Brendan Rodgers appointed Celtic manager


Brendan Rodgers today became the 18th manager in Celtic’s history. Rodgers, 43, managed Liverpool for three years until October, after guiding Swansea to the English (and Welsh) Premier League in 2011. He previously managed Reading and Watford.

His appointment is unquestionably the most popular since the arrival of fellow Irishman, Martin O’Neill, 16 years ago. Known for his belief in playing attacking, possession-based football, he will bring a force of personality to the club and to Scottish football.

Rodgers occupied the top position on Celtic’s wanted list at the start of the month, but the desire to sign him up was tempered by the belief that attracting a manager of such a profile to Scotland would be difficult. My understanding is that as soon as talks got underway in earnest, it was clear neither party would let the opportunity slip away.

I’m delighted at the appointment. The club already feels reinvigorated.

Welcome to Celtic, Brendan. Let’s get on with the job.

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  1. Just woken up after a night out celebrating the good news with my Bhoy. I see it wasn’t a dream after all.


    Hail! Hail! Brendan, enjoy your wee jaunt to Majorca work starts in earnest on Monday :-) It must be great to get your dream job.


    Doc, I see your spellchecker went off last night, but never mind my wife often thinks when she married me she got a Pig in a Pog ;-)

  2. To the chorus of Lisdoonvarna


    “Oh Brendan Rogers. Brendan, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan Rogers”

  3. Woke up to a nice wee message from Brendan in my mailbox.


    Celtic getting it right.


    Off to the airport now. 27c in Kos I hear.


    Mon the Hibees.







  4. kevinlasvegas on




    No mate, you seem more opinionated than me, You do it, I’m more about sharing my opinion on this great day and not really interested in snidey comments to other posters, But knock yourself out sir. :)









    Pass on my congrats to yer daughter,bud.



    Well done,Laura!!!

  6. TONYDONNELLY67 on 21ST MAY 2016 7:23 AM


    I kinda live in hope Hibs get a break today, but it’s going to take one almighty effort to win this cup, the way things are here (without going into detail) in Scotland is that the club (what ever the f… They’r name is this week) Hibs are playing today according to many have been wronged and this cup has to be theirs, at any cost, you have a referee who in last years (anyone but Celtic) semi missed the most blatant hand ball ever seen at Hampden being punished by giving him the final this year, now I’m just guessing that in any other sport, in any other country, this guy would be the last man anyone would want to see near that Stadium,Park, Rink, Ring, Court, Arena, let’s just sporting venue anywhere, but no! Here in Scotland he is rewarded because he stood up and cheated in front of the whole world and showed what he was, a Brother who did what he was told and sent out to do, Stop Celtic at all costs, this week he like many before him, he puts his hand up, ” my mistake” well we all kind worked that out for ourselves, but thanks anyway Brother McClean we are used to being cheated we’ve been getting it for over 100 years, any way, any doubt at all today in this new club going for its first big major trophy being in trouble, you will be seeing the same ref. Doing the same thing as he did last year, cheating, and like the rest before him will be backed up by the SMSM as he made a couple of honest mistakes, today is the pilot program of how the SPFL will be next season in every game this mob plays in make no mistake about that, and me being an old hand has seen it all and I’m still never shocked at how far they go with they’r Masonic Gymnastics, thank god we’ve got Rodgers at the helm, he’ll know what to do with Triggers Brush :)) best of luck Hibs you’ll need it, God bless awe the Tims.




    And lurking Huns GIRFUYs



    Well said Tony




    Well, you seem to know, according to your list, who Brendan should get rid of.



    Nothing snidey in my post.




    Well done to your wee girl!



    Not wee for very long.



    Take care.

  9. Hibs will not win the cup today. Not because of cheating refs, not because the Govan galacticos are world beaters, they will lose because they will Hibs it.


    They’ll either not show up (like their last two Scottish cup finals), or will find a way to lose it like the league cup final.

  10. Marrakesh Express on




    Amen to that Tony. My cousin called me there raging, having just noticed McLean has the final today. He knows McLean from the Acres and assures me he’s 100% hun and proud of it.


    What that mob get away with in this country really does defy belief.

  11. kevinlasvegas on




    Right mate, let’s start again :) . In light of us having 40 players in our first team squad, You have never sat and thought or wrote out a list of who can go? or who you think we can sell?



    At a guess (and its only my opinion ;) we need to shift 10/15 players which is a lot and it is, But Brendan will need to bring in 5/6 minimum of his own which still takes us back to 30. (again just my thoughts)



    I have never or would ever like to be a manager at Celtic as I believe it would be one of the hardest jobs around and also I would be too emotionally attached to do the right thing most of the time.







  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Congratulation to Laura miss Cowiebhoy



    Took me the lat 90 minutes to read back about 18 pages,




    Yer nip sure hits the spot, hic

  13. Well it wasn’t a dream.


    Nice touch with the email. Things seem to be moving in the right direction.


    Now for the Ins and Outs. Going to be an interesting pre season.






    I agree our squad is bloated and has to be reduced.



    I do however think the new manager should decide who goes, if we can get rid of them.



    He might be able to turn some of the under performers in the squad into great footballers.



    It’s been done before so you never know!



    Hope your weekend goes good!

  15. Apart from Matt McGlone’s tweets, is there any confirmation of the Scepovic/Cole story.


    Matt also tweeted yesterday that Pedro was sidelined for the Rodgers deal and that Desmond was personally picking up the tab for 48% of Rodger’s salary.



    I have huge respect for Matt, I simply don’t know about his track record of reliability on info. Hope he has got the above 2 stories right.

  16. GARY67…



    For hibs to win today they will need to play their best game ever.



    The floppy hat could play eleven cardboard cut outs and still win due to the decisions that will go on.



    Mind and get your money on a scoring penalty @6/1 for the monkeys aka Bada… I can see the ref carrying the cardboard cut out and slapping the ball into the net. :))

  17. kevinlasvegas on




    You too bud,



    I think we have a few crackers already at the club, Fingers crossed.








    Fingers crossed indeed!



    Canny wait for the new season to start!

  19. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Great appointment Celtic. Now let Brendan get on with the football side and make us a force in Europe again( it may take a few years), whilst the PLC board get on with other taxing issues.



    Res12 support and leadership next pls.










    Matt mc Glone seems to be in the know.



    You on Twitter now you old fox?



    I’ll need to get up to speed :(

  21. Sun trying to break through in Bo’ness.



    My wee gorgeous cuddly wife joined Slimmimg World just under 6 weeks ago.



    She has lost 12lbs and for anyone I bored a couple of weeks ago at the BV with talk of my weight loss, I’m now 15lbs lighter.



    I’m still a fat bassa, but a very happy one.



    Not just due to the diet!!



    Sun now out, could be a great weekend.








    It’s a beltin’ dram,innit?



    I’m gazing longingly at about a pint of it as I type this-but I’ve promised to keep it for sharing wi my big Tim buddy fae Essex next month.



    So,Guinness it is. Well,I’ve had worse days…

  23. 13 years ago was Seville eh! Wow! Brings back great memories of a smashing time, unfortunately I’v said good bye to lots of friends and family since that wonderful time, but it and they will always be happy thoughts in my mind, God bless them all. HH





    Well done,bud. Both of you.



    I was talking to a lass on Monday as I sank my pint. She asked me-is Guinness not supposed to make you fat?



    Resisting the urge to ask the obvious-nae stranger to a pie supper-I just told her my tapeworm takes care of it.



    Yet people wonder why I’m single…



    How’s the wee yin doing in her exams?





    A healthy dose of realism,bud. Europe will indeed take a good while-probably!



    Difference in expectation with Brendan and Martin-Europe wasn’t even a consideration in 2000.

  26. kevinlasvegas on

    I am in ML6 and its Dreich.



    Just looking through some funnies that the Liverpool fans have created of Brendan. Guy has a sense of Humor. He is also brisk with the media, I’d imagine there will be a few egg shells being walked on by our fearless media. ;)





  27. bmcuwp,


    hi just wondering if you managed to get a giving page setup for kitalba.



    cheers in advance.HH

  28. kevinlasvegas on






    Yeah Europe is a fish that keeps getting bigger and bigger, Who knows. I am happy with Europa Cup as i think it’s our level just now, I know the money is poor in comparison but I would rather we had a sporting chance than in Champs League were at times we can seem out our depth.







    And TD67… Totally agree, a Hibs win today would be a Beautiful thing.



    Yet isn’t amazing after the EBT revelations, The Referee’s strike, The liquidation, Good folk probing into the 5 way agreement and Res 12.



    Not to mention last Season’s SCSF blatant “honest mistake”…



    That they continue to brazen it out…



    It just shows how insidious and intrenched this malignance is..:(



    Hail Hail

  30. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I was tucked up in bed early doors thanks to Acgr whisky and old tims measures



    Enjoy the day I’ll try to watch the fa cup final later, not interested in this afternoons match


    Good wood racing for me I think

  31. Morning all.



    You would have thought that MacLean, especially after admitting his “honest mistake” would have been demoted. Not in Scotland, if you support the deid team. Utterly ludicrous. They can’t help themselves.

  32. BMCUWP



    She’s studying hard and so far. apart from maths, she thinks she’s doing okay!



    Two more to go, Religious, Moral and Philosophy Studies (or something like tat) on Monday and German on 1st June. So fingers crossed.



    The diet is great btw.


    Thoroughly enjoying it.



    And you can have a drink while on it too!



    What’s not too like!



    Hope you and yours are all good Buddy!



    How’s the Kitalba project coming on?

  33. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    KEVINLASVEGAS on 21ST MAY 2016 9:39 AM



    I would take a wee victory over Sevilla next year :-)