Boyata transformation is beyond belief


When we signed Dedryck Boyata, while simultaneously losing loanee Jason Denayer, I heard that bullish comment from Celtic Park “We made Denayer into a regular Belgian international and we’ll do the same for Boyata.”

Teenage Jason Denayer was part of a record-breaking Celtic central defence.  Fast and skilful, there was little chance parent club Manchester City would allow him to extend his stay in Scotland.  Dedryck was older, had played less football, and City allowed him to leave for £1.5m.  The claim that we could make him into a Belgium regular seemed fanciful.

Belgium are the top team in the Fifa rankings.  Getting anywhere near this squad is an achievement, but Dedryck is now a regular fixture.  When Jason Denayer made a late entrance in the game against Iceland last night, it was captain, Vincent Kompany he replaced, not the Celtic central defender.

Dedryck has only been at Celtic three years and the early months of his time here were memorable for an own goal against Malmo and a very poor performance away to Molde.  His transformation is beyond belief.

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  1. Re Scotland call offs…



    Eck is reaping what he has sown in his shoddy treatment of the Celtic contingent of his Scotland squad in a desperate attempt to promote inferior sevco minded players. KT the possible exception although he is being played out of position.



    I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that the quicker he goes the better.




  2. DBHOY


    I hope he remains for a long while and shows how ridiculous his appointment and support from mssm was.


    The more these clowns in the sfa continue their corruption that allowed them to appoint such an unsuitable candidate the closer to the house of cards comes to collapsing.


    The financial implications are being felt and even the Tartan army have had enough of the game being destroyed by these imposters.

  3. mike in toronto on

    Happy days to JNP and JohnBay



    Seems I have missed a few happy events this week … apologies if I didn’t see them/respond…sometimes this work thing gets in the way of life …. but good wishes to everyone on CQN on what seems to have been a very good week for CQN’ers.

  4. FAN-A-TIC


    Cheers for the reply.


    I would love to share your optimism but this failed Eck adventure will be portrayed as a deficit in the quality throughout the squad etc to shield him from the brunt of criticism imo.



    From the outside it looks like he’s managed to alienate a large section of the squad. It’s cringeworthy to see so many ex internationals wheeled out to give a somewhat forced public rallying cry in behalf of Eck.



    Alas nothing will change imo and the needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing along like before…




  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Unauthorised use of a blog name is a hanging offence.


    Apologising to the one on whom it was bestowed is worse.


    That deserves a good kick in the a…!



    Then again, any mention on the blog has to be savoured.

  6. Players don’t want to be associated with this failed campaign and aren’t worried about repercussions because they don’t expect Eck to be there long.



    Tierney probably got wind he was going to be dropped. Predictably, much of the reaction to the Israel game was “you can’t play both Tierney and Robertson and if you had to drop one it would be Tierney”



    Had to listen to numpties like Ian McCall say Tierney was having a poor season. Play Izzy against Hamilton and move on with our season.



    Put Big Eck and the national failure in the rear view mirror

  7. Anyway it’s getting late in oz, I wish everyone struggling with any ailment here well.



    I will offer this tune which has really powerful lyrics imo as a start to the Friday tune festival most effectively conducted by the incomparable Roy C






    Peace and HH

  8. DBHOY


    Money talks and the desertion by Tartan army will have a financial effect.


    The hunnish sfa aided and abetted by the equally hunnish mssm will probably try once more to maintain the corrupt approach but financial meltdown will eventually bring unwanted change.


    It’s a poor reflection on the best wee country that this decades long decline of our national sport has continued without scrutiny by politicians and mssm.

  9. FAN-A-TIC


    Genuinely hope you’re right.


    I agree that money/commercial income is ultimately the prime factor at play.



    Is it more important than preserving the reputation of one of their own? That’s debatable imo



    But not today, I’m out :)))




  10. When Alex steps aside due to a huge bid for his services from Asia, we can breathe easily that Super Alistair Murdoch McCoist and Sir Walter Ferguson Smith will be ready to take over and ensure there is no possibility of the Fenian Hand picking players on merit.

  11. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    I must be out the old school ? Can’t stand McLeish who is a dinosaur,but always want Scotland to do well in any competition. The fact that 80% of the country will not have a first love for Celtic is irrelevant,as we support the country’ s football team not the teams of the individual players.As my late father always said about Bobby Evans and the caps he got ‘Aye Patrick but he doesn’t go to the chapel….And my father died in 1959. and went to all games except 1957 Wembley when I took his ticket

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    Re: Scotland National Team



    i had the misfortune of going along to a home international against Northern Ireland, Dad told me to expect some abuse towards Celtic players, little did i know at the time that it came from the famed Tartan army (an excuse to get pissed abroad and garner attention for spoiling a kilt with a pair of timberland boots)



    Never again, couldnt care less how they do

  13. Alex McLeish.



    I thought on interviews earlier he looked remarkably fresh faced and bright eyed. Almost a polished coupon. Ugly but polished like an old tin bucket



    Then he started talking.

  14. Thanks to all for my birthday wishes. Hope you have a good one as well JNP.


    Off now for my first beer of the day. Thanks again everyone.


    Hail Hail

  15. Go Tell The Spartim,


    Most of the ‘Tartan Army’ will come from supporters of clubs outside of Celtic and Steven Gerrard’s The Rangers, and the chance to follow the National team abroad is the only chance most of them will get to follow a football team into Europe. For many, it’s just an excuse to go and get pissed in a foreign country with their mates after they get married. Can’t really criticise them for that. Indeed, one of our own on here continually tells us most Celtic fans travel who travel abroad do so for exactly the same reason….. ?

  16. Peter Grant



    The other night.



    I was not the best but managed to get 8 caps. I treasure them I was lucky. I would never withdraw from a squad. The guys that do this just risk their Scotland future.



    Team sheet


    1. Allan McGregor.

  17. South of Tunis



    Love old codger stories



    These Owl skulls that keep evil things away



    Do they work on Zombies and where might I purchase one ?




  18. SAINT STIVS on 16TH NOVEMBER 2018 5:16 PM


    Alex McLeish.



    I thought on interviews earlier he looked remarkably fresh faced and bright eyed. Almost a polished coupon. Ugly but polished like an old tin bucket


    Then he started talking.




    Mc Leish sadly caught the hun syndrome of speaking from the side of his mouth like his fellow hun… bomber alky Brown.







    They have to go back.

  20. Alex, please, just go. You’re too old, too crap, a has-been. You had your chance first-time round but ran off for a quick buck. Your record ever since has been in a downward spiral – the stats don’t lie. The players don’t respect you, the players don’t even know what formation you play. Look at the injury call-offs list – get the message? The fans don’t respect you. Just go. Please.

  21. In ither news……………



    Kenny Dalglish of scoddland and liverpool……….




  22. We didn’t sign Denayer,


    But it disnae matter,


    ‘Cause we signed Boyata.


    Billy Joel’s only decent song. ?



  23. “Dedryck” is it?



    I thought he was just “The Belgian” on CQN?



    Transformation indeed.

  24. NatKnow on 16th November 2018 7:01 pm



    “Dedryck” is it?



    I thought he was just “The Belgian” on CQN?



    Transformation indeed.









    It disnae matter…. anyway as the facts show that Brendan (and his coaching staff) have done a cracking job with the big fella, he let Brendan down, and that was very disappointing but, now a Mainstay in the top rated International team in the World.



    Brendan Rodgers – we are so very Lucky to have him.



    Dinnae ever tak him for granted.





    Unauthorised use of a blog name is a hanging offence.


    Apologising to the one on whom it was bestowed is worse


    That deserves a good kick in the a…!


    Then again, any mention on the blog has to be savoured.



    Magic stuff.


    Many apologies, my friend.


    Hail Hail

  26. Happy Anniversary to Perth CSC.


    Hope all you all have a blast.


    I’ve just viewed a fabulous picture of Willie Wallace, John Hartson, Dixie and Murdo.


    Hail Hail

  27. Goooood Evening CQN ???????


    Very Hoooooopy birthday to the Bhoys


    Johnbay & JimmynotPaul ??





    Today was the feast day of St Margaret, or queen Margaret of Scotland


    So I went to mass in Cowie, with St Margaret’s primary school, where my daughter teaches




    The kids signing the hymn, Queen Margaret of Scotland, never heard it before


    Then the exit Hymn ” if I were a butterfly” ( my mum loved butterflies)


    Jimthetim53 – have you heard those 2 ?

  28. hi bhoys, please forgive me if I post a non football related article, remember me telling you about Annette who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and she asked us to take care of her west highland terrier Jorge, well she fell into a deep coma last night, and became unresponsive ,so her family were sent for this was around midnight last night, now this lady is only 53 years old but has got a tumour the size of a grapefruit at the back of her head, miraculously this morning she awoke and wanted some breakfast, me and joan went in to see her this afternoon, she was lying there completely peaceful, one side of her bed was a photo of Jorge, on the other side was a portrait of the sacred heart of jesus a beautiful painting I came away from that hospice feeling like there was aura around annettes bed like the sacred heart was shiining on her, don’t blame you ghuys if you think im talking rubbish,.hh. but there was something in that room that I cant explain just a feeling of peace.hh.

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