Broomloan brilliance, hopeless imposter


Just catching up on the post-Ibrox analysis after a busy weekend. A few observations:

Celtic opened very well but our passing out of defence fell apart after 10 minutes and didn’t get back on track until Scott Sinclair decided he was taking control at halftime. If I wanted to make an excuse, I’d say we were rusty due to the formation only just returning to normal for the first time this season, but this may be over-generous.

Scott demonstrated why he was Player of the Year last season. He has what it takes to swing big games. The game can be divided into two parts: times when Sinclair had the ball inside the Newco box, and all other times. You could sense the terror in blue at the former.

On the Newco penalty claim: I’m not sure. Jozo pulled out of the challenge, which I suspect is why the referee didn’t give it, but I would have claimed if it was the other way around.

It was clear to everyone in the Broomloan Stand that Leigh Griffith was claiming for a penalty in the first half, although none of us knew why. Young Beckenbauer in the Newco defence extended his arms and made his body big as the ball dropped onto his hand.

The rules are clear on this one, allow your arms to leave the confines of your body and you’ve transgressed if the ball strikes a hand or arm. Sky Television viewers were then transported to an alternate universe, where they were told, “Leigh Griffiths is claiming for a corner kick”. There is an intellectual pain experienced when you are part of a group treated to ‘expert’ analysis like this. I was embarrassed as a viewer.

While Scott Sinclair was the custard in your doughnut, the second goal was a product of crisp passing down the right. Callum McGregor was worthy of an honourable mention here. He has the craft to compliment Patrick Roberts’ level of astonishing-ness.

There will be quite a number of people who are walking around Lennoxtown today full of the joys because of the save Craig Gordon made with the score at 0-1. This was not a normal reaction save, it was the result of a planned and practiced manner in which to close-down an opponent who is about to head the ball. Look again at how Craig moves his body.

It was a big moment and speaks of the technical preparation of the goalkeepers.

Scott Brown remains is in the form of his life. He waltzed around Ibrox like he owned the place. Although with the alleged condition of the structure, that honour may be an onerous one.

The knives are out for Brother Pedro, who spent millions but has not noticeably improved his team. This is a little unfair. Newco’s problems run deeper than Pedro, and let’s face it, they would be in a far worse situation if he had not banned green boots.

This guy knows what he’s doing, no way is he an hopeless imposter, no way at all. And, if they ever score an important goal, Pedro’s instructions to congregate to celebration will also prove invaluable.

Let’s not get too carried away with ourselves. Ibrox was the aperitif, as they say in Europe. The main course is in Brussels on Wednesday, and that will prove to be a far greater challenge.

Enjoy the new podcast…

The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP13) The Quality Street Gang Part 1

This week, ‘A Celtic State of Mind’ pays tribute to The Quality Street Gang.

In the first of a two-part series, Paul John Dykes interviews Billy Murdoch, Bobby Wraith, HughMcKellar and Lou Macari to discuss one of the finest crops of youngsters ever to emerge from Celtic Park.


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  1. Big Jimmy









    If corruption is involved and telling porkies to obtain a licence that denies others an opportunity to reap a better financial reward is just that, then there is no statute of limitations in UEFA FFP.









    I don’t have the rule to hand but it’s clear and whilst UEFA might have argued last year any investigation into their and SFA monitoring was outside 5 year limit, that argument has to be revisited as it is clear an overdue payable as UEFA define one, existed at 31st March 2011.

  2. What is the Stars on




    Good ole Dermot Gallagher …one of our own..Certainly not neutral when it comes to analysing a Celtic Rangers game.

  3. From the previous thread:







    Judging by the number of Rangers-lite shirts that you find in second-hand clothing stores in Budapest, their brand’s in the toilet. Their fans have been totally exploited for years and I’m absolutely astonished by the sheer lack of awareness and insight that so many of them display.



    Being a pragmatic socialist, on one hand I’m caught between being disgusted by the way that working people are being shafted (keep in mind, many of them probably spend as much as Celtic supporters, with the obvious exception of Champion’s League outlay). On the other hand, I’m sorely tempted to say that this is as much as they deserve for being so ignorant, stupid and, in many cases, despicable. However, on balance, we should all wish that they could become better-educated and more responsible citizens because only then might they surrender their bizarre – “we are the people” – protestant sense of superiority. I honestly can’t think of a bigger blemish on the reputation of Scotland and the Scots and one really has to ask why Scottish politicians, and other with influence, have not acted to address this. It’s utterly shameful and scandalous.

  4. A result against Anderlecht will send Der Hun over the edge. They voted for Brexit anyway. Hell mend em sooner than expected.

  5. AULDHEID on25TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:07 PM






    Notice how Jack tries to belittle Res12?



    The last thing the media want is light being shone on what appears to be fraud until such times as CompOff can say otherwise.



    The SFA did not finally decide to look into the UEFA licence of 2011 affair without their Counsel saying there was a case to investigate.



    You can read in E Tims latest http://etims.net/?p=11998 just how despair ate SFA were in 2016 to muddy the waters and if they keep trying via misinformed articles like Jack’s they only strengthen Celtic’s hand.



    Whilst the SPFL not wanting an enquiry might stay Celtic’s hand, on Res12 Celtic have locus and can take it to UEFA unless given an explanation that puts everyone in the clear.



    His reference to bampots knowing rules shows both arrogance and ignorance. Many “bampots” have skill sets way beyond the capacity of one journo to comprehend.

  6. Ah wonder if, Celtic will get their best fans in Europe award, before or, after Uefa close a stand, because of the Green Brigade Supremo’s pitch invasion, where he carried a pigs heid under his erm and, pulled haunfies of ashes oot his poakits before reaching for his Rambo knife that he had stuck doon his soaks ?





  7. Decent result away to a bang average mid table sevco side.


    Totally dominant.


    One of the drawbacks of being retired is not being able to wander around the work place post Glasgow derby!


    Wednesday’s Champions League tie much more difficult and much more important.


    Four changes, James for Paddy, Oli for Stu, Callum for Tom and Moussa for Griff.




  8. Wed 27th Sept 2017


    BT Showcase


    Freeview Channel 115


    Champions League


    Anderlecht v Celtic


    Kick Off Time 7:45pm

  9. From the previous thread:






    You won’t be short of things to do in Budapest, it’s one of the great European cities and a tourist’s paradise. Great food, wine and other entertainment and all at affordable prices. We even have our own Celtic Supporters Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/121271164551716/



    As when visiting any city, the best value can be found well away from tourist hot-spots. Try some of the ruin bars and Szentendre is worth a visit if you are willing to venture to the outskirts of Budapest.

  10. EUROCHAMPS67 on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:26 PM



    Let just thank God Brendan’s selecting the first XI and not you.



  11. Are you saying they should re-name it the ‘Broonloan Stand’?






    Feel free to use that one everyone….




  12. From the previous thread:



    TWISTS N TURNS on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:09 PM



    Send me an up-to-date email address and I’ll forward my previous message. It has a PDF attachment that might be of great use to your people upon your retirement. I assume that you don’t want them calling incessantly to seek your wisdom and advice :-)

  13. Thu 28th Sept 2017


    BT Showcase


    Freeview Channel 115


    Europa League


    BATE Borisov v Arsenal


    Kick Off Time 6:00pm

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “He waltzed around Ibrox like he owned the place. Although with the alleged condition of the structure, that honour may be an onerous one.”




    Possibly your best line yet, Paul. Brilliant!

  15. Celtic Champs Elect on




    I have to disagree on SS I thought he was very poor on Saturday in fact he should have been subbed and not TR in my opinion.. I would also say that he is Brendan’s favourite ..

  16. IAN_IN_BUDAPEST on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:20 PM



    They get away with “Taigs”, a Nazi Billy Fullerton tribute song, the “Famine Song”. In the eye’s of Der Hun filth they are “the peeple”. Until that Reichstag Ibrox is burned to the ground it wall always be the stadium John Brown played for.

  17. Paul67


    I couldn’t quite believe Walkers reaction to the pen incident when the ball hit the young fellas hand, my first reaction was a pen, there was many on here saying it wasn’t cos it wasn’t deliberate, just goes to show how the media have conditioned normally intelligent people :-)


    If you cast your mind back to the tackle on Dedryk when Morelos got booked, listen to what Walker says about it, it is an absolute disgrace, he is defending the tackle saying there wasn’t much contact, then goes on to say that cos Dedryk is carrying an injury it makes things worse than they are, for that comments alone he should be out of a job, if I were a violent man I would give him a right good slap.



  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    We quiz.





    Beyond parody.

  19. BIG JIMMY on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:48 PM


    AULDHEID on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:07 PM







    I have just emailed BRTH ( NOT sftb ???), to ask him to contact me and/or yourself about a certain Supreme Court Ruling that I successfully used in Court on…wait for it….the 25th May this year.




    I can’t remember if I have your email address, or if you have mine, but please feel free to contact Paul/VFR if you wish to email me ?




  20. !!BADA BING!! on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:43 PM



    Pedro is clueless, who interviews well, a conman




    Yup! The longer he remains in-post the better!! :-))))

  21. Paul67, I would like to wish you very welcome for your statement of kind in support of my toolset as a manager.



    However your faultitude towards my stadium is not as welcoming by me. For this my caravan and dog are not available to you nearly ever in your future.



    My stadium is a solid foundation on that my team of champions is delivered to war with all opponents. Scott Brown is not an opponent I would have in my team so could never own my fine stadium.



    Yours team was luck on Saturday. With your elbows and your knees you gained unfortunate victory. We played all the passages with fortune. £9m of fortune but maybe it is good work to place this in your refereees pockets rather than decidedly in your playing management of football.




  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Hate the sin , not the sinner.


    The hun culture emanates from the inner workings of Ibrox.


    Lip service to anti – bigotry is what they pay and always have.


    Only a mug could believe their mealy mouthed protestations of taking action against bigoted slogans and songs.


    In time , God willing , that culture will be consigned to the sewers of history.