Brendan juxtaposition, but for the grace of God


You will have noticed minds elsewhere have recently turned to the most difficult question in Scottish football, how will Celtic’s inextricable domination of Scottish football be stopped? If you have been reading CQN for as long as I’ve been writing it, you’ll know the information you should consult on this question is the financial fundamentals.

Celtic’s domination was assured since well before it was predicted here (in 2004). Our only opponent worthy of the name was indulging in an orgy of irresponsibility. While the eventual outcome was more delightful than any of us dared hope, the consequences for the Scottish title were always going to end up the same way.

Celtic just needed to stave off the desire to join the lemmings, keep to a responsible budget, and their long-term outcome was assured.

But this is not the issue most commentators ponder when considering how Celtic will be clawed back into the pack, all they can see is a manager with the apparent Midas touch. While Brendan is here, the story goes, it’s not even worthwhile discussing Celtic’s domination.

I agree with this point, although I could add that Ronny won two leagues more than comfortably, Neil won three, and when Brendan eventually reties due to old age, we’ll be very capable of recruiting an effective talent.

There’s been a fascinating juxtaposition this week on the subject of Brendan as he secured his first title as Celtic manager. 11 months ago, when Ronny announced he was leaving, Peter Lawwell drew up his targets. Two names were at the top of the list, Brendan, and now-Sunderland manager, Davie Moyes. Both were interviewed and both knew each other was under consideration. I’m pretty sure Celtic were prepared to sign up the first one who would commit.

11 months on and, from 100 miles away, life seems to be disentangling for Davie Moyes. The jocular threat to slap a female reporter is systematic of a man who is losing control. After a promising honeymoon period at Sunderland, his team is destined for relegation, most probably as bottom of the division.

There is a haunting realisation in the North East that, like a struggling swimmer who has bobbed below the waterline a few times, the next time they are under could be a great deal more consequential.  Moyes’ reputation has taken more than a slap.

I remember Davie as a player (splay-footed and unconvincing), and wanted his as Celtic manager when Gordon Strachan resigned. His decade at Everton provides ample evidence of his genuine talent. These are the things my mind turns to when his name is mentioned.

When Brendan hears Davie’s name, what chance he thinks, “There but for the grace of God………”

We’ve got a great manager, but he knows he’s got a great job.

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  1. GARY67 on 7TH APRIL 2017 12:09 PM





    I’ve had adult and child season tickets in Main Stand for years. Still have them for me and youngest son (eldest has moved to standing section). I got them quite easily about ten years ago as it was at a time demand wasn’t massive (boring football under WGS) not sure what chances are now as there’s meant to be a waiting list for season tickets.





    Thanks for your response. Fingers crossed!

  2. weebobbycollins on

    Connaire12…there is absolutely no reason for the board not to back Brendan…in fact, indulge him. He deserves it…and we don’t half get excited about what could be on the horizon for us. Fifty years later and the tingle is still there (other things have since sagged or disappeared altogether) and it’s a good, good feeling..



  3. A few months back I posted a longish comment on the managers Celtic had hired and lessons that could be learned.



    Having looked at them all, what stood out about BR is the value he could add from the financial perspective.



    Not just CL participation but increasing the value of players for when they do move on not to mention hike in ST sales and associated income like sponsorships and gear.



    So whatever the cost of holding on to BR it is going to be less than the value added.



    Indeed if I were BR my contract would reflect I get a % of the value added.



    What is really interesting and quite encouraging is BR saying he could not ask players to commit to staying if he wasn’t ready to give the same commitment.



    That should slow down the churn that reduces the chance of CL qualification every year not to mention giving the support young men to cheer over a longer period into becoming hero’s.

  4. Celtic have slipped up here…Brendan should have been handed a new 40 YEAR CONTRACT……” 46 IN A ROW” !



    Okay i’ll settle for this 4 year deal…to any lurking scabby huns….GIRFUP !



    Tanner, McCann, DJ, Walker, Nick, Bonnar, Mcleish, Wee FergsHUN, All SMSM, SKY, St Mirren/BBC Bawbag Thomson, kING…..and poor wee Pedro…..YOUR CLUB HAVE JUST TAKEN ONE HELL OF A BEATING” !……yet again !



    Pedro to now seek heavy duty counselling…just 3 games into his new post, and ALREADY he feels like it’s been 10 years. Sevco Huns are now queuing up to jump off any available bridge, as they now have to wait even longer for the Phantom 55 !



    HH , and thank you Brendan ( did you get an EBT ?)

  5. That’s great news about Brendan, 10IAR here we come.


    It also a message to players who might be thinking of looking elsewhere that it’s better to stay.


    Brendan will have got guarantees from the Board before signing that they are serious about competing in Champions League otherwise he would not have committed to 4 years irrespective of 10 IAR.. Money will be spent.


    Dembele and others who may have been swithering about leaving will surely reconsider now that they see that Brendan is staying for 4 years.


    Sevco fans will be gutted, Ebt Mcann ,and Tanner will be looking for a dark room.


    (swithering –Haven’t used that word in years!)

  6. Daft question :



    Did the sleekit huns ever wonder out loud if “Walter” was just biding his time in the scoddish backwater…?

  7. Thought Paul said BR was staying with us till he collects his pension? He looks good for 61.

  8. Brendans new contract really sends out a wonderful and serious message on ALL fronts.



    it certainly appears that most of the players just love working ( and improving ) under Brendan, so I can only seriously guess that those same Bhoys will be desperate to stay at Celtic more than ever.


    It obviously shows the Celtic Board and PL to have serious ambitions for the club, as Brendans ” Stock” will continue to rise….and rise as he guides The Celts onto more fabulous history.



    It also of course sends out a serious message to any “opposition” especially the Huns, who must be further sickened by this fantastic news.


    I can only imagine that in the next 2 years or so, young Teirney, or maybe Armstrong becoming the next Celtic Captain , whenever Broony steps down ?



    From this day forward this historic day, should be called ” FABULOUS FRIDAY” !



    I’m “Over the Moon”, and I suspect every Celtic fan on the Planet will be feeling likewise…Magic Brendan…and Celtic.




  9. Brendan signs a four year contract and the BBC site leads with an anodyne article on Pedro`s view`s on visiting Pittodrie . Until the Tribute Act die as well, we will see more and more of this nonsense.



  10. Henrik Dylan on

    Much as its a great headline this news doesn’t mean Brendan is here for 4 more years – it just means that if he leaves within the next 4 years the club will get significant compensation – prudent business by the club and no different from what you would do if you had a decent player

  11. Shocking news….Sweden ” under attack”



    Truck attack …so far 3 dead and many others injured.


    Also shots fired in another part of the country.




  12. McPhail Bhoy on

    Phew! Great news, well done Brendan and well done Celtic!


    I was worried there, been hearing all afternoon that Hoopy was getting put down, that’s a relief!

  13. “The biggest spanner in the works for Celtic is if Brendan Rodgers leaves in the summer.”


    – Neil McCann.



    A prophet is never recognised in his own land:)))



    Chin up Neil, after Sunday you’ll be in a hunfight for third.)))

  14. Good news all round and I do like the word “juxtaposition “.


    I was thinking of that very word on Wednesday . My I Pod was on ” shuffle all” as I chuntered through my 5k on the treadmill, up popped Roxy Music with “Editions of you” followed by Gerry Rafferty with Whatever’s written in your heart”. A very random pairing.


    In fact a completely random post also. Have a good day everyone. HH

  15. Well done to the board.


    We have shown that we are not resting on our laurels and are continuing to strengthen while we are ahead.


    I now expect Armstrong and Tierney to be secured, a bid for Roberts, Toure to be handed a coaching / dancing role, and beer to be served for free at home games.

  16. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Neil Lennon was at the 20s game last night and halfway thru the first half the ref stopped the game and ordered Neil to the other side of the pitch. Seemingly he was standing to clos e to Hibs coaching staff. The ref was an *rse btw. Should have sent 2 Hibs players off for over the ball leg breaking tackles but didnt even book them.

  17. We fail to beat Thistle at home and we reward the coach with a new deal




  18. HOT SMOKED on 7TH APRIL 2017 3:45 PM


    Brendan signs a four year contract and the BBC site leads with an anodyne article on Pedro`s view`s on visiting Pittodrie . Until the Tribute Act die as well, we will see more and more of this nonsense.








    Who cares? That’s what CQN is for.

  19. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Wonderful news.



    When that EBT-loving maggot McCann made his sly, bitter comment on Sunday re Brendan and the summer I thought ‘here we go, the destabilising has really begun’.


    Not just for the players in the run-up to the cup semi and the rest of the season, but also with a view to planting doubts in the minds of any signing targets we might have.


    As with every other aspect of his work, though, Brendan is a long step ahead.


    Well played the suits, and well played Brendan.


    This man Rodgers is going to take us places!



    Oslo’s green and white.

  20. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on




    The destabilisers will focus more intently on key players now.

  21. Welcome (back) home Brendan.



    In a season of perpetual highs, surely today’s commitment will prove to be pivotal in Celtics recent history?

  22. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    There’s no doubt Brendan is getting well rewarded financially for his work but I think and I hope that he is guided by his heart as well as his head and knows that a reward well beyond the money is ahead of him and that is a high place in the annals of this great club/community.