Bolingoli, the shirt doesn’t fit.


I get the wisdom in including Olivier Ntcham i and Boli Bolingoli in the training camp. The former may yet have a role to play (outside his own box) at the club, Bolingoli, though, can only be there to maintain his fitness ahead of a move.

Least season’s calamitous events started with Boli giving the First Minister permission to interrupt our season.  He was lucky we didn’t lose the league by a small margin attributable to him. The shirt doesn’t fit.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    Bolingoli to blame for the lot.



    Exempt Lawwell, Lennon, Kennedy, Strachan, the players who could not be arsed…..

  2. onenightinlisbon on

    “lucky we didn’t lose the league by a small margin”



    That was never going to happen though was it?

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    English government just said pubs can stay open till 11.15 pm on Sunday, if the Euro final goes to ET and penalties……..will it happen if it’s Denmark v Italy/Spain?

  4. A bit harsh Paul – Boli was playing in a higher league last season with, I will admit, questionable results. Let’s leave it to Ange.


    On the other hand Ntcham needs to buckle down.

  5. Rolling_Stone on

    @ Bada BING



    Do you think we are stronger for losing Broony, Elyanoussi, Elhamed, Klimala, Duffy, Laxalt, Kenny and Frimpong?



    We have brought in Shaw and the other guy from Sheffield Wednesday.



    Eddy, Christie, Ajer, Ntcham, Boli also remain up in the air – they may not be here for CL qualifiers or by end of the window.



    How could we possible be stronger given the above, save in managerial department?

  6. Paul 67,



    Bolingoli should be given another chance.



    The list is endless of those who have committed far greater Covid offences. ( Including those who have made the rules )



    We are still waiting on Bolingoli’s side of the story and an opportunity to apologise.


    If an apology is enough for serious breaches to escape punishment, then why should it not be enough for Bolingoli.






    PS : Bolingoli did not lose us the 10.

  7. Boligate is now a long way down the list of what went wrong last season.



    Holding Boli to account while allowing others to escape the consequences for bigger failures is nonsense.



    I’m happy to allow Ange to decide on his left back.

  8. Rolling stone


    None of the loanees were particularly successful last season – Elyanoussi would be the only one with pass marks.


    One could argue that they kept us from playing some youngsters – that of course was down to Neil.


    Not arguing that we need to strengthen.

  9. The young millionaire was daft but scoddland pounced………………



    Me, I’d keep the wee fella and get him ” rummled-up”………( a technical term)…………..


    I thought he was a good addition, and if Sparky can get a second chance wee bolli ( not wee bullly) can get one too………….




  10. We cannot afford to ignore Boli. His value has dropped and he needs to rebuild his career. He was at some time attractive to clubs and should be given the chance.



    He was once a decent player and deserves our support.



    If Ange can transform him then this will work out as good business for Celtic

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bolingoli made a mistake, and was basically deported, look at the contempt the huns had for the SFA ,when they decided when they would eventually take suspensions. I would play him.

  12. Wee Boli ( not wee bullly) to find redemption in the Hoops of the Mighty Celtic!







    Paradise CQN CSC ( where the grass is always green!)

  13. If the manger decides to keep Boli then I will give him as much support as any other team member at Celtic.



    If I really want to start blaming anybody for last team, I believe Boli is the least culpable as he wasn’t playing.


    the article seems to lack so much balance and any kind of thought.



    the assumption is that if Boli did not break the Covid, we would have played better , Griffiths would have came back fit, Neil Lennon would have had some injection of tactical nous, we would not have went on an ill fated jaunt during the winter break.



    What happened last year was inevitable when Lennon was appointed as the manager. Lennon is a great motivator but not really a tactical genius. It just took a year for the Brendan imposed processes to slowly be eroded and we reverted to the Level of our manager. It wasn’t the board not spending money either, as last year we chucked a lot of money at trying to get to ten in a row. Did not sell any of our heavy hitters and bought players that all of were raving about, but our manager could not get a tune out of them.



    That is all gone so we look forward and all i want is for the manager to be backed with whoever he wants, even if he want to get Barry Ferguson clone in the midfield….so long as he plays for Celtic I will support him.

  14. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Agree with comments above. If Griffiths can get umpteen chances then Boli deserves at least one. Oh and also agree well down the list of causes and failures for last season and unfortunately some of them are with the squad in Wales. In Ange we trust. HH

  15. Rolling Stone:



    “Do you think we are stronger for losing Broony, Elyanoussi, Elhamed, Klimala, Duffy, Laxalt, Kenny and Frimpong?”



    I was a great admirer of Broony but , according to many , he was well past his best;


    Of the others, only Frimpong and Elyanoussi made an impact





    “Eddy, Christie, Ajer, Ntcham, Boli also remain up in the air – they may not be here for CL qualifiers or by end of the window.”



    `Up in the air` and `may`. Let`s see.



    `How could we possible be stronger given the above?`



    I didn`t claim we were.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Gene- full England cricket team self isolating after 1 Covid case,Gilmour tests positive, no other players self isolate, English Health Board rules in both cases?

  17. Bada


    Apparently no one in the Scotland team likes wee billy so nobody went near him – obviously 🤔

  18. quadrophenian on

    In daft Boli’s defence…Ms van Hollebeke is not too shabby.


    Least he has great taste.




  19. Garngad to Croy on

    It’s best for all parties concerned if Boli leaves, Celtic should even pay him the remainder of his contract to leave, with the fans returning to the stadium his presence could create a very bad atmosphere.

  20. Rolling_Stone on

    @ HOT SMOKED on 6TH JULY 2021 12:46 PM



    I think a lot of failures last year have to be looked at in the context of poor management, tactics, formations, team selections, substitutions etc. As we have seen from the transition from the Ronny to BR era, players can improve dramatically in performance; we saw the revere in the BR to NL era.



    But more fundamentally, we have a significantly weaker squad. We have no first team RB, we only have Taylor at LB – who was not a stick on first choice last year – given Paul’s comments on Boli, we have one first choice left winger in MJ (a guy who is constantly injured) and have weakened our options around the pitch. All before we discuss players likely to leave.



    We really need to get signings in, but it is not looking overly promising ahead of our CL qualifier.

  21. Who gave Boli the time off ?



    Were the rumours of falling standards of fitness & discipline accurate ?



    When did the 1st minister start selecting our tactics, shape , first eleven & substitutes ?



    Rewriting History CSC

  22. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Boli’s a selfish, brainless knob. Agreed.



    Now what about this rebuild? Two young boys from League 1 Sheffield Wed, (further) projects rather first team players, one of whom signed in January.



    Anyone would suspect Lawwell et al fell into a coma at the wheel and did squat diddly to prepare for a successful handover.



    Quite the hospital pass to Dom and Ange.



    Also quite telling that Pedro stepped down with zero fanfare from the club. Almost as if he failed…

  23. Rolling_Stone on

    Paul’s article is the reason, amongst other matters, why some fans hold concern regarding next season and the future more generally.



    Between Paul’s articles (which tend to reflect feelings within the club), Neil’s comments and Desmond’s comments, there is a wholesale failure to recognise the massive failings of last season or the underlying causes for it. It looks like we may be waiting a long time for the restructure many craved.

  24. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Absolute nonsense. Last season’s calamitous events began pre lockdown the previous. What a way to rewrite history. As for Ntcham.. he is 1 of the biggest wastes of space ever to pull on a Celtic shirt.



    To quote Neil Lennon “Absolute claptrap!”

  25. GARNGAD TO CROY on 6TH JULY 2021 12:57 PM



    It’s best for all parties concerned if Boli leaves, Celtic should even pay him the remainder of his contract to leave, with the fans returning to the stadium his presence could create a very bad atmosphere.





    Don’t think so!



    If all clubs had been treated the same , mibbe, but we were shat on from a height…………and still are.

  26. Bolingoli isnae the reason we didnae get 10 in a row.



    Although Boli was 1 to meander all over the pitch, Spinazzolla (player of tournie for me) does much the same.



    I ain’t saying Boli is @ his level.



    Let Ange do his Stuff. Everyone has a chance to Impress.

  27. If we’re talking about replacing Boli, for footballing reasons and with a better player, then fair enough.


    However, he doesn’t deserve to be ‘punished’ for his actions last season. Certainly, no more than other players in the league.


    He played a miniscule part in our implosion last season. Let’s be honest. Our failures and shortcomings were due to those who weren’t shipped off to Turkey.


    Many of the guilty are still around.

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