Broony Lewis, Fraud or not, Establishing Locus


Been in conference in deepest Manchester for a few days, has anything happened? First of all, well done to the captain for the whole onesie thing. I remember the days Celtic View staff had to campaign for days to get a word from a Celtic player. Notions that the senior players would roll their sleeves up and get involved with media, commercial or Foundation projects were fanciful.

While the move to Lennoxtown has no doubt been good for players and coaches, fans seldom get to see players in less formal roles, like this, or the now frequent Celtic shop visits.

BroonyIf you’ve not seen the video, check it out here.  It’s a Joy of Celtic kind of thing (which I know you have in spades).

Fraudulent or not?

Lord Haw-Haw: Yes.
William Shakespeare: Maybe.
Celtic, East Dunbartonshire and NHS Greater Glasgow: No.

Audit Scotland yesterday announced that there were no fraudulent activities surrounding the purchase of Lennoxtown by Celtic. Imagine that!  Celtic paid full price, including tax…

CQN and others spend years predicting the fate of Rangers and Murray International Holdings. The evidence was there, if a little hidden. Just because one group of fans can successfully uncover significant information on another club, doesn’t mean that any or every club is managed in an illicit manner.

The tip is: if you’re going to put a lot of time and effort into something, chose your subject carefully. Otherwise you not only waste your time, but you miss a whole lot of more serious action.

Establishing the locus…

….what you need to do before you are considered appropriate to mount a Judicial Review of a process. Mike Ashley did this yesterday, despite his 9% shareholding in Newco. Fan groups wishing to pursue the SPFL, should they fail to look at the goings-on at oldco in the light of various recent legal matters, will need to convince a judge they are entitled to ask for a Review.

There is a clear route for pursue, should it be necessary.

On Ashley’s Judicial Review of the SFA’s decision to fine him £1000. If the Association are wise they’ll capitulate now. He knows what they don’t, he started this action knowing he has enough to win.

So what would you prefer, Newco fan money goes into Newco, or is held for a more productive moment? I reckon they should pile in now.

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  1. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    ‘Cometh the time..Cometh the mhan’..



    Would love Scott Alan and james Forest to roast Ajax tonight and throw a fe w new options in to Ronie’s head for future starting selection ( I know James is there but a big chance for Scott Alan). If Scott Alan can get a run then I think he’s be good for us – it would also put a wee fire under GMS and Armstrong who have not impressed this eason as I’d hoped they would.



    Griffiths – come on sone – get the shooting boots on. Big night tonight oif we play our cards Right, eh Brucie?

  2. Proudbhoy



    St Vincent’s is excellent. You’ll probably get a bit of cabaret today as well. If you’re a lager drinker try the Hever Lee.



    142 St Vincent St


    Downstairs from Martha’s

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Proud bhoy



    As herbo said st Vincent is very good if you like a wee sing song 8)



    Malones. Only time I’ve been in tbh

  4. BT





    Malones is good too. Can be a bit strict on the door if you’ve had a few. They have music on every night and a late licence although the music is of a more mainstream nature if ye catch Ma drift ;-)

  5. De Boer basically said ,he had a dodgy knee and Sevco were offering a 4 year tax free dean as opposed to Man U’s 3 year legal deal,so a much better deal.Strangely enough Spanner never asked him if he intended paying the loan back.He went on to say he would dream as a boy in Amsterdam,of playing against Raith Rovers in Scotland………ok i made the last bit up.

  6. One's Called Ronald, One's Called Frank on

    Hi guys



    Bit of topic but does anybody know any Celtic supporters busses that puck up from Leith?



    Thanks in advance.




  7. Ach, Mr King, what a lovely wee surprise. Are ye for stayin, aye?


    Pull yerself up a chair and we’ll get the kettle on then



    From JJ



    King was summoned to the SPFL yesterday. Doncaster read him the riot act. If he and his shyster board continued to avoid paying the £250,000 fine and the costs of the ‘independent’ commission, Doncaster would not be able to defend against the clamour for title stripping. Furthermore, King’s part in the tax evasion, as a non-executive director during the EBT years, would be subject to public scrutiny. Doncaster knows that there will be no last minute appeal to the Supreme Court. This ball will not be kicked into the long grass. King left Hampden with a flea in his ear and an invoice for £400,000. When challenged by Richard Wilson of the BBC, who would have been tipped off by the media-savvy Doncaster, King came up with the ‘cosy chat’ fence as he removed his tie to secrete it in his pocket. By calling Wilson, Doncaster issued a tacit threat to King




    There is a Leith Celtic Supporters club. Im pretty sure it leaves from Coopers Rest on Easter Rd.

  9. One's Called Ronald, One's Called Frank on




    Thanks, I don’t suppose you have a contact number for it. Been trying without much luck to find one on google.

  10. I hope and pray that next season we have big changes on the board,ok we are being run good hardly any debt,but these directors need to move on,we need men or woman who will stick up for our club,no more pussy footing with media,also for god sake get the fans back supporting the hoops,also I have always wondered about celtic football club not having a few woman in important roles at our club ,couldn’t be anyworse than the current lot ,except for 1 gentlemen john keane who has been a good servant for our club

  11. OCROCF



    I don’t mate but if you have twitter I know @leithrepublican uses that bus.



    Here’s the number for Coopers Rest



    0131 554 2001

  12. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    on match days ( certainly before the game starts) we should ban all Hun/EBT chat and Board bashing…



    Im as ever looking forward to watching the game tonight..hoping for the best. Excited by the fact we are forced to make changes that could just work out..

  13. O G Rafferty,


    So only £400K to keep their illgotten gains, stinks of corruption when the same people tell us there is no appetite for title stripping eh.

  14. Charles Alexander Green v Rangers International Football Club plc



    Charles Green, the former chief executive of Rangers International Football Club plc who claimed that the company were contractually obliged to pay the costs of his defence to criminal proceedings brought against him, has had his action dismissed by a judge in the Court of Session.



    On 26 November 2015, following the legal debate which was heard on 12 November 2015, Lord Doherty dismissed the action brought by Mr Green (“the pursuer”) against Rangers International Football Club plc (“the defender”).



    In the action the pursuer founded upon clause 8.3 of the “Without Prejudice Compromise Agreement” which had been concluded between the pursuer (“the Employee”) and the defender (“the Company”) in April 2013.



    Clause 8.3 provided: “The Company will pay any reasonable professional (including, without limitation, legal and accounting) costs and expenses properly incurred by the Employee after the date of this Agreement which arise from having to defend, or appear in, any administrative, regulatory, judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings by a third party as a result of his having been Chief Executive of The Rangers Football Club or the Company.”



    The pursuer argued that the clause obliged the defender to pay the reasonable professional costs and expenses of the pursuer defending the criminal proceedings which have been brought against him.



    However, Lord Doherty decided that clause 8.3 does not oblige the defender to pay the costs of the pursuer defending the criminal proceedings which have been brought against him. He concluded that on a proper construction of the clause those criminal proceedings do not fall within its ambit.



    A written Opinion containing the reasons for his decision has been issued to parties.



    In view of the orders in terms of s.4(2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 made by the High Court of Justiciary on 16 October 2015 and by Lord Doherty on 12 November 2015 it is not proposed that the Opinion be published until the criminal proceedings against the pursuer and his co-accused have been concluded.

  15. One's Called Ronald, One's Called Frank on




    Leith Republican not been on twitter since May (although it was funny watching him laugh at Murphy and Alexander in his last tweets) and Coopers Rest is apparently closed.



    Thanks for your help though

  16. BT&herbo



    Cheers lads, sadly it’s not for tonight. Won’t even see the game.



    Just being nosey and looking forward to getting to a game, hopefully near very end of season .



    Enjoy tonight everyone .. Been another tough week as a Celt but the young bhoys need full backing tonight.



    Keep the faith

  17. TIMBHOY3 on 26TH NOVEMBER 2015 11:53 AM


    I hope and pray that next season we have big changes on the board,ok we are being run good hardly any debt,but these directors need to move on




    Aye,very good.Has to be the worst reasons yet for replacing Board members.


    Get in”Real Cellik men”That tactic always works.Look at the success its had across the city.


    Anyway,enough of this crap,Euro game tonight.Excited,yep.Like every time Celtic take the field.


    Confident ?Nope,but who knows?.


    Will be disappointed if Scott Allan and Tierney dont play.Could be a cracker.



  18. TONYDONNELLY67 on 26TH NOVEMBER 2015 12:27 PM


    Ronald De Boer said, he signed with rangers rather than Man U, because ” he liked Dick” awe well, there you go then, that clears that up.





    Ooooohhhh Matron !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  19. Leith No.1 bus leaves from Sunnyside Bowling Green. guy that runs it is called Martin and i have his number and can pass it on to you if youre not sorted as yet.

  20. Atitle bit of nostalgia but if you had to rank out top 10 European results I reckon Liverpool away in UEFA is in there.



    Off the top of my head.



    1. Internazionali 2-1 neutral.


    2. Leeds 1-0 away.


    3. Leeds 2-1 Hampden. Home.


    4. Vojvodina 2-1 home.


    5. Barca 2-1 home.


    6. Real Madrid 2-0 home.


    7. Liverpool 2-0 away.


    8. Ajax 2-1 away.


    9. Sporting Lisbon 5-0.


    10. Benfica 3-0 1969 ?



    Others ?

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