Boyata transformation is beyond belief


When we signed Dedryck Boyata, while simultaneously losing loanee Jason Denayer, I heard that bullish comment from Celtic Park “We made Denayer into a regular Belgian international and we’ll do the same for Boyata.”

Teenage Jason Denayer was part of a record-breaking Celtic central defence.  Fast and skilful, there was little chance parent club Manchester City would allow him to extend his stay in Scotland.  Dedryck was older, had played less football, and City allowed him to leave for £1.5m.  The claim that we could make him into a Belgium regular seemed fanciful.

Belgium are the top team in the Fifa rankings.  Getting anywhere near this squad is an achievement, but Dedryck is now a regular fixture.  When Jason Denayer made a late entrance in the game against Iceland last night, it was captain, Vincent Kompany he replaced, not the Celtic central defender.

Dedryck has only been at Celtic three years and the early months of his time here were memorable for an own goal against Malmo and a very poor performance away to Molde.  His transformation is beyond belief.

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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    DD. Your mention of our 800 brave souls heading to Iborcs in December, had me googling for the third verse of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s most famous work:



    Cannon to right of them,


    Cannon to left of them,


    Cannon in front of them


    Volleyed and thundered;


    Stormed at with shot and shell,


    Boldly they rode and well,


    Into the jaws of Death,


    Into the mouth of hell


    Rode the eight hundred.



    Only had to change 600 to 800. On a serious note, like yourself, I wish Celtic would refuse tickets for the game. It can only end badly, if Celtic Supporters attend.



  2. Petec


    Just call my name.


    I will be there in Dumbarton Harp CSC wi Sipsini. He was asking after you last Saturday.



  3. Theresa May called an election in 2017 for two 2 reason’s.


    1. To increase her majority, and by doing so, she would have appeased the extreme Tory right winger’s in her party, and she would have already pulled the country over the cliff by, walking away with a ‘no deal’ brexit.


    2. She was miles ahead of Jeremy Corbyn in the poll’s so, she thought that she could wipe Corbyn out, and put the Labour Party back into the wilderness.


    Hmmmmmmm ?


    So, fast forwarding to today, Theresa has put a brexit deal on the table, that most folk are saying the deal won’t fly. Add what appears to be a collapse of the Tory Party, member’s resigning, the DUP taking the huff, etc, etc.


    But, is it a deal on the table, or is it a trap, waiting for Labour to vote the deal down, whilst at the same time, giving the crooked, evil Tories, the ‘no deal’ brexit that they don’t have a mandate for, and, at the same time, plunging million’s of, poor, innocent people, into decade’s of destitution ?


    Also, if, the deal that is on the table is voted down, then the natural, next course of event’s should be an election, but, the Tories have jiggery poakerried the rules so that there will only be an election if, the Tories call one.


    Also, if there was to be an election, that would mean in the dark north as well, but, there is no DUP majority anymore, so, how would a Sinn Fein / DUP joint First Minister go down, in the Mississippi dark north ?


    Also, the Tory government are already in breach of the Good Friday Agreement, for not having already called an election in the Mississippi dark north, beacause the Stormont thingy has been defunct for a certain period already. Colonialism will be answered for…….one day!


    So, please, please, please,…..Jeremy Corbyn and, John MacDonald etc, get yer bushy tails on and, play along with the Tory trap, play it straight right up until voting day, and then, whip the Labour Party into abstaining from voting for a Tory trap, that will plunge million’s of, poor, innocent people into destitution, for decade’s.


    Some say that Cromwell died, he did, then he rose again, and joined the Tory Party.


    Keep Yer Guard Up CSC √



    Weebawbabbity, God bless you Amigo.



    CQN’s Hail Hail



    Happy Birthday to those having one today.


    Thoughts and Prayer’s for those in need.




  4. Hunderbirds


    I have grown up surrounded by huns, orangemen and general monkeys.


    They hunt in packs.


    They sniff blood.


    Would be nowhere near this.


    Does Ibrox have it’s safety certificate?



  5. Oi – G



    There ain’t Nothing but a G-Thang Baby.



    Here is another basement Jax trax frae the Monstrously Good Leftfield.



    Thankfully Jeremy if he takes power, Sees the real Dangers of the EU.



    What an Amazing Story the Almighty has Scripted.



    Please Forgive All.

  6. MA&H, Fantastic. But you’re a bit of a show off saying you watched it in Central Park. !!! LOL.



    Keep well.

  7. So the “Belgian” is now Dedryck and bypassed the Boyata stage altogether.


    Looks like we are about to be fed some titbit of information.

  8. Petec


    You Sipsini and I in Dumbarton Harp CSC for gas cooker soon. One more makes a doubles match. Anyone fancy it?



  9. JIMTHETIM53 on 16TH NOVEMBER 2018 11:27 PM



    MA&H, Fantastic. But you’re a bit of a show off saying you watched it in Central Park. !!! LOL.






    I should have added the caveat Jim I watched it on the TV lol



    Wishihadseenitlive csc

























    Keep well.

  10. Delaneys Dunky on 16th November 2018 11:36 pm






    You Sipsini and I in Dumbarton Harp CSC for gas cooker soon. One more makes a doubles match. Anyone fancy it?







    Haud on a wee minute. Only a rubbish snooker player allowed. :))



    Seriously – if you join don’t expect any big breaks, well apart from the actual play.

  11. Petec


    I met Kev’s mate Weebawbabbity on Saturday. Good guy. I know Kev is like his mate. A great Tim.



  12. MacJay


    Love the Pistols.


    Thanks for that.


    Could you post God Save The Queen please.


    Saint Tams school disco favourite song. ?



  13. MurdochauldandHay on 16th November 2018 11:45 pm






    I want to see the treble treble & the 10



    But will it be to much a burden for our next manager it;s an impossible feat to












    The Bravest of the Brave.

  14. I thought the cqn article which throughout referred to Boyata as ‘ the Belgian ‘ was disrespectful and arrogant.



    As others have noted, all changed now it seems.




  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    KEV on 16TH NOVEMBER 2018 11:24 PM





    Hardly ever mentioned now.


    Theresa May`s decision to have an election showed a severe lack of judgement and/or political nous.


    The result hobbled the Tories and empowered the DUP.


    She should have resigned there and then.



    How is it possible for May to run the Brexit show when her heart isn`t in it ?


    It isn`t possible.



    Her ” deal ” is acceptable to Europe. What does that tell you ?


    It tells you that they are laughing. Figuratively and in relief .


    Because they appear to be off the hook.



    On the other hand , Corbyn is unelectable , even with the Tories in such disarray.


    Sadly ,I`m afraid that there appear to be signs of personal ambition as they now jockey for position.


    In real anticipation that Theresa is dead woman walking.



    Jacob will sort it .


    Given the chance.

  16. I have a WhatsApp group ( called the Tierney/SandsCSC )



    One of the lhads has posed a question…..



    In our 130 year history, which 5 individuals have made most money from Celtic?


    1. Fergus ( not Celtic’s money tho )


    2. Broony


    3. PL


    4. Lenny


    5. Henrik



    Have I missed anyone?




  17. JNP & Johnbay hope both of you had a great 55th & 65th respectively and hope you both have many more :-)



    Dallas 9.27pm



    If you are not in your kip yet, am sure “young” Kieran under Ronny’s charge regularly had “drinks” at the touch line in his first season…. and Kieran was managed with kid gloves and hopefully we will get the benefit of this for many seasons to come

  18. MAH


    I want you and I to see Celtic in dominance in Scotland for the rest of our lives. How many in a row till winning the league gets boring?


    Never ?



  19. Petec/DD


    I remember the day i would have got an invite to the snooker,


    oh how the mighty have fallen ;-)))

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