Browns’ inevitable red, on being disrespectful to St Johnstone


With St Johnstone visiting Ibrox, St Mirren visiting Pittodrie and Celtic off to Rugby Park, this was an unlikely week for the champions to extend their lead over all three in the chasing pack.  But, thanks to a 90th minute shot from Scott Brown that was deflected into the Killie net, that was how it played out.

This was Celtic’s first win in three league games on an artificial surface this season and there was no mistaking how unaccustomed they were to the surface.  Even Kilmarnock players suffered as any forward ball on the deck ran out of play.  While it is unlikely we will play on plastic again this season, we need to get a game plan for this surface.

Kirk Broadfoot was given a straight red for a studs-first challenge on Scott Brown’s calf.  The Celtic captain then collected his second yellow after fans, in what looked like a tribute to Newco fans celebrations of SPFL wins, invaded the pitch to celebrate with the players.  Brown did not actually approach the perimeter of the stand but was quickly engulfed by fans, and inevitably, two cards.

I heard Steven Gerrard’s harsh post match assessment of his team’s application against St Johnstone.  If publicly telling players how inept their application is leads to unbridled success, Newco will do the double this year.  I do, however, have a nagging suspicion that there is more to management than getting angry and telling players they are not “real Rangers”.

Gerrard is new to management and it tells.  Moreover, he split the team by absolving two players of responsibility, not on account of their exceptional performances, but because others did not do enough for them.  If you Play Favourites, those favourites better be exceptional.

St Johnstone looked broken at the conclusion of their recent encounters with Celtic but there was more at stake than a football game at Ibrox on Saturday.  After winning in Perth in December, Steven Gerrard said, “We shouldn’t have to work that hard to win at places like this, with all due respect.”

With all due respect, that was transparently disrespectful.  It was also naive and would motivate every single St Johnstone player.  Well played, ‘Stevie’.  Sort your own attitude out before attacking your players’ and they might do better.

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  1. Ivhadto


    I watched the manure game and given what both teams have spent they are pish, with our best compliment I reckon we would take either of thems that played tonight.



  2. THE EXILED TIM on 18TH FEBRUARY 2019 9:00 PM




    Not that I am condoning it, but if the Celtic support stopped throwing coins and damaging seats, they would be the only support in scotland not doing so.





    Funny how taking batteries to the game, obviously premeditated and throwing them at a Celtic player doesn’t merit any condemnation whatsoever.






    The only support in the world more like!



    It’s football, not bowls or tennis.



    Pathetic how sanitised the sport has become.



    Mock outrage aplenty on here after every single misdemeanour.



    Holier than thou nonsense.

  3. 16 Roads


    I am not alone then, thank feck for that ;-)


    You would think that everyone on here was transported to old age as soon as they were out of their nappies, oh what I would give to be young again.






    It was great to see you again and i don’t think your friends could


    quite believe the warmth and special welcome they got from our


    CSC members, they could not believe a soccer club could engender


    such devotion and faithfulness and them and being so far away


    from their homeland.


    The Celtic family eh?


    Safe journey home whenever, and haste ye back.


    H.H Mick

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Hasn’t taken the media and a whinging Killie board long to completely obliterate anything positive about Celtic from the headlines.


    They’ll need to try a lot harder than that if they want to wipe the grins from our faces.

  6. TET – Couldn’t agree more.



    Our support is vilified and demonised by our enemies, regardless.



    I’d like to know how many took part in the so-called pitch invasion – one or two maybe? From what I could see most of them were on the concourse, not the pitch.



    I thought the Celtic support was phenomenal yesterday.



    Furthermore that Kilmarnock mob need to stop biting the hand that feeds them, any damage probably improved that midden into the bargain.



    Signing off now.



    HH. ?

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE EXILED TIM on 18TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:12 PM


    I don’t see anyone defending people throwing coins, the was no flares, they were smoke capsuals, a very different thing altogether.





    Different definition , shame ridiculous disruption .



    Come on , PL .


    Ban these clowns.

  8. Wondering what is it about throwing flares on to the pitch that the away support don’t understand.They have been asked repeatedly by the club not to do so but they still do so. I don’t buy the youthful exuberance argument.Buying a ticket for a football match does not give you carte blanche to do I whatever you like no matter your age.There were fans in the face of Stephen O’Donnell and playing up to the cameras.They do it as well is the schoolboy argument,broken seats,coin throwing and over the top abuse of Kris Boyd is a problem we must address.

  9. Over in Arran for a few days and enjoyed the coverage of the Killie game last night. The highlight so far was listening this morning to BBC Radio Scoddish news at 10am before we left for the hills. Mrs Emeraldbee actually asked me (!) why there was no mention of football in the sports report? “They are sooooo hurting” I replied.



    Lovely lovely lovely.



    And then tonight who did I see in Auchrannie but The Loyal Cardigan? Bhoy did I enjoy raising my pint to him and smiling. And. …. he hadn’t a feck that I was windjng him up.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SOUKOUS on 18TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:28 PM



    A magnificent victory sullied .



    Mind you , the opportunity to deflect is grabbed with glee by the huns with laptops.


    We shouldn`t be giving them too much attention.


    Which I just did .





    Killie or Kilmasonic as described by one of our wags ?

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG WAVY on 18TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:36 PM


    Poor Kris Boyd.







    Hasn’t he suffered enough…







    At the hands of nature.

  12. Watched game on tv, did not see flares, did see smoke bombs, very different things, they smell bad.



    The pitch invasion? Did it actually reach the pitch??



    Broken seats after last minute winnner, cant be unusual surely. If you go to a night club there is a good chance that glasses will fall and floor, doors etc will get damanged from time to time. Not surely the club would be calling out the guys that just gave them £35 a pop to enter. Also killie know the cost will be met by celtic so they simply come across as sore losers.



    Boyd getting hit with coin = daft, gonna no do that, he is just a dafty who supports the sevco and done the total of nothing against us. i do fine it interesting that you cant celebrate a goal with your own supports but you can warm up next to the away support, knowning your at the wind up.



    Killie statement about creating a good family environmemt, yes so long as your family is not catholics or of irish decent. Open to all so long as you join in the hate songs or can ignore them.



    The media’s outrage, i will take note when they manage to report all incidents in the same fair manner. Think i am safe we hate banked about 10 time this season alone when they have managed to miss otherwise clubs conduct.

  13. What’s that bbc Scotland? Strict liability and points deductions for coin throwing, flares, damage to seating and pitch invasions. Ok, but why discuss it now? been going on all season, oh right, last minute goal, 8 points, Broony. Bad result for sevco. I get it now.

  14. The Tarbolton Gurner – a whole ither Level of guff.



    A konvenient stooge used appropriately by those that oppose us, evidently helped by unwitting, Fearless Seekers Of The Truth…………..



    Bams to the slaughter.

  15. I’m asthmatic.


    I was caught in the smoke from a flare at Pittodrie a few years back.


    I didn’t need medical attention,but it was a close call.


    So this is a serious matter.


    Coin. Throwers should be banned.


    Vandalising seats should bring a ban.



    It’s only a meter of time before they deduct points from us.



    All that being said.


    Kris Boyd revelled in the attention from the Celtic support.



    He could have warmed up in front of the Kilmasonic fans,but he chose to do it directly in front of us to wynd us up.




  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TINYTIM on 18TH FEBRUARY 2019 11:18 PM


    I said it was a flare at a Pittodrie .



    I was wrong ,it was a smoke bomb that affected me.









    Sadly , the perpetrators don`t really give a damn about the repercussions affecting your health or on the reputation of Celtic.



    A law unto themselves.

  17. Made it! Seriously I now know that I should no longer be doing this gallivanting but sometimes I can’t even remember why I shouldn’t, and when I do I sometimes cant remember who I am and that its that other eejit who shouldn’t be traipsing across god’s sod acting as if he didn’t need his pension.



    Anyway Hola frae Valencia…..Couple of moments I seriously thought of giving up and turning back…but here I am, tee shirt weather, a city that whispers and who knows what….3-0 maybe to Celtic…miracles happen you know. A perfect end to a perfect week if that transpired. Anyway…the night time calls to lonely souls looking for cerveza.



    I’ll put some more cogent words the gether the morra.



    Hail Hail




  18. I see more than a few sevconites trying to drag Neil Lennon into the coin throwing discussion.


    My only regret about Sunday’s goal is that Lenny hadn’t accidentally strayed onto the Killie pitch, from wherever, and Broonie’s shot didn’t deflect off of him into the net

  19. Been hit wi a few coins when I was a young un myself…. mainly at weddings…….we would wait for the bridal car speeding off then suddenly a shower of coins would be chucked out hitting you on the napper…..in those days it was a called a “scramell”……..that was without wynding up the bride either

  20. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    My only regret about Sunday’s goal is that Lenny hadn’t accidentally strayed onto the Killie pitch, from wherever, and Broonie’s shot didn’t deflect off of him into the net






    Now THAT would have ended them – heads blowing up all over Sevconia :-)))



    Big John H hit the nail on the head re: Boyd’s comments. He wasn’t bothered when the coin was thrown; he took that – and the ‘abusive’ singing in his direction – in fairly good humour from what I could see – its what he always gets when we are at Killie and, to be fair to the big fat tube, he usually takes it well. Surprised to see that he was bleating after the game – more due to the result than anything else, as Big Bad John has spotted.



    Re: him warming up in front of the Celtic fans – nothing in that at all. At all grounds the players have to warm up behind the goals – happens at every game. Just happened to be the case that Celtic fans were at both ends of the ground. All of the Kiliie subs warmed up at the same place as Boyd, and always do – nothing in that at all.












  21. As regards Sunday and other occasions. Nobody should be throwing anything at a football match, smoke bombs, flares, etc are banned for a reason – they are a danger to public safety.


    Broken seats? I’ve seen seats broken at Celtic Park, in the home section, it is part and parcel of all seated stadia when there is a surge forward in a packed stadium – this is not wanton vandalism. What is, however, is the smashing up the toilets in an away stadium under the watchful eye of plod whilst one of the perps is an off duty plod.

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Just watched a replay of the last ten minutes plus the after match milling about on the pitch.



    Approx 2;3 minutes after the final whistle , the camera focuses on the head of Boyata and you can clearly see an object whistling past in close proximity to his head.



    For the tech and vid. savvy , perhaps a wee vid. of same should be You Tubed and sent to the Killie Billies and the hun media .

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Gloves off.



    Good man.

  24. Good morning CQN from a chilly Garngad



    Another carling weekend and a beautiful Sunday.



    Now we move on to Thursday and the Spaniards.


    Although we want to win every game we take part in, I think the tie might just be out of our grasp.


    2-1 to Celtic is my prediction.


    If as I suspect, we are knocked out, then we move forward and quickly forget our European travels for a few months. (When is the CL qualifiers this year)?



    Keep our domestic consistency going, by rattling in 3,4 or 5 against Murderwell.


    Over the next couple of weeks there is not let up, we have a frantic few weeks of games, so we all need to pull together and cheer on THE FAMOUS GLASGOW CELTIC.


    The other shoite about coins, smoke, seats, let our club custodians deal with it.



    D. :)

  25. morning bhoys from a cold dry Cheshire .thank god we don’t get the Scottish papers down here, not that I would read them anyway, hurtin huns,hh.

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