Bring the glory home from Perth


Willie Maley’s 1917 62-game unbeaten run in domestic football (or just football, as it was back then) was matched against Kilmarnock, but as Rangers fans found out in 1998, you should never assume that just because you can match a record, you can beat it.

Tomorrow Celtic’s shot at history goes on the line at McDiarmid Park against St Johnstone, where we last lost a domestic game, back in May 2016. St Johnstone have already relieved Celtic of a couple of points this season, and will have no fears of what they face in tomorrow’s early kick off.

For Brendan Rodgers, the challenge will be to peak energy levels after an emotionally and physically draining evening against Bayern Munich on Tuesday. His players are Celtic, not Robotic, and he will know there is a very real chance of a reversal, if we are anything less than 100% prepared.

History is yours for the taking, Celtic.  Bring the glory home from Perth.


Brendan Rodgers – The Road to Paradise The Official Autobiography is available now from CQNBookstore.com – the first 100 orders received will come with a free gift.

From a small village on the north-east coast of Ireland to the treble-winning manager of Celtic, Brendan Rodgers’ football journey has been a remarkable one of dedication, hard work, a desire to always keep improving and a determination to succeed at the highest level of the sport … and throughout his life there has always been a love of his team … Celtic Football Club.

In his own words, Brendan Rodgers tells his story – from a promising young footballer growing up in Carnlough and dreaming of playing for Celtic one day through to his professional career – as a player, a coach and now as one of football’s top managers. And Celtic supporters will also enjoy an insight into a remarkable season – from the first competitive game in Gibraltar through to the thrilling Scottish Cup final, with plenty of highlights in between, including the manager’s first trophy triumph and some unforgettable Glasgow derbies.



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  1. A few people have emailed asking for the link for the Charlie Tully book, here it is:








    We have 3 copies of this very rare book left. We also have copies of Brendan’s new book which you can only buy from Celtic or CQN.




    Happy birthday to BRTH and I understand that he will be on Reporting Scotland this evening so that should be entertaining.





    Great night,that. So so unlucky.



    As bloody usual.




    Couldn’t get the wifi to work where I was staying ended up sitting on a street corner piggybacking on a posh hotels wifi, got the game and I thought hallelujah 14 mins in it froze never to reappear, froze ma nuts off trying to get it:))



    Saw the highlights but scanning around for the full game.



    This team is growing, I can’t see Anderlecht having the where with all to do anything in Glasgow.



    Hail Hail buddy, a week without CQN is a long time!!





    I can’t usually watch midweek games at all,and it’s bliddy frustrating. Must be even worse when you get teased rotten like that!



    I’m hoping that the chosen venue tomorrow doesn’t let us down-off to Belfast wi my sisters for the weekend,so St Matthews Social Club it is. That should set the weekend off rather nicely,wi any luck.



    Good times to be a Tim,that’s for sure.








    Really nice of the state broadcaster to let you share your special day with us(!)

  6. A Team built second by second


    minute by minute,


    half by half,


    game by game


    week in week oot


    season a feck they come and go


    History is great


    god bless Maley and his Celts,


    same as us Celts


    always breaking records


    ach old hat that is


    breaking your own


    now that is something special




    god bless Celtic


    nothing assumed and everything worked for


    improvin a wee bit as wee go



    Hail Hail

  7. BMCUW @ 12 24 .



    “Wee Charlie Tully tale ” – here is another



    I’m old enough to have seen Charlie Tully but not old enough to have concrete memories of the man . I do have concrete memories of this — living in a privately rented room and kitchen (outside cludgie in Woodlands ) -4 of us – my mother / my father / my big sis and me . Chance came up to get a bigger place in Ashley Street – we excitedly went to see it — somebody had written Charlie Tully (big letters ) on the street level close wall — cue my mother “-I’m not staying here ” – We didn’t even go to see the gaff.-

  8. What is the Stars on




    Interesting article about Charlie Tully and Colin Farrell connection



    However….being spotted by Kevin Spacey in a small play and whisked off to Hollywood and turned into a star.


    Hmmm…I heard some scurrilous gossip many years ago about Colin’s meteoric rise


    I wonder if maybe it had some foundation or was it just good old fashioned Dublin Begrudgery..


    I always thought the latter and will continue to think so ….but you know yerself



    maybe it was the Rangers top that attracted Mr Spacey !!!!

  9. Lots of quality posts pre and post-Bayern game, but none as important as this excerpt from AULDHEID’s @10.55pm, Nov 2nd.



    “My view is all clubs, not just Celtic have to justify to their support the purchase of tickets for a game that lacks the integrity a proper and full investigation would have provided.



    This moral question has to take concrete form at ST renewal.



    Clubs have to declare confidence in SFA governance and why and If clubs have no confidence in fair governance what right have they to sell tickets to events where matters off field can corrupt sporting endeavour on it?



    Only supporter pressure from supporters of all clubs asking this question can force integrity to be observed as it did in 2012.”

  10. weebobbycollins on

    SOT…funny you should mention Tim Hardin. A musician friend of mine hung out with him mid to late seventies, they played and wrote some songs together. I still have some letters (yes, in the days when we still wrote letters to communicate) where my mate mentions Hardin’s terrible state and how concerned he was about him…I think he finally passed away 1980…Sad!




    We have a few copies of Tom Campbell’s book Charlie Tully Celtic’s Cheeky Chappie on cqnbookstore.com – got them printed to order a few weeks ago, they are very rare.



    *the first of many Celtic books I read was “Passed to You” by in my da’s opinion the greatest ever Celt. Not just him but it seems his generation.



    History will tell us that after the heady days of the late ‘30’s when we broke the attendance record at the SC Final against a black and gold striped sheep (stats tell us that there were about 1600 more at the Scotland/England game the week before but the facts are many many more were locked out of the national stadium for the Final, a UK and European record to this day) following up with the Empire Exhibition trophy we went through a dismal time after WWII, almost being relegated it seems.



    And then several weeks after a hard working display by a young Bobby Evans who it seemed covered every blade of grass at Dens Park that day in a side that contained an equally young John McPhail we signed Charles Patrick.



    He was IMHO the catalyst of the side that returned us tae our place at the top in Scotland winning the St Mungos Cup, 2 Scottish Cups, first League title in 16 years including a double and 2 League Cups culminating in his finest display in the hoops at Hampden in the Sun.



    I grew up listening tae my da gushing about the original Belfast Bhoy he was also at Brockville that day, incidentally on the opposite wing tae Charlie for the Bairns was a true Celtic legend Jimmy Delaney while at centre was 3 goal hero that day at Dens and also a team mate of Charlie in the 1951 SC Final Jock Weir.



    My da, who had a great fondness for both Irish national sides, also told me with pride about Charlie’s corner kick goal against england, he was a huge fan of Bertie Peacock tae.



    Big Packy, hate tae be pedantic, but the captain of the 7-1 team was Bertie Peacock, Bobby Evans captained the side the year before when we won the LC for the first time.

  12. South Of Tunis on




    Tim Hardin –


    I saw him at a festival on the outskirts of Lincoln in the summer of 71 . On a bill with the likes of The Incredible String Band/James Taylor / Bert Jansch / Tom Paxton . He was in ” a worse state ” than me and most of the audience .. That was quite an achievement.




    Back to the Post Office Q -way down south

  13. weebobbycollins on

    Tontine…correct. 1956 LC final replay. Bobby Evens lifted the cup and my dad held me up and told me I would remember the moment for the rest of my life…he was right of course. There are many things I have forgotten but that image is burned into my memory…I was a mere eight years old and got the half day from school to go and see the game. Afternoon kick-off as Hampden still had no floodlights. Witnessed it from high up in the north stand. Also, still remember the rosette my old man bought me by the pre-fabs outside the ground…and my hero, wee Bobby Collins, scored one of the three goals, other two by John McPhail…sweet memories…

  14. SOT


    Was at that Lincoln concert – Buffy Sainte marie and the Byrds were also there – great memories

  15. Happy Birthday to BRTH,


    An unassuming ( aye, really ) man, without whom, this years Lisbon pilgrimage would have been less of an experience to many on here.


    The crowds of locals and tourists who were stopped, staring and smiling in wonder at the noise coming from the open windows of the top floor of Casa de Alentejo on the night of 24th May will live long in the memory, not only of those inside, but those outside too, i would imagine, along with so many other moments from the festivities during the week.



    Hope you have a great birthday J, you deserve it !!!

  16. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 3RD NOVEMBER 2017 11:29 AM



    MARTIN LUTHER – Mightily interesting 2 part documentary re the man on the Italian equivalent of the Beeb.. As is often the case atheist no axe to grind me was slightly surprised that ” Catholic Italy ” is completely open to discussing the possibility that the man was right to think that the Church badly needed reforming.



    *watched a docu drama about him with Timothy West in the starring role a couple of years back. After that and also reading a book about Henry VIII’s dispute with Pope Leo X I had the thought that if I lived back then mibbees I would have become a ken dodd so much was the Catholic church in disarray especially over paid indulgences tae reconstruct St. Peter’s Basilica.



    Martin Luther it seems went tae his death clasping a set of rosary beads while Henry was convinced he was still a Catholic.

  17. South Of Tunis on




    Dearie me -I’ dont remember the Byrds at that thing – but I know I went to see them at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon that summer . I had just graduated and was due to start a Phd in the States that autumn . I got a job in an East End London sawmill /timber yard . I was meant to be saving(for that adult thing called the future) but I did my usual and spent way too much on bits of vinyl and chasing a good time



  18. Oi! Bada! YOur Last Man Standing selection please? cqnpredictor@gmail.com .



    And that also goes out to – Lennybhoy, vfr800a8, A Source Said, Son Of The Source and Landybhoy.



    Thank you in anticipation ;-)




  19. South Of Tunis on




    That Timothy West thing was on Italian tele last night — I watched Lazio v Nice instead . I saw the Timothy West thing a couple of years ago on the Discovery channel . The guy from Oxford Uni who looked like Mr Bean had some interesting things to say.

  20. South Of Tunis on

    JOPHES –



    Big thanks for that link — I’ll file it away



    Hitched up from London the night before . Had a hassle with some skinheads in a Lincoln boozer called the Reindeer.. Lippy me had hassles everywhere in those times.

  21. JOPHES on 3RD NOVEMBER 2017 1:26 PM





    Was at that Lincoln concert – Buffy Sainte marie



    *she sat opposite me on the same shuttle bus at LAX, in fact she was on the same flight fae TO, was surprised tae see her on the pre-clearance line as natives do not require passports in NA.



    Heard a couple of drunks who got on the bus at Muirhead singing the Universal Soldier, probably had no idea that she wrote it.

  22. I met Timothy West and Prunella Scales at the Blythswood Hotel earlier this year. What’s that got to do with anything? Well, I also saw Ian Bankier at the Blythswood that day too. So…you know….



    Tomorrow I fancy our magnificent, marvellous, most championiest champions to beat the Tory-voting, tweed wearing, farm dudes 3-1.



    Put yer mortgage on…something else, because I’m usually wrong…

  23. I dont have any worries about tomorrow.BR and the team have come too far to let this record slip.I would expect a full strength team out tomorrow,and a star studded bench.


    Too much nonsense being vomited up by the SMSM about the Europa League.We are not there yet.If we do get there,it will be very difficult to progress,but we could,all being well.Thats for a different day.at the moment,we have our passport to CL riches to think about.3 points tomorrow.

  24. European nights are great . But my preference is for us to put as much daylight between us and the opposition as we can . On Saturday we will face a different St Johnstone , from the one that Sevco faced the other week . There players will try harder , battle harder ,and with a compliant ref will get away with more than they did against Sevco . Imho , apart from against Aberdeen we haven’t yet hit the heights we did last season , it’s time we drew clear from the rest , that’s twice we’ve thrown away a Two point gap between us and them , and at home into the bargain . We should be battering , killie , St Johnstone ,and hibs as well . We need to be champions up here . Fail to do that , opens the door to Sevco , and sends us backwards . Our eye has been taken to off the big prize , which for us is being champions in scotland , we are not as far in front as we should be .

  25. SOT


    Me and a couple of mates went to the old angel inn for a few before going to the festival site – lucky it was great weather as ended up sleeping on the grass next to my mates car.

  26. SOT,



    At the time the Vatican was a nest of vipers.Corruption,scandal,orgies,power grabs.Popes having countless illegitimate children.Dear God,we even had a Borgia Pope.The burning of 10s of thousands of women,as witches,the Spanish inquisition,the claims of Heresy against scholars,the crushing of any enlightened thoughts.


    And people wonder why there was a Reformation?.

  27. JIMTIM on 3RD NOVEMBER 2017 2:21 PM,



    Sorry,I have to disagree with you on the Saints v Huns game.The Huns went one up,and thereafter were under pressure non stop from the saints.They had around 10 corners in as many minutes,battering at the Huns.Then,we had a Saints player sent off.The Huns scored a couple of late goals.They competed,tackled,and fought for every ball,even known Huns in their ranks.I dont like history being re written for the sake of a post