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  1. HS



    I said overall plau merited us being the better team. However lack of goal creation and scoring meant we did not actualize that merit.



    Yes- I will be there on Friday for Big Jimmy- will also be up your way tomorrow. Going to Edzell to do the Blue Door Walk with my wife

  2. IniquitousIV on

    It shows how far down the roster the manager is digging when he has to play a 5’4” smurf (Owen Moffat ) at center forward for the last 15 minutes. It would be laughable if it were not so tragic. Johnson is made of chocolate and will never make the grade. If he and Soro both prove to have hamstring injuries, there is possibly something far wrong with their warm up routines, as this class of injury seems to perpetually plague Celtic. And where is Rogic?

  3. AN DÚN on 14TH JULY 2021 9:37 PM



    Agree , same issue as last season , width from the full backs not working …. Need some speed and directness in the wide areas … still a run out for 90 mins , some talent in the young lads hopefully means we can concentrate our transfer spend

  4. lots of running about and short passing without any real final product , players like ralston , henderson , etc will never make it at Celtic .

  5. think we will a good run in the 5th division with all these young inexperienced signings but we need some quality for the top division

  6. agree on ralston and Henderson – don’t know why the former got a contract! he will be 3rd choice soon.



    Jut heard Ange say we created some chances. – don’t remember any – we worked our way into the box often enough but ran out of ideas or didn’t have the instinctive strikers to make the right moves.



    Ajeti is not a lone striker – he needs support.



    Good shape, nice midfield play – I’d be worried about how they react to pressure or going 1-2 down – we lack leadership and drive.



    Postives but the team needs numbers with experience !

  7. celtic tv presenters – there’s no chemistry and flow – pretty awkward at times.



    I see we are advertising for media professionals – we need an overhaul in that space to be “world class” like Dom wants!

  8. Drambowiecelt on

    SFTB lol at young louise…Who was the English girl previous who bid us farewell with Hile Hile??

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Joe Ledley commented that the game would be good for Celtic as we’ll face lots of packed defences in the SPFL this season .


    I said to myself ,’Aye , and there will be lots of draws if this is anything to go by .’



    Possession , energy, much improved from last season but we seriously lack quality to put games away .



    One more practice game before the big one , has me none too confident .

  10. IniquitousIV on

    Poles, Armenians, Azerbaijanis and Kazakhs all through in Champions League. Some teams are in for a long trip in the next round!

  11. glendalystonsils on

    I also thought the ref was poor . Maybe he has some Lanarkshire blood in him? Let them away with niggly fouls throughout and one stinker on Karamoko .

  12. Ajeti remains unconvincing.



    Still no idea what kind of player he is, Just seems to to be swallowed up by defences every game.

  13. I actually feel quite deflated watching that tonight …..I think maybe Ange is as well …….the goal keeping situation is a disaster waiting to happen…….we have really fallen a long way ….that reminded me of the early 90s with two players …mcstay and collins….tonight it was mcgregor and turnbull …..Henderson, Ralston, Johnson, Ajeti, …I will excuse Dembele and Montgomery…ex Sheffield wed players should be back up ….God we are soo short ….

  14. glendalystonsils on

    I think Saturday’s game will tell us much more about how we are likely to fare against Midtjylland as Ange will have to treat it as more of a dress rehearsal than tonight’s game .



    We have some promising kids but all our real quality inhabits the midfield in the shape of Calmac and Turnbull



    It’s not enough.

  15. glendalystonsils on




    I was thinking more of the gentlemen of the Lanarkshire referees association .



    They might have prevented us winning the European cup (if they could).

  16. Drambowiecelt on

    I worry about young Callum…7 times tonight he gave the ball away in dangerous places…


    Against serious Teams we would have suffered,,I love the Bhoy ..


    Ijust hope the weight of being captain and leader is not too much for him…


    He needs a rest…….

  17. I think Saturday’s game will tell us much more about how we are likely to fare against Midtjylland as Ange will have to treat it as more of a dress rehearsal than tonight’s game .








    But given how tonight has gone, the likes of Turnbull or a CalMac picking up an injury would be far too great a risk.



    I’d play the lads that need the minutes. Taylor, CalMac, Turnbull, Welsh and Ajeti should be wrapped in wool this weekend.



    Another good showing from Shaw on Saturday and I’d be very tempted to given him his place.

  18. first match i have watched. It is early days and the manager has been thrown in deep end without lifebelt but the squad is mostly made up off inexperience and mediocrity


    We need experience in key areas desperately or we are likely to throw a few youngster with potential under the proverbial bus


    Rome wasn’t built in a day but this could take considerably longer than 6


    HH keep the faith



    You got something against Smurfs?


    Only blue ones.😊

  20. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 14TH JULY 2021 10:10 PM





    You got something against Smurfs?





    Probably the blue skin. 🤷‍♀️

  21. There is not one of the back 5 id play through choice…..possibly get away with Taylor if the other three and keeper were decent ….midfield while the best of the team …could still do with a player …..up front we are devoid of anything…absolutely nothing ……

  22. I have no expectation of Celtic next week – in fact unless there is a swift change away from just bringing in kids there will be no expectation for the season. Unless there is a mix of a few seasoned pros even a couple of old timers with real know how and guile to help the kids we will be closer to Hibs than the Sevvies. Sadly I have no confidence in the football club to manage the football team – welcome back to the 1990s.

  23. Dane Murray when he came on in the second half never put a foot wrong ,won’t be long till he included in the first team,I know it was a friendly but 3 Goalkeepers not one of them have I any confidence wit them ,Ewan Henderson has never progressed,he needs to move on,Greg Taylor same can’t cross a decent ball he to needs to move on, as for Tony Ralston needs to go out on loan the willingness is there but his lack of crossing the ball let’s him down,and finally I would give Boli another chance I think he is a lot better than Taylor.

  24. I find this extremely hard to write, but here goes.



    In my lifetime of watching Celtic, we have had some great teams, some good teams and some not too good teamsg- however I don’t ever remember us being so completely unprepared for the first competitive game of a new season as this year.



    It seems to me that all at the club have given up on having any European involvement whatsoever this season. Is this the case, why would this be & what does it mean?



    For the life of me I can’t fathom it out. I suggested in a previous post that perhaps this season has been written off. That we will recruit some youngsters, some loans (probably at the end of August) and a few £3/£4m signings and give Ange ‘the builder’ time to build. That’s my best guess!!!

  25. Delaneys Dunky on

    I would play the two full backs that finished the match, against the Danes, and despatch Ralston and Taylor off to pastures new pronto.


    Been very impressed with the two new bhoys fae Sheffield Wednesday. Look hard men who can play fitba. Both will do me. Big Shaw especially. Like tall classy looking midfield players, who can read a game and pass. Hard as nails too. 👍🍀💚

  26. Firstly



    The Celtic TV presentation in the 3 games was poor Technically as there were definite sound problems. A single camera is also not sufficient. The commentator John Hardy was clueless about Celtic and had done little research. Joe Ledley once played for Celtic but knows nothing about these players having left 7 years ago, He’s not very good at commentary. Louise Gould is a pretty girl trying hard but short in experience and knowledge, Paul Cuddihy was the best on it, Charlie Gallagher tribute had good quality.



    Tactics were underwhelming. The starting formation looked Like 3 6 1 with Ajeti sole striker, when he was hooked we tried young Moffat as Centre Forward. We should be playing 2 up, The injuries we suffered will weaken us for future games.



    McGregor, Turnball were good as I thought was Soro. Welsh and Urhoghide were adequate. The 2 young CH Murray and Hjelde were good when they came on, The rest never showed form to suggest they are first team material.



    It looks like we are not going to play Christie, N’tcham, Ajer Eduoard and Boli. Rogic and Bitton are injured, Forrest isolating and Griffiths well out of the picture, Thats 9 senior options not being used. I dont think the best team to face Midgieland is tonights team. They are not ready. Ange has run out of time



    The young players need time which we dont have so Ange will need to motivate some of the want aways to step in for the short term, After all we still pay their wages,

  27. Didn’t see the game but the comments suggest we could be in for a fight for second place,this is all dow to the board “the rangers” will be so far in front it will be a long time till we catch them.


    I don’t think they will be going bust anytime soon to help us from our own ineptitude.

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