Boyata transformation is beyond belief


When we signed Dedryck Boyata, while simultaneously losing loanee Jason Denayer, I heard that bullish comment from Celtic Park “We made Denayer into a regular Belgian international and we’ll do the same for Boyata.”

Teenage Jason Denayer was part of a record-breaking Celtic central defence.  Fast and skilful, there was little chance parent club Manchester City would allow him to extend his stay in Scotland.  Dedryck was older, had played less football, and City allowed him to leave for £1.5m.  The claim that we could make him into a Belgium regular seemed fanciful.

Belgium are the top team in the Fifa rankings.  Getting anywhere near this squad is an achievement, but Dedryck is now a regular fixture.  When Jason Denayer made a late entrance in the game against Iceland last night, it was captain, Vincent Kompany he replaced, not the Celtic central defender.

Dedryck has only been at Celtic three years and the early months of his time here were memorable for an own goal against Malmo and a very poor performance away to Molde.  His transformation is beyond belief.

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  1. Fairhill Bhoy.




    How are you and is your Dad still enjoying his football?


    Hail Hail

  2. BP1



    It is sad that Annette is in such a poor condition but you have painted a very peaceful scene.

  3. NORRIEM on 16TH NOVEMBER 2018 7:35 PM


    Goooood Evening CQN ???????





    Very Hoooooopy birthday to the Bhoys





    Johnbay & JimmynotPaul ??












    Today was the feast day of St Margaret, or queen Margaret of Scotland





    So I went to mass in Cowie, with St Margaret’s primary school, where my daughter teaches










    The kids signing the hymn, Queen Margaret of Scotland, never heard it before





    Then the exit Hymn ” if I were a butterfly” ( my mum loved butterflies)



    Lovely post Norrie, hope all ok with you and yours HH

  4. DD- next time you on the smoke, check out Scenes from an Italian restaurant, She’s Always a Woman, New York State of Mind, Piano Man,Good night Saigon, give him a listen HH

  5. JIMMYNOTPAUL-yes mate he still loves it ,but think we need to get seats lower down next season.Hope you hadn’t a good birthday ?

  6. Fairhill Bhoy.


    I’ve had a good time, thanks.


    I’m very grateful.


    Have you contacted Celtic for relocation, hopefully, given the circumstances they will go out their way to accommodate you both.


    I think it’s magic that he drags you to the game. :-)


    Hail Hail

  7. BADA-me and MARSPAPA had a good friend who passed 5yrs ago this week.


    He had a saying,you can lead a horse to water,but you can’t make it swim?





  8. BB


    My ex loved Billy Joel.


    Heard all his stuff.


    She loved him. I didnae. Sorry pal.


    Don’t get it.



  9. JIMMYNOTPAUL-we have a relation who works in the ticket office,so looking at getting a pass for the lift for the rest of this season .Bye the way you can laugh but there’s times when a do get dragged ?

  10. B.P.


    You are a toerag. :-)


    That gave me a laugh, my bhoy has just asked me, when am I getting my bus pass. :-)


    You’re doing as well as anyone could for Annette.


    The world needs more kindness.


    Hail Hail

  11. Tori does a great version of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead. Unfortunately, the version i found on Youtube is ruined by the moronic “woo-hoo’ing” of the American audience.


    Somtimes I can almost understand why they want to be able to carry guns.

  12. mike in toronto on

    I was supposed to be starting a 5 week fraud trial on Monday, but it has settled, so I can party all night now.



    Where’s RC when you need him?

  13. Bateen


    Tori destroyed Creep..


    Only Thom Yorke can sing it.


    It is such a personal Thom Yorke song.


    Bit like the horrendous cover versions of Under the Bridge Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Salisbury Hill Peter Gabriel.


    Canny cover a song that is an autobiography.



  14. Delaneys,


    Never really had much time for Radiohead, but I do like the song, and the original version.


    Not a big fan of cover songs, but there are some crackers out there.



    Keep it quiet as people in Scotland will be justifyng gun permits to deal with Sydney Devine after his sold out 2017 tour.



    I worked with Tori on a few videos and album covers in the eighties and she is a fun girl.

  16. DD,



    I must say I’ve got a few Radiohead tunes on my olde playlist noo, and never seem to skip them.



    Thats a good sign.

  17. mike in toronto on




    I heard you were up for jury duty, and afraid that I might be sentenced to be hanged!




  18. Fan-a-tic,


    You’re a lucky bhoy then.


    There’s something about redheads that makes me shiver sometimes ?



    Who would win in a fight between Alex McLeish and Theresa May?





    Without a doubt, Theresa May. I am amazed at her tenacity and endurance. I may not like or agree with her policies but I have now got a grudging admiration for her. Considering she’s a type 1 diabetic it also demonstrates that this condition can be beaten in public life.


    The world class Danny McGrain demonstrated that it can be beaten on the playing field.




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