Borussia Monchengladbach v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.

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  1. Kommt an, die mächtigen Querstreifen!!



    Ihr geht niemals allein!



    Wir sind die beste verdammte Mannschaft in Schottland!

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Game is there for the taking if we want it enough.


    So unlucky from Sinclair. If the keeper had attempted a save it could even have hit his back and gone in.

  3. Terrible defending for the goal all back in a line nobody moving to close the attacker at the shot Lustig turns his back, attacking wise we can get at them if we just get a break that they got in Glasgow, common the hoops

  4. glendalystonsils on

    A half time injection of gerrintaethum serum for the balletic James Forrest and a few ‘pass the baw to a hooped shirt’ pills for some of the others and we could get something out of this game.

  5. Rogic and Forrest not in the game. Lustig a bundle of nerves.



    Lots of energy and some nice skills but we havent cut them open.



    To state the obvious, paddy Roberts please,



    We have nothing to loose now

  6. Unlucky to in at half time a goal behind. Pretty decent performance considering the injuries. Been a wee bit sloppy in the passing at times, a bit more accurate passing and better decision making also in the passing and I reckon we have a chance.

  7. Nothing happening down our right with Gamboa and Forrest, apart from that we’ve done ok.



    2 goals in the second half ?

  8. Very disappointed.



    Gladbach have not played with the same intensity and we clawed our way into the game. The Sinclair close call was just one of those things but the ref’s decision to give a foul to Westergaard, when he had extended his own leg to kick into Dembele, was a disgrace.



    His pass had gone straight to Rogic who would have been quickly driving at the heart of an exposed defence.



    That and the Izzy corner decision makes me think we are dealing with some Porto fans as officials.



    We have missed a great opportunity this half

  9. Not been too bad apart from Lustig not closing down. What Brendan sees in James ahead of Paddy is staggering!

  10. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Just made it inti Portobello pub here in Spain to discover blog more knackered than me!


    Anyway usual from us never lose a fantastic goal always one from the training ground.


    Adios from the lone Scot in Pinar de Campoverde!! Till game ends of course DOH!

  11. German Commentator started off not too bad……’Celtic Glasgow, a team that everyone likes’…..


    As the game has progressed tho it’s all about how technically superior Mönchengladbach are, and how we are playing ‘kick and rush’ (a bog standard depiction on the European mainland when Scottish teams play since as far back as I remember)


    So anyway, no one fears us, everyone fancies a wee go.


    I’d like to see us up a gear here, we are playing well


    Jamsie for Paddy?


    45 mins


    What difference will 3 snecht be?


    C’mon Celtic.

  12. sftb



    Variation of the same hard luck story.



    BMG only made the one chance, difference in class is that they took it.



    Hope they don’t turn up in the second 45.

  13. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    thank go the blog’s back – need it to get through games.



    v. good first half, best in the CL this year in terms of possession – not quite getting to passes to make clear chances, pity about their goal, we can get the roaster german team

  14. I agree with John Hartson


    Rogic and Forrest dreaming with their goal, apart from that neither contributing much

  15. Welcome back guys, Lost there without it.



    Decent showing, margin so small for error. MD needs some steel in it with Brown. We are too some in the middle for Europe.







  16. BT


    Feliz Cumpleanos mi amigo.








    So sorry to hear about your mate, may he R.I.P.






    Dreadful refereeing, we don’t deserve to be losing the game, our passing is sloppy, need to tighten it up and we should get ourselfs back into the game.


    Bring Paddy on for me.

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