Brendan and Peter will tell the Dedryck and Jason story


Jason Denayer played his first senior football during his 2014-15 loan season at Celtic.  Before that season ended, he was a full Belgian international.  We tried to retain him, but parent club Manchester City wanted him to go elsewhere.

There followed a season at Galatasaray, then Sunderland (where he played central defence, full back and central mid), before going back to Galatasaray on loan last season.  His last appearance for Belgium was in the quarter finals of Euro 2016, a defeat to Wales.

While City would not loan Jason in 2015 they sold us Dedryck Boyata instead.  Dedryck made a 45-minute cameo appearance for Belgium as a teenager in 2010 but didn’t play for his country again until near the end of his first season at Celtic.  Belgium were preparing for Euro 2016 at the time but decided against his selection.

While Jason drifted out of the national team picture as he dodged around Europe on an enormous wage from Manchester City, Dedryck is in Russia.  He has earned less money than Jason since leaving Manchester City, but his achievements are far greater.

These things matter at this time of the year.  Brendan Rodgers and Peter Lawwell will speak to players and agents and will relay this narrative.  Come to Celtic, become a better player, win things, and gain international recognition.

Jason has two years left on his Manchester City contract, when he will be 24, but he needs to find another Celtic to put some wind beneath his wings, if he is to make it to the top.


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  1. MELBOURNE MICK – Australia and Cahill









    THE EXILED TIM on 13th June 2018 1:24 pm









    You and I think from the opposite sides, you are the glass half full kinda person…





    I remember a while back you said that Pedro told you ” Give me the bullets and I will fire them ” you did, he didn’t, so you can see where I am coming from.





    IMO the only hope they will have any kinda justice dished out to them will be self inflicted, you have lived in scotland long enough to know that.









    My core belief is that honesty and decency is not subject to masonry or else Celtic would not be the top club in Scotland . Masonry might have an influence but it can resisted by persistence.



    As regards Pedro – why waste bullets on a moving target?



    Best wait until it tires running and stops.

  2. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Huns sign the Brighton guy- undisclosed fee according to bbc .does that mean zero or on the never never.


    I noticed the beeb saying the same with the Croat but scoreboard say £2m



    And jack & victor for me

  3. BIG PIERRES 2 FRONT TEETH on 13TH JUNE 2018 2:49 PM



    USA better than Scotland and mls better than spfl… right you are mate! Retirement league and the USA have it east qualifying.



    *Seem tae be in a bit of a time warp, the NASL was a retirement league not the MSL, sevco latest manager thought it was and left after 18 months, the much coveted Jermaine Defoe was a flop tae. As for retirement leagues just look at the SPL and the dross at the likes of sevco. Its no that long ago that the PFA POTY left tae play in the English lower leagues.

  4. GARY67 on 13TH JUNE 2018 2:52 PM



    mike in toronto on 13th June 2018 2:16 pm European and South American countries were barred from bidding for the 2026 WC. Other countries know its a fix so why waste on a bid. Russia and Qatar has proven that.



    *They were barred because of Russia and Qatar, the brits and yanks ensured that. Traditionally WC’s have floated every other tournament between Europe and America and as FIFA determine Russia is in Europe it was America’s time.



    Why should Mexico get their 3rd WC since 1970, USA their 2nd since 1994 when countries like England (66) and Spain (82) have only held it once, and the likes Australia or any of the North African countries have never had it at all.



    *Mexico successfully hosted what some of us class as the greatest WC ever. Colombia had been originally been chosen for the 1986 tournament but due to reasons stated as economic but possibly could be other social ones was not able to do so and officially resigned in 1982. Mexico was selected as the new host in May 1983, beating out Canada and the States, as they at the time were the only American country capable of hosting it at such short notice.



    A great tournament with the Argies defeating the fatherland in a high scoring final and not forgetting wee Diego’s wonder goal when he tore the future hun captain a new one.

  5. GARY67 on 13TH JUNE 2018 2:52 PM



    Meant tae add why should england get tae host it, they cheated their way tae a win in a way that would have made the russians and SA countries proud in their only time hosting it and have never shut up about it since.

  6. mike in toronto on

    Big Pierre …



    Hey… I’ve got an unimpeachable expert (Tontine ) on my side! Feeling pretty good about my chances in this argument now! (Thanks, Tontine … I owe you a beer!)



    Besides, I just had a quick took …. if my math is rights (probably isn’t… which is why I went to law school instead of med school!) ….



    the record of Scottish teams for the last several years in EL qualifying … looks like 15 wins vs. 45 losses …. about the same rate of success as teams from Ireland



    forget TFC, I put together a team with me and 10 of my pals in Toronto, and probably do better than that!

  7. mike in toronto on

    Bada… I think England doesn’t want the tournament … they are afraid of Sevco fans coming down, pretending to be chelsea fans, and trashing the country.

  8. Tontine Tim on 13th June 2018 4:03 pm



    I used England, and others, as an example of countries who have wanted to host the WC either again or for the first time whilst Mexico will be hosting for a 3rd time in 56 years and USA a 2nd time in 32 years.

  9. mike in toronto on 13th June 2018 4:06 pm


    forget TFC, I put together a team with me and 10 of my pals in Toronto, and probably do better than that!



    You’re just sounding like an ignorant EPL lover from down south now

  10. go get them mit.



    bemo field one of the best venues i have watched a game.



    transit steps outside the park and a good few bars not that far away.



    so listen bhoys if you havnt been there dont knock it.

  11. mike in toronto on




    dont think I mentioned the BPL, so not sure why you would think that ….



    and I’m hardly the biggest fan of the style of english football – with fleeting exceptions, it s not much to write home about either … (although, to be fair, Man City did play some really, really nice stuff at times this year … thought they were desperately unlucky to have their one really bad game in the CL when it mattered most).



    but, back to the SPFL ….was it not just last season that Scotland and Moldova were the only two countries to have mutliple teams knocked out of the first round of EL qualifying! moldova!

  12. Tobago Street on

    Big Pierres 2 front teeth on 13th June 2018 2:49 pm YOU SAID



    Sounds like Mike in Toronto has been on the crack and acid. Never heard as much nonsense from a supposed Celtic fan.



    ME: That’s not very respectful of the man is it? Only because he expresses an opinion that you disagree with?



    Bradley of Toronto better than broony… away you go for a lie down! USA better than Scotland and mls better than spfl… right you are mate! Retirement league and the USA have it east qualifying. Stick to the court stuff as you clearly know hee haw about “Soccer”



    ME: The SPFL has only one thing better than the MLS, only one: CELTIC and all things Celtic. After Celtic there is nothing I can think of that the SPFL does better than the MLS. nothing!


    MLS does everything better: Stadiums, Players, playing surfaces, treatment of supporters, ( there is a bar under the east stand at BMO field where TFC play that is 150 feet long with 30 bartenders waiting to pour your favourite pint; and you can take it back to your seat! ) and that is only one of at least 20 places you can get a beer in the stadium. The food available is slightly more than a cut above scalding hot bovril and a stale pie. Style of play is better ( very little route one play here ), officiating at games even.



    I can’t think of anything about the SPFL that is better than the MLS other than Celtic.




  13. i enjoy watching the epl.



    teams to watch> man.city, spurs, liverpool,arsenal and palace.



    most of the time they play good football.



    i am afraid the spl is pretty bad, the odd good game.( hibs have been good to watch)



    our team has been up and down this year, the huns games have been the exception.

  14. Neustadt-Braw on

    “Cohen, now with no legal representation, is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors in New York, sources said. This development, which is believed to be imminent, will likely hit the White House, family members, staffers and counsels hard.”



    smiley Donald fars yir troosers thing




  15. mike in toronto on

    TH ..



    agree … I think BMO field is a great place to watch a game …. I have sat in most areas over the years, and there is not a bad seat in the house …



    assuming TO will get one of Canada’s WC games, I wonder if it would be big enough for a WC game (I dont know if there are mimimum capacities for WC stadiums) … would they have to play at the Rogers centre?

  16. Neustadt-Braw on

    smiley now we are getting doon to the sack snipping thing




    awfy braw





  17. glendalystonsils on

    MEA CULPA on 13TH JUNE 2018 4:05 PM



    Adolf’s daft fringe and Chaplin ‘tache , Trump’s mad bouffant and Kim’s mental short back’n sides on acid.



    What is it with barmy leaders and barmy haircuts?

  18. mike in toronto on

    TH … I tend to overlook spurs, but you are right, they can play some nice football… and this year, Liverpool were worth watching just to see what Salah was going to do.



    Tobago … cheers. I dont take too much to heart on here … I try to be polite … if people dont want to be, I just scroll by.



    Hope one of these days, I will have the pleasure of sitting with you in our pokey little stadium, in the cold Toronto summer, watching terrible players like Giovinco and Bradley, and sharing a terrible beer!



    Let see if we can even get a few other CQN’ers to join us! TimmyH and Tontine, and TAL and Torontony .. I’m sure I’ve missed someone…



    Better run and do some work now.