Bonfire of the nonentities


How would you prepare to face a Celtic team that had already beaten you four times and drawn once this season? In their wisdom, Newco have decided this is the week to add to the clear out of talent on and off the park. It was confirmed yesterday that finance director Kenny Barclay will leave at the end of the season.

Since chairman Douglas Park resigned a month ago, the blood on the brogues has extended to chief exec Stewart Robertson, sporting director Ross Wilson, and football admin director Andrew Dickson. While I understand new chairman John Bennett is a wealthy man, he does not have the wherewithal of Park, so a downsize is no surprise. This particular trend has a way to go yet.

Today The Sun report they are inviting offers for striker Antonio Colak, just days after Mick Beale confirmed he was far from upset at the prospect of losing Alfredo Morelos for free this summer. Ryan Kent and Allan McGregor are also confirmed for the departure lounge, while others out of contract are certain to follow.

Back in the day, when Celtic were on top, Rangers would prepare for us with a siege mentality – us against the world stuff. Now the disinterest is striking. Ange Postecoglou must make the most of whatever discord exists at Ibrox on Saturday. It will not be us against the world, but it will be us against the other 50,000 in attendance. Get the siege mentality working in our favour.

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  1. Just had a phone call from my son who is a CA and is kind of looking for a new job. “Guess which job I’ve been alerted to through my LinkedIn account? Finance Director at Rangers FC.”



    Initial reaction was “Feck that” then I thought, “Wait a minute, you could do some serious damage there!”



    Top class professional stuff from the Zombies, eh?

  2. BHEAVER on 10TH MAY 2023 9:28 PM


    2 of the their goals were given to them by our carelessness playing our from the back. Too casual.




    I agree. I know its the “new” way of playing but I’m not a fan. I fail to see any huge advantage, whilst living dangerously.


    It gives an inferior opposition hope

  3. Emerald Bee.



    Re recruitment.



    A few consultancies were looking yesterday and trying to get in on it.Then today its everywhere,odder and odder.As good poster Malvinas says he seen it down his paper shop,above the dog walker and below the tupperware haha.such dignity in the profession.:-))))








    Re £brox



    I don’t know why it would be played at £brox.tho I am sure it would have been prearranged.This tourney is now a b tourney mostly played by Glasgow youth sides..


    Are you over for a game before season end?




  4. Madrarua



    “I fail to see any huge advantage, whilst living dangerously.”





    The advantage is that you get better at it, develop as a player, and are able to cope with a press without surrendering possession.



    If it’s a fad, it is one that is used by successful clubs.



    The hit and rush is used by clubs that sign Allardyce or Warnock or Pulis cos they’re in relegation difficulties.

  5. fanadpatriot on

    Just seen last 30 mins of game.


    Honestly a terrible standard,no one near Celtic standard


    What’s is happening in the youth system HH

  6. fanadpatriot on

    It’s my 77th birthday on the 21st of May , .a special month in homage to Our Lady.


    Remember on my 70th at my celebrations the house erupted when we heard the score from Hampdump .


    210567 never to be forgotten HH

  7. Is there a journalist in Scotland the least bit curious about the numerous departures from their mahogany row? Do the rats know something the engine room personnel don’t?


    The overnight flittings of 6 senior executives at any medium sized company would normally pique the interest of financial analysts, journalists and customers.


    Instead we have complete silence. Sheer indifference or fear?


    Someone on here posted a few weeks ago that they were facing a payables crisis. Step forward good sir and explain yourself.


    With players worth 50 million, (I know indulge me) about to walk away for free, fan enthusiasm ebbing thanks to the exploits of “Lucky Ange,” they are in dire need of a cash injection to be able to to give Mickey Mole the money he needs to attract freebies, loans and castoffs from the lower English leagues.


    The trophyless season, a string of stinging defeats inflicted by us, their upper management running for the life boats like struth, top class players and record revenues passing through Parkhead’s gates, will surely drive many staunch souls to regain their interests in the golf and bowling club scene.


    Meanwhile up the Clyde, the Tim’s are discussing financing and building a multi million pound stadium addition, a lucrative Far East tour, a Champions League bounty which will cause a spike in biscuit tin production and a further Generation of Domination which should complete the Espanyolification of Simply the Second Best.


    We should all soak this time up, especially we older fans, who have experienced the periods of lows and the contempt of the so called establishment fans, from Hampden, Ibrox and Charlotte Square.



  8. Good morning all from a lovely morning in the Garngad.



    Watched the under 18s pretty poor game IMO but we won and in a game of football thats what counts.



    Lets get the win on Saturday and we will all be laughing.




  9. Weel done to the Celtic ” B” Team last night, but they didnt half make it difficult for themselves in the 2nd half, after an Excellent 1st half display.


    To be the Sevco Guys played well in the 2nd half, as they went for broke after being 3 – 0 down at one stage in the 1st half.


    Does last nights winning of The GLASGOW CUP add to our Trophy account ?




  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. What adventures await old Johnny today?

  11. fanadpatriot on 10th May 2023 10:20 pm



    Just seen last 30 mins of game.



    Honestly a terrible standard,no one near Celtic standard



    What’s is happening in the youth system HH





    Totally agree with you based on pretty much the entire second half, but for the first 30 minutes they were amazing. Young keeper Carson looks very good, Adam Brooks can finish and Vata will be a star (IMO).








    SCULLYBHOY will be in Glasgow for a few Days when the CUP FINAL with Inverness Caley comes around ( 3rd JUNE ? ).



    Can anyone provide SCULLBHOY with a TICKET for the game ?


    Cheers in advance.






    CELTIC are 1/7 ON to Win the Cup v Caley Thistle in 90 Minutes with BET365.


    CELTIC ARE 1/14 ON to Win the Cup ” OUTRIGHT”….( Including Extra Time and/or Penalties ?



    Those Prices/Odds are of NO USE to me or any other average Punter…so Ive taken TWO ” CORRECT SCORE BETS”…



    7 – 1 to Celtic is 66/1.


    7 – 0 to Celtic is 50/1.



    just as a wee added ” Interest” ?





  14. I only seen the highlights last night. The goals we scored were brilliant. At the other end of that scale, we had the goals we conceded.

  15. DO BET365 KNOW something that we DON’T ?



    KYOGO is NOT on the BET365 Betting List as First Goal scorer ETC, for Saturday against the Huns ?



    KYOGO IS Listed on William Hills Betting List as First Goal Score etc etc.


    Apart from CORRECT Score Bets that I do prior to any games against the Huns, I always back KYOGO to Score TWO or THREE Goals in the games against THEMS.


    It MAY be just an ERROR from BET365 ?



    WEIRD ?



  16. Fanadpatriot,



    So,you watched the last 30 minutes and thought it was terrible last night?.Keep that reporting up,you could get on BBC Sportscene.


    Seriously,the first half,and goals were brilliant.Stupid errors for the penalty,gave them a glimmer,and early horrendous error from Bosun,gave them real hope.We have all seen the first team do this.Great first half,poor second,but I will say,apart from Vata,no one else seems ready to step up.Not just yet,but majority still young and learning.Like the Portugese,I think,boy.Bosun Lawel,and the boy from the under 18s look like clones.Both CHs with exact same style.If both upped their concentration levels,very similar,relaxed style of VVD,they could go on,but a lot of work to be done with them.

  17. TURKEYBHOY, agree with much of that. The young Bhoys played exceptionally well for almost the whole of the first half, putting Ange-ball into practice throughout that period. All three of our goals came from rapid pressing and pacey movement forward. Remembering that they are still very young it was no surprise that they ran out of legs (almost literally) in the second half and at one point three of them were down with cramp.



    They have obviously been coached to play the way of the top team, but don’t have the physicality to keep that up for the 90+ minutes. The penalty given away was absolutely a simple lack of concentration (which can be worked on) and the second goal (big Bosun’s error) was clearly avoidable. Their third goal resulted from tiredness (of mind and body), but credit where it is due the young Sevco players stuck at it and (drum roll) actually played some good football. Their big lad Lovelace looked a bit of a player.



    A win is a win, a cup is a cup and it is all adding to our phenomenal season throughout the club. C’mon the Lhassies.



    Ave Ave

  18. Problem, if it is a Problem is that all our under age & B Teams are playing Ange Ball.


    At one level that is sensible and should help the seamless progression of Talent to our first team.


    However at times we have all had minor Heart attacks watching our first team trying to pass or dribble there way out of our penalty area, so when the younger Brigade try it there are bound to be costly mistakes from time to time.

  19. P.S. Well done Bhoys on skelping the Huns last night and in particular well done to the Keeper Josh Clarke, 4 penalty saves is incredible, I know some of the penalties were awful but they still had to be saved..

  20. Corkcelt,



    Yes,meant to mention that.Playing out from the back,against a high press,is fraught with danger,even for the likes of Madrid,Man City,etc.Something they have to learn,think quicker about,be sharper,but it only comes with training and practice.The signs are very promising.The one thing,is that both coaches never had to play that way,so not the greatest teachers.

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