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  1. squire danaher on




    My Titanic reference was meant to illustrate what I see as the unwarranted levels of positivity surrounding the current situation.



    I tried not to resort to the ‘Happy Clapper’ term which some may have perceived as an ‘ad hominem’ attack of playing the man rather than the ball.



    My point was that some people will attempt to see positives. In some circumstances that’s a noble gift but I don’t think that applies in ours. I tried to compare the optimism expressed earlier by others regarding the current season to the scenario I mentioned.



    If humour has to be explained it’s not funny – my fault.

  2. squire danaher on

    MADMITCH on 15TH JULY 2021 10:37 AM



    We need to agree to differ m8.



    I know you don’t rate CalMac.



    I think he was dragged down by last season’s disasters and would argue he was already showing signs of fatigue.



    All about opinions 👍

  3. LR67 @ 9.30



    Interesting stuff — probably told us more about the author than the problem.


    The article lost me when the focus turned to the need to work the data.



    That is the stuff of monkey management — 6 bananas is always better than 5.


    Lowest form of human understanding and the techno-babble of choice for the hard of thinking.

  4. quadrophenian on

    Of our three games played so far, I can see the players adopting the gaffer’s new shape/formation; against Sheff Wed and Charlton I thought it looked clear and sharp. I feel pretty positive about how we’re setting up and playing even tho it’s early.



    Last night, it looked less defined. And/or looked less sparky. Must be hard for players to shrug off ingrained playing habits in favour of a new playing shape and model. Won’t single out names, but a few looked shaky.



    Plus, Ange said they’d had a heavy day before so, I’m not too critical of only the third warmup game w a new gaffer in charge.



    BTW, for those thinking that Dom is a new brush who even has the power to sweep clean, remember that a CEO’s main job is to ‘…implement the strategy approved by the board.’



    So DomI


    Ss the Board’s strategy to restore us as a true football force, or to re-twin us with the ugly sister merely to strengthen a proposed move to Engerland some day?

  5. SD @ 10.44



    I do rate CMcG — just a case I see him being a squad player for the CFC I think we are capable of being.



    However we are not at that place just yet so he has a bigger part to play and last night with a new role — more LM than last season I think he had a good game. DT also had a good game and it split the workload and offered something different.



    CMcG has been a slow burner who has always improved — slowly — apart from last season when he phoned it in with the rest of the NT clique.



    You are having a laugh to think he is needing a rest after four hard seasons though.


    How can you put last season down to burn-out when the world stopped in March 2020 for 3 months?

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Squire D – cheers.






    For my part (with deliberate reference to my moniker) ….



    … I suspect I sometimes look at a half full glass and see it 55-60% full.



    I’m QUITE (not fully) positive about this season AS A WHOLE …



    … but have little tangible evidence to support that feeling.



    PS – IMHO, no apology necessary.



    You’re polite .. and it’s a blog



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  7. Rolling_Stone on




    Richard Wilson






    Celtic News Celtic have spoken via intermediaries re a deal for Kristijan Lovric (that’s been on the cards for ages) but have expressly stated the basis that they will pay £5m (£1m above the asking price) if Gorica will hang on to see if Celtic advance in Europe and afford that

  8. RS @ 11.39



    Looks like we are now innovating as only the desperate can.


    The price seems a bit high vs age and performance level.



    Big unit for a winger so he should be able to help out at defensive corners.

  9. squire danaher on






    Celtic News Celtic have spoken via intermediaries re a deal for Kristijan Lovric (that’s been on the cards for ages) but have expressly stated the basis that they will pay £5m (£1m above the asking price) if Gorica will hang on to see if Celtic advance in Europe and afford that






    Assuming there’s any truth in this.



    What in Gods name do we take these people for?



    Why would the selling club not just sell him now to someone who will pay their asking fee??



    Have we offered some Irn Bru bottles as a deposit??

  10. I fully expect the recruitment to ramp up in the coming weeks


    The only thing important this season to me is winning the league back



    I get the frustration over the recruitment however it was ALWAYS going to be difficult and MANY players will be holding off until the last minute to commit to ANY side on the back of the Euros.



    Signing for celtic was a no-brainer in football terms 6 or 7 years ago.



    But when teams such as Brighton or Brentford can afford to give players £60,000 per week it makes life a whole lot more difficult for us.



    Yes players won’t be playing in a 67k stadium


    Yes players won’t be playing for a worldwide support who will adore them


    Yes players won’t wear the famous hoops


    Yes players won’t have world class training facilities .



    But earning £20k pw to £60k pw is massive and a game changer and puts them In the biggest shop window in the world.



    I will however take into consideration season 97/98



    Where we ALSO looked I’ll prepared under new manager wim jansen



    We had also just lost paul mcstay (my hero)



    And previous seasons the 3 amigos



    An average side Up against a star studded and successful 9 in a row rangers side our recruitment was to say the least … frustrating






    Darren Jackson


    Craig burley


    Stephane mahe







    Henrik larsson


    Regi blinker


    Jonathan gould







    Marc reiper







    Paul lambert







    Harald brattbakk




    This was possibly my favourite season of supporting celtic for what it meant



    The end of years of misery



    I am positive and hopeful



    Bring it on

  11. HOT SMOKED on 15TH JULY 2021 9:18




    Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me – I don’t know.



    New CEO – new manager – three of our top players leaving – beaten by a distance last season – no urgency in addressing our ‘thin’ squad for opening CL qualifier.



    If someone had been charged with designing certain failure for next season, could it have been done anymore comprehensively?



    I sense there is something big going on behind the scenes and that the immediate fortunes of the team are secondary to it at the moment…..e.g. there are ‘bigger fish to be fried’.



    Don’t you think we just appear to be ‘cobbling together’?

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