Brophy delivers the trophy


I know, I know, football people hate this kind of chat, but as we walked out of Celtic Park with a spring in our step last night, we were all convinced, the proceeding minutes were critical to the destination of this season’s Premiership trophy.

Celtic were imperious.  Olivier Ntcham orchestrated events, he seems to glide, not run, over the pitch, head up, ready to pirouette (which he does regularly), or fire a pass into whatever space has been opened in front of him.

I know we cannot fit Oli, Ryan Christie and Tom Rogic into the team at the same time, but if I was Neil Lennon, I would be trying to figure out how to fit two of them into the side.  Can one of them learn the No. 6 role and take some pressure off the McGregor-Brown pairing?

After (literally) hundreds of consecutive corner kicks without success, our conversation rate from this set piece is almost as good as it is from the penalty spot.  Christopher Jullien and Jozo Simunovic converted last night, while Jozo struck another effort off the post.  Jullien is as accomplished as anyone in the air since Bobo.  He worries defenders, which in itself, creates opportunity for others.

Greg Taylor lost possession twice in the opening minutes.  This is often an indication a player will hide, instead, Greg threw himself into the challenge.  He was always available and thereafter seldom put a foot wrong.  We need to remember how careers are developed.

With the points secure and Hearts thoroughly looking like the team at the bottom of the table (they really need a keeper, btw), Kilmarnock staged a late, though not unexpected, revival against Newco.  When news arrived of Eamonn Brophy’s 89th minute winner, memories of Ricky Fulton’s Rangers manager’s difficulty pronouncing another Irish name.  “Brophy delivers the trophy” © Callum Brennan.  It was a night of poetry, on and off the field.

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  1. “The Gers striker was taking a throw-in near home supporters during Wednesday night’s Premiership clash when one fan claimed they heard shouts of ‘black b*****d’ being directed towards the Colombian.”


    Hmmmmmmmmmmm! Now where have I heard that before?

  2. lets all do the huddle on

    we can all count our chickens if we want about the league being over and 9 in a row being in the bag



    none of us are on the playing or coaching staff of the team so it matters not a jot



    we can all count our chickens if we want about the league being over and 9 in a row being in the bag


    none of us are on the playing or coaching staff of the team so it matters not a jot





    Said this yesterday fella. For the record, I’m counting chickens, listening to the fat lady singing and stuffing my bake with jelly and ice cream until mathematically over the line. Then I’m going full metal bonkers.



    What a time to be a Tim…..let’s enjoy it.

  4. Happy Admin day my fellow Jungles.


    Apparently there’s a wee book out all about the Oldco and NEWCO written by that wee guy who was riding on a Green brigade Tifo Horse with NFL, Hector and that Grim ( Marc ) Reaper fella.


    The wee billionaire chap wanted to sanitise and change a few words of the zombie ditties.


    I quite liked Auld Tina’s one



    “ Oh yer simply depressed !


    Depressed like all the rest


    Depressed like everyone ,


    Everyone who’s a Sevco Hun “



    Am sure there’s a few more ;)

  5. During the game, I said on here that Traynor would be wading through the Kilmarnock family enclosure with a tape recorder.

  6. glendalystonsils on

    Funny how it’s always Morelas and only Morelas who gets the alleged racist abuse and never the likes of Kamara or Defoe . Hmmmmmm.

  7. There are probably racists, homophobes sexists and bigots at every football match across the country. As well as in every office, every factory, every pub and club in every town and city. I have no doubt Morelos gets abuse. But so does every other player (Fenian B’stards included). At every game, certain players will be subject to verbal abuse for their colour, their nationality, their religion, their sexuality, their mental health – in fact anything that some idiots can put a label on.


    It is really disturbing that rangers, the one team in the UK that absolutely does not have the right to take the morale high ground in racist matters, is determined to put the spotlight on Morelos while ignoring everything that comes spewing out of the mouths of their own supporters.


    A 12-year-old is all over the national news for purportedly saying something racist, yet 50,000 singing the famine song and the billy boys falls on deaf ears.



    I would hazard a guess that 99% of the abuse aimed at Morelos has nothing to do with his colour and all to do with the fact he is a despicable cheat constantly trying to con the refs. He is dirty, but in a sleekit rather than hard manner and his face is stuck in a constant scowl. He brings the spotlight upon himself through his actions, not because he is black.

  8. Nobody cares about these squirrels by the end of the season



    all that matters is we will have done 10 in a row




    I have no doubt Morelos gets abuse. But so does every other player (Fenian B’stards included)



    Eddie came out the other day and said he hasn’t experienced any racial abuse in his time in Scotland. His English isn’t great though, so maybe he needs a better translator

  10. Traynor out looking for black squirrels.


    What a brilliant press conference from Greg Taylor.Before this season ends,you can bet the Hun media will be trying to turn his head,with talk of a move.Untold riches awaiting him.Watch this space.



    Livi will go to Ibrox with a 4-5-1 line up.Could they sneak a draw.Not ridiculous to think so.In good form.


    If we play to form,Aberdeen should not hold any fears for us.Unlike some grounds,this is definitely not a a jinx one for us.We seem to thrive there.

  11. Another wee snippet .The Hun crowing that they are,don’t laugh,


    the world’s most successful team,is another load of bollox.Egypts,Al Ahli,have won 3 more titles than them.


    Huns will be in de-Nile about this,I expect.


    Just another delusion crushed.

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