Bonfire of the nonentities


How would you prepare to face a Celtic team that had already beaten you four times and drawn once this season? In their wisdom, Newco have decided this is the week to add to the clear out of talent on and off the park. It was confirmed yesterday that finance director Kenny Barclay will leave at the end of the season.

Since chairman Douglas Park resigned a month ago, the blood on the brogues has extended to chief exec Stewart Robertson, sporting director Ross Wilson, and football admin director Andrew Dickson. While I understand new chairman John Bennett is a wealthy man, he does not have the wherewithal of Park, so a downsize is no surprise. This particular trend has a way to go yet.

Today The Sun report they are inviting offers for striker Antonio Colak, just days after Mick Beale confirmed he was far from upset at the prospect of losing Alfredo Morelos for free this summer. Ryan Kent and Allan McGregor are also confirmed for the departure lounge, while others out of contract are certain to follow.

Back in the day, when Celtic were on top, Rangers would prepare for us with a siege mentality – us against the world stuff. Now the disinterest is striking. Ange Postecoglou must make the most of whatever discord exists at Ibrox on Saturday. It will not be us against the world, but it will be us against the other 50,000 in attendance. Get the siege mentality working in our favour.

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  1. BIG JIMMY on 10TH MAY 2023 11:32 AM


    Celtic fans go undercover for Rangers showdown with tales of infiltrating Ibrox that may not be what they seem





    Parkhead punters have claimed their ‘behind enemy lines’ mission is under way but is it really?







    However, with Celtic securing the league title with a win over Hearts last weekend, cheeky Celtic fans have attempted to land some tickets in the home stands and go undercover at Ibrox. On social media, images have been circulating that state seats are available in the sections allocation to the home fans – and supporters from the green half of Glasgow have started claiming they are snapping up the free seats to see the newly-crowned champions in action.












    I wonder IF this is true ?







  2. You have got to love ther optimism over on FF.



    Over on FF, a new thread has started with the title 25 million war chest. The original post says:



    “Discussed on the other thread players leaving not on a free but we will get a fee for –



    Colak £1 mill


    Davies £3 mill


    Kamara £3 mill


    Hagi £4 mill


    Lundstram £1.5 mill


    Borna £2 mill


    Roofe £1 mill


    Wright £500k



    That’s £16 million income give or take. If Bennet and the board throws in even £9 million of our own money that would give MB a £25 million pot to revamp our squad and bring in some quality.



    MB has already stated he’s happy with what he’s being given by the board to spend , that it’s MORE than any manager has been given recently, and that’s without player sales.



    Add that to good quality Bosmans and we could be in for a very, very exciting window.”






    One of the first replies is “£1m for Roofe? Is that his medical bills over the summer?” followed quickly by another post “The only club daft enough to pay £1m for Roofe this summer already employs him”.




    “There will certainly be some players jetting in for crunch talks on account of that war chest.”



    “Where is the evidence that we will be selling players, let alone gaining significant transfer fees for them.



    You are listing chronically injured and utter shit players, yet you seem to think people will part with money for them.


    That’s not going to happen.”



    “We struggle to sell our players when they are good nevermind when they are shit or have been injured 95% of the time.”



    “Beat Real Madrid, Man City, Liverpool, and Bayern to the 29 year old wonderkid”.

  3. paulsthroughball88 on

    BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 10TH MAY 2023 10:39 AM



    “Sevco legned Antonio Colak has been told there’ll be no world class breakfasting for him at Minty Moonbeams Park next year. His quest to find a new club will be arduous as you don’t get much newer than Sevco.”





    My Judiths have been playing me up all week, but that made even me laugh.



    The truth hurts, but when it comes to Sevco, it can be so amusing.

  4. Paul 67,



    If I may, I would suggest we are giving the huns too much credence.


    Where I do agree is that the undoubtedly siege mentality @ Greyskull should be used to prepare and experiment for our vital European campaign.



    Let’s use the huns for our own formulation, nothing else.



    HH, the journey continues.

  5. As Neustadt used to say



    The switcheroo type financial event thingy :-)



    Missed :-)




  6. fieldofdrams on

    The cyclists en route to Seville are on the ferry now from Rosslare to Spain. Some effort so far, but nothing compared to the heat they’ll face in 36 hours time. I’ll post the justgiving link again later, but Brother Walfrid will be smiling down on them and thinking “well, I got through to some people at least.”

  7. Bonfire of the nonentities



    very clever play on words, and very appropriate for thems.



    I expect Tom English to use it in an article this week

  8. They’re certainly beginning to fight among themselves, score early on Saturday and it could get very ugly for them.

  9. Am I the only one concerned for our players safety? They can’t keep a broadcaster safe, our coaching staff were injured, the culprit has never been caught for the broken glass in Joe Hart’s goalmouth.


    Is it too far a stretch of the imagination that if we give them their long overdue doing that the mental element amongst them could cause a riot?

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Get the siege mentality working in our favour.”




    Or alternatively just go out and win the game with our higher level of play as we have been doing all season……

  11. Prestonpans bhoys on

    DENIABHOY on 10TH MAY 2023 12:11 PM


    You have got to love ther optimism over on FF



    TBH I’m surprised their valuations are so low, other hun sites have them significantly higher 🤦

  12. I am also worried about the safety of players and staff.



    We score and celebrate anywhere near a touchline and it is 5 seconds to get over the wall and onto the pitch.



    They have got close to Griff, Broony Scott Sinclair in recent years.



    They hide weapons in the concourse, they threw glass into the goalkeepers area, they seriously injured a member of our staff.



    Their stewarding is lax at best, or populated by their own worst elements,



    The referee is a supporter. he will not be fair.



    I wouldnt trust the police to police it either, they let them run amok often anywhere they want, arrests is an “after the event” cctv review.



    It does not bode well.

  13. I wonder if it is against the rules to forfeit the game (3-0) due to safety concerns for our players and staff and just have a bounce game at parkhead with the b team 🤣



    We have grounds and they have previous…….

  14. Looking forward to seeing the hun have a guard of honour for us at Ayebroke on Saturday.



    Think so, naw.




  15. Three Celtic stars have also been shortlisted for Women’s Player of the Year, with Jacynta, Amy Gallacher and Caitlin Hayes all up for the award alongside Rangers striker Brogan Hay.


    Young Player of the Year nominees include Celtic pair Jacynta and Shen Menglu, with Rangers duo Emma Watson and Kirsty MacLean also in the running.

  16. Sevco joining the dots cont’d



    The Grand Wizard who promised Beale the money has vanished in a puff of orange smoke his replacement may have a different take on things , leaves an open door ( watch out for the goats blood on the floor) for the gobby cockney git to step back to the Championship amid a chorus of broken promises




  17. If there is any sort of problem on Saturday, Ange should take the players off, what a statement that would make,eh





  18. Paul67


    Not sure if you know the answer to this, but I’d love to know the age demographic of our posters.


    Reckon , like myself, there is a high number of old pharts.





  19. SCULLYBHOY on 10TH MAY 2023 12:59 PM



    you might want to delete the team photie one.

  20. PAULSTHROUGHBALL88 on 10TH MAY 2023 12:11 PM


    My Judiths have been playing me up all week, but that made even me laugh.




    😂 never heard that one before!! Adrians, Shetlands and Rockfords are my current favourites

  21. What would surprise you more – us getting a penalty or us missing the penalty?

  22. North Curve Celtic








    Tomorrow night could be a glimpse into the future of Celtic Park as The Celtic End makes its debut to back the Ghirls.



    If you are undecided on The Celtic End, give the podcast a listen and get along to Celtic Park tomorrow to experience it first hand.



  23. SFTB,



    Wonder if Carl will give Jacynta a ring to wish her well.




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