Brozek in Glasgow chess game. Check.


Two years ago I had a memorable journey from one end of Poland to the other, mostly in silent prayer that our man from Poland would slow down, to check out a few footballers, including Wisla Krakow striker, Pawel Brozek, who obliged with a goal.

Pawel has played mostly as a lone striker, he can hold the ball up and bring others into the game.  He’s not a particularly tricky player but he has good positional sense inside the box.  His move to Trabzonspor last year hasn’t worked out well as he has played back up to scoring sensation, Burak Yilmaz, who is averaging better than a goal per game in the league this season.  Brozek’s record at Wisla was comparable to Maciej Zurawski, who he replaced as top striker in the league.

The Polish CQN brigade told me Celtic should move for Pawel and his twin brother before Trabzonspor signed them.  When news leaked that Pawel was a target to replace ex-Rangers player (too soon?) Nikica Jelavic our man in Poland suggested he would pick up a lot of points for Rangers in the SPL.

If he comes to Celtic on a six month loan both parties will have plenty of opportunity to figure out if there is long term fit.  In the meantime, should Pawel arrive we have someone to put pressure on Gary Hooper and Anthony Stokes and the Cheeky Chappie will have to consider his next move (again, too soon?).

On the subject of Jelavic….  Remember in August 2010 when we were told he “effectively went on strike” to engineer his escape from Rapid Vienna after the player declared he wasn’t able to face Aston Villa?  I hear he’s unable to play against Hibs this afternoon.

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  1. From Nov 05…………The same delusional rocket that Monaghan refers?


    Maybe his/her release date(s)/coincide with the aforementioned and below outpourings………………


    Regards & Hail Hail





    The real problem with us at the minute is not Alex Mcleish or the players, it’s the poor standard of this league.



    This league has always held us back in european terms even though we’re one of europes elite half a dozen clubs. For many a year the poor standard of the other spl teams has dragged us down to their pitiful level and caused us to be unable to raise our game when we take on the best in europe, although we always get the satisfaction of romping the league.



    However, now the opposite is happening. By not being able to escape from this league we’ve now been dragged down even further as the standard of the other clubs and the lack of any real competition gets lower and lower. This means we can’t now even raise our game to rightfully win our league with customary ease. After all, why would world class players be motivated by playing dunfermline, falkirk or livingston? It’s ironic because i can see us getting to at least the semi-finals of the champions league, so long as we avoid chelsea, or we don’t unluckily go out on penalties like in Italia 90 or Euro 96. The only silver lining to hold onto is that we’ll most probably still win the league aswell this year cause the motivation of going far in europe will inspire the team and i can’t see who’ll be able to beat us when that happens, and celtic and hearts will loose about 8 or 9 games each during the rest of the season. And we usually go on long unbeaten runs in the second half of the season.



    To stop anymore blips and for the team to play as they should and not stagnate any further then we need to move to the premiership asap. We would win the league there 3 out of every 5 seasons at least cause the players would be motivated by playing against top sides every week. We have the players to do it, i don’t know why people say we don’t. In the premiership Prso would score 35 goals a season, Jeffers, one of the hottest and most sought after young players in europe would probably get 20-25 a season, Novo, who will certainly be in the spain squad at the world cup would get the same. Ferguson, Ricksen, Buffel and Hemdani would excel there aswell cause they’re all world class players and the premiership should be their stage.



    Keep believing. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    What’s with the Kenny Shiels bashing on Shortbread?



    Fair play to Tom English for speaking up for him, but this is kind of crap that ill-serves our public broadcaser and our society.



    Poor show.



    Oh, and while I’m at it, Rob MacLean: “What is Celtic class these days? The biscuit tin isn’ as big as it used to be.”



    Rob, yer a first class fudd.

  3. James Forrest is Lennon on

    McCoist almost crying there as he admitted the striker is coming to Celtic but denied he had ever really been interested.



    Oh Ally, I feel you paaaaiiiiin!



    Hahahahahaha and I LOVE IT!

  4. The Singing Detective on




    Expect to see oor new striker polish off the G.A.



    He looks quite athletic,and good in the air.



    A 5’11” striker who has a spring is just what we need.



    Don’t want a big target man.



    He seems an intelligent player.



    I think Anthony and Chris Commons will particularly benefit from his inclusion in oor burgeoning squad.



    Not so keen on this Ibrahim expecting to tie down a place.



    We owe it to our Under-19s to bring them into oor first team..even if they are not the finished product,at this point in time.



    They deserve better .



    After all,the Auld Yins are forever reminding us that the Lisbon Lions all grew up within a twenty mile radius of Parkheid..



    Muskem vern ?



    Yer pal,who thinks you’re a stand-up citizen…

  5. Canny you Shuggie Critics…No See whit



    Shuggie is Daein’?



    Well.. Ah dae..



    An Ah approve.



    He is tellin’ them whit They Like tae Hear..






    That wey.. He Pits Food Oan the Table.and Shoots and Booze Fur his Kids…



    Shoots and Booze..?



    Sure Ah mean…



    Boots and Shoes.?



    Na.. Ah dinna..



    Shuggie’s Kids are awe Grown Up!



    Aye, Ah Stand up fur Shuggie…



    He is a Fly Yin..




  6. Joe Filippis Haircut at 17:24



    Brozek has not signed for Celtic yet. He will be back from Turkey to Warsaw today. Tomorrow, him and his agent representative fly from Warsaw to Glasgow. Contract may be signed on Monday.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Craig whyte is actually a Thunderbirds puppet who’s face has melted slightly from standing too close to the fire.

  8. Nuclear Bovril and a Half Munched Pie on

    The Battered Bunnet says:


    28 January, 2012 at 17:56



    Well said. The poorly fitting mask McLean wears blew right off his coupon there.



    And Kenny Shiels is undoubtedly a decent and, date I say it, cerebral kind of guy.

  9. Oglach,


    Re TFOD’s celebration of 1972; Yes, they qualified as cup runners-up after we beat them in 1971. As we also won the league, they entered the secondary Euro tournament.


    I remember having great fun by referring to the European Cup-Runners Up Cup.


    Still it introduced their fans to Barcelona’s finest. Still my favourite police force!

  10. Have to say that I have never heard of Pawel Brozek until today. Welcome to Celtic I hope you score a barrow load!



    Tesco’s in Irvine today collecting at the tills for Vanessa Riddle, buckets were filling up nicely.



    So much for the Huns struggling to score without Jelavic, between the ineptitude of some teams and the lack of commitment of those teams managed by ex Rangers players and the MIB it will be a close run race for the title.



    Hail Hail!




  11. Just to let you all know wee Oscar is now on Twitter of all things!


    I know the young ones of today are great with modern technology but a 3 year old on Twitter? Thats just ridiculous!!! ;-)



    You can follow him @Wee_Oscar



    Hail Hail




    knoxy mimi BT does that twitter thing.. I’ll get her to join/follow.

  12. My dear,dear,dear,friend..The Singing Detective



    Yep…ye hiv jist raised a Serious Subject,pal..



    so. Ah wull .. De-Cap.. and Pit aside… (Fur the Moment!)



    Ma Beanie, Wi the Propeller oan Top..






    Gie ye a serious Response.



    Naturally, Ah hiv Already viewed.. several Vids o’ oor New








    Ah Likey, whit a See!



    As you point oot.. The New Guy, is no a Muscle Boond.. Bounder..



    He is quite Tall. but..



    He is LITHE..



    Ah jist Luv LITHE in a Man.. in a Goil. ..Ah Jist Luv.






    Yep.. He looks like He is very Bendable and kin also Motor..



    Baith o’these aptitudes are very important.. fur a Striker tae Hiv.



    Sammi, kin Motor.. but.. he is No .. Bendable!



    He is Stiff as a Board.. and He Therefore is Mair apt tae


    Come aff the woise in a Crash of Boadies.. and end up oan


    his Be-After.. which happens tae him.. frequently.



    Noo.. Henrik, wiz. Bendable.. and He,also,could Motor, as weel..






    according, tae that



    Faultless Logic..



    Ah kin only see Good Things Coming fae The New Striker..



    Whom… ye must hiv Noticed…



    Ah Hiv never Wance Mentioned His NAME!



    The Reason fur that..??



    Ah canny remember it.. and Ah am Too Lazy tae Look it Up!



    Nice Chattin’ ,Pally..





    yer pal…who likes ye aloater


    ROBIN BHOY 1805



    Delighted that Tesco have allowed a collection in Irvine.



    Damned busy shop.



    My teenage nephew works there to supplement his university fees-you know,the ones you pay over a bar a glass or ten at a time.



    Should make a welcome addition to the fund.

  14. brucecassavetes on

    Tom English ‘accidentally’ letting slip that Gary O’Connor is walking around Easter Road telling one and all he’s off to Ibrox.

  15. Lot’s of rumours down South that Tevez is going back to West Ham on loan. MBB will be pooping his pants just now..

  16. The Battered Bunnet says:


    28 January, 2012 at 17:40


    Quick mention for Stevie and Angela Fulton who’ll be doing summersaults at Hampden tomorrow with their middle boy Jay playing against Celtic.






    read that today, the Fultons dont half produce footballers, i hope they all do well.

  17. my last post was in support of knoxy and the Oscar..



    lets all of us who are able to give blood and platletes(sp) do so…

  18. Steinreignedsupreme on

    TheBarcaMole: 28 January, 2012 at 17:54



    I don’t know why he didn’t take that routine to the Edinburgh Fringe. Belly laughs all round.



    Of course, he might be serious – in which case I hope he doesn’t cross the road with a responsible adult nearby.

  19. Daniel Fergus McCann on

    Kojo says:


    28 January, 2012 at 17:58



    Lol that is brilliant. Keep it up Kojo.



    Best wishes to GCT. Anyone know how he is?



    Haste ye back Tom.

  20. Derry awarded next year’s Fleadh.



    First time in history that it has gone North.



    Congratulations, Doire.

  21. James Forrest is Lennon on

    “I know what Rangers value him at. But whether they get anywhere near that is another matter. I would be surprised if anybody paid that much and we were not very impressed, if I’m honest. We watched him for a few weeks and he didn’t seem much to write home about. He has ability, no question. But I don’t know if anybody knows for certain if he is a Premiership player — and that’s the problem. If you are going to pay what Rangers want, then the player has to be proven as a Premiership player, haven’t they? You could get Jermain Defoe for £10m.” – Neil Warnock.



    So speaks a former Premiership manager.



    See, the problem with demanding money like that for a player is that other clubs will actually want to watch him, and not just rely on what’s in the Scottish papers. When people do watch him … well, the impression isn’t of a ten million pound player but a guy Rangers paid over the odds for.



    If they need this money so badly, they are in big, big, big bother.

  22. The Battered Bunnet says:



    I also heard, before I switched off, one “pundit” in response to Shiels’ comment, ask, “when has a Scottish team ever gone out to play for penalties?”



    It’s a pity Walt had left the building, as I’m sure he could have given him a horse’s mouth reply.

  23. Steinreignedsupreme: 28 January, 2012 at 18:24



    Cheers; just wonder how much of this kind of supremacist nonsense/stuff, widely available on the ‘web public library’ is of unconscious comedy!!!!


    Most of it I suppose…………..



    Regards & Hail Hail



  24. The Battered Bunnet



    I think it’s a good move for both, club and the player.


    Pawel Brozek was not good striker untill 2007.


    In season 207/08 he scored 23 goals in 27 games.


    In season 2008/09, 19 goals in 27 games.


    In season 2009/10 10 goals in 25 games.


    2010 in Poland, 6 goals in 13 games.



    True information, not rumours. In July 2009 he had the offer from Fulham but his club rejected it, or according to other sources they overbid Fulham finances. In the same year he declined few other options including a move to Rubin Kazan. One year later he declined few other offers including Panathinaikos.


    He was pushed out of Wisla door when they went into financial troubles. Turkey was not good place for him.



    He is worth a try. Loan deal with permanent option.

  25. SkySporksNews Sky Sporks News


    BREAKING; Sky Sources say Sir Alex Ferguson has physically lashed out at David De Gea in the Liverpool tunnel following their defeat.

  26. The Singing Detective on

    I predict we’ll start scoring a bundle from corners,wi’ Brozek attracting the attention of two defenders,freeing up our other attackers.


    Our failure to benefit from corners has been deplorable ,for a team topping the league.



    Critically,the delivery of our corners must improve.Probably only 25% of the attempts are acceptable quality.


    Even when Charlie takes them.



    However,if you watch the EPL,the Championship,and even Div.1 and 2,other teams are so much better at exploiting corners.



    And Commons should not be taking them either……he should be lurking fifteen yards out,ready to hit a squiggly when the ball breaks to him.



    And finally,with money in your pocket,you are wise,you are handsome,and you sing well too ….



    Right ?



    Right !

  27. McCoist’s priority is Brozek and he hopes the Pole’s need for first-team football before the Euro Championships will push him towards Rangers.


    He said: “We need players in the centre forward areas with Kyle Lafferty and Steven Naismith out for a while.


    “We have touched base with his club in terms of seeing if a deal can be put together. The lad wants to play as it’s in his best interests with the Euros just round the corner.


    “I haven’t been told it is connected to the Jelavic deal, I’m hoping it is not as I fancy the two of them working together but time will tell.”



    Maybe we should sign jellyfish,then they could work together?

  28. hamiltontim says:


    28 January, 2012 at 17:42





    Happy with the impending signing mate?




    Yes indeed HT, its my hope that he’ll be at least as capable as our two bhoys in position. This signing will bring confidence ( to me anyway) that we will have sufficient strikers available, who will bring the goals needed, to win the league.



    The beauty is that if its a loan deal we can buy if he does the business, I also think Hoops will want an opportunity at the EPL, so still plenty of scope to bring one of the young uns through next season.






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