrassing’ about it. Players spending time on loan is commonplace in the modern game and not just a practice Celtic indulge in. The Atletico Madrid keeper was on loan from Chelsea last season and Adebayor was on loan at Spurs from Man City. That’s just two examples.



    q1)Do you think current squad will get us to CL?



    I can’t say for sure. We don’t know who we will meet if we get past this round. More experienced managers than Neil Lennon have failed to get Celtic into the Champions League – Dr Jo and MON.



    q2)Have we given ourselves the best chance to do so?



    Again, that’s impossible to answer right now. But going into this round the timing of the tie is more of a problem than any squad deficiencies. At this stage it is probably better to have players who are familiar with each other. We have a developing squad which learned a lot in Europe last season, so I prefer to think we can get beyond this round.



    q3)Do you think interest will wane if we dont get to CL or EL?



    I can only answer for myself. It won’t wane for me. I am looking forward to the new season, and I accepted when Neil Lennon got the job that there will be setbacks. He is a young manager learning his trade. I’m prepared to tolerate a few setbacks along the way. Hopefully those will come in the Champions League Group stages though.

  28. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    have the sfa and the other huns made a deal yet



    (sound like the devil making a deal with his brother doesnt it?)

  29. Bada Bing


    “IMO we are not giving NL and US the best chance to succeed.We shall see my friend.HH ”



    Perhaps creating positivity around our Club and team would give us the best chance to succeed. No?



    PS Not for one second disputing your right to comment in any way you wish but , hopefully, pointing out that generating positivity is more beneficial.

  30. MWD



    Just read back and saw your post.



    Keep that big heid up and enjoy a well earned break ma pal.



    Catch up on your return.

  31. malkyd


    You missed out Simply the Best! Can you imagine their reaction to that one at the moment !!

  32. Starry Plough



    Celtic need to be in a strong financial position to match a debt free Sevco


    IF and when they get back into the SPL.



    My wish is for Celtic to establish another more healthy league environment to play in.


    That however seems very unlikely.




  33. BRTH


    Great stuff as usual – It makes me sound smarter in debates up at the club :)




    They have laughed at me all my life, at my work and in the media.


    They have laughed at me through their referees and their after- dinner speakers.


    Oh! how they laughed during their 9 in a row…….with their wee poxy huddle.






    Teuchter ár lá.

  34. MWD



    Your son Is a very brave bhoy.



    Castration must be painful (:-)



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