Boyata crucial part of CL planning, failure to emulate Gretna


I know Ronny Deila was delighted Dedryck Boyata pitched up at Glasgow Airport last night.  He’s a player the manager has known about for some time and one who was not on the Man City available list when we secured the loan deal for Jason Denayer a year ago.

The mechanics of the deal are interesting.  It’s quite possible it wouldn’t have happened at all without the success Jason enjoyed in Glasgow.  A year ago Jason was a complete unknown, below the pecking order than Dedryck, but we gave him a platform and now he’s a full Belgian international.  The pitch we put to Dedryck was along the lines of “Look what Jason achieved here”.  If we’d singed Dedryck instead of Jason a year ago, Jason would still be an unknown and Dedryck would be a Belgian international.

Assuming no late hiccups, Ronny will know his central defensive pairing for the Champions League qualifiers is sorted, allowing him to concentrate on other areas.

There are no guarantees in football, least of all with Champions League qualification, where we have three awkward knock-out rounds, but we’re starting the summer from a good place.

There’s so much to discuss about yesterdays’ Fir Park hilarity, the consequences of which will be profound.  More on this later in the week, but a few points on Motherwell.  For a team with such glaring shortcomings they deserved the scale of their victory.  Barraclough took a squad who finished 11th in the league into two challenging games and out-thought his opponent.

However, if Celtic fans behaved the way Motherwell fans behaved yesterday your Government would be all over it by now.  I’ve seen flares thrown onto pitches, I’ve seen pitch invasions (although I don’t remember seeing one congregating in front of opposition fans), but I’ve never seen a player smacked in the face and leg by a spectator’s flag, and I’ve never seen anything close to this entire repertoire from fans at a single game.

Who knows what the score would have been had Newco faced the team who finished 10th in the Premiership! Their attempt to emulate Grenta in winning three successive promotions always sounded like a tall order.  They came close, but they’re no Gretna. Not. Nearly. As. Good.

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  1. excathedra44 on



    14:27 on


    1 June, 2015


    The thought of how the wee bus driver bigot Jimmy Bell is feeling today fills me with joy,


    is that wrong ?:))))))))))





    Did you notice Scott Leitch ex Hearts with his M’Well gear on looking really down on bench,cant understand it as his employers were safe.!!

  2. I have never seen Boyata play, but he can’t me a mug if he was in Man City’s squad.


    Now I’m not Big Pete’s biggest fan but early indications are he has learned from previous CL qualifiers by getting in targets early.


    Augers well.


    If RD likes Boyata then I will like him.



    Would like to see left back cover for Izzy and a striker. Also an able deputy for Craig Gordon.



    Lovin it!!!!



    Hail Hail

  3. excathedra44



    He is my mates cousin. Motherwell fan, player and now coach.


    No way is he a Sevconian. The whole family are Motherwell daft.




  4. What is the Kubler-Ross dynamic of flouncing?



    Careless posting


    Knee jerk defensive posts


    It wasn’t me Denial Posts


    GIRFUY Angry posts


    We’re all screwed Depressing posts


    Cheerio Flounce post


    Hello is the blog broke? Acceptance (and return) post



    Virtual Couch CSC

  5. bournesouprecipe on

    The think ole Sat Nav’s a bit Shakey today, it keeps getting me from A to B or not to B.

  6. Happy Monday one and all, still walking around with a rather large grin on my face, unfortunatley I don’t work with any zombies in order to fully engage in operation rip the pish, but the Facebook and Twitter goading has been hilarious.


    Got in a little trouble as it was me and the Mrs. anniversary on Saturday and she became somewhat upset that she’d never made me smile the way I did as I watched the orcs implode.


    Really pleased we’re starting the recruitment process nice and early, hopefully this big lad turns out to be another Denayer. LB and CF would be next on my hit list

  7. Well done to Ronni and the team at Celtic on setting about getting our transfer acqusitions in early,lets kick on and work hard to take our rightful place in The Champions league.



    Well done to Inverness Caley Thistle on their first ever Scottish cup win.Congratulations



    Well done to Motherwell on retaining their place in Scotlands top league,you done Scottish football a favour on the pitch,it stops all the hubristic kack and glitter rollling in its tracks.



    Scottish Football is in a good place.RIPLC are not.



    The range of trophy winners spreads the word that armageddon is nonsense.


    Armageddon affects only RIPLC



    David Low ‘the banks dont do football now’


    RIPLC did not listen



    i do not expect a governing body who sanctioned a convicted criminal to have any investigation into why RIPLC are currently running at a monthly loss,and cant function without the monthly unsecured loans from its Directors.


    When are our governing body going to see that RIPLC are an example of the corruption going on in our game?



    all ifs buts and maybes hahaha i am just glad that our clubs identity is in no way associated with this vile skankery in any shape or form for another year.



    They live to hate,they live to hate us and it killed them.


    hubristic headbangin will be thumpin on each huns kitchen table.



    div murray dun it,naebdi els.conceived,rolled out and implemented by all 87% of him.



    Celtic 1888-




  8. mike in toronto on

    now that this season is over, start thinking about next ….



    I like the squad that Aberdeen is putting together, and think they will push us again next season (although, I think that, like this season, their squad may be too small to maintain the challenge to the very end). However, I think they could have a decent run in Europe, which would only help Celtic in Europe.



    We need other scottish teams to start picking up a few points in Europe…. wont make an immediate difference for Celtic, but, over time, it can only help us.



    I think DU might get its act together next season, and have a good run (then again, I thought that at the start of this season!).



    And then there is Hearts …. I know we pumped them a few times, but they looked a decent team, and once they start playing better teams regularly, they will improve. If they get off to a decent start next season, I can see them finishing in the top three next season.

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    “It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night like a rich jewel in a Flouncer’s ear”

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Has the Compliance Officer collared Ainsworth for blessing himself in a violent and provocative manner yet?

  11. mike in toronto on

    now, if we can only improve the standard of the people running our game, that would be nice too …..

  12. Ralph………….



    Might I propose some FBT?



    ……………….Flouncing Behavioural Therapy.



    It’s a dramatic and literary based process devised in Clydebank and now practised all over the Celtic-supporting globe where genuine Jungle Tims get together and rip the pish out of tightly-wound Flouncers.



    The success rates are patchy but hey, it passes the time wonderfully!







  13. People who flounce off the blog are weak willed, lily-livered cissies.





    That was a joke, btw.

  14. See!







    Anurra Soul Saved!




    …(You’re Welcome!)

  15. leftclicktic on

    from twitter


    “Good stuff” from @ViewfromGorgie >…


    make of it what you will.


    I was pleased to see it.

  16. The Johnatron on

    Jose Mourinho – Special One


    Sir Alex Ferguson – Tactical One


    Arsene Wenger – Experienced One


    Stuart McCall – Six One

  17. The Mullet joined half-way through the season and was left with an utter mess.



    He worked with a tiny budget in Motherwell and is likely to be the right man to work with a tiny budget at Sevco (assuming they survive the season).



    Rangers would do well to sign more players like Darren McGreggor. There are plenty of hungry professionals seasoned at that level.



    A lot of the dross will be gone in the summer like Boyd, Moshni and Miller.

  18. excathedra44 on



    14:47 on


    1 June, 2015





    He is my mates cousin. Motherwell fan, player and now coach.


    No way is he a Sevconian. The whole family are Motherwell daft.








    Thanks for update,good to know,just seemed strange he was so reserved,he’ll be delighted as we all were.




  19. Lefty……..



    That was interesting, thanks for sharing. That club has chosen to reinvent itself, perhaps the fans will follow?




  20. mike in toronto



    Good to look forward but very hard to look at other clubs. Aberdeen could have their team decimated in the summer. I believe Neil Lennon is looking at McGinn for Bolton and he would probably be happy to move there as the money would be at least treble what he gets up north. That would be a huge loss for Aberdeen. I reckon more of their better players may be for the off too. Championship clubs know that a good SPFL Prem player can be a very decent asset in a league where battling to get up is important. I suspect Aberdeen may be victims of their own success and their manager is also in demand by a Championship club this summer;-)


    Dundee United for me look disjointed and I reckon they are in rebuild mode. They have lost a clutch of first team players and are not gelling yet. I think United have done well to cash in on sales bar the players who moved to Celtic. To be brutally honest we got them for a song. Armstrong alone should have been around £2m going at the market rate for their players recently.


    Ciftci may go and it remains to be seen if he will move to Celtic or not but in a funny way a hefty ban and fine may make it easier to secure him on the cheap. I would not be for that move and hope that Celtic could find a more able, experienced and better quality centre forward and if we do feel like beefing up the squad with a centre forward from the Scottish leagues I would rather it was Rooney from Aberdeen.


    WGS made a great point yesterday on the TV about defenders. He said the last thing you want in your defence is emotional players. I would stretch that to the whole team. Ciftci looks a loose cannon to me.


    Hertz are an interesting case to be honest. Slight unknown about them but they are a team who will sell their assets at their top value. They are on the up though and club, players, board, management and fans are as one and galvanised. It will be a tough place to go but it always has been although our recent record there is very good.


    I said to a mate of mine in work recently that everything at Hertz is going amazingly well, I wonder what will happen when they go through a bad patch? I think we will get the answer next season.


    Hopefully Celtic get the transfer business done fairly early.


    Delighted with Boyata if he signs on. Know nothing about him apart from internet snippets (I don’t do YouTube anymore. They all look like world beaters). Just have a feeling he will be a top signing.




  21. Captain Beefheart on

    Mike in Toronto.



    Aberdeen won’t challenge us. We have already won the next league. 15 points +. It is all about the CL.

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