Brendan juxtaposition, but for the grace of God


You will have noticed minds elsewhere have recently turned to the most difficult question in Scottish football, how will Celtic’s inextricable domination of Scottish football be stopped? If you have been reading CQN for as long as I’ve been writing it, you’ll know the information you should consult on this question is the financial fundamentals.

Celtic’s domination was assured since well before it was predicted here (in 2004). Our only opponent worthy of the name was indulging in an orgy of irresponsibility. While the eventual outcome was more delightful than any of us dared hope, the consequences for the Scottish title were always going to end up the same way.

Celtic just needed to stave off the desire to join the lemmings, keep to a responsible budget, and their long-term outcome was assured.

But this is not the issue most commentators ponder when considering how Celtic will be clawed back into the pack, all they can see is a manager with the apparent Midas touch. While Brendan is here, the story goes, it’s not even worthwhile discussing Celtic’s domination.

I agree with this point, although I could add that Ronny won two leagues more than comfortably, Neil won three, and when Brendan eventually reties due to old age, we’ll be very capable of recruiting an effective talent.

There’s been a fascinating juxtaposition this week on the subject of Brendan as he secured his first title as Celtic manager. 11 months ago, when Ronny announced he was leaving, Peter Lawwell drew up his targets. Two names were at the top of the list, Brendan, and now-Sunderland manager, Davie Moyes. Both were interviewed and both knew each other was under consideration. I’m pretty sure Celtic were prepared to sign up the first one who would commit.

11 months on and, from 100 miles away, life seems to be disentangling for Davie Moyes. The jocular threat to slap a female reporter is systematic of a man who is losing control. After a promising honeymoon period at Sunderland, his team is destined for relegation, most probably as bottom of the division.

There is a haunting realisation in the North East that, like a struggling swimmer who has bobbed below the waterline a few times, the next time they are under could be a great deal more consequential.  Moyes’ reputation has taken more than a slap.

I remember Davie as a player (splay-footed and unconvincing), and wanted his as Celtic manager when Gordon Strachan resigned. His decade at Everton provides ample evidence of his genuine talent. These are the things my mind turns to when his name is mentioned.

When Brendan hears Davie’s name, what chance he thinks, “There but for the grace of God………”

We’ve got a great manager, but he knows he’s got a great job.

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  1. Good evening friends and with apologies for being repetitive from this morning, A Big Happy Friday to you all!



    I’ll tell you what’s value for money on days like these. My £40 annual subscription to Celtic TV where you can pur a coffee, get into a comfy position and watch th full 20-minute press conference without relying on spin or soundbites. I just love the way that Brendan always takes a couple of seconds to begin his answer every single question, And has anyone else notice his regular disguised put down of the hacks when he begins “Not really….”



    A Good News Day. Even with the ole season book rise ;-)

  2. I hope young Ajer has the go ahead to play against us tomorrow.



    Ideal training game for him.



    Oh aye, and we’ve already won the league, so…

  3. Gerryfaethebrig on

    I have never known a manager like Brendan….even Martin had a few moaners, even Tommy in his amazing season, and even big Billy (in the centenary season as well) but my circle of family, friends and Celtic supporting aquaintances, old ir Young, I have yet to talk to one who isn’t 100% behind Brendan…..



    Hope he stays for many a year



    Love the Peter Lawell comment on CQN article……



    Enjoy your day tomorrow at the game fellow Celtic fans, we live in very good times

  4. GFTB


    I think Rodgers is useless and the prospect of another four years does not bear thinking about.




  5. Incidentally, I haven`t received a renewal e-mail. Does that mean I am not being transferred in the summer?



  6. The news from the Record:



    Rodgers endures EPL snub, forcing Celtic to re-sign him, on bumper terms.



    Parkhead finances potentially under strain unless buyers can be found immediately for Dembele, Simunovic, Griffiths, Brown and Armstrong.



    New contract raises new questions of State Aid.



    Worried fans gather in car park as fears for stability of club/company mount.




    Brendan Rodgers has failed to commit himself to Celtic after signing a deal which expires in four years.




  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Hot Smoked 6.05






    My circle of family, friends & Celtic supporting acquaintances …..is just me talking too maself :-)

  9. GFTB




    From the BBC site ( again) :



    ” Don’t write off Lee Westwood just yet. The Second Greatest Player Not To Win A Major (after Sergio Garcia) pulls himself back level with Augusta. ”


    I am not a fan of Montgomerie but surely he is more deserving of that `accolade` than either Westwood or Garcia?




  10. No big Celtic deal for me, fixed contract or continuous rolling.



    Celtic played anti social media like a Stradivarius, including a time delay with another wee delay for maximum effect.



    We’ve finally gotten control of the new digital age, the old media died, and is replaced with us.



    BR new contract is of course to be welcomed as a declaration of intent, to be congratulated, but much more about Brendan.



    Nothing more nothing less CSC

  11. As the THAI TIMS sing,


    ” He is awesome, he is pretty,


    He’s the Boss of Glasgow City”



    Blessed Brendan.


    If I can make a prediction, in the next 4 years under Brendan, I can see Celtic certainly making the latter stages of the Champions League maybe at least twice ?


    As for the message that this sends out to some of the players, in Paddy Roberts case and the likely scenario that he will face at Citeh ( not getting much game time) when he goes back in the summer, I refuse to believe that he wouldn’t want to return to the Celts right away, given that Brendan IS playing him on a regular basis, and the certainty of more major medals.


    As for any rise in ST prices, I wouldn’t comment on anyone’s predicament on having to shell out money they can not afford, but I hope that everyone who has supported The Hoops can continue to do so ?


    I do wonder however, if there will be a rise also for CL matches ?



  12. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Delight at Brendan signing a long-term deal. But just seen the club Facebook page.



    The tagline “Tomorrow Belongs To Us” doesn’t sit well with me. On a lot of levels.



    Maybe it’s just me.

  13. thetimreaper on

    McIlroy looks very good to win this. He had a bad start yesterday but hung in there and fought back well which puts him in a strong position mentally. Short odds at 4/1 with two and half days to go but well worth a punt.



    Delight at Brendan signing a long-term deal. But just seen the club Facebook page.




    The tagline “Tomorrow Belongs To Us” doesn’t sit well with me. On a lot of levels.







    Bit crass, right enough.



    But only if you are aware of the associations.



    You’d think someone in the chain of command would have picked it up.

  15. League Champions, League Cup Winners, Scottish Cup Semi- Finalists (match to be played) and our wonderful manager has just signed a new 4 year deal.



    And some of you are not happy with “tomorrow belongs to us”.



    So who the fuck would you like it to belong to?



    I know who I want it to belong to!



    Good night!

  16. I too felt the “Tomorrow belongs to us” tag line off-putting. For me, it has too many connotations to the Nazis from the musical starring Liza Minelli (can’t remember the name off hand). Very powerful song.

  17. What is the Stars on

    4 more years of not being able to call for the managers head.


    I might just flounce.


    Bring back ronny

  18. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Sin City Bhoy: Whilst you are ‘on’ at the same time as me… You mentioned playing rugby in Ayrshire some time ago


    Were you ever at Ardrossan Accies pitch? I used to stay across the road from it (the egg landed in the garden often) and was a social member! Nice wee bar and only 100 yards away.


    Didn’t watch much rugby.

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    WITS 7.33pm



    I still remember the night you jumped ship and started backing Ronny :-) :-) :-)



    My favourite CQN moment



    Hope aintree is treating you good….. That means not losing :-)

  20. ERNIE



    That clip was “tomorrow belongs to me”.



    Tomorrow belongs to us, is not the same.



    Why so touchy on a great day and time to be a Celtic supporter?