Boyata transformation is beyond belief


When we signed Dedryck Boyata, while simultaneously losing loanee Jason Denayer, I heard that bullish comment from Celtic Park “We made Denayer into a regular Belgian international and we’ll do the same for Boyata.”

Teenage Jason Denayer was part of a record-breaking Celtic central defence.  Fast and skilful, there was little chance parent club Manchester City would allow him to extend his stay in Scotland.  Dedryck was older, had played less football, and City allowed him to leave for £1.5m.  The claim that we could make him into a Belgium regular seemed fanciful.

Belgium are the top team in the Fifa rankings.  Getting anywhere near this squad is an achievement, but Dedryck is now a regular fixture.  When Jason Denayer made a late entrance in the game against Iceland last night, it was captain, Vincent Kompany he replaced, not the Celtic central defender.

Dedryck has only been at Celtic three years and the early months of his time here were memorable for an own goal against Malmo and a very poor performance away to Molde.  His transformation is beyond belief.

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on 17th November 2018 12:12 am



    Petec 12.02am




    Ultrasonic…Bobby Lennox town born n bred


    Saltcoats CSC




    Excellent comment – very fitting.

  2. Gordybhoy64


    Will you be my doubles partner for Clydebank v Dumbarton/Castlemilk alliance snooker match in Dumbarton Harp CSC?


    Will be fun.



  3. GFTB


    Bobby Lennox statue unveiled in Saltcoats on Sunday.


    BuzzBomb Statue.


    Magic Ayrshire.



  4. Petec



    I spent around a year of my life in Stevenston…. around my Metro days every day in a school day back then (& now)



    Q-tex … power of love is an anthem, I know heehaw about music but if it makes you smile then who cares :-)

  5. DD 12.20am



    Was saying to my better half the night when watching the news that Kenny Dal broke my heart in 1977 as a daft 7yr old he was my first Celtic hero, canny remember Bobby Lennox playing but knew he was a massive player even then as a kid…. always remember ma auld man saying he was llightning fast…. always liked that description :-)

  6. 29th it is TIME to Really Really and I mean Really smack it up.



    Time for the Young Ones to Stand Up.



    Send out a Message before the Transfer Window.

  7. GFTB


    The XTC tabs you were necking must have been excellent to be able to spend more than an hour in Stevenston. Hun hell hole toon.



  8. Delaneys,


    certinly mucker,long as you dont mind the colour blind guy


    that struggles with red,brown and green ;-))

  9. SFTB



    Wee Jamesie is Magical these days, he is absolutely Magical.



    “Life moves pretty fast these days, if you don’t stop and look around…….”











  10. GFTB


    My dad’s favourite Lisbon Lions were Bobby Murdoch, Bertie Auld and our shared favourite Bobby Lennox the BuzzBomb



  11. DD 12.28am



    For ma mates who drove and didn’t “drink” the lassie who I got in tow with was a great stop over for them to straighten up before driving back up the road …. she was a good Tim, think pub next to Stevenson train station Kelly’s ??? Was our Sunday curer shop was only a year and you live and learn :-)

  12. DD 12.35pm



    Funnily enough the player I remember ma Da talking about was George Connelly, obviously I remember him talking about wee Jinky but I think GC was the player he spoke most about probably for not playing enough … no regrets, but I do wish I chinned him more about Celtic especially after reading a lot of the posts on here about players I never saw

  13. Gordybhoy64


    Petec and I are shite at snooker.


    Just a beer piss up and fun day oot.??



  14. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Khmer Rouge Leaders Found Guilty of Cambodia Genocide



    Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan. Charged and found guilty of genocide.



    Two men who will never see freedom. Monsters responsible for the extermination of up to two and a half million hmunan beings, people, persons.



    Ms acgr was a small cog in a big machine that even forty years later shows that the world cares.



    I’m proud of my girl and ashamed of my species in equal measure.

  15. GFTB


    When my dad got a few haufs in him, he would extole the virtues of his favourite Celtic player Bobby Murdoch.



  16. Petec and Sipsini are going on the Double Vodkas to Steady the shakes and Win the first Frame.



    Me and you Sips.



    We will dance in front of them, Boogie big stylie, then give them some Annihilating Rhthym.



    Is that a Double or a Treble?