Boyata transformation is beyond belief


When we signed Dedryck Boyata, while simultaneously losing loanee Jason Denayer, I heard that bullish comment from Celtic Park “We made Denayer into a regular Belgian international and we’ll do the same for Boyata.”

Teenage Jason Denayer was part of a record-breaking Celtic central defence.  Fast and skilful, there was little chance parent club Manchester City would allow him to extend his stay in Scotland.  Dedryck was older, had played less football, and City allowed him to leave for £1.5m.  The claim that we could make him into a Belgium regular seemed fanciful.

Belgium are the top team in the Fifa rankings.  Getting anywhere near this squad is an achievement, but Dedryck is now a regular fixture.  When Jason Denayer made a late entrance in the game against Iceland last night, it was captain, Vincent Kompany he replaced, not the Celtic central defender.

Dedryck has only been at Celtic three years and the early months of his time here were memorable for an own goal against Malmo and a very poor performance away to Molde.  His transformation is beyond belief.

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  1. MIT


    I was cited to appear, but when they learned of my background, I was excused ?


    You’d have had nothing to worry about ?

  2. Big Packy,



    The Hymns to The Sacred Heart are profound and often sorrowful. But this one has hope and praise.



    Sweet heart of Jesus fount of love and mercy


    Today we come Thy blessing to implore


    O touch our hearts so cold and so ungrateful,


    And make them Lord Thine own for ever more.



    Sweet Heart of Jesus we Thee implore,


    O make us love Thee, more and more.



    Sweet heart of Jesus, make us know and love Thee,


    Unfold to us the treasurers of Thy grace,


    That so our hearts from things of earth uplifted,


    May long alone, to gaze upon Thy face.



    Sweet Heart of Jesus make us pure and gentle,


    And teach us how to do Thy blessed Will,


    To follow close the prints of Thy dear footsteps,


    And when we fall, Sweet Jesus love us still.



    Sweet Heart of Jesus bless all hearts that love Thee


    And may Thine own Heart ever blessed be


    Bless us dear Lord, and bless the friends we cherish


    And keep us true to Mary and to Thee.




  3. Greenpinata,



    I agree, she keeps getting up despite noone helping her really definitely a very admirable quality especially in such a den of vipers – none Brave whatsoever



    I’ll be honest I want to break from the EU as to me it is not democratic in the slightest and the Bigger the Government the more I dislike – especially unelected.



    Noone knows what is going on except the Big Man upstairs.



    Wan thing is absolutely certain, there is Big trouble ahead.



    Satan maxes out.

  4. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Who would win in a fight between the reduction in life expectancy of going to Paradise on the Annan bus and spending 3 minutes on the Colburn bus?

  5. MIT


    Apart from The Clash, Radiohead are my favourite ever band. Stop Whispering is a classic.



  6. Celtic win European disability access and inclusion award


    The club receive the award to mark commitment to initiatives promoting access and inclusion.


    Celtic Park: Handed European award for inclusion.


    Celtic have been honoured with a European award recognising their work in promoting access and inclusion for all in football.


    The Scottish champions and the Celtic Disabled Supporters’ Association were presented with the award by the Centre of Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) at a UEFA funded ceremony in Bilbao on Friday.


    They were presented with a special Collaboration Award to mark their ongoing commitment to delivering the facilities and initiatives.

  7. In the fitba’ tonight, Holland giving the World Champs a doing….1-0 but Hugo Loris is keeping thm in it.


    Oh crap. Andy walker just said the same thing.

  8. mike in toronto on




    This weekend’s choices for LMS were, I think, the hardest yet …. no easy choices, and a lot of very, very evenly matched teams.



    Think quite a few will be dropping out this weekend …. not often I pick the Italians, but Forsa Italiia this weekend!




    Thanks for the welcome just a flying visit got the grandweans tonight



    They never get tired.




  10. Mike,


    I agree. This new Euro competition is pitting teams of a similar standard against each other. Harder to predict winners. So much so that we could see LMS won this weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised, but there’s a reason I’m not making my own selection this weekemd ???


    Italy have as much chance as anyone this weekend.

  11. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Greenpinata, today is world diabetes day.



    Scott Allan has posted an article on instagram about him being diabetic for 23 years.



    Kieran is a diabetic also.



    Danny will be a great inspiration to them both.

  12. Petec


    I got every song that Radiohead have ever produced. One of the few artists I listen to every day of my life. In fact, there are only 3 bands I listen to every day of my life. Radiohead, The Clash and The Wailers.



  13. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s and other posters who like reggae. 11pm tonight BBC 4 , Reggae at the BBC .



    There may be some songs on it that could be loosely termed as reggae but a very good band like Steel Pulse and early Aswad will hopefully be on it

  14. 2-0 Holland. Injury time penalty dispatched with real quality by MOTM Memphis Depay, who has been brilliant tonight. Different player to the guy who was at Manchester United.

  15. SFTB


    My respect for Theresa May rises by the day. I have always liked mad, mental, strong minded women. Fun to watch.



  16. Bada, should have added, also my old primary school – St Margaret’s


    Now the hymn, can’t find it


    Queen Margaret of Scotland was patient and kind


    She cared for the poor, for the sick and the blind


    The King and his courtiers so rough in their ways


    Fell under the charm of her calm loving gaze



    Each day she went out from her palace in Fife


    She dressed herself up like a poor housewife


    She filled up her basket with food and with bread


    She tried to make sure that the poor would be fed



    Queen Margaret worked hard but she left time to pray


    So she praised and thanked God for his love every day


    By faith and devotion she showed us the way


    To pray as we work and to work as we pray

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