Brendan delighted with window as Celtic business complete


Brendan Rodgers declared himself delighted with his first transfer window as Celtic manager, which is now over, after the additions of Kolo Toure, Scott Sinclair, Moussa Dembele, Dorus de Vries and Cristian Gamboa.

Toure, Dembele and Sinclair, the managers three primary targets, were acquired early, while de Vries and right back, Gamboa, were added recently. Deals went close to the wire today but the hoped-for midfield player (which was never James McCarthy) didn’t materialise.

A permanent deal for a (known around these parts) central defender to backfill Jozo Simunovic, who was wanted by Torino, couldn’t be tied up either, so Torino also look to have missed their target.

You’ll hear direct from the manager soon enough but he’s got the calibre of recruit he wanted – which he didn’t know would be possible three months ago.

There was never anything possible to make a formidable Champions League group look any easier, but we’ll compete at the top table, and we’ll wipe the floor with all-comers domestically.

More tomorrow.


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  1. Night Night Bhoys,



    Thanks Paul for the early night.



    Ajer in MD it is.




    Bring it!!!!!!!!!









  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Early bath for me and Wee BGFC.



    Good timing from Paul as Kirsty Gallagher leaves the Sky Newsdesk, and all of my interest leaves with her.



    As wee Fergus says “Don’t do bad deals”. We have done plenty in the recent past, and we have all rightly criticised PL / The Board / Ronny / that head scout who’s name escapes me.



    Happy to trust in Brendan’s judgement. We always want more, but OK to go with what we have – it has been a great start!!!






  3. Hope some of our young bhoys can step up because this is a very very weak midfield we have going into the group games.



    Aye bring on the SPFL right enough.





  4. I am happy with the players we have at our disposal. I am hopeful that the likes of Christie, whom I haven`t seen enough of to assess, or Ajer ,become the midfield player which , apparently, we are desperately in need of.



  5. Paul 67 et al,



    I would bet : Our good friend Kevjungle will not be impressed what , and I quote “Brendan the squirrel “states later.



    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.




  6. So I was right when I said this morning that Simunovic would only be allowed to leave if we got our centre-half target over the line.



    Deneyer it was then.

  7. Happy with what we got think it will take Brendan a couple of Windows to get his team at least all his signings are off and running maybe Stevie G contract finishes on January

  8. Well what a waste,


    i had my party ring biscuits,dry roasted nuts and 2 litres of irn bru,


    ready for a long night,ah well early night it is

  9. Neganon,



    Cop yourself on, we aren’t out of August and the season’s over!



    CL Group Qualification………tick


    Top of the league………………tick


    50k Season Books sold……..tick


    Record Sponsorship………….tick



    Wee Brendan has jetted off to Majorca to work on his 3 year masterplan for his 12 month rolling contract (9 months left and rolling).



    Big PL is working hard to re-coup the his Moneyball loses over the last 2 years.



    I wonder what squirrels we could plant over the last week to keep those Bampots from asking uncomfortable questions?



    Sure we can always get a couple of free agents in if things get heated between now and the bigotfest.

  10. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Always thought that Erik with his reading of the game, sharp tackling and comfort on the ball would make a good defensive midfielder. He could sit in front of Kolo and Jozo, who just needs game time now that he is fit again (according to Torino medicals).



    Would have loved a creative midfielder but playing in a one sided league with only a guarantee of 6 Champions League games could be a tough sell compared to the money (and weather) on offer elsewhere.

  11. PR puff piece. Of course Brendan will say he’s delighted, he’s a professional and knows he needs to get on with it.


    Scrape into CL last Tuesday, jackpot estimated at £30m, 9 days to strengthen, spend £400k on a back up right back.



    We are stronger now than when the transfer window opened but the CL qualification afforded the chance to strengthen the glaringly weak area of the team. Our midfield will get torn apart in CL. Transfer windows and Celtic, always promise, rarely deliver.

  12. Sissoko to Everton for £30M, Will they keep McCarthy. Twitter pics (allegedly) showing him at Celtic Park.




  13. 50 shades of green on

    So did Samir Nasri deal on loan fall through because we drew City in the big cup tourney? Or was it—–ach never mind.



    In Brendan we Trust.




  14. Pathetic. Board keep taking our money and refusing to spend it. With Champions league qualification we should have been rewarded with the midfielder we require. Very disappointed indeed.

  15. Lawell is a c*** of the highest order! 3 million net spend, after qualifying for CL and record ticket sales. We have been crying out for a central midfielder, and save the it just didn’t work out crap. 3 months he has had, same story every window! He’ll probably award himself another bonus that he’s not entitled too after this!

  16. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on 31st August 2016 8:48 pm



    Great deadline day for us hoops



    1 out 1 in



    Both Simunovic







  17. We snatch nobody from a position of strength.


    The suits have shown there hand big time, Pedro still pulling the purse strings it seems then.


    Oh well, had hoped we had changed track but alas it’s no looking like it.

  18. Just who could we have brought in to make our midfield s much better?.One player.Is that it?.If we bring in a player,who gets dropped?.Biton,or Rogic?.Drop Biton,we are left with two midfielders to play.Would that be enough in the CL?.Everything sounds great on paper.Rogic is not a defensive midfielder,so it would be Broony and the new guy,because you would want Paddy,Griff,and Sinclair playing.I said it weeks ago and have noticed a couple picking up on it.Eric to holding midfielder,Joze and Kolo in defence.I would feel a lot safer with Eric and Broony sitting behind Rogic,than anyone else,apart from Wanyama,I can think of.

  19. 50 shades of green on

    Senderos to the Clowns.




    That should bring the average age of the team down a wee bit, Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  20. I think my feeling and what I presume the majority are feeling is that had this not been a CL window we’d have done well but given the money we banked we haven’t improved the squad enough.

  21. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Can’t help think that we may have missed an opportunity to enhance our CL chances with another quality signing on top of the good window activity







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