Brendan Rodgers appointed Celtic manager


Brendan Rodgers today became the 18th manager in Celtic’s history. Rodgers, 43, managed Liverpool for three years until October, after guiding Swansea to the English (and Welsh) Premier League in 2011. He previously managed Reading and Watford.

His appointment is unquestionably the most popular since the arrival of fellow Irishman, Martin O’Neill, 16 years ago. Known for his belief in playing attacking, possession-based football, he will bring a force of personality to the club and to Scottish football.

Rodgers occupied the top position on Celtic’s wanted list at the start of the month, but the desire to sign him up was tempered by the belief that attracting a manager of such a profile to Scotland would be difficult. My understanding is that as soon as talks got underway in earnest, it was clear neither party would let the opportunity slip away.

I’m delighted at the appointment. The club already feels reinvigorated.

Welcome to Celtic, Brendan. Let’s get on with the job.

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  1. Brendan formerly 'GG on

    Forty-one days to the first friendly on July 1st.


    Can’t wait now.

  2. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    “He’s a modern manager. He works a lot with processes and talks a lot with his players.



    He’s very good on the training pitch and he’s very determined and very clear in what he wants.



    He is a very nice human being. He did a good job at Liverpool and a fantastic job at Swansea. I have only positive things to say about him.”



    Ronny Deila





    Does anyone else think that it would be worth asking Brendan if he and Ronnie could be a good fit?



    I think Ronnie would be up for it.



    Anyhoo, a cunning stunt from Celtic!

  3. CultsBhoy - likes Lawwell back in his box on

    Deila has already failed as Celtic Assistant Manager to Lawwell… Let sleeping dogs lie….

  4. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    hur sister’s no bad either. Check them out.



    Fenian sisterhood




    Hail Hail Sisters You are Celtic

  5. Neil Lennon & McCartney,



    Brendan will have his own people and his own ideas. The Big issue would be if Ronny could go directly from a Number 1 to a lesser role at the Best Club in the World.



    Cheers Dermot D, The Celts need Leadership. Get that horrible SFA sorted and Celtic Park will be Rocking.



    Can you feel it, can you feel it?



    It’s like a new Emotion.

  6. Alex Ferguson and Carlos Queiroz were obviously both Great Managers. They worked well together.



    C’mon the Ronny D, even if Brendan doesn’t want him there. ;))

  7. YEEESSSS! What a coup for Celtic. Now the board must back him with a transfer kitty. Brendan will know that our squad needs pruning and an infusion of 3 quality players; a central defender, a defensive mid and a target man striker. The net spend needn’t be huge and the wages for the incomers can be offset against the wages saved on those moving on.



  8. Brendan formerly 'GG on

    No more talk of signing Barton on the back pages.


    No more talk of bulging war chests reaming over with tax free Krugerrands.


    No more talk of returning to their rightful place.


    No more talk of 55. (A canard in the first place)


    DD and PL have just rested a tank on Edmiston Drive.


    And the tank commander is locked and loaded.

  9. The Future is our Own Kids Schooled.



    Never say never.



    This World is despicable now.



    There are so many amazing people from Every Faith doing so many Good Things.



    I had no idea about the Leicester Bones moving things until reading about it from a poster to The Donald.



    Powerful in so many ways.



    Believe, Just Believe. These are Dark Days on that front.

  10. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    PETEC on 21ST MAY 2016 2:44 AM



    Not so sure about that ~ who do you think are Brendan’s “own people”?



    Gary McCallister?



    Brendan & Ronnie-D could be something special.



    I hope it happens!

  11. Neil Lennon & McCartney,



    I have no idea who Brendans people are, he might want to work with the guys he did before. That wasn’t that bad for him, he has done incredibly well, and that won’t just be down to him.



    So maybe Ronny D won’t even have that Decision to make.



    WITS horses are not worth backing if they are Favourites or fancied – The Legend of WITS is the outsider, Provider.



    Celtic are the Biggest and Wealthiest team in Scotland. So what?



    macjay1 is right Europe is the place to be.



    I’m afraid to say Broonie has had his day.



    Get Coaching Broonie.

  12. Brendan formerly 'GG on

    A couple of dates for your diaries


    The SPFL can today confirm that the publication of fixtures for the 2016/17 Ladbrokes Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2 seasons is scheduled to take place on


    Friday 17 June.



    All four divisions will begin on the weekend of Saturday 6 August.

  13. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    jimthetim53 on 21st May 2016 4:21 am



    Great wee video Jim ~ got me greetin like ‘ole Rod the Mod, so it did.







  14. PAUL 67 – Absolute LEGENDARY stuff from yer self these past few days, God Bless.




    Welcome to the Jungle


    Brendan Rodgers!!!!!


    Thank you for your e-mail it was grand.


    9 in a row – 1974 !


    Mr Stein & KK’s last double 1977 !


    Murdo’s best ‘ever’ hunskelping goal


    in the 4-2, 10 men won the league night


    the Jungle’s best ‘ever’ celebration party !


    The Hampden Riot hunskelping 1980!


    Mr Hay’s miracle at Love street 1986 !


    The Centenary Double 1988 !


    The Super Joe Miller SCF hunskelping 1989 !


    The Tommy Burns(RIP) SCF 1995 !


    Wim & Murdo & KOK’s stop the hun 10 in a row !


    MO’N’s hunskelping 6-2 Treble year 2001!


    MO’N’s Seville 2003!


    WGS’s Tommy Burns(RIP) Thursday 3 in a row !


    Neil Lennon’s 3 in a row !


    Neil Lennon’s skelping of Barcelona !


    Ronny’s 2 in a row !


    The appointment of BRENDAN RODGERS !


    All of the above highlights are all that I can think of just now.


    I was only 3 in 1967:)


    No, no……there’s more….




    JOBO BALDIE on 20TH MAY 2016 11:19 PM


    Ok so see all that stuff I posted about reverting to a pay as you go contract….




    Jobo, when you announced that you were scunnered enough to take a step back from the Celtic, that was theeeee defining moment for me that indicated – Celtic FC will either go into freefall and then probable administration before Christmas 2016 if,……something magical didny happen !


    BRENDAN RODGERS ‘is’….that magic !


    But,……..but, before folk start praising DD and the board, don’t !


    What can ‘never’ be forgotten here or, swept under the carpet is the ‘fact’ that, DD was ‘MADE’ to act and, bring in Brendan.


    I and, others who take stick on here have been pointing out that, season ticket renewal time is when the Celtic support is most powerful. Strong, strong indicators were being sent the way of the Celtic hierarchy that, the prophets had sent Warburton to put Celtic out of the SCSF and, at the same time, rouse a sleeping football giant from it’s, CEO’s downsizing the product of the quality of the club, from it’s slumber and, DD seen, with his own eyes, the shadow-product on the pitch, which needed a kiss of life – Brendan is that kiss of life.


    But, DD isny the hero here – the pissed-off Celtic supporters who were going to send the hierarchy a message are the ‘real’ heroes here.


    They were listened to.


    Hopefully, we’ll see a sort of domino effect and, Lawwell and Park will be manouvered to the door.


    As the EXILED TIM said last night – what if we’d won the SCSF ?……..


    P.S. I think that the stuff on the pitch from this point forward will be truly magical, I really do.


    But, as I’m a worrier by nature, I worry that Brendan’s Celtic will be ‘easily-mugged’…..I hope that I’m wrong about that. Best to keep yer guard-up ie: keep the back door shut and, the rest will take care of itself.


    My prediction – Jame Forrest will be transformed into Celtic’s version of Arien Robben(sp) of Bayern.


    Oh, and…..Big McGhee as Brendan’s assistant ?….Worked for WGS.


    Anyway…….C’mon the Hibbee’s !


    Brendan, at long last you’ll hear YNWA being sung properly :)


    Justice For The 96(RIP).


    You’ll Never Walk Alone….in the Jungle – Brendan !



  15. Good morning CQN



    Congratulations to Brendan Rodgers on becoming manager to the greatest fans in the world that are and make Celtic the world famous club you have joined



    I havent seen much of Brendans teams as i dont watch much English football, he certainly comes with a big reputation and i hope his journey at Celtic will be filled with success and joy.



    Alas Brendan will be faced with a cheating and corrupt SFA and triggers broom fc who have been allowed to cheat and corrupt the game in Scotland whilst the Celtic board did nothing but sit on their hands



    aff oot to work



    enjoy your day CQN

  16. Couple of hours kip then….


    hopefully watch the Hibbee’s


    3-5-2 tactical-skelping of the huns.



  17. Oh, afore I go…….


    EMERALDBEE – Take care fella.


    ELDIEGOBHOY – Stay strong.


    DENA – All the best


    BANKIEBHOY1 – Love :)



  18. LIONROARS67 on 21ST MAY 2016 6:11 AM




    Hear, Hear – Hail Hail



  19. Naw, naw…..no away yit…..


    Hugh Keevins and, Murdo MacLeod


    on SSB last night – yeez were grand !


    Thank you for being grand !



  20. Well there’s yer dinner, Brendan Rodgers, to say I’m delighted is an understatement.



    We shall not be moved



    This appointment has so many positives the timing was superb and I hoped it would be so.



    The silence is golden, there is utter shock in some places, some smiling some can’t.!



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  21. Well Celtic have fairly upped the ante for the return of the Old Firm battle next season.



    Congratulations to Peter Lawwell and the Celtic Board for having weathered the storm over the last few seasons, the missing years. Now it’s back to normal service and everything is looking rosy.

  22. huntlybhoy86 on

    Morning all,



    Haven’t logged on in a while but there’s a couple of things I’d like to say.


    Firstly, thanks Paul67 for continually letting us spout our nonsense on here and for your sterling efforts these last few days in particular. It’s been a real pleasure to read back the last 24-48 hours.


    Secondly, thanks to Ronny for delivering two league titles and the league cup and for his remarkable honesty, humility and dedication during what must have been a difficult last few weeks and months. His actions in how he has departed the club speaks volumes for the kind of man he is. I wish him every success in the future.


    Finally, welcome Brendan Rodgers! I told my mates a month or so ago that I believed we would manage to bring either him or David Moyes in (I’m much happier with BR btw). They couldn’t believe that the board would be that ambitious but my gut feeling was that DD and the board knew that they had to get this one right and that the fans were no longer going to be placated with a second rate manager (no disrespect to Hughes, Lennon or Mackay but Brendan is on an entirely different level in my opinion).



    The enormity of the appointment can be gauged in the fact that the best player on the planet right now (in terms of current form, don’t worry Leo you’re still the man ;0) has cited OUR manager as the most important person in his football development and one of the major reasons he is now the best no.9 in the world with FC Barcelona. I actually think he will win the Ballon D’or this year.



    Anyway, well done to the Celtic board for driving through this appointment, now all we need is to clean up the SFA and challenge the same club lie and there really will be no stopping us.



    Can’t remember who posted this yesterday but let’s suppose Brendan wins the next two league titles and starts to make his mark in Europe. With 10IAR in sight, potential immortality and knowing what it all means to the supporters how could he walk away? He’s not going to leave us for a job at Newcastle, West Brom or the like. The top clubs in England won’t hire British managers anymore, I don’t think there’s any rush for him to manage abroad as he is still really young. I’m probably getting way ahead of myself as usual but I feel that he’s going to stick around for at least 4-5 years. Can’t wait to see his team in action!



    Hail Hail

  23. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 21ST MAY 2016 6:56 AM



    Sarcasmaster, you know no depths!

  24. Marrakesh Express on

    Spoke to a wee Sevco in-law yesterday who was understandably bubbling with excitement. I let him rabbit on about warbo this warbo that, Europe da de da, before dropping the bombshell that Rodgers had signed. Talk about hitting the spot?

  25. NEIL LENNON & MCCARTNEY on 21ST MAY 2016 7:10 AM



    It looks to me that if there was a strategy at all it was to tread water pending the return of The Old Firm then splash some cash to win over the disgruntled and disaffected.



    And, in fairness, if the mood on here is a reliable indicator of the fan base as a whole, it seems to have worked.

  26. I kinda live in hope Hibs get a break today, but it’s going to take one almighty effort to win this cup, the way things are here (without going into detail) in Scotland is that the club (what ever the f… They’r name is this week) Hibs are playing today according to many have been wronged and this cup has to be theirs, at any cost, you have a referee who in last years (anyone but Celtic) semi missed the most blatant hand ball ever seen at Hampden being punished by giving him the final this year, now I’m just guessing that in any other sport, in any other country, this guy would be the last man anyone would want to see near that Stadium,Park, Rink, Ring, Court, Arena, let’s just sporting venue anywhere, but no! Here in Scotland he is rewarded because he stood up and cheated in front of the whole world and showed what he was, a Brother who did what he was told and sent out to do, Stop Celtic at all costs, this week he like many before him, he puts his hand up, ” my mistake” well we all kind worked that out for ourselves, but thanks anyway Brother McClean we are used to being cheated we’ve been getting it for over 100 years, any way, any doubt at all today in this new club going for its first big major trophy being in trouble, you will be seeing the same ref. Doing the same thing as he did last year, cheating, and like the rest before him will be backed up by the SMSM as he made a couple of honest mistakes, today is the pilot program of how the SPFL will be next season in every game this mob plays in make no mistake about that, and me being an old hand has seen it all and I’m still never shocked at how far they go with they’r Masonic Gymnastics, thank god we’ve got Rodgers at the helm, he’ll know what to do with Triggers Brush :)) best of luck Hibs you’ll need it, God bless awe the Tims.



    And lurking Huns GIRFUYs

  27. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    “Obviously, now Rangers are back and the interest is going to increase and the competition is going to be harder because we all know that, in Scottish football, Celtic need a strong Rangers as well – it improves both clubs.”


    Johan Mjallby




    ….. another one bites the dust