Brendan delivers again, why ex-Celt Miller isn’t getting a deal, Lions raffle


Yesterday we discussed how Brendan, like Jock Stein before him, liked to control the news agenda in the week of a big domestic game. Within hours Craig Gordon’s new contract, which was agreed some time ago, was announced.

This is genuine good news all round. The keeper has a new multi-year deal to look forward to. His manager has just out a substantial amount of confidence in him, in the shape of money. Brendan doesn’t need to worry about his others unsettling his goalkeeper.

Events like this impact on the dressing room too, in the opposite way to when a striker cannot get his contract extended beyond June.  Newco’s refusal to give Kenny Miller a new contract is totally understandable, but it will demotivate the player, and possibly others.

Miller’s agent moved for a new deal after the winter break, but the former Celtic striker has scored only six goals in 27 league games this season, two of those came when he had fresh legs in August.  Moussa Dembele scored as many in one and half games last month.  The stats don’t justify investing in a player who will be 38 this year, so I doubt that news management route will be open to Newco this week.

Still, I’m sure they’ll announce the appointment that director of football they have been briefing everyone about for weeks.  Failure to land him after being so open wouldn’t just be embarrassing, it would cast doubts on the board’s competency.

Lisbon Canvas Raffle Alert

In honour of Billy McNeill, who last week we learned is suffering from Alzheimers, Celtic artist Barry McGonigle (@BarryMcGonigle) has made this magnificent creation available for raffle in aid of Alzheimer Scotland.  Works like this are seldom open to raffle, instead they can reach over £1000 at auction, but it is such a magnificent piece, that we would like as many ordinary fans as possible to have a chance of winning.  Bertie Auld signed the canvas.

A few points:

The raffle is open for five days only – FIVE days!  So you stand an excellent chance of winning.

We ask for a minimum donation of £5.

You can enter through this MyDonate page, with the money going straight to Alzheimer Scotland.

Please make sure I have contact details from you (email me at celticquicknews@gmail.com with the word “Canvas” in the subject, just in case) to make sure I can get in touch if  you win.

I can deliver in central Scotland, at Celtic Park, or by collection in Lanarkshire.

It looks great online but trust me, the impact when you stand in front of it is substantial.  What a great present or keepsake for someone.

Good luck!


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    Has the SFA compliance Officer or the referee assessor said anything yet about Saturday at Ibrox?






    Well,I’m shocked…


    That will look mighty fine on my wall,PAUL.



    Alongside the Lions Mural my sisters got me a few years back.








    Aye,Brendan knew what he was doing when he said that.



    And it was a valid point too!

  4. Paul67 et al



    Back in 2006, Celtic and Hearts were battling it out at the top of the league. The two best goalkeepers in the league were Artur Boruc and Craig Gordon. Artur helped Bournemouth get a draw at Old Trafford at the weekend and Craig signs a new contract for Celtic. Well done both.

  5. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS – Yes I think he enjoyed having a little dig! The wailing from commentators afterwards was brilliant!

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Great to see our future captain referring to the game as the “Glasgow derby”. Some liquidation-denying ex-players could take heed.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Well done to Martin Canning for seeking out Fleming at the SFA re Beaton’s Cheatin…..

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    That awkward moment as the 2 Jimmy’s wait by the phone in anticipation……;]

  9. johann murdoch on

    !!BADA BING!! on 8TH MARCH 2017 1:12 PM


    That awkward moment as the 2 Jimmy’s wait by the phone in anticipation……;]







    Wee Barry and Big Alex too …

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    JOHANN MURDOCH on 8TH MARCH 2017 1:21 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 8TH MARCH 2017 1:12 PM



    That awkward moment as the 2 Jimmy’s wait by the phone in anticipation……;]










    Wee Barry and Big Alex too …




    JM- Bummer Broon as Director of Football,little do these clowns know,the answers are right on their own doorstep…

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Anyone think that all these interviews with all these “modern” managers and directors of football are just a means of extracting information from them and finding out how to run a football club properly?


    Then they will go ahead and appoint a RRM. Maybe one already in place but who doesn’t want to start with a big beating by Celtic…..

  12. 50 shades of green on

    Get the dream team in.



    Bazza n’bomber ……….



    With big eck as the ” director of a football “.



    Cmon kingy get it done……..










    Please please please.









    You know the best bit about your comment?



    It could be word-for-word stolen from FF.

  14. An Teach Solais on

    Hear that in British Spring Budget the Chancellor has announced penalties for tax advisers who planned tax dodging schemes later deemed unlawful by HMRC. Don’t suppose that it will be made retroactive to include EBTs but it would be fun if it were to be. HH

  15. Bomber Broon.


    Where does he come in?


    Is the deeds issue sorted?


    Not heard anythin since he was shoutin


    Out the side of his mooff bout them.





    Well done Craig Gordon.you work hard you get rewarded.you responded well to a challenge and imo have improved.




  16. What I cant understand is Why Rankers rushing ahead


    with manager appointment when millions of investment


    coming in end of



    Feb/March/April/12th of never



    Coming from



    RedBull/UAE/China/tooth Fairy



    Will new owners not want their own guy ?

  17. Wee tip Jeremy, tell members of your own party to stop tweeting/reading phones/tablets when you are speaking and they are all on camera.

  18. ‘Not appointing a new manager is like a new signing’



    copyright: M Hately

  19. Overheard in a bunker-like board room near you.



    Very angry voice punctuated with table thumping. You imagine frothing lips and flying spittle.



    “What do you mean they want compensation. Filthy Foreigners, have they no standards? Do they not know that if their manager is underhand enough to speak to another club about a job, the correct thing to do is to sack him for disloyalty?”



    Indistinct muttering.



    “Of course they didn’t know he was talking to us. That makes it worse! At least we knew what the bread man was up to, because we told him to p*** off.”



    More indistinct muttering.



    “What do you mean they think he’s actually quite a good manger and they want to keep him? What has that got to do with anything? We wouldn’t want him if we thought he was rubbish.”



    More indistinct muttering.



    “I know we’ve taken rubbish before, but he’s got a great sounding name with Cash in it and the gullible will buy it. We only need him to look good until we sell the season tickets. For ***** sake, does no one else here have a grasp of strategy?”



    You’ve got it…



    “Yes, I know we wanted it to look as if he wanted to be in for the game against them but his club caused a last minute delay. But that didn’t mean we wanted this nonsense of a compensation payment which you know perfectly well we can’t pay. No, we didn’t want it to collapse!



    See dealing with these haunless foreigners. They have no respect for brothers. Same nonsense from that jumped up court in South Africa. Calling our leader a liar! The gall of it. I mean, what does South Africa know about the truth? They’re as corrupt as an independent SFA investigation. After all, that’s why the boss went out there to make some money……ehm, mhm…



    Somebody get me jabba. We need some dirty on the Cash guy…..”


    Stupid question time.



    I just got the following mail,supposedly from Apple.



    Seems I’ve bought a subscription. First I knew.



    Is it a scam?





    Dear @hotmail.co.uk ,



    This email confirms your purchase of the following subscription:




    Name of Subscription: Apple Music Pack


    Name of Application: iTunes


    Content Provider: iTunes, Inc.


    Date of purchase: 08 / 03 /2017


    Subscription Period: 1 month


    Price: £23.99


    Payment Method: iTunes account



    The subscription period will automatically renew unless you turn it off no later than 24 hours before the end of the current period. To cancel auto-renewal or manage your subscriptions, click below and sign in.



    If you did not initiate this purchase, we recommend that you go to: Manage/Cancel Applications






    Apple Customer Support

  21. weebobbycollins on

    JC2 @ 1.44…tooth fairy has been trying to deliver a sackfull of dosh (£30 million) for quite some time but just can’t get it off the ground…

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So now Sevco have to tell the next DOF guy that he is second choice.


    Unless of course there is no next guy. And never was a next (or even first) guy.


    The whole thing is really dragging on. Even although Warbs had supposedly told King that he wouldn’t be there for long.


    Ah well – maybe things will speed up a bit after the weekend…..







    Thanks,fellas. Just had a coupla texts telling me similar.



    Problem is,it doesn’t look dodgy from the title,so I opened it.




  24. CultsBhoy - Believes in Brendan on

    Far be it for me to put words in Brendan’s mouth… But…



    I interpreted his praise of St Mirren as.. ‘For the 55 minutes St M held out/led in this game they were the best team we’ve come up against’… Which is supported by the fact that maybe only Motherwell have come remotely close to doing that. The ICT draw was a 2min suckered punch at the end of the game..



    Media making a hulabelo about nothing. Desperation setting in.



    Even Sundays game is a joke. I’d love to go 3 up and put out 3 17 yr olds to rub it in. I’d even swap out the Goalie with 10 mins to go…



    Just generally rub it in.

  25. BMCUW


    If you have an itunes account, ( guessing you must have, otherwise you would ‘know’ it was a scam ), then log into your account via itunes from a new tab and check your purchases. Also, won’t hurt to change your password in there…better to be safe than sorry.


    They’re pretty good if you tell them it’s an unauthorised purchase, and it wisnae you, and will cancel and refund, if someone has hacked your account with little or no questions asked.



    In all probability a scam. Seen similar before.

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