Brendan Rodgers appointed Celtic manager


Brendan Rodgers today became the 18th manager in Celtic’s history. Rodgers, 43, managed Liverpool for three years until October, after guiding Swansea to the English (and Welsh) Premier League in 2011. He previously managed Reading and Watford.

His appointment is unquestionably the most popular since the arrival of fellow Irishman, Martin O’Neill, 16 years ago. Known for his belief in playing attacking, possession-based football, he will bring a force of personality to the club and to Scottish football.

Rodgers occupied the top position on Celtic’s wanted list at the start of the month, but the desire to sign him up was tempered by the belief that attracting a manager of such a profile to Scotland would be difficult. My understanding is that as soon as talks got underway in earnest, it was clear neither party would let the opportunity slip away.

I’m delighted at the appointment. The club already feels reinvigorated.

Welcome to Celtic, Brendan. Let’s get on with the job.

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  1. Can’t stop smiling at the news.



    Congratulations to DD and PL for pulling this off. Absolutely stunning.



    Welcome to Paradise. Brendan.

  2. Fantastic news. Well done Celtic. Welcome to Celtic Brendan.



    Could be an interesting summer!

  3. Stunning news. Puts Celtic in the world spotlight for all the right reasons.



    I’m away to get my teeth whitened now

  4. Welcome Brendan. Well done Celtic.



    They’ll be dancing in the streets of Carnlough tonight.

  5. CELTIC Football Club is delighted today to announce Brendan Rodgers as the new Celtic manager. Brendan has agreed a 12-month rolling contract with the Club.



    Brendan (43) is one of Europe’s most respected names in football management and has previously held managerial positions at Liverpool, Swansea, Reading and Watford.



    New Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers said: “I am absolutely delighted to be named Celtic manager. This is genuinely a huge honour for me. I have followed Celtic all my life and to be given this fantastic opportunity and to be part of such a truly great football club is a dream come true.



    “I will give my new role everything I have and do all I can to bring our supporters exciting, entertaining and winning football.



    “The Club has been in magnificent shape in recent years and has collected silverware regularly during this time. My objective now, of course, is to continue this work, to keep us at the top and again make our mark in Europe.



    “I know what a magnificent support Celtic enjoys and I can promise our fans one thing – that I will be doing everything I can to give you a team that you can be proud of and a team that delivers.



    “I can’t wait to be in Paradise with our team and our fans as we all get to work.”


    Celtic Chairman Ian Bankier commented: “We are delighted to welcome Brendan to Celtic as the Club’s new manager.



    “As expected, there was huge interest in the position of Celtic manager but we believe we have chosen the outstanding candidate to take the Club forward.



    “Brendan is a man with a tremendous pedigree in football management, he is someone who knows all about Celtic and someone who has a real passion for Celtic. He is also a manager who we believe has the talent, the drive and the determination to bring continued success to the Club.



    “We are sure Brendan will receive a fantastic welcome from our supporters and we now look forward with real excitement towards next season as we tackle the many challenges ahead domestically and in Europe.”


    Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: “Brendan is a highly-sought after manager and we are pleased that we have been able to bring such a high calibre individual to Celtic.



    “He has a huge and genuine affection for the Club. I know Brendan feels privileged to be named Celtic manager and I know he will give us everything he has to be successful at Celtic. Above all, he will bring huge experience, knowledge and ability to the role.



    “We wanted to bring one of the biggest and best names to the Club to match our own aspirations and those of our supporters – we believe, in appointing Brendan, that we have done this.



    “We have appointed a special manager and we are sure he can bring some special times to Celtic.”


    Brendan Rodgers will be officially unveiled at a media conference on Monday, May 23, 2016 at Celtic Park at 4pm and he will then meet supporters at 6pm at the stadium.

  6. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Woo hoo! Welcome Brendan!



    Hand out of pocket. Sheckles being counted. Season Ticket being renewed ASAP.



    Can’t wait for next season.






    Hail! Hail!



    Keep The Faith!







  7. Now, if I were a cynic, I would be saying that the timing of this announcement is acleverly planned, huge GIRUY to certain parties – coverage of their kick about tomorrow against another lower league team will be relegated to “and also this weekend” in the back pages.






    Hears to a few right Rodgerings of thems next season.




  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Doc will hear the news when lands, and he’ll go straight back up to cruising altitude

  9. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    Hopefully, Brendan will turn up on Monday at Paradise with Zlatan in tow…



    Ha ha



    Celtic taking a leaf out of Big Jock’s book – rain on them’s parade at every opporchancity


    … and this is heavy rain.



    Hail Hail


    (no pun intended…).

  10. Been many a month since I posted anything on here but absolutely delighted, what a brilliant appointment! I was resigned to the Club continuing on a downward spiral to evermore mediocrity. Didn’t think DD gave a flying monkeys. Perhaps witnessing the Sevco defeat shocked him into action.


    So many on here were sure we were getting a cheap option and with good reason. It’s brilliant when your expectations are massively overreached.


    Manners tonight. Oh Yes.

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Straight in to Paradise after I pick Wee BGFC up from school on Monday then :-)

  12. My bluenose god son just text me the news.



    I just loved typing my response.



    “We welcome the chase.”




  13. Top manager must come with a hefty transfer budget.



    Certainly one way to ensure season ticket sales.



    Delighted with the club on this one & here’s hoping they don’t disappoint on Res 12. etc.



    Welcome to Celtic Brendan Rodgers by far the most exceptional managerial appointment we could have hoped for.



    Exciting times ahead. :)

  14. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Bitterly disappointed,I’m heading up to the TO


    tomorrow to renew, was hoping they would have


    left the news till next week,they’ll be GTF queue


    in the morning now:)

  15. When Ronny said he was leaving, I must admit that the thought of getting someone like Brendan Rodgers in really never crossed my mind.


    Gobsmaked so a am.


    I well remember the day Martin signed, I also think it was a Friday, I cried tears of joy that day, I knew that something special was about to happen.


    I have the self same feeling again and the tears are flowing at full tilt.


    Now am gonna go and get wasted :-)

  16. I got my first season ticket in the temporary stand, some 20 years ago I watched the best football being played in my life time that has never been eclipsed under Tommy burns we didn’t win anything but the football was amazing, in reflection we were being cheated!! If BR gets the team to play the same football we have such amazing times to look forward to! Hail hail and well done Celtic this is the biggest signing of my life time

  17. Delaneys Dunky on

    A warm welcome to the Bhoy from Antrim. Fantastic news.


    Become a legend Brendan Rodgers. Just magic!

  18. Make no mistake this is a Massive coup for Celtic absolutely delighted



    I suspect this was down to Big Desmondo well done to the moustachioed one



    Welcome to Celtic Brendan & hopefully restore our reputation in Europe keep us on the road to 10

  19. mike in toronto on

    Excellent news on BR



    Even better news that EmeraldBee’s surgery went well



    Now… Celtic … make it a perfect day, but telling us what you really think about the bellends running Scottish football. (Hey, a guy can dream, cant he?)




  20. Hats off to the Celtic board, PL and DD – they couldn’t lure this quality unless they had intent to support him. I’m looking afraid to watching how he shapes the team and attracts quality players. I hope he is able to adapt slightly tho and learns to grind out results in Scotland – pithes, defenses, and dodgy refs.



    All the best BR COYBIG

  21. leftclicktic on



    Sky news poll


    Is brendan the right man for Celtic :))))))))))))))))))…,

  22. Absolutely overjoyed at this appointment , I have posted on here on many occasions venting my anger at DERMOT DESMOND For his absent landlord stance , and lack of ambition for the club .


    Tonight I cannot say that . Well done DD and thank you . But please remember BRENDAN RODGERS WONT BE PLAYING . He needs the players to do the job . But DERMOT. Knows that , doesn,t he .



  23. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    CelticRollerCoaster – honest, I was on target for my FatBhoysSlim final weigh-in tomorrow morning.



    I might be a wee tiny bit over the mark now – off out for serious beer!!!






  24. An Teach Solais on

    Welcome, Brendan. Great signing. Hope our PR Department have a minder at Brendan’s first press conference. Any inopportune questions tell the lamb muncher concerned to vacate the premises and leave his/her press pass on his/her seat before leaving. Set out the ground roles from the off.



    P67 Well done !! Though you had us all on tenterhooks. There will be a few noses out of joint. Good. HH

  25. Just landed in Glasgow to the good news.



    Welcome Brendan.



    Thank you Dermot.



    Now let’s prepare for success !

  26. stpatricksbhoy on

    Paul67 Thanks for breaking the news.Welcome Brendan,Ten in a Row.


    Hail Hail

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