Breakdown on taxpayers £75m hit


I think some people have been reading too much into mentions of Rangers owing HMRC up to £75m.  For clarity, the big tax case, with penalties and interest, could reach approximately £50m, but that is not the end of the story.

There is the wee tax case, the potential VAT liability relating to the income from Ticketus and VAT due each quarter.  Then there is Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and National Insurance (NI).  With the lack of financial information from Rangers barring this “£75m” statement, it’s possible VAT, PAYE and NI are delinquent.

Add this lot up and you can easily see why the taxpayer could be looking at a £75m hit, Rangers did not link this figure with the big tax case alone.  I’ll leave it up to Craig Whyte’s next interviewers to ask how much of this figure has been incurred under his stewardship.

And remember, we’re only talking about HMRC debt here, don’t forget about the police, Glasgow City Council, utility suppliers and a multitude of small local businesses.

We don’t need no stinkin’ Rangers.

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  1. Paul 67



    Thanks for your response on previous thread.



    Clearly I’m not familiar with the rules. Based on that comment I clearly am missing the point. Please feel free to educate me!



    Why would a new company, a seperate legal entity, be in any way responsible for any debts associated with a liquidated company?



    Even Ticketus, assuming they were dim enough to secure on the tickets alone, would surely be stuck? They secured on the ticket sales of a liquidated company. Nothing to do with the phoenix, who would surely be free to sell tickets without restriction?







  2. From the BBC.


    Sports Minister Shona Robison said: “I understand that Rangers and HMRC are continuing dialogue and we obviously want to see an agreement which will protect jobs and enable the club to stay in business.


    “Rangers is a crucial part of Scotland’s national game, and our interest is ensuring that a resolution can be arrived at between HMRC and the club to deliver these vital objectives.”

  3. ‘don’t forget about the police, Glasgow City Council, utility suppliers and a multitude of small local businesses.’




    If any public body has in effect extended credit facilities to the huns then the personnel involved should be sacked.

  4. Suggestions for Rankers new name / new Co



    Helen st Harriers Fc


    Govan shitbuilders Fc


    Pheonix Fowlers Fc


    Tenners United Fc


    Griegs Blazers Fc


    Murraymint Dodgers Fc



    Can’t get enough 8¬)

  5. What a day for my brand new CQN magazine to arrive. Fit and Proper? perfect headline. Will now read with interest. Quality of this magazine is better than the last edition, kudos to all for putting it together.



    Hail Hail \o/\o/\o/




  6. O.G.Rafferty says:


    13 February, 2012 at 21:40



    Maybe Shona should ensure HMRC do their job that way the country stays in business?



    Ah can feel an SNP summit coming on.

  7. mhaddog Is Mise Niall Lennon on

    Oh Paul, please stop it. There is only so much we can take at a time!



    Actually thinking about it, no there isn’t, keep it coming.

  8. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Here we stand or here we fall


    History won’t care at all


    Make the bed light the light


    Lady Mercy won’t be home tonight



    We don’t waste no time at all


    Don’t hear the bell but you answer the call


    It comes to you as to us all


    We’re just waiting for the hammer to fall



    Oh, ev’ry night and every day


    A little piece of me is falling away


    But lift your face the Western Way


    Build your muscles as your body decays



    Toe your line and play their game


    Let the anesthetic cover it all


    Till one day they call your name


    You know it’s time for the hammer to fall



    Rich or poor or famous


    For your truth it’s all the same


    Lock your door the rain is pouring


    Through your window pane


    Baby now your struggle’s all in vain



    For we grew up tall and proud


    In the shadow of the mushroom cloud


    Convinced our voices can’t be heard


    We just wanna scream it louder and louder and louder



    What the hell we fighting for ?


    Just surrender and it won’t hurt at all


    You just got time to say your prayers


    While you’re waiting for the hammer to fall

  9. There was a caller on Clyde tonight who said she listened to the program to here Celtic fans discusing issues then Rangers fans giving there views on the same incidents and she would miss this banter. I suddenly realised that it would not just be Rangers that die, but so would the MSM in Scotland. No wonder they are fighting to keep Rangers, under any name, in the SPL. Turkeys, apt description, don’t vote for Christmas.


    What would be the point in listening to SSB to hear Celtic fans getting the Hugh, “its all about opinions, and your opinion is wrong” treatment. Without any alternative viewpoint or other fans, it would be a waste of time. Newspapers, does anyone believe that any Rangers fan will ever buy a newspaper again? So far they have been ignored, lied to and now with have the inDIGNITY, of watching these newspapers picking over the carcass.


    The self preservation society does not like the look of early retirement, perhaps one or two of them will write a book on the Rangers Tax Case, anyone know where they can get this info readily?

  10. An extract from “Rangers – the complete record”….



    “The tribal chants that thunder down from from the towering sierras of stands at Ibrox stadium, from thousands of voices in unison, make manifest the uniqueness of Rangers and the intensity of passion with which its supporters identify with the club and what it represents. There is no football club anywhere in the world like Rangers. It has a singular place in the Scottish ethos. It mirrors the life of Scotland in a way that is incomparable, surely not duplicated anywhere else in the world, even by richer clubs in bigger countries.



    Its sustained success and achievement over more than 120 years has seen it become institutionalised as the flag carrier of what a majority of Scots would consider to be national virtues – Protestant, Monarchist tradition and Unionist in the literal sense of the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Red, white and blue are the Rangers colours.



    The Union flag, the “Union Jack” was inevitably the flag of establishment Rangers, the club of the Protestant faith, of the monarchy and the union, not to mention the Masonic Order and the Orange movement.”



    This is such a sweet day.



    I have often thought that more than anything else, Murray’s decision to ban the Celtic supporters from Ibrox in 1994 typified the establishment clubs utter arrogance and “we are the people” mentality.



    He was trying to humiliate Celtic however the team performed brilliantly and but for a cruel deflection would have won the game.



    Incidentally, he could not ban me and I was there to witness mass outrage when the little plane flew over Ibrox with the immortal words “Hail Hail the Celts Are Here” trailing behind in the sunshine.



    The club of “the masonic Order and Orange movement” is in the grubber



    Their day has come!



    Bloody good riddance and hell mend them.




  11. This must be ………………………….



    A day………………………….. of days……………………………







  12. So Craig Whyte basically admitted on SSN earlier that Rangers can’t afford to pay the tax bill if they lose the case. Does this mean he has no intention of attempting to pay them. Shameful behaviour.




  13. Paul67



    yer gettin very fond of that expression ” stinkin rangers”…



    d’ye think it’s a viable name for one of the NewCos ?




  14. Paul67



    yer gettin very fond of that expression ” stinkin rangers”…



    d’ye think it’s a viable name for one of the NewCos ?



    should I put a bet on ?




  15. yogijunior3, a new company would not be liable, but if Ticketus gave money, they will have gotten security, perhaps the stadium, so they will be able to use this security to get a return on their money.



    They are not the only ones with security. Then there is the Whyte premium to pay, then there is… etc.



    Newco needs the stadium, the stadium comes with legacy costs.



    St Martin De Porres, thank you.



    Mort, fit and proper!



    ThisIsTheOne, that’s the best strategy I’ve heard from them yet.



    Gordon, you are as great a historian of football in this country as exists, but you have never nailed a comment as well.



    This is indeed a great day.



    See your brother was on enjoying himself earlier.

  16. You missed Hearts Paul67.


    Could we reach 4 leagues of 10 with the good riddance of these two clubs?



    had a wee look at the reaction on a Morton forum. They seem clued up, perhaps due to the Hugh Scott episode, but have no sympathy. There was one chap who said the downside will be that a foreign club could dominate. What ever could he mean?

  17. yogi



    I read your initial post. Clearly grammar, spelling and syntax has improved since school :-))



    Really relaxing time mate, it was much needed as the last 4/5 months have been pretty difficult. I’ve still got your email and if it’s ok I’ll be in touch soon.

  18. Lisb\o/nbhoy who thinks Neil Lenn('0')n is a legend on

    BREAKING NEWS: Greater Manchester Police have pledged a 500 man taskforce to help with the brick by brick demolition of Ibrox

  19. James Forrest is The Emperor of Ice Cream on

    In the background, as I write this, Sky Sports is on (it has been on all day, and what a joy it has been at times), and the Gillingham result is being discussed, and, of course, I don’t really care.



    In recent days, weeks, months I have looked forward to every Celtic game although I am not there to see them. (Which will change next season. Yes, Mr Keevins, even – especially – if Rangers are gone.) I do not look forward to Gillingham games.



    If Hearts were playing Motherwell, or St Mirren were playing Aberdeen, I would be about as interested in that result as I am in the mating behaviour of gnats. In other words, I could care less, but not much less.



    Gillingham have pulled a goal back as I write this, and still I don’t care. Yet I have sat, riveted, to a game between our kids and the kids from Barcelona.



    Rangers are on the verge of vanishing. I have never believed they would die completely. I always thought some form of them, like any malignancy, would re-appear. Indeed, I would look forward to a time when their result means as much to me as the Gillingham result; something going on in the background, a Third Division promotion race in which my interest in virtually zero.



    I think there is a chance, tonight, that this club will die, completely. That no version of it which we recognise will return. I think that could happen now. It is no longer a fanciful notion.



    I believe it would be better if they died, and this is not just about tax cheating, the mockery they have made of the Scottish game or my desire to see a rival fold. Rangers FC was born as an entity entirely different than the one we know today. It was a football club which once existed as merely that. It became something awful, twisted, something you could arguably call evil, over a long period of time.



    The present form of Rangers is wholly repugnant. It is an arrogant, bigoted, corrupt (and corrupting) institution, which has brought discredit and shame on the whole of this nation. It is an appalling organisation, with a hubris which is breathtaking. Even now, on the day they stand on the brink, they are spending money they cannot, at the same time as they seek to throw people out of work and hold a gun to the heads of HMRC and other clubs, indeed, the whole national sport.



    I was delighted that my good friend John Newton (indeed, he was married to my cousin) wrote the first non-Celtic fan article in CQN Magazine for the last issue. He is the model of what Rangers could have been – a club which behaved with the dignity they pretend to observe. If I believed his kind of supporter would triumph in a long, civil war for Rangers’ soul I would not wish them dead.



    But he won’t. He is in the minority. Rangers is going to die in disgrace and shame, as a thoroughly awful stain on Scottish society, and as I have said, they were not always so. This is what they evolved into, from decent, from normal, beginnings.



    Can you imagine what Rangers 2012 will morph into if founded from the swamp of the present club? A club BORN of bigotry and bias? A club BORN of fraud and disgrace? A club BORN into a sense of entitlement and steeped in hate? A club BORN of supremacy and the notion this game, this country, this world, needs them? A club like that should not be ALLOWED to be born …. indeed, if the chance came to kill it at birth that chance should be siezed by every right minded person.



    I longed for a day when Rangers rivalry with us was purely of the footballing kind. That was never going to happen in my lifetime and with them on the verge of death it will never happen now. If that club dies and is reborn then it must be reborn from humilty, or something even more hateful will emerge. That sense of being “ra peepil” will multiply tenfold. They must be reborn with a sense of guilt, of shame, of an understanding of, and acceptance of, how they arrived at this pass.



    It will not be so. Once empowered by wealth, blessed by a compliant media and allowed to grow into their present form, they will die and be born of the same stuff.



    The only thing which may prevent their arrogance being rampant is if the punishment is severe enough to inflict mental scars which never heal. Punishment so extreme they never again rise to this position, except at the end of a very long period in the darkness. That may – just may – remove their sense of entiltement, that smugness, that arrogance, and wash away the detritus of hate.



    For the good of Scotland, it must be so.



    Today was a beautiful day, friends. Tomorrow and the days which come next are the most important we will ever have as Celtic fans.



    Keep up the pressure. Tell it like it is. Force this club to accept it’s fate and change, change for the good of all.



    Or make sure they die. It’s that simple.

  20. I just got back in and am sitting here smiling and reading back a bit..



    Magic, magic magic..



    PAul 67 A cyber champagne to you for your tireless work..



    What a day to be alive and a Celt…



    Da I know you’re smiling in Heaven…



    Off for a read back




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