Brophy delivers the trophy


I know, I know, football people hate this kind of chat, but as we walked out of Celtic Park with a spring in our step last night, we were all convinced, the proceeding minutes were critical to the destination of this season’s Premiership trophy.

Celtic were imperious.  Olivier Ntcham orchestrated events, he seems to glide, not run, over the pitch, head up, ready to pirouette (which he does regularly), or fire a pass into whatever space has been opened in front of him.

I know we cannot fit Oli, Ryan Christie and Tom Rogic into the team at the same time, but if I was Neil Lennon, I would be trying to figure out how to fit two of them into the side.  Can one of them learn the No. 6 role and take some pressure off the McGregor-Brown pairing?

After (literally) hundreds of consecutive corner kicks without success, our conversation rate from this set piece is almost as good as it is from the penalty spot.  Christopher Jullien and Jozo Simunovic converted last night, while Jozo struck another effort off the post.  Jullien is as accomplished as anyone in the air since Bobo.  He worries defenders, which in itself, creates opportunity for others.

Greg Taylor lost possession twice in the opening minutes.  This is often an indication a player will hide, instead, Greg threw himself into the challenge.  He was always available and thereafter seldom put a foot wrong.  We need to remember how careers are developed.

With the points secure and Hearts thoroughly looking like the team at the bottom of the table (they really need a keeper, btw), Kilmarnock staged a late, though not unexpected, revival against Newco.  When news arrived of Eamonn Brophy’s 89th minute winner, memories of Ricky Fulton’s Rangers manager’s difficulty pronouncing another Irish name.  “Brophy delivers the trophy” © Callum Brennan.  It was a night of poetry, on and off the field.

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  1. It’s no coincidence that Sevco’s run of poor form has coincided with Michael Beale’s suspension. Perhaps he’s the buffer between them and Gerrard. Gerrard is a harsh task master, as we know re the after match interviews, and maybe Beale is the one to put an arm round individuals and get them going at half time, etc.



    The players may have downed tools for Gerrard, whereas if Beale was there they would run through a brick wall for someone who they respect. It’s hard to respect a manager who is telling the whole world, almost on a weekly basis now, that they are not very good, lack character and are mentally inept por cierto.

  2. Look ghuys, The doom & gloom was well overdone after our defeat at Celtic Park lets not go overboard the other way.


    The key thing about last night’s results was for the first time this season winning The Title was taken out of their hands. That is a bad place to be for any team or their Supporters but just one draw for us will rekindle hope in their black hearts.


    There are 12 games to go, at this point in time we need 30 points to guarantee the Title. WE have a, big away game against what is sure to be a motivated team next Sunday,


    One game at a time Sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m asking of you.

  3. I see Michael Stewart returns to Sportscene on TV this evening. I wonder if his performance will be the same as always?

  4. Corkcelt


    I totally agree with your general point but the very happy atmosphere last night might well have affected the views of many on here today !


    Also, I feel Paul was keen to use his `Brophy Trophy ` reference and that was the reason for his out of charater `it`s all over` type of article :-)

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Got to say I’ve been waiting for that game, regardless of the opposition team our team were concentrating on competing with team mates for a place.


    In all fairness the wee Huns did the usual and played out their skin in the first half, in my expert opinion they gave us a game first half.


    That was unimportant to our players, they were not interested in what the opposition were doing they were focused on their own game and trying to make sure they maintained their focus, when Broony is making the highest number of slack passes of any individual player you know the team are on top of their game.


    Long may it continue and there’s no reason why not, the bhoys have found the zenith it’s their own individual contribution that will keep them in the limelight.

  6. i'vehadtochangemymind on



    Unique angle from last night – lovely snippets: ON’ s chip to JF, that effortless roll over thing OE does, cmac taking touches with left and right feet but the best by far is a microsecond of naibalance’s pain!

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh and for the bawbags that take offence to “my expert opinion” I’ve been watching Celtic since 1962, seriously, my first game I was two weeks old, don’t remember much about thet one right enough 😂 auld kunta linty moment for my auld da and me I suppose.


    Point being, my expert opinion is based on watching the Lisbon lions develop and beyond, you don’t watch that much football and remain ignorant of how the game should be played.


    My expert opinion tells me it’s a very simple game, keep the ball moving and keep making space, the goals will come. Last night was a decent example of that, in my expert opinion that is 😁

  8. I always worry about big leads in case they create a loss of focus.



    The cautionary tale is the 2004 /05 season.


    We were 2 points clear of Oldco at the break. We had to go to the Crumbledome first game after the break.



    We ‘hammered’ them in first half and were 2:0 up. I was now hoping to make a big goal differential in the second half ( ‘it’s worth an extra point’ )



    Straight after the restart Craig Bellamy pulled a hamstring, we lost a bit of momentum and the Huns scored a consolation goal ( that turned out to be a factor in what was to come.)



    We were buoyant we were 5 points clear with 4 games to go.



    After the game Chic Young interviewed Martin O’ Neill , I can’t remember the exact words but it was something like this



    CY ” Is that the league over Martin”?



    MON ” No , but now we can afford one slip up” ( he may even have said we can afford to lose one game !!!!!)



    I couldn’t believe my ears.


    I was shouting at the TV.


    Unintentionally he had signalled to the players , it’s over and we can still win even if we lose a game.



    Our next game home to Hibs , we were awful and we promptly lost the game that the gaffer said was OK to lose. 1:3



    When Chic had interviewed Alex McLeish after our win at the Death Star he started with same question



    CY ” Is that the league over Alex”?



    AMcL ” its not in our hands . All we can do is win all our remaining games and see what happens”



    ( that’s the correct message to his team. We don’t throw in the towel, we keep focussed and we keep going)




    We beat Aberdeen & Hearts and we all know what happened at Fir Park on Black Sunday.



    That league loss still haunts us because we won it , and then we threw it away.



    So lesson for us all is keep focus until we have secured a position where we can not be caught.



    And stop singing


    Here we Go , 10 in a Row 😀



    The Onlooker

  9. I’m glad to see Simunovic back alongside Ajer and Jullien.



    We’ve been falling into the classic Celtic failing of fielding a slightly small team in terms of height and that was partly why Sevco punished us at CP.



    At the LC Final, I thought Bitton coming on helped a lot in that regard.



    Certainly, one accusation that couyld never be levelled at MON sides.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE ONLOOKER on 13TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:43



    And stop singing



    Here we Go , 10 in a Row 😀









    As Jock said , don`t look past the next game .


    Or words to that effect .

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    Medials (unless there’s a rupture like Jack Henrdy’s) are a six weeker. Not a particularly big deal, but rather unhelpful if you’re away on a 3 month loan.

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    We’ve been falling into the classic Celtic failing of fielding a slightly small team in terms of height and that was partly why Sevco punished us at CP.





    the understatement of all understatements



    fortunately neil has got the message that so many of us have been saying for ages



    hence the almost permanent inclusion of ntcham these days



    still think theres a bit to go on that front if neil is brave enough



    time will tell

  13. I know we refer to Kilmarnock as the Ayrshire Huns but it certainly shouldn’t apply to their players who celebrated with gusto their win last night. – Now their fans ? That’s another story

  14. Another bag of goals last night and our goal difference now looking in real rude health, always great to see thundering headed sc ores – well done Julien and Jozo. With Griff flying and Ollie’s new found form it’s like having a couple of new signings in the squad.



    The Eddy and Griff partnership up front now seems to spread panic and is the perfect tactic against the packed defences in the SPFL and enables other players to become a goal threat. Keep the heads down and chalking up the points bhoys.

  15. And just think after 29th we couldn’t see where sevco would drop a point – now maybe they’re wondering where their next win is.

  16. Gene……… titles are won by grinding out results in the mud and rain in the tight provincial venues in the middle of winter.

  17. Like all on here today, I enjoyed the game last night and was delighted with so much of our play. When the Hearts guy was sent off the mhan beside me said who is he? I looked at my programme and said “Langer”. Immediately a lhad behind me said, “Aye, he’s nae langer oan the park.” Laughter all round.

  18. For Corkaigh.


    Did you catch the name of the Mini Hun thug who tried to crock Broony last night?




    He sure is.



    Breithlá shona by the way.



  19. As you do after sevco get gubbed, had a quick look at hun media, unbelievably, they think they are the victims of a conspiracy …



    “It obvious. The media are compliant in it too.



    If a referee gives a big decision against them he’ll be hounded in the media for weeks, they’ll be doing background checks on him and he’ll most likely end up in the lower league’s.



    But if he gives an big decision in their favour it’ll be mainly glossed over or rhe usual suspects will be out in the media with tbeir usual excuses.



    On Sunday tbere was two big calls to be made. For the sending off there was some contact with his arms but no pulling of the jersey, it was a harsh sending off.



    The stamp was the other big call, it was pretty blatant, but he gives him the benefit of the doubt.



    Two big calls, both favour the one team. It happens most weeks. It’s been happening for years. Big calls in cup finals against us, the sheep and Motherwell too.



    When was the last big call in an important game that went against them?



    We should be in liaison with other clubs who have been effected, compile evidence and present it to the SFA for an explanation”



    remember they used to laugh at us being paranoid, ho ho ho

  20. Wooft sportscene on.



    I’m looking forward to a laugh and some jelly and ice cream.😂



    D. :)

  21. We were very good second half last night. We increased our lead at the top which was an added bonus.



    Nothing won or lost last night, the next 3 points are the most important and we need to go into our next game with that will and desire to win.




  22. Yep – BBC fold again to the orange pound (whatever that is worth) – national broadcaster my arse!

  23. Watching highlights on Sportscene of the Killie game.



    Morelos should have had a second yellow for diving a second time. Also missed two good chances. His ratio of goals to chances must be really poor.



    Did they really show the Killie winner from a wide angle in the hope their was an offside. Which it can’t be from a goal kick.

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