Bribery and Scottish football


The Rangers chief executive, Charles Green, yesterday made an extraordinary bid to bribe his way up the Scottish Football League (SFL), saying, “I would … be prepared to guarantee other clubs the ticket revenue equivalent of 300 Rangers fans turning up for matches.”

The SFL will soon vote on reconstruction and amalgamation with the SPL with a 12-12-18 structure on the table.  If this is rejected, no reconstruction will happen.  Should they win successive promotions Green’s club are due to spend three years in lower league football but if successful his bribe could shorten this to two seasons.

In support of his claim Green cites Stranraer, who won Division Two in 1993 and were promoted to Division One the following season.  The league structure changed that summer, from three to four leagues, resulting in more teams being relegated from Division One than was scheduled at the start of the season, but clubs were only promoted to the league they would have entered without reconstruction.

The Rangers are due to be promoted to the Second Division next season but are asking for direct access to the First Division.  They have made no suggestion as to what should happen to the club who finish in second place in this season’s Third Division.  Although Green’s statement references the Stranraer scenario, and an insistence that “the principle of promotion and relegation… should be enshrined”, he does not explain that Stranraer won the league and were promoted from Division Two to One, or that he wants promotion from Third to First.

It will surprise no one that Green believes “the SFL has shown real leadership in proposing” colts teams from the The Rangers and Celtic, although he has surprised me with the news that his club did not lobby for this suggestion.

I am sure the SFL lawyers would have reverted to the Fifa rule book, which is pretty clear that clubs can only be promoted on sporting merit, and explicitly prohibits clubs from paying for promotion.  Which is a pity, as I am sure the financial security of Green’s embryonic club would be greatly enhanced by promotion straight to the knockout stages of the Champions League.

We have been here before.

Scottish Football League clubs will decide their only structure but now more than ever we have to stand together as a club.  The direction and leadership of Celtic, and the supporters’ organisations, tested by often irreconcilable challenges at every turn, are exceptional.  Fantasies that the World Order is controlled between Celtic Park, Glasgow City Council and the Vatican are just that. Running Celtic is like steering the Titanic away from the iceberg with a pizza box, although if you speak to any numpty who has never done it you’ll get a different view. Despite all this, for the first time in decades we have a successful and sustainable football model.

We recruit and develop exceptional players who achieved what few of us expected this season.  The challenge for Celtic is to win the league and Cup and apply all energies on recruiting players for next season’s Champions League campaign.

Enjoy your football; Stand up for Celtic.
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  1. Kilbowie Kelt on

    11:44 on 19 March, 2013



    Who set a trap for whom on Saturday ?





    That’s a real good question.



    Who won & who lost at the end of that unedifying tragi-comedy ?



    It’s hard to believe that Strathclyde’s finest could have been stupid enough to so publicly display their eneptitude & their agenda.



    Not sure about who set the trap, but I do know who lost,…big time.

  2. It’s no surprise that Green wants special treatment for The Rangers. After all this is a club that in its short life has already benefited from being given a place in the league at the expense of other clubs who actually meet the criteria for membership.



    The powers that be are bringing this situation on themselves though. The rush to reconstruct the leagues means changing the rules during the season, and that is never a good thing to do.

  3. .






    Try Googling the Beachboxes (Colourful Shed) on Brighton Beach here..



    They Start at $380,000 No running Water or Leccy.. :-)



    Summa of GoldenMileShedsCSC

  4. Who in their right minds would accept a promise of future payment from the The Rangers?


    It’s not as of they have ever in their short history let a creditor down.

  5. nothing without fans on




    The other season to look at for precedents is 1974-75, when the league structure went from 2 to 3 tiers.



    Falkirk won the second tier and stayed in the second tier.

  6. The desperation in greens recent ramble,leads all of us to the conclusion …That the wheels on the snakeyed salesman’s wagon are coming off.


    We are in fine fettle financially.


    Hopefully other matters can be resolved!

  7. Good article Paul. I was shocked at the audacity of Green thinking he could simply buy his way up the leagues. What is more depressing is that this outrageous offer has not been widely laughed out of court by the media.



    Most reports I have seen copy Greens statement verbatim with no adverse comment.



    However, there is a definite whiff of desperation about this offer. Crowds are sliding at Ibrox and one look at follow follow tells you all you need to know about the residual levels of enthusiasm for their great adventure through the divisions.



    Armageddon indeed. But only for Sevco..,





    Quick back of a fag packet calculation here.



    Eleven opposition clubs each to receive 2 times 300 tickets cash equivalent at,say £15 a pop is less than a hundred grand.



    Now,I know that the world at large thinks that us Scots are a buncha Jasper-the-graspers but surely we canny be bought that cheap?



    Tight-fisted bloody Yorkie….

  9. Hear hear, Paul.


    Leave them to their squalid attempts to cheat, steal and bribe their way through the leagues.


    I feel they’re heading toward the iceberg with a big iceberg magnet at the front of their ship.


    Lets get back to supporting our club.

  10. rebelbhoy72


    13:12 on


    19 March, 2013


    Our own club is in termoil and we continue to FOCUS on them






    I must admit…when I was watching Celtic playing in the Champions League, winning the SPL to give us a chance of further adventure (eventually!), read the financial results published recently, I couldn’t help thinking……….My God, We’re in TURMOIL!



    :-) KTF

  11. saltires en sevilla on




    Good grief! Its getting worse instead if better. Messy as hell.



    Just bare-faced cheating, they are not even bothering to dress it up now.



    We need to find a way to stick together and fight this – sectional interests and disputes will have to wait a wee while…




  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Spot on Paul – there is no precedent for a team going up two tiers of football.

  13. Good article Paul, I guess when you’ve got nothing to lose anymore you can just front it to the max and feck the consequences and Challs is a man staring into the abyss on another note after reading back this morning the GB issue is in danger of splitting the support and deflecting our energies from taking on the corruption in our game, how can we go to the fans of other clubs and ask them to join us if we ourselves are not united in our opposition to the trainwreck brought on us by the Govan Financiers??

  14. Richie



    Im talking about right now. Someone once said….”football without the fans is nothing”.



    Remember that

  15. Paul67



    Reconstruction in their favour is vital to sevco. The end game is in sight.


    No promotion means sevco will struggle to do anything in football for


    many years to come, that is if they survive.



  16. Snake Plissken on

    What guarantees would this so called necessity to Scottish football give to ensure they’d survive even in the middle division of 3?



    They’re hardly likely to make a great deal there either.



    Sure he could bump up the prices a bit but there’s still no CL money.



    The 300 fans guaranteed?






    This is beyond parody.

  17. Italiabhoy



    i can only imagine the lack of enthusiasm for replicating the “adventure” ,that they are already tiring of , next season



    wheels are coming off the bogie

  18. kikinthenakas on





    Sevco in division 3


    Attacks on GB


    Attacks on NFL



    None of the above fill me with any confidence that there is not a concerted effort to undermine us and help them out…..

  19. Paul



    Any comment on the video footage of the treatment our fellow fans had to endure on saturday?

  20. For sevco a lot depends on the stadium. Ownership, entitlement to revenue, upkeep.


    Anecdotal evidence on CQN and elsewhere suggests maintenance has been neglected for years. And years to come. There could come a point when safety certificates are not renewed.#


    CG has done his sums and worked out what they can afford to use as bribery money. He knows what is needed to maintain momentum. He know that if he loses momentum then starting the whole show on the road again will require a cash injection he cannot raise.

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