Boyata crucial part of CL planning, failure to emulate Gretna


I know Ronny Deila was delighted Dedryck Boyata pitched up at Glasgow Airport last night.  He’s a player the manager has known about for some time and one who was not on the Man City available list when we secured the loan deal for Jason Denayer a year ago.

The mechanics of the deal are interesting.  It’s quite possible it wouldn’t have happened at all without the success Jason enjoyed in Glasgow.  A year ago Jason was a complete unknown, below the pecking order than Dedryck, but we gave him a platform and now he’s a full Belgian international.  The pitch we put to Dedryck was along the lines of “Look what Jason achieved here”.  If we’d singed Dedryck instead of Jason a year ago, Jason would still be an unknown and Dedryck would be a Belgian international.

Assuming no late hiccups, Ronny will know his central defensive pairing for the Champions League qualifiers is sorted, allowing him to concentrate on other areas.

There are no guarantees in football, least of all with Champions League qualification, where we have three awkward knock-out rounds, but we’re starting the summer from a good place.

There’s so much to discuss about yesterdays’ Fir Park hilarity, the consequences of which will be profound.  More on this later in the week, but a few points on Motherwell.  For a team with such glaring shortcomings they deserved the scale of their victory.  Barraclough took a squad who finished 11th in the league into two challenging games and out-thought his opponent.

However, if Celtic fans behaved the way Motherwell fans behaved yesterday your Government would be all over it by now.  I’ve seen flares thrown onto pitches, I’ve seen pitch invasions (although I don’t remember seeing one congregating in front of opposition fans), but I’ve never seen a player smacked in the face and leg by a spectator’s flag, and I’ve never seen anything close to this entire repertoire from fans at a single game.

Who knows what the score would have been had Newco faced the team who finished 10th in the Premiership! Their attempt to emulate Grenta in winning three successive promotions always sounded like a tall order.  They came close, but they’re no Gretna. Not. Nearly. As. Good.

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  1. The Johnatron on

    So after yesterday many Sevco employees are now out of contract, with a few more ending at the end of June. Here’s a list of who’s left:


    Ending 2016:


    Marius Zaliukas


    Nicky Law


    David Templeton


    Dean Shiels


    Nicky Clark


    Calum Gallagher


    Ending 2017:


    Lee Wallace


    Cammy Bell (Cheers Cammy!)


    Barrie McKay


    Robbie Crawford


    Ending 2018:


    Fraser Aird



    Eh…… that’s it. That is the sum of their playing squad as it stands. 11. Super Salary might have to cast his overalls aside and squeeze into the fattest XXXXXL top he can find and be made to earn his £60k/month

  2. Greeninbingley on

    It’s like elephants.



    You get in between a baby elephant and its mum, the mum makes two charges at you, turning away at the last minute. Faux-charges, they are called.



    This is because elephants are nice, and they believe in giving you a chance to realise your mistake.



    Thus, the CQN faux-flounce.



    (The third charge is the real deal BTW. It is known as a ‘Mohsni’)

  3. It’s the people who write aggressive replies to someone and then delete them without posting them that get me mad. On more than one occasion I’ve written a strong response but then decided against posting it – after all, what’s the point?

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Syd Negakev


    14:09 on


    1 June, 2015


    It’s the aggressive scrolling by that irritates me and also the scrollers who think they are always right and everyone else is wrong.



    I know a guy like that, …lives in San Francisco.


    He’s a Bay City Scroller.

  5. The Johnatron



    I suspect that some of the players who have left and some who are leaving in June will end up at lower end Premiership clubs and take great joy kicking our players all over the place.




  6. glendalystonsils





    14:19 on



    1 June, 2015





    Syd Negakev


    14:09 on


    1 June, 2015


    It’s the aggressive scrolling by that irritates me and also the scrollers who think they are always right and everyone else is wrong.



    I know a guy like that, …lives in San Francisco.


    He’s a Bay City Scroller.





    Take a lap of honour…

  7. Ha HA HA HA ha ha HA HA ha


    Ah HA AH AH ha ha ha haha ha haha



    Says it all really. Lionell Messi would love to experience the Ibrox atmosphere again.


    Has asked to sign for Alloa as we can’t now afford his £5 pw wage demands.



    HA HA ha ha AHAH HA HHA


    HA hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



    Of course I have £30M.


    But from that I have to pay SARS the equivalent of £44M


    that leaves me with only £29M

  8. bournesouprecipe on




    My old latin master Wee Gall (Requiescat in pace) often clipped me round the ear sayin ad infinitum “Nihil sine ubera you will never make a latin scholar bhoy.”



    Lacta alea est

  9. Hrvatski Jim on



    13:41 on


    1 June, 2015


    Miss Sevco – June 2015





    Late lunch break.



    A few years ago I was subjected to one of these internet shows of lovely looking girls associated with various football teams but when it came to the caption “Miss Glasgow Celtic” it showed a Russian Shot Put Thrower type lady who was spewing up and was suffering various other indignities.



    The perpetrators thought it was a good laugh.



    Only, they had overlooked one key detail. She was wearing a blue top.



    It did agree that it was highly possible that she came from Glasgow but pointed out that a Celtic fan was unlikely to be seen in blue. I made an alternative suggestion to help them with their identification.

  10. Melbourne Mick on




    Never got the Stickie result till we were all back home and necking


    the hard stuff, then the hilarity started, my wee princess said she


    was getting worried that i was laughing so hysterically i sounded


    like that wee spanish guy on utube.


    H.H Mick


    P.S spoke to Paddymacoz about the young lass Grace so he will


    speak to our committee and some of the other Oz clubs he has


    contacts at. fingers crossed.

  11. Hibs sign former Celtic youth player James Keatings from Hearts. 2 year deal.




  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    twists n turns


    13:38 on


    1 June, 2015


    Who holds the record for most cqn flounces in the same season.







    ……..or the same night!



    Does the Red Mullet qualify as a fishy pun. or a fishy hun?

  13. leftclicktic on

    The Johnatron


    I thought Marius Zaliukas should have been credited with two goals yesterday ,well him and Cammy Fell shared the 1st one :))))))))))))))

  14. clears throat…..




















    better oot than in.:-)

  15. I have flounced from CQN many a time, but since no one on here has ever had the good grace to notice, Im not sure if any of them could be classified as a flounce.



    More of a cream puff probably!

  16. Of-course you can debunk the aforesaid mentioned Flouncers with impunity as they’ve exited stage left……….huvent they???



    “Mimimi mi mi me me me mmeeeee me ME!” CSC




  17. leftclicktic on

    The thought of how the wee bus driver bigot Jimmy Bell is feeling today fills me with joy,


    is that wrong ?:))))))))))

  18. antipodean red on




    Just read that BBC article, talk about delusional. One of the bullet points,



    • Players will be disciplined and act mature on and off the park.



    That worked well yesterday!




  19. Yesterday some eejit on the telly says that many rangers fans (I think he meant sevconians) actually didnt want Rangers (again I think he meant sevco) to be promoted since they were quite ready for the top league yet…..




    And also, if you think back to the start of last season when sevco were telling all and sundry that they were in the worlds most competitive league…. Maybe they thought it was so good that they would just stay there for another year..



    They are disappointed at all……..


    And they all left 20 minutes before the end because they had a bus to catch


    so there…..

  20. After yesterday’s Lanarkshire Lampoon I suspect the prospect of having a beer in a Scottish football ground any time soon disappeared quicker than the away support. Maybe that was the plan all along.


    conspiracy csc.

  21. I think people can monitor this site from beyond the grave.



    Yes, the dead see scrolls.

  22. Melbourne Mick on

    Who else thinks that yon Paul Murray has a lovely


    flounce to his hair or is it just me cause I’ve none.


    H.H Mick

  23. the long wait is over on

    I genuinely thought when the Mullet arrived at Ibrox that he was likely to steady the ship.



    Thought he wouldn’t rock the boat and would pour oil on their troubled waters, steering a safe course to the Premiership. He always seemed to run a tight ship at Motherwell. I’m sure he would have told his players that if they didn’t shape up they’d have to ship out.



    I didn’t mention it before as I didn’t want anyone thinking I was sticking my oar in and , with work and other commitments , I sometimes feel CQN and I are likes ships passing in the night.



    Between the Mullet and Dave ” I’ve committed no sin”King (sinking – see what I did there…) they really must have thought their boat had come in and that everything was ship and that everything was ship- shape and Bristol fashion.



    Now it seems they’re deserting like rats off a sinking , err , ship.



    All that good work torpedoed by one Submarine Sunday.



    Who would have sunk, sorry, thunk it..?

  24. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Just watched the highlights. Kris Boyd – SPL record scorer – is a shadow of his former self.



    But it must be late evening – and the sun must be pretty low in the sky – because it’s a bloody big shadow.

  25. BMCUWP



    Mail received and coffee spluttered.



    Mrs RWE drew me one of those looks that only grew more puzzling as I tried to explain.




  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    HT-I was cheeky in a post to TMcL and he logged off,i posted an apology earlier.HH

  27. leftclicktic on

    Mullets record is worse than the combined efforts of the sleekit gardner and McDowall.


    Even I was suprised at that stat.



  28. “To Flounce Is Human ; To Forgive, Divine”



    YouThinKYou’reAMan CSC




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