Boys in blue turn to Ibrox


Its seven months since the Worthington Group, who represent the interests of Craig Whyte, reported Charles Green and Imran Ahmed to the Serious Fraud Office over the ownership of Sevco 5088 Ltd.

Sevco 5088 Ltd bought and paid for irrevocable rights to buy the assets, including Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park, of Rangers Football Club PLC, in liquidation.  Those rights were subsequently assumed by a different company, Sevco Scotland Ltd, now called Rangers Football Club Ltd, who are a football club in the third tier of Scottish football.

The question is, how did Sevco Scotland acquire those rights?

When this question was raised back in April, it was reported that Rangers International PLC instructed Pinsent Masons to investigate the matter, but instead, Pinsents reported on whether Craig Whyte was involved in Sevco Scotland Ltd, a company he claimed no connection with.

The BBC, who broke the story yesterday evening, suggest Police Scotland are investigating if Craig Whyte is still involved with “Rangers”.  Although this would break the terms of Newco Rangers entry into Scottish football, it is not, of course, a crime, nor something the police would concern themselves with.

More importantly, the BBC suggest police want to speak to Charles Green, former chief executive of Rangers International PLC, about a document submitted to Companies House.  The dispute over the ownership of Sevco 5088 Ltd has played out through documents submitted to Companies House, not all of which can be legitimate.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all to the Newco is that these matters have a history of taking a long time to resolve.  Time is not a commodity a company without bank borrowing or positive cashflow can afford.

If only any of us saw this coming………
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  1. I think a wee FOI to police Scotland is needed to see how much has been spent on sevco. I would have thought any company fraud is within the province of the city of London police. Looks like favours are being done for the brothers.

  2. aye was just thinking that …very quick on match day and then early as ,today….how old is our commander? ….flushescfc ? braw

  3. Malcolm Murray says that Craig Whyte ceased to be involved when Charles Green took over.



    So the former chairman of Sevco is saying that the former owner of Rangers (deed) wasn’t involved in Sevco during the time of a previous CEO of Sevco.



    Or something like that.

  4. KevJungle,



    From the last post….



    Bannan is not much good and when Palace get relegated I doubt you’ll see him in the Premiership again.



    Hoolahan is a decent player but I reckon he is very similar to Kris Commons and is 31 so unlikely to improve.



    I agree we need a bit more creativity in midfield…..but I don’t think either of these two is the answer.



    There are plenty of better young players in Europe who could do a job for us!!

  5. I see Jackson in the Daily Rangers is at it again this morning



    Sevco trying to lure Dundee chief executive, Scot Gardiner to a similar role at ibox



    ” being offered a highly paid lucrative position ”


    ” lifelong rangers fan ”


    ” man who sacked Barry Smith and brought John (bomber) Brown to Dundee”



    Lucrative contract from a team fast running out of money ?



    No doubt Fat Sally will have a 10 minute conversation with Gardiner and can work with him.



    Lets all sing…..Here we are again !

  6. DeniaBhoy in awe of wee Oscar's Courage on

    “These matters have a history of taking a long time to resolve . . .”



    History would suggest that these matters quietly disappear. Rangers make Teflon look like super glue.

  7. Or ….



    The former chairman of Sevco who walked away is saying that the former owner of Rangers (deed) really did walk away and wasn’t involved in Sevco during the time of a previous CEO of Sevco who walked away.

  8. was Gardiner not the witness to the worst “riots” since the 70`s,at last seasons at Dundee v Celtic match or words to that effect.



  9. Say what we like about Bomber, but he told the Orcs the truth and got blasted for it.



    Myth and Fat Sally hung him out to dry…….feckin cowards….they knew too.

  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Thought this comment was amusing…………..…






    never tarnish your own reputation by teaming up with a can of worms who behave like money grabbing sharks”

  11. Any cops (or anyone else) on here confirm that Police Scotland has an Economic Crime Unit? I can’t find any mention of such a unit on any literature or websites.

  12. Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell has confirmed the club are interested in signing Chinese talent Zhang Xizhe.



    The 22-year-old midfielder was watched by a delegation from the Parkhead side this month, as Lawwell toured the country in an effort to improve the club’s global appeal.



    Described as a creative attacking midfielder with the potential to play in Europe, Lawwell says the China international is under consideration and could move to Glasgow next year.



    “We were informed about him earlier this year,” Lawwell is quoted in several newspapers as saying during his trip to the country.



    “He is an intelligent player and left a profound impression on us. We are very interested in the local market.



    “In addition, we wanted to have a look at Zhang and a better understanding of him. He is a phenomenal player and he is very hopeful of getting a place in the Celtic squad.



    “He is young and is very good both physically and technically. He is progressing all the time and showing improvement.



    “One of the most important issues would be how he would adapt to the rhythm of European football.



    “Shunsuke Nakamura and Ki Sung-Yueng had great success with Celtic and both are similar to Zhang. But of course, he would need to prove himself.



    “Next year, we will return to Beijing to discuss matters relating to business co-operation and when the time is right, we will invite Zhang to join the team.”



    Zhang has seven caps for China, netting his only goal to date at international level in a friendly with Singapore in September.



    Currently with Beijing Guoan, he scored 11 goals in 30 league appearances in the 2013 season, four of which came from the penalty spot.



    Zhang Xizhe in action

  13. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar on

    Anybody else disturbed that it is lawell thats talking about signing this ‘phenonomal’ Chinese player and not the gaffer?

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    benny bheula



    10:01 on 12 November, 2013



    Scottish Law Reporter: Police Scotland asked to investigate …






    6 May 2013 – It is understood officers from the Police Scotland economic crime unit will now liaise with colleagues at Thames Valley police which has been …

  15. niallo83



    09:45 on 12 November, 2013



    Never mind Europe, we have a youth squad full of talent, the bhoy Henderson showed up well in pre-season maybe he should be given a chance and biton and rogic need a run of games to see if they can excel like wanyama did when given a run. We have plenty of talent at the club they just need game time HH

  16. Yep auld bomber was shouting from the auld hoose rooftops about the deeds, he seems to have been proven right, but has anyone actually pressed him or anyone else further on his public statement. ?



    Ayrshire is Green and White




  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    mcdowellcelt god bless wee oscar



    10:12 on 12 November, 2013




  18. Henriks Sombrero on

    Can’t help but feel as if we’ve been here before, heard all this before, and sod all ever happens.

  19. BSR



    Excellent! A new roomy for Zheng Zhi when they both return to Glasgow from the Oriental Cup of Nations.

  20. 67heaven … i am neil lennon, supporting wee oscar..!!.. ibrox belongs to the creditors @ 10:12 on 12 November, 2013



    Thanks. I’ve seen “press” reports of an ECU, but can’t find any information from Police Scotland itself. I think I will ask them.

  21. Micktt……some unconfirmed rumours about Two Rons from somewhere near Greenock having a word in Bomber’s shell like.

  22. CQN Annual has arrived this morning! It’s beautiful!



    CQN Magazine is out this evening – we are still working on Amsterdam story. It is astonishing. Don’t miss it.



    Don’t forget to order the Annual – you won’t be disappointed!

  23. I have on my desk a Green and Yellow football scarf from the Mighty Beijing Guoan.



    A pal was there on work duties just last month , and came home with the scarf for me, after meeting a group of Guoan fans in a bar, all bedecked in Green.



    The scarf is a cracker, if the new bhoy comes over I am going to go up and stand outside waving it just to be a show off.



    The badge has a centre piece that looks like C I T I C,


    thats Celtic enough for me, and the motto



    “Fighting For Champions forever”



    they also play in the workers stadium.



    check out their kit, both would make great celtic away strips.




  24. No doubt Mr Lawwell has his eye on a lucrative spin-off series on Ceebeebies – The Zheng and Zhang Show.




  25. You get more Zhang for your buck in China.



    But all you folk hoping for speedy return to Paradise for Zheng Zhi are going to be sorely disappointed – the metal legs he got transplanted in the Autumn of 2011 are showing signs of fatigue. It could be at least March of 2014 before we see him in action.




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