Boli off the books at last


In retrospect, there was so much wrong at Celtic during season 2020-21, that the destructive antics of Boli Bolingoli had no bearing on the outcome.  At the time, however, it felt like a body blow.  As restrictions of the first lockdown were lifting, the football industry was granted permission to mix inside their own bubble, but they were prohibited from mixing with the general population.

Bolingoli broke these rules by taking a short trip to Spain, then made a substitute appearance for Celtic at Rugby Park, before news of his actions broke.  He has been sent out on loan twice since, and, on other occasions, used sparingly only when the squad was depleted by illness and isolation.

Yesterday he left Celtic for the last time, securing a two year deal with Mechelen.  He will not be back to do the Paradise Windfall draw.  Whatever Celtic got wrong in 2020-21, unlike some, they did not duck and dive when it came to public health rules.

Celtic face Czech side Banik Ostrava this evening, as part of their centenary celebrations.  They finished fifth last season, well adrift of Slavia, Sparta and champions, Viktoria Plzen.  As a guide to their aptitude, Jablonec, who we beat home and away in August in Europa League qualification, finished eighth.  In fitness terms, Banik should be ahead of Celtic, with six games already under their belt, so I expect this game will take a toll on the players.

Fun fact: Wikipedia notes Banik have had 31 managers since the Millennium and are on their third boss of the year.

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  1. Fabrizio Romano










    Celtic are in advanced talks to sign Edouard Michut. Paris Saint-Germain are open to let him go – first proposal to be submitted soon, permanent deal now discussed. 🚨🟢 #CelticFC







    Opening bid will be around €2.5m, as











  2. French – tick


    Called Edouard – tick


    PSG – tick



    Dust down one of the best Celtic songs of recent times – tick



    I’m excited.




  3. Public health emergency — we still made stupid calls.


    Calls that were reviewed / approved and then signed off.



    BBG was stupid as all too many young people are prone to do.


    We had grown ups organise and manage the trip to Dubai.



    BBG got hung out to dry because it suited those in power to do so.


    He was made an example off because they wanted to play to the gallery.


    He was stupid — they were craven to hide their own flaws.



    For the record I think that he is a good player.



    As with many during NL2’s spell — he looked lost at times due to the lack of detailed planning / coaching that was the norm.



    Hope he does well.

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  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If true about the Kerrydale Bar,for hospitality only now,it’s absolutely ridiculous there are no facilities for fans visiting Celtic Park ,as previously posted,the rugby a couple of years ago,a hospitality village was created. Imagine a guy with a couple of kids turning up for a ‘ match day experience ‘…..and it starts raining……..forcing folk to go to the Forge for shelter, food etc.Look at any golf tournament,and these structures are there,and would create a decent revenue stream, but at least try to make it a better day out.

  6. Bada,



    Came up with son. After an endless session in the shop with him we got turned away from the Kerrydale as at capacity at 1pm. Fellas from Ireland in there we were pkanning to meet.



    Went into the ground as absolutely eff all else there.



    Poor experience.




  7. AN TEARMANN on 13TH JULY 2022 12:19 PM






    Spoke to OT67 there and relayed the best wishes of the blog to him.



    His health he says is failing and he spends a lot of time tipping bout the garden.Didnt stop him suggesting coming thro to meet some bhoys but I know nothing def has been arranged yet.



    Hope all good along the Sussex coast there friend 👍






    Happy Birthday once again Oldtim67




  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Friesdorfer, be nice to have your company again A on Saturday post match. Big Jimmy and I shall send you back to the Silvery Tay feeling happy and carefree. 😜🍺

  9. Surely the best way forward would be to build another “Kerrydale” if the free pie seats / hospitality in the JS Stand are up and running again?



    A big amenity block behind the JS Stand would be a good place to start with the much needed improvements around the ground — prepping the ground before the big Main Stand rebuild / expansion.



    The season ticket waiting list does not seem to have moved much this summer so the club is missing out on a lot of revenue as things stand.



    Fan zone — is that on the agenda?


    In 2019 the egg chasers put on a show in the coach park before their big game at P/head.


    Weather let them down a bit but it showed what could be done.



    From memory the car park alongside the Cheese Factory / cemetery was empty in 2019.



    So we do have / did have space to try it out.



    Our matchday offering is very poor — still living in the 90’s.


    In fact it was probably better then — did McD’s not sponsor something?


    Along with many other topics — PL was sleeping at the wheel.

  10. Celtic PLC seems to think that ALL the spare ground around the stadium is for car parking, not much thinking out of the box going on, por cierto.

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    Only seven more weeks of the transfer window to suffer on CQN



    Plus Ca Change CSC

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    There’s a ton of space to the left side of the Celtic Way,heading round to No 7 Restaurant, really no excuses…..

  13. BB @ 12.19



    Q+D solution — Shipping containers and big rigid tents.


    Long term solution — Big amenity block behind / linked to the JS Stand.



    What would a £5mill deliver in acreage / facilities?


    What would it deliver in terms of extra revenue?



    The lack of facilities outside P/head is an ongoing disgrace / financial calamity.


    As noted by others the Forge / the Barras / Merchant City are coining it in.

  14. Big Jimmy



    “In 1975 the Film ” JAWS” was showing in Glasgow city centre,



    I went along with my Burd to see it.



    The Woman in the Ticket Office asked…” Yes Sir” ?



    I replied….” Aye Missus, give me Two for the SHALLOW END”








    That reminds me of an old joke I heard from Fred MacAulay, St Johnstone and Sevco fan.



    He was bemoaning the influence of American culture on Scotland and everybody wanting to have BBQ pits and outdoor swimming pools. He said there was a wee wummin who lived on the 14th floor of a high rise who kept phoning for a quote on an outdoor pool. The guy tried to palm her off but she was insistent. Eventually he relented and said “Alright- we’ll do it! But ye canny huv a shallow end!”

  15. Would it to much to ask Celtic Football Media to post now and again about genuine football players coming to Celtic in this transfer window ,plenty of rumours but as always that’s what they are rumours.

  16. bigrailroadblues on

    Almore, if you are about mate, we need more than a cafe. Seems we also need a pub for season ticket holders to have a pint. 🙄

  17. If the ground is sold out why should Celtic bother spending money to provide improved facilities for fans?

  18. Sack the Board gets punted on here ,Well maybe that’s what the Celtic fans need to do before we have proper facilities inside and outside the Stadium,,That Irishman Dermot Desmond and a few on the board have been a disaster they need to be replaced ,maybe The Green Brigade could put up a huge banner up airing our grievances seems the board take notice with some off there banners .

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Facilities, food,drinks, entertainment, watch games which are live,Q&A with former players, coaching for kids……..not hard if you put your mind to it Ernie

  20. quadrophenian on

    MADMITCH on 13TH JULY 2022 12:13 PM


    BBG was stupid as all too many young people are prone to do.


    yada yada…


    For the record I think that he is a good player.




    Ditto, he can play.


    Honestly, if we got the heads up today on a player reel like this, we’d eagerly welcome his debut:




    His attitude is Edouardian, Jullienesque and Ntchamonious, and his baws are bigger than his brains. Nifty feet, good stamina – problems with focus and positioning. Could do better.


    Gone now, so who really cares. Bienvenue a le newby.

  21. ERNIE LYNCH on 13TH JULY 2022 12:48 PM


    If the ground is sold out why should Celtic bother spending money to provide improved facilities for fans?





    To boost revenue maybe ? 2 or 3 hours of downtime around the stadium with eff all to do before the match starts. Might not be an issue for those close to Glasgow but a significant influx from afar that we should be catering for – facilities, food, drink, museum, activities, etc.




  22. TIMBHOY163 on 13TH JULY 2022 12:42 PM



    Would it to much to ask Celtic Football Media to post now and again about genuine football players coming to Celtic in this transfer window ,plenty of rumours but as always that’s what they are rumours.





    That’s the meeja’s job to invent,talk up,speculate and talk nonsense in general about who is/is not coming to Celtic.They coin it in,harvesting the speculation to sell their loorolls and online being the clicks made by some on such nonsense stories.


    There is also the vital issue for all privacy and confidentiality for both the player and the club.


    This means the realm of ‘tapping up’ implied by your suggestion doesn’t happen,the respect and integrity of the transfer will remain intact.Its Celtic media’s job to talk all things Celtic imo,not other teams players.


    keep on keeping on. :-)



  23. FRIESDORFER on 13TH JULY 2022 11:09 AM


    Big Jimmy





    That’s a go go… look forward to it.









    Feel free to ask PAUL and/or MOD for my Email Address asap mate.


    in the meantime IF we can NOT access the Kerrydale Suite after the game this Saturday, we will have to try and meet up somewhere on the Celtic Way, as I will TRY and BOOK a Taxi on Friday using my local taxi firm, to take us back into the City Centre ?


    One of my fears is that ANY Taxi or private car etc will NOT be allowed anywhere near the bottom of the Celtic Way until some considerable time AFTER the game, and any local Pubs will be Mobbed ?


    It really appears to be NOT straight forward in trying to attend games these days compared to the past.



    if you dont get my Email, I will keep in touch with you thru this blog…hopefully ?



  24. A very Happy Birthday to OLDTIM67…A Gentleman and a Scholar.


    Davie, IF you feel well enough to travel thru to Glasgow for a wee Bevvy session, let us know and we can surely arrange a Pub meeting ?


    Have a great day Auld Yin.



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