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Been in conference in deepest Manchester for a few days, has anything happened? First of all, well done to the captain for the whole onesie thing. I remember the days Celtic View staff had to campaign for days to get a word from a Celtic player. Notions that the senior players would roll their sleeves up and get involved with media, commercial or Foundation projects were fanciful.

While the move to Lennoxtown has no doubt been good for players and coaches, fans seldom get to see players in less formal roles, like this, or the now frequent Celtic shop visits.

BroonyIf you’ve not seen the video, check it out here.  It’s a Joy of Celtic kind of thing (which I know you have in spades).

Fraudulent or not?

Lord Haw-Haw: Yes.
William Shakespeare: Maybe.
Celtic, East Dunbartonshire and NHS Greater Glasgow: No.

Audit Scotland yesterday announced that there were no fraudulent activities surrounding the purchase of Lennoxtown by Celtic. Imagine that!  Celtic paid full price, including tax…

CQN and others spend years predicting the fate of Rangers and Murray International Holdings. The evidence was there, if a little hidden. Just because one group of fans can successfully uncover significant information on another club, doesn’t mean that any or every club is managed in an illicit manner.

The tip is: if you’re going to put a lot of time and effort into something, chose your subject carefully. Otherwise you not only waste your time, but you miss a whole lot of more serious action.

Establishing the locus…

….what you need to do before you are considered appropriate to mount a Judicial Review of a process. Mike Ashley did this yesterday, despite his 9% shareholding in Newco. Fan groups wishing to pursue the SPFL, should they fail to look at the goings-on at oldco in the light of various recent legal matters, will need to convince a judge they are entitled to ask for a Review.

There is a clear route for pursue, should it be necessary.

On Ashley’s Judicial Review of the SFA’s decision to fine him £1000. If the Association are wise they’ll capitulate now. He knows what they don’t, he started this action knowing he has enough to win.

So what would you prefer, Newco fan money goes into Newco, or is held for a more productive moment? I reckon they should pile in now.

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  1. Awe three first that’s a treble for me noo… I can give up now, I’ve reached my goal.



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  2. You know I was just footering about, flicking back and forth hadn’t even looked at any of today’s post’s just yer luck. I’ll read the article now give me a few mins.



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    VP , G64 and. All vogue csc


    Prayers for Brian RIP



    Proud hoy


    Tragic accident, RIP those young men also

  4. The Sevco saga is bubbling along very nicely!



    Here are a couple of new blogs about the issues that Paul outlines above.



    One about the possible ‘soft loans’ to the ‘club’ from Rangers* First






    And one about Ashley’s day in court yesterday, where Counsel for the SFA said some rather striking things!






    Enjoy the rest of the day!

  5. Afternoon was a tough decision of do I go to the game or not tomorrow just off nightshift, last week it was a resounding no, to cold to wet I’d be to tired. Watching Celtic is a game to game thing, you get frustrated more than not, but you just know that bug will keep biting away at you till you give in. The day of the match yer back in love and off ye go.


    Hoping the bhoys can turn it on tomorrow the way we know they can, but to infrequently this season, that’s more down to luck than anything else, a bit of consistency is required a bit of hope for us…..



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  6. AN TEARMANN on 25TH NOVEMBER 2015 12:42 PM



    ah good,you’ll be on the tab tomorrow MickTT :-) well done














    I’m sure I can stand you one…




  7. How much are individual clubs going to be liable when a pockled SFA back Crime inc at debtodome?



    i take it there will be some sort of insurance policy covering our clubs.



    how dare they mention Scottish football and in the same breath as cheats.



    Shortie last night farting bout money lost to the game,


    what bout SFA competence?


    an 18th century bowling club mentality,implementintin 19th century bowling club rules for 21st centiry football.it disnae sit well wi me.






  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Ah well. I’m sure if there had been fraud re Lennoxtown the MSM would have brushed it all off as having been done by the “holding company” and nothing at all to do with the club…….

  9. Proudbhoy



    Tragic news about the two young Irishmen in Oz , may they Rest in Peace.


    Thoughts and prayers with their friends and families.

  10. I cannot see the SFA allowing big Mike his day(s) in court.


    Too much may become public knowledge. I would suspect another backroom deal will be attempted to make this disappear, and that the GASL, will do walking away very shortly.


    but then again.. It is the pantomine season, so I say let the fun begin.


    Oh no he won’t !

  11. ‘Been in conference in deepest Manchesta’



    I thought the Hacienda shut down years ago.



    ; ))




  12. i really am getting sentimental, I was nearly greeting at the video, its brilliantly done.




    Have to say though, the game in the garden, Wee jamesie forrest failed to cut the baw back to the 7 year old for a tap in.



    bah humbug.

  13. Just out for a wee walk there at lunch time. Came across Chris (oh i love my brown brogues) Graham just round the corner from the City Chambers. He has some land x-ray equipment out trying to trace our tunnel between the City Chamber’s, the Vatican and Celtic Park. I told him.



    Sons of Struth! Do these guys ever give up.



    That’s why we lined the tunnel with lead ya stupid numpty.




  14. Just a repost as it as on the last page, some will not agree, others can make there mind up.




    I’m looking at the last two lines on this STATEMENT and I was wondering if those two lines involved Lord Livingstone of Parkhead? It was a while ago I’ll give you that, so I’m assuming things have changed then? Published on Monday 8th November, 2010 by Celtic Trust Concern over the coercive atmosphere around the wearing and display of poppies Celtic Football Club was established by Irish immigrants in Scotland. Its founders instigated a club that would forthwith be open to players and supporters regardless of ethnic, national and religious background. Our supporters include people who have a broad range of community and national backgrounds and histories and all are welcomed into the Celtic family thus enriching our cultural environment. Mindful of the variations in how war can be understood, interpreted and remembered and sensitive to the multiple experiences and perceptions of those that constitute the Celtic community as well as beyond, the Celtic Trust has been against the forced and manipulative nature of poppy wearing in latter years, not least amongst the football community in Scotland. We are particularly against the practice of using the team shirt to promote this symbol and we welcome the news that this practice will end this year. We note that a broad public debate appears to be opening up on this question and that other individuals and organisations outwith football are concerned about the coercive atmosphere around the wearing and display of poppies. We further note with dismay the demonising of those people who exercise their right to free speech and dissent on this question and we oppose any action which may be taken against anyone who chooses to peacefully demonstrate their point of view, whether in a football ground or elsewhere. Tags: The Celtic Trust – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/saturday-agm-afterblow/comment-page-27/#comment-2724971

  15. Dodgy Dave is currently in the SPFL boardroom according to Twitter.



    Anyone know if this is accurate or just a rumour?

  16. Anyone care to explain how Mike Ashley’s JR yesterday paves the way for fans to go should ‘official’ approaches fail.






    Árd Macha

  17. Not enough tinfoil in the world






    The reality is though that Ashley’s campaign is destined to fail, even in the unlikely scenario he managed to have King’s F&P status revoked the Rangers Chairman is too heavily invested emotionally and financially to simply cut off funding and walk away. The other flaw in the thinking is that although King has very deliberately brought the media focus onto himself to relieve the pressure from others he is far from the only person involved with the means and desire to take Rangers forward. Our main strength just now is that the consortium of those involved now and who wish to be is large enough not to be dependant on one person’s finances removing the huge risk attached attached to being reliant on a solitary David Murray type figure.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “the Rangers Chairman is too heavily invested emotionally and financially to simply cut off funding – ”




    Errrr, what funding?????

  19. Irrespective of how you rate Broony as a player…One thing can’t be denied…His love for our Club.


    This is a great advert for Celtic…in more ways than one.


    Well done Broony…and a Merry Christmas to you too.


    Hail hail

  20. Saint Stivs


    I hadn’t seen that before , Love it.


    Also great advert from Broony and Celtic .


    On tomorrow nights game , i have no idea of the form of Ajax, but we will need to raise our game considerably if we are to have any chance of victory. Watching Celtic in Europe under Ronny has been Deja Vu all over again. Cut out the errors , defend as a team


    and give it your all. You owe us a performance.


    I’m getting excited already