Brown and Lustig with international and Champions League conflicts


A year ago you and I discussed Scott Brown’s fitness with some concern for the season ahead. Since then the captain has not skipped a beat, his form and availability for selection have been without question.

It is clear he can cope with a Scotland game this weekend, and no doubt finish the season untroubled, but Scotland have an international against England on 10 June, two weeks after the Scottish Cup final, and four weeks before Celtic’s Champions League qualification campaign gets underway.

If Scott is to participate in all games, he will have a week off after the Scottish Cup final before being called into the Scotland squad, then two weeks before Celtic’s preseason training starts. For a player of his age, with his injury profile, this schedule would not allow sufficient recuperation ahead of a new season.

Selfishly, the most important thing to you and I, and to Celtic, is Champions League qualification, more so than the Scottish Cup, or than a season of invincibility, delightful, though both would be. What Brendan Rodgers backroom team need to do is prepare Scott as thoroughly as possible for the middle of July. Planning should start now.

If there’s another player in the Celtic squad who I would also like to ration his football it’s Mikael Lustig. The Sweden international is likely to be involved in both their international squad in June; a World Cup qualifier against France and a derby against Norway.

If Scotland fail to get a positive result against Slovenia on Sunday, Scott might consider it best to retire from the international stage, again. He and Mikael could do with a few weeks on the beach at the end of the season.


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  1. BMCUW,



    i suspect that the quantities of alcohol consumed might render even the most attractive, large breasted, and brightly plumed birds little more than eye candy.




    And I echo the words of Thunder Road with his thanks and praise for BRTH and the effort and time that he has put into the organisation of this. Nothing was too much trouble for him, it seems.



    To paraphrase…”Like a one man travel agency he was”…. ;-)

  2. Thunder Road on 24th March 2017 12:10 pm










    Once i spot a pair of Great Tits i will be transfixed and will probably miss all those other species.







    Seriously though thanks for everything that you have done.



    I think BSR will oblige soon…:))

  3. We’re always talking about resting players, and giving guys like Izzy, Gamboa, Eboue some game time. After the league is wrapped up is the perfect time to start rotating some of the ‘fringe players’ in our large and talented squad into the line-up. Not wholesale change, obviously, but i see no reason why we can’t change one or two players per game and still maintain the unbeaten run. Not arrogance, just a fact, IMHO

  4. If Scotland fail to beat Slovenia then Strachan will resign. Strachan resigns, Broonie retires, he only came back to try to help his old boss.

  5. After the cup semi final Lustig could be sent away on holiday for a couple of weeks and still be back in plenty time for cup final. Likewise Brown and any other, but not all, of our internationalists who will playing for their countries in June.

  6. garygillespieshamstring on

    Surprised at comments about the sevco accounts.


    A profit is never recognised in his own land.



    It’ll get my coat.

  7. Paul67,



    My love affair with the Scottish national team died years ago (and even during those times i was Celtic First, Scotland 2nd)


    Ever since, I have wanted nothing more than Celtic players, to be bit part players for Scotland at best. Sure I want Scotland to win, but I wont go out of my way to watch them.



    Froma selfish/Celtic viewpoint, I’d be absolutely delighted for Scott to retire again, regardless of the result v Slovenia. And for KT, Stuart, Craig, James and Leigh to be unused subs and therefore eliminate any injury possibility.


    They may see it differently of course, and I hope they get what they wish for, but never at the expense of Celtic.









    Celtic first, Celtic last, Celtic everything.







    Sorry,much as I am generally ambivalent about Scotland’s results,I do not wish poor results just so a Celtic player can have a decision made for him.



    I know that looks a bit sanctimonious but heyho,sorry about that anaw.

  9. I have been wondering for a while now why do Celtic use Parks of Hamilton coaches for their Team bus.



    With Parks being a major contributor to the Huns it appears to me we are financially supporting the people that are propping them up.



    What am I missing here?

  10. How are ye anyway Ya sanctimonious auld bassa, BMCUW…..









  11. CultsBhoy - Believes in Brendan on

    Scotland is further proof of how lucky Strachan was to get the Celtic job. Terrible manager accompanied by even worse assistant.





    No idea how much we pay Park’s to hire,but the Man Utd bus cost about half a million quid.



    I strongly suspect our insurance might be a tad high,as would storage and security costs. And we don’t have a Jimmy Bellend to drive it either(!)



    Alternative suppliers might be available but how many have the correct type of vehicles?



    Maybe WEEFRATHETIM will come outa retirement to drive it. I’ll phone him and ask him.



    Letcha know!

  13. Not you that’s being sanctimonious BMCW, iMATIM that’s the very,very,very least of the support given to the huns, guess you missed it:).

  14. Paul67 – I follow your logic. Nevertheless I DO hope that Scotland get a positive result on Sunday and continue to do so in their remaining games. 4 games left at home and we probably need at least 10 point from those.

  15. South Of Tunis on

    Slovenia ?



    For what it’s worth , I saw the Slovenian Manager on the tele this morning .



    Will play their habitual 4 4 1 1


    Important not to lose


    Doesn’t think players who play for Atletico Madrid , Copenhagen , Fiorentina / Chievo etc will be freaked by the atmosphere .


    Not sure if Kevin Kampl will be fit to play.

  16. Paul 67 et al,



    The “problem” we have is that, even a partially fit Scott Brown is soooooo much better than anything WGS has at his disposal. Thus he will always pick him if he is available.



    While I still want Scotland to do well , I hope Scott realises that he has done his bit, having won over 50 caps and retires from International football, for good this time.




  17. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Good afternoon CQN



    Currently travelling up to Pitlochry with MrsCRC for a weekend music festival. Two days of calories carnage to follow which will not help in the ole Fat Bhoys slim comp. Ach well!



    Happy Birthday to Roy C and his lass.







  18. When will the football authorities realise that international fitba has run its course? It’s a busted flush which is increasingly uninteresting to most football followers.



    Or maybe it’s just me. It bores the backside off me……

  19. Paul67 et al



    On his own admission Scott Brown played the latter part of last season injured. Suffering from tendonitis I think. Totally unprofessional. As for his International career is concerned well he has never really had one, not one major final to date, and playing in a side that has deteriorated badly since the Euro 2016 qualifiers. And who could forget his efforts trying to kick Neymar at the Emirates some years back, before finally succeeding getting himself sent off playing for Celtic by er kicking Neymar. As for making a difference playing against England well he has played against them three times, lost every game, and I think lost three goals each time. In the first one at Wembley Scott was Captain and when substituted threw his armband and walked off with a ‘job done’ look on his face. Scotland were losing 2-1 at that point. Scott has many strengths, a lot of ability, but he is not a top player and it amazes me that somehow the older he gets the better he is supposed to be. Someone on here a week or two back asked if he would have got into Martin O’Neill’s team. He would have been lucky to get on the bench. If both Celtic and Scotland are depending on Scott then that only goes to show how the overall standards have gone down for both teams.

  20. The Token Tim on




    As the Hampdump atmosphere is crap, I doubt anyone playing there would be freaked by the crowd.






  21. glendalystonsils on

    I have little doubt that Slovenia will oblige. Now, if I was a betting man……………

  22. glendalystonsils on




    Scotland being pish-poor doesn’t help.





    For obvious reasons,sanctimonious is a word best written than spoken(!)



    Are you available for Lisbon or still spending that lottery win travelling all over the world “working”?

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