Brendan Rodgers appointed Celtic manager


Brendan Rodgers today became the 18th manager in Celtic’s history. Rodgers, 43, managed Liverpool for three years until October, after guiding Swansea to the English (and Welsh) Premier League in 2011. He previously managed Reading and Watford.

His appointment is unquestionably the most popular since the arrival of fellow Irishman, Martin O’Neill, 16 years ago. Known for his belief in playing attacking, possession-based football, he will bring a force of personality to the club and to Scottish football.

Rodgers occupied the top position on Celtic’s wanted list at the start of the month, but the desire to sign him up was tempered by the belief that attracting a manager of such a profile to Scotland would be difficult. My understanding is that as soon as talks got underway in earnest, it was clear neither party would let the opportunity slip away.

I’m delighted at the appointment. The club already feels reinvigorated.

Welcome to Celtic, Brendan. Let’s get on with the job.

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  1. No chance for Hibs today, sadly.



    They don’t have the metal to stand up to the MiBs.



    Would love to see them win, but suspect I’ll end up watching the Utd-Palace borefest.

  2. kevinlasvegas on




    Exciting times.



    Amen. ;)





  3. kevinlasvegas on

    Hibs playing against the whole entire rigged game today. They can be better on their day but playing against 16 is a hard gig.



    But we live in hope.








  4. themaestro72 on

    Brendan Rodgers should be sacked.



    He emailed my bhoy about being honoured to be the new manager.



    I never received an email but more importantly,



    my TEENAGE DAUGHTER never got 1.



    Fireworks when she wakes up lol



    Hail Hail

  5. theglasgowcelticway on

    Still buzzing.





    I know you advised me to stay off the glue about 20 years ago but I decided to stick with it.

  6. Rise in the morning with the Fenian band



    Just need desmondo to put on some cheap flights and buses to paradise now and the Irish hoops will travel in numbers.. Now that would be a site.

  7. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Up at tho TO,systems down,Scottish power apparently ……suspicious eh!!!

  8. TONYDONNELLY67 @ 9:44 AM,



    That’s very true…



    That’s exactly what it is.



    L Henderson score first 12/1



    The Rangers score penalty 6/1



    Final score



    The Rangers 1 – 2 Hibs






    Hail Hail

  9. .



    From the First Person on CQN TO Tell BR was the Next Celtic Manager..



    Hibs to Win and Liam Henderson to Score..The Ooppla Goal..



    Summa of Summa’s

  10. I posted last week I’d picked up a bottle of ;-



    Dalwhinnie Winter Gold, Single Highland Malt, 43% proof, no age statement.



    It’s a nice gold colour and the box says it’s distilled in the winter months only!



    But, it is very nice.



    Tried it with water only and then ice only, must say I preferred it cold!



    But lovely either way.



    Any thoughts?

  11. Mats Nilloc (The History Man) on

    CORKCELT@ 9:19 – Matt McGlone is like PhilMac in a way; just because he got some things right at some time, he believes that this gives him carte blanche to pontificate on all things Celtic, or in the case of PhilMac, all things Celtic, Rangers/Sevco/Sport Direct/Mike Ashley.



    How on earth does Matt McGlone and ONLY Matt McGlone know that Peter Lawwell was “sidelined” and what precisely Desmond Dermot is contributing to Brendan’s salary, if anything?



    The 48% figure is only to make it sound more believable, in my opinion – why not say “around 50%”.



    So many like to be wise after the event and say things that they cannot and never will be able to prove.



    I say well done to Desmond our biggest shareholder, Peter Lawwell our CEO, whose running of the club means that we are in a position to take this great decision, and to the board, all Celtic supporters to a man.



    Does anyone really think that if we had been £25 million in debt, that this ‘new dawn’ would have been possible?



    It is a great time to be a Celtic supporter.



    We are rejoicing HH.

  12. Got my email from Brendan this morning.


    What a double it would be if Hibs could beat he 4 Year old club today. Although its a very slim to virtually no chance.

  13. leftclicktic on

    What price a red card for a hibs player today?



    On thursday the weeman (6) had never heard of Brendan Rodgers,then Paul posted and me and the weemans da started talking, then all day yesterday he heard us talking, now he is Brendan this and Brendan that ,he cant wait to see ” Brendan Rodgers and Celtic”




  14. 21-5-79



    I was at the game too!



    Went for a wee early doors and when I got back to my place we were 1-0 down!



    The rest as they say is history…………..GLORIOUS HISTORY!!!!!!

  15. 21-5-79


    What a night, first time i’d seen grown men cry , kneel down and kiss the terracing steps of Paradise.

  16. Hibs win.



    I have a better chance of the Euro lottery.


    They will bottle it big time.


    The best we can do is get us through the next few weeks without spewing too often.

  17. A few days ago I broke the news on here that Brendan Rodgers was the 1st. choice for Celtic.



    Today I am also happy to announce that Hibs will win the Scottish Cup. Don’t ask me how I know these things. (It’s to do with my guardian angel).

  18. Early goal for Anto and who knows?



    Don’t give up hope yet.



    Miracles do happen.



    Away for a 5 mile walk. (Canny run these days)



    Be good!!





    Thanks for asking,bud.



    It’s nowhere near as straightforward as I thought,I’ll tell you that!



    I’m exploring some ways of getting round some of the legal,etc,obstacles,other than that it’s pretty much ready to go.



    HH,guid Tim!

  20. THEMAESTRO72 on 21ST MAY 2016 9:49 AMBrendan Rodgers should be sacked.



    He emailed my bhoy about being honoured to be the new manager.



    I never received an email but more importantly,



    my TEENAGE DAUGHTER never got 1.



    Fireworks when she wakes up lol



    Hail Hail




    I know the feeling, my son got the e-mail – sent to my e-mail account and I got hee haw.


    Kev J was right, Dingus McGhee is the man for the job he would never allow such a thing to happen ;-))




  21. And what about Murdo’s 65 yarder… 19 actually, but by the time I got to school the next day it was 65!





    See above re KITALBA.



    If O is studying German,the Philosophy should be a breeze(!)

  23. TheLurkinTim on

    Was talkin to a blue nose friend……it turned into a who do you want/expect…..a wanted Rodgers….expected …Moyes…..asked him who don’t you want us to get..no chance of either….sooooo….fuck you bluenose…..you owe me how much ;-))











    Call you in ten minutes,mate. Missed you last night,working.

  25. Just read big Sutton on line being his usual negative self towards Celtic go away ya big sooptaker,


    Oh thanks for the mail Mr Rogers.HH

  26. Make no mistake about it, Dermot has delivered an almighty kick in the groin to the Sevvies with this appointment.


    Ive already had mates on to me that haven’t attended in years talking about getting season tickets.

  27. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Phulbhoy – good luck to your daughter. Thirty-seven years ago today I decided to go to the 4-2 game when I should have been at home studying for my Moral Philosophy exam. I passed anyway so some things in life are just meant to be.



    Tell her to take 10 minutes to go over what Plato said about the polis – she’ll know what I mean.



    It’s great being a Tim.