Brendan Rodgers appointed Celtic manager


Brendan Rodgers today became the 18th manager in Celtic’s history. Rodgers, 43, managed Liverpool for three years until October, after guiding Swansea to the English (and Welsh) Premier League in 2011. He previously managed Reading and Watford.

His appointment is unquestionably the most popular since the arrival of fellow Irishman, Martin O’Neill, 16 years ago. Known for his belief in playing attacking, possession-based football, he will bring a force of personality to the club and to Scottish football.

Rodgers occupied the top position on Celtic’s wanted list at the start of the month, but the desire to sign him up was tempered by the belief that attracting a manager of such a profile to Scotland would be difficult. My understanding is that as soon as talks got underway in earnest, it was clear neither party would let the opportunity slip away.

I’m delighted at the appointment. The club already feels reinvigorated.

Welcome to Celtic, Brendan. Let’s get on with the job.

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  1. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 21ST MAY 2016 7:23 AM



    You’re dead right – it worked a treat.



    But, I’m still delighted that we have secured a top-class intelligent manager who loves Celtic.



    Not much to complain about there.




  2. up_over_goal on

    “I think anyone who attended the 7-0 game against Motherwell would agree that we’ve got a good squad of players,”



    That’s your Celtic chairman, assessing our squad based on a meaningless final day game against a team with nothing to play for, and whose players were on their holidays.



    If we want to get serious about Europe (and I mean qualifying, never mind competing in the group stages) we need to face reality.



    This squad is not good. It strives to be mediocre. It aspires to ‘makeshift’.



    An instructive comparison:



    Leigh Griffiths – goals/assists per minute in domestic football this season – 1 per 72 minutes.


    His goals/assists rate in Europe? Let’s be generous and include last season: 1 per 285 minutes.



    Our defensive stats are similar, if not worse, and it will take more than a good man-manager with cool ideas about the game to get us through these matches.



    Unless Celtic invest heavily and intelligently in key areas, we will be turfed out of the CL for the third time in succession.



    But it appears we have a ‘good squad’, according to a major figure who has a big say in our budget.



    Go figure.

  3. Congratulations Celtic. A bold and imaginative decision. Certainly more than I’d hoped for.



    Glad to grab the headlines for a day or so, though nothing has been won yet.



    Need a good pre season and a freshening of the team as well as ideas. I firmly believe we have the nucleus of a very good and young team.



    As it’s the season for unexpected bonuses, how about some sunshine on Leith later?



    Finally, this signing is all about Celtic. Feel sorry for those journos who will make mention of lesser teams over this signing. They really can’t help themselves.




    Great post, nice to see that you’ve kept up the negativity and level 5 playbook, your playing a blinder, oh! And your also beeling too.

  5. It’s good to be a Tim……………….




    There’sAlwaysGonnaBeAShow CSC




  6. CultsBhoy - likes Lawwell back in his box on




    No word from big McGhee on why he knocked us back…?



    I’m thinking that 7 th goal was the killer? ;-)

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Typical CELTIC, raisin’ our ole expectations through the roof






    Any ways, this looks like an excellent appointment; all we need now to make it a perfect weekend is for Hibs to get their act together for the first time in 114 years.

  8. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    UP_OVER_GOAL on 21ST MAY 2016 7:28 AM



    Total garbage ~ it’s hard to understand where you’re coming from on a day like this.

  9. UNCLE JIMMY on 21ST MAY 2016 7:36 AM



    ‘Finally, this signing is all about Celtic.’






    Not so sure about that. I think it’s as much about The Old Firm as anything else.

  10. upandover


    a good squad wins the league


    very good makes progress in Europe


    excellent gets to final stages of Europe


    I don’t see the problem.



    if my family are anything to go by the days of sell out of season tickets might be back. everyone lost over the past decade lining up to reapply. I’ve renewed my four tickets and excited about the new found unity. let’s hope it continues for a long time.

  11. Amazing to think that ‘The 4-2 Game’ took place 37 years ago today.



    So much of that lovely, sunny evening is still so fresh in my mind …




  12. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 21ST MAY 2016 7:45 AM


    Not so sure about that. I think it’s as much about The Old Firm as anything else.





  13. CultsBhoy - likes Lawwell back in his box on

    Ok I’m excited to see who BR clears out and brings in but I’m equally excited about how /if he can really improve those who he retains.



    Thinking about who can play the Brendan Rodgers way… I’d say it’s not looking good for Broonie but may be a great thing for GMS, Christieetc.



    Scott Allan is a quandary – I can see him being sold to the Huns..



    Exciting times

  14. huntlybhoy86 on




    You may well be right! However, in my opinion, there is always likely going to be a team playing out of Ibrox and the vast majority of people in the country who don’t know any better will call them Rangers and therefore the Old Firm will still be talked about. Even if we did somehow manage to get official confirmation that they are a new club it still won’t stop people calling them Rangers and it won’t stop them from eventually being our closest challengers either. Whether or not they are seen as new or not, they are here and they will not go away. We need to accept that and ensure that we keep winning trophy after trophy. Bringing in someone of Brendan’s stature gives our Club a massive injection of enthusiasm and hope while on the other side of the city (on the eve of their first major final) they have had the wind taken right out of their sails. Now is the time for our Club to show, both on the park and in the stands, that we are the biggest in Scotland by a distance.


    Bring it on.

  15. up_over_goal on




    That’s great about your family getting season tickets, and I’m not trying to be deliberately negative. I’m looking at our results and performances over the last two years, and seeing decline. I hope Brendan can arrest that, but he won’t do it without a serious overhaul to the current squad.

  16. SmashingMilkBottles on

    Happy “10 men won the league – tra la la la la” day!



    Quatre – Deux

  17. Neil Lennon & McCartney on




    Nice to see you posting again…..




  18. HUNTLYBHOY86 on 21ST MAY 2016 8:04 AM



    Sorry, not for me. It’s Mickey Mouse stuff. The whole edifice of Scottish football is rotten and Celtic are up to their neck in it.

  19. UP_OVER_GOAL @ 7:28 AM,



    Well it’s the first time I’ve seen that quote and I’m not sure how much football nouse our Chairman puts into our Club.



    Suffice to say his use of the word “squad” is quite appropriate IMO, if you take out the bloated excesses we actually have a fine young squad by Scottish standards.



    We do need to build a first team that are at a much higher level though. Which is why Brendan Rodgers has arrived.



    No Manager can work miracles but Claudio Ranieri has been the latest guy to show, given the right envions, they can come pretty close.



    So it’s about getting the environment right at Celtic for BR to succeed ~ it’s not all about the money ~ believe we have; A support, Shareholders, A Board and a Manager committed to doing just that.



    As for the players, well my honest feeling…



    Shape up or ship out.



    Hail Hail

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    As I left work yesterday I said to two Hibies enjoy your day up till 3 pm because you know you will never be allowed to win this game. All I got was nodding heads, sadly…….

  21. Good morning friends from East Kilbride where the drizzly grey, full of cloud morning (only 7 miles from Hamden too, shame) hasn’tr dampened my mood one little bit. Hail Hail Brendan!



    And in other news, I’ve just completed the final weigh in for this years Fat Bhoy Slim. And despite last night’s unplanned celebratory drinks I finally sneak into the one-stone-off club and stand in the clothes that God gave me at 11st 8lbs. It’s been a blast and well done to all!



    Life’s good!








    I might phone up my Dad to remind him of it.



    Aw,forgot-he was at a union conference. Shame…

  23. GARY67 on 21ST MAY 2016 8:16 AM


    Seville, 13 years ago today.



    I remember that hot day very well. Wiz parched!

  24. kevinlasvegas on

    Good Morning Bhoys, Still Buzzing. Can’t wait to get started.



    I see someone been breached by lvl 5 today.that was quick.



    We have a cracking squad that needs some reinforcements and confidence and they will do for me.



    Go get em Buck.




  25. CULTSBHOY @ 8:03 AM,



    “Scott Allan is a quandary – I can see him being sold to the Huns.”



    Well I don’t think we’ve ever bought or sold a player from/to them. Long may that fine tradition continue.



    As for Scott, I think he’s done enough in his cameos to show he has abilities that are not easily coached in. BR managed to make a player out of Suarez, Scott should be a piece of cake..:)



    Anyway, think the bhoys been punished enough.



    Hail Hail

  26. 13 years ago today I “donated” a flag of Saint Andrew to a wee tapas place on the way to our Sevillian Calvary………

  27. McPhail Bhoy on

    Seville 13 years?


    Incredible to think spent time with feet in fountain before going to stadium could not quench my thirst got 2 free cans of Irn Bru on way into stadium without them I probably would have collapsed!


    Left programme under my seat only realised when back on bus aarrgghh!

  28. kevinlasvegas on

    Brendan will know who can go already, I’d imagine his list will be similar to the one I wrote out last week. Let’s see if the clearing the decks action is as swift as the Managerial decision. Fingers crossed Bhoys, Lets see if we can get rid of some of the deadwood.








  29. kevinlasvegas on

    Scott Allan is a top player we just have only saw it in flashes, He naturally picks a pass most of us can’t see. I think we have him and Christie to help unlock defenses the two are very different as i said Allan can split a defense from nothing were Christie creates space with movement then there’s KC our wee Maverick, He will need some tlc after his back and he will need his confidence rebuild.





  30. kevinlasvegas on




    Great news,



    I wasn’t sure if that was just twitter talk.



    Cole was a strange on and Sepovic looked not ad at times. Few bob free’d up on just those two i’d imagine.




    Thanks Man.







    How many of us thought Jock Stein would have a clear out when he took over?



    I’m sure Brendan will make his own mind up?



    Mibbe you could be his number two.

  32. I woke up this morning with a smile like the joker from the batman film…what a kick in the baws did our board give the huns!


    The signing of Brendan is a realisation that we mean business now. I don’t expect money to be thrown about carefree but what we get in and a bit of expenditure with a manager that knows what’s what will see us grow to be back to a team to enjoy watching.



    Ps.. Good luck to Ronny and thanks for the titles.