Brendan juxtaposition, but for the grace of God


You will have noticed minds elsewhere have recently turned to the most difficult question in Scottish football, how will Celtic’s inextricable domination of Scottish football be stopped? If you have been reading CQN for as long as I’ve been writing it, you’ll know the information you should consult on this question is the financial fundamentals.

Celtic’s domination was assured since well before it was predicted here (in 2004). Our only opponent worthy of the name was indulging in an orgy of irresponsibility. While the eventual outcome was more delightful than any of us dared hope, the consequences for the Scottish title were always going to end up the same way.

Celtic just needed to stave off the desire to join the lemmings, keep to a responsible budget, and their long-term outcome was assured.

But this is not the issue most commentators ponder when considering how Celtic will be clawed back into the pack, all they can see is a manager with the apparent Midas touch. While Brendan is here, the story goes, it’s not even worthwhile discussing Celtic’s domination.

I agree with this point, although I could add that Ronny won two leagues more than comfortably, Neil won three, and when Brendan eventually reties due to old age, we’ll be very capable of recruiting an effective talent.

There’s been a fascinating juxtaposition this week on the subject of Brendan as he secured his first title as Celtic manager. 11 months ago, when Ronny announced he was leaving, Peter Lawwell drew up his targets. Two names were at the top of the list, Brendan, and now-Sunderland manager, Davie Moyes. Both were interviewed and both knew each other was under consideration. I’m pretty sure Celtic were prepared to sign up the first one who would commit.

11 months on and, from 100 miles away, life seems to be disentangling for Davie Moyes. The jocular threat to slap a female reporter is systematic of a man who is losing control. After a promising honeymoon period at Sunderland, his team is destined for relegation, most probably as bottom of the division.

There is a haunting realisation in the North East that, like a struggling swimmer who has bobbed below the waterline a few times, the next time they are under could be a great deal more consequential.  Moyes’ reputation has taken more than a slap.

I remember Davie as a player (splay-footed and unconvincing), and wanted his as Celtic manager when Gordon Strachan resigned. His decade at Everton provides ample evidence of his genuine talent. These are the things my mind turns to when his name is mentioned.

When Brendan hears Davie’s name, what chance he thinks, “There but for the grace of God………”

We’ve got a great manager, but he knows he’s got a great job.

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Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Without the Sieg Heil connotations, I find the slogan to be just a wee bit naff, like some advert for an very very naw really really interesting college somewhere in middle England..



    It has no ring, it has no zip and is just not quite Celtic..



    Bill Hicks was right though:)))

  2. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Scaniel 9.36pm



    Hope you enjoyed your trip to see the champions on Wednesday, think you posted at start of the week about not being to a game since BeerSheva and gave GFTB a wee mention, apologies for any mistake, but I haven’t been to a game for years for the simple reason….more important things in my life, not sure if you picked me up wrong, but when I was young free and sort of single Celtic was an easy choice, I can assure you I would always choose family before any daft fitba team :-)



    Brendan’s new contract is more important than any Dembelle or Sinclair or Brown or any player.. Enjoy the good times…….tomorrow will take care of itself

  3. TET



    I couldn’t understand why a guy in our company kept saying ‘bestio’ till I realised he was going on about his wife’s new dress!



    Thought he was a big fan of ‘El Beatle’ Georgie, at first!

  4. The ST hike was put out today to hide it, only an opinion of course.


    Everyone talking about BR’s contract, bury the bad news.


    Clever PR, it’s a tried and tested tactic.


    Or was it simply putting the ST renewal out at the same time as BR’s new contract, the price hike merely being coincidental? I don’t think so.


    Will it have a detrimental affect of sales? I doubt it.



    Until CowieBhoy mentioned it, I don’t think anyone else had, not read everything today, so tactic was working, until CowieBhoys insightful analysis was brought to bare on the subject.



    Can’t believe I just typed that:-)

  5. What is the Stars on

    If Celtic Fc asked us as fans this morning the following question



    Would you be prepared to pay an extra 50 for your season ticket


    If so we can tie Brendan Rodgers up with a 4 year deal



  6. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Celtic were pushing the get on the waiting list on Wednesday night on the big screens




  7. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Doc 9.47



    Hope you had a great birthday, no such a thing as bad advertising, for some who might view the rise in ST, there are probably more (glory hunters like me & MissGFTB) who might hope some might not renew……. All kidding aside, not sure why Celtic fans would ever try and pick holes in grabbing any headlines where we reside……enjoy the good times…..



    Second next too Brendan’s new contract my statement would be



    “The original Huns are deid” but we all know that, anyway….so I much prefer the Brendan version :-)

  8. WITS



    If Celtic were to ask us fans season ticket holder or not for £50 to secure Brendan for 4 years.


    I don’t think many would refuse. I know some don’t like us getting ahead of ourselves but there is an awful lot of us who REALLY want 10 in a row and see Brendan as the mhan to get it for us.




  9. Delaneys Dunky on

    The band who inspired the Scott Sinclair song are in concert on sky arts starting now.


    Supertramp CSC

  10. TURKEYBHOY on 7TH APRIL 2017 9:59 PM


    “A PR blunder”



    Dear God in heaven.





    When i read that i thought, what did wee Paddy do? :))

  11. Anyone know the link between the 1974 songs Next by the SAHB and Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks?



    5 minutes to answer.

  12. I was hoping for a reduction in prices.



    I’m hoping the Stadium is still packed though.



    It has been most enjoyable watching the Celts this Season.



    Some right Jamie Characters losing the plot because we might lose the unbeaten record.



    Eyes always on the Prizes.



    I guess you pays your Money you can moan like a BEEEEYatch.

  13. starry plough on 7th April 2017 9:43 pm



    Without the Sieg Heil connotations, I find the slogan to be just a wee bit naff, like some advert for an very very naw really really interesting college somewhere in middle England..



    It has no ring, it has no zip and is just not quite Celtic..



    Bill Hicks was right though:)))







    what are you reading for :O)

  14. Delaneys Dunky on




    Sorry I couldnae chatter longer before the match on Wednesday. Make up ferret soon.



  15. Best informed and all that …… For the easily offended …..



    The song was written by John Kander and Fred Ebb in the style of a traditional German song, and was sung by the Nazi youth in the movie Cabaret to stir up patriotism for the ‘fatherland’. It has often been mistaken for a genuine Nazi anthem and has led to the songwriters being accused of anti-Semitism. This would be most surprising, as they are in fact Jewish.

  16. WiTS, absolutely, I wasn’t criticising the rise, nor the timing, just pointing out why the news came out at the same time. Praising news management if anything.



    Gerry, I wasn’t picking holes, as I say above, pointing something out, not criticising it.



    If I see something that deserves criticism, or I think should be pointed out, I’ll criticise or point out.



    It’s clever PR, managing the news about the club, it will minimise SMSM having a field day, because they would if this was managed differently, and they would/will paint a raise in ST prices as a problem.



    And this year I won’t renew, gutted, but I won’t be renewing.


    Missing too many games, will buy a ticket as and when I can get to the games.


    No flounce, no gripe with the Club, not even the price rise for the ST, not for any reason other than personal circumstances.

  17. Both were written by Jacques Brel a Belgian composer.



    Next is titled Au Suivant – the following one.



    Seasons in the Sun is titled Le Moribund ‘ the dying one




    Jacques Brel wrote some fantastic songs often covered by Rod McKuen.

  18. Haven’t really read CQN the past week but a few thoughts.



    Firstly, well done Celtic



    To sign Brendan up for another 4 years is great news. Let’s not be naive, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be here but it does mean that significant compensation would be required to release him from the contract. Take a bow Mr Rodgers, a step similar to Stan Petrov.



    However, what a statement to send out to the rest of Scottish football!



    Apparently the Erskine Bridge was closed to high sided vehicles and football fans not dressed in green!



    Season tickets?



    Ha ha, you’ve got to hand it to Peter! Call me cynical but I had a strong feeling that Brendan’s renewal wouldn’t be the final announcement from Celtic today :-)



    Realistically though its commercial sense and if The plc board are prepared to invest in the management team, and subsequently the playing squad, then I have no problem in paying to support that.



    I do have major issues with the timing of this announcement in light of other issues but that’s another matter.




    We’ll get to see Celtic achieving the unprecedented 10, remember and appreciate that.

  19. Citibhoy



    You nailed it but I’m sure someone as well informed as Ernie knew that the song was composed for the musical!


    All these naff advertising slogans are equally gash to me. Let’s stick with the old tried and tested


    “Our day will come!” – we could even try it in Gaelic !




  20. CITIBHOY on 7TH APRIL 2017 10:06 PM



    And gay, at least one of them. His nephew was on twitter about it the other week.

  21. mike in toronto on

    Hrvatski … how ya doing?



    I just jjumped on… a minute too late… I knew that one! I am a big fan of Mr. Brel …. less so of AHB and Terry Jacks (even though he is (was?) Canadian.



    On a separate note …Good news about BR …



    BUT … (there’s always a but)



    Br signed his contract, maybe yesterday, and there is a presser today …..



    We have KNOWN (not suspected) that we have been cheated for several years now, and yet … slience …



    We are being played for fools by the Board.

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