Brozek in Glasgow chess game. Check.


Two years ago I had a memorable journey from one end of Poland to the other, mostly in silent prayer that our man from Poland would slow down, to check out a few footballers, including Wisla Krakow striker, Pawel Brozek, who obliged with a goal.

Pawel has played mostly as a lone striker, he can hold the ball up and bring others into the game.  He’s not a particularly tricky player but he has good positional sense inside the box.  His move to Trabzonspor last year hasn’t worked out well as he has played back up to scoring sensation, Burak Yilmaz, who is averaging better than a goal per game in the league this season.  Brozek’s record at Wisla was comparable to Maciej Zurawski, who he replaced as top striker in the league.

The Polish CQN brigade told me Celtic should move for Pawel and his twin brother before Trabzonspor signed them.  When news leaked that Pawel was a target to replace ex-Rangers player (too soon?) Nikica Jelavic our man in Poland suggested he would pick up a lot of points for Rangers in the SPL.

If he comes to Celtic on a six month loan both parties will have plenty of opportunity to figure out if there is long term fit.  In the meantime, should Pawel arrive we have someone to put pressure on Gary Hooper and Anthony Stokes and the Cheeky Chappie will have to consider his next move (again, too soon?).

On the subject of Jelavic….  Remember in August 2010 when we were told he “effectively went on strike” to engineer his escape from Rapid Vienna after the player declared he wasn’t able to face Aston Villa?  I hear he’s unable to play against Hibs this afternoon.

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  1. Good to see those at Rankers Media are deep in thought in an effort to come up with a solution to their club’s various difficulties:


    “2 urgent questions about Rangers games these days



    Why does half time last for 15 minutes, instead of 10 like it used to?



    Why does the referee get to carry the ball on to the park before the game, instead of the Rangers captain?…



    …How could John Greig have tried to score at the Rangers end running on to the park before every game, if the ref had carried the ball?



    These have to be the shitiest changes to the game ever. “

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    We need our best team out today…….Falkirk will be ‘up for it’, and we need to ‘go for it, from the off’……I don’t go to away games, full stop….if it’s not on the telly, I’ll try to get it on a radio station other than BBC Radio Scotland……..LOL…!!!!

  3. Lennon said: “To beat Rangers was one thing but to take Dundee United all the way to penalties at Tannadice was another. You start to believe the footballing Gods have their name on the cup so we have to be very wary of them.



    Laughed at Neils quote, he is correct Dundee Utd were the bigger club to knock out



    Best wishes to GCT on his recovery

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    Busy at work these days and tend to just lurk (mostly) at night ……….. has anyone else noticed lately that the CQN ‘atmosphere’ / banter has been even better than normal lately…….OK, some of that is due to the performanes on the park, but I feel the absence of dark-siders lately is also contributing to a better CQN ……….. I certainly prefer not to read their unsavoury posts on here……

  5. Morning CQN,



    Looking through that great thread on KDS with the old photo’s on, have been struck time and time again by the swell of the crowd whenever Celtic visited one of the ‘wee’ teams pre-1976, usually on league duty I guess.



    Obviously that was a different era, you could pay at the gate, no limit on away tickets etc. But it just seems obvious that if Celtic and oldco only come calling once a season in the league, despite TV cameras, there’s likely be a bigger turnout of home fans…that’s my assumption anyhoo…?



    Wasn’t there a survey in the last couple of seasons of SPL paying customers (of which I am not, so hope you don’t mind me flying a kite here) where a large majority favoured a return to a twice a season vs. each team format, something like 80% wasn’t it?



    The bigwigs and grandees immediately shot it down with the “Sky/Setanta/ESPN insist upon 4 Glasgow derbies or we’re snookered for decent TV dough” card, which will doubtless be getting a big airing over the next wee while, despite several informed posters here and on RTC pointing out this is not written into the contract, and alternative business models don’t look so different and deserve more research at the very least etc.



    And hey, only in the SPL could 80% of the punters have a clear preference for a product re-design only to be told – immediately, off the bat – how impossible, nay foolish that was. The customer is always right, except…



    So this is a roundabout way of saying if Brain Draynor et al are furiously pushing the newco must remain in the SPL card, is there not scope to interest non-Celtic fans in a newco to Div 3 scenario if it allowed for an expansion of the SPL?



    Win-Win for Celtic fans and other teams’ fans? It would at the very least be an effective rebuttal to those pushing the ‘newco must stay up’ line who will doubtless be trying to paint the desire amongst Tims for a fair and just penalty as an irrational desire for revenge.



    I don’t mean there should be a linkage between the two, but that an ideal situation may be about to present itself to try another re-organisation, this time doing what the fans want and not what the tv/SPL executives want. Okay MSM, you’re always telling us the game’s dying on its’ feet and that ‘something must be done’, you’re also convinced that no newco in the SPL will void the tv deal and doom us all to be a 3rd-rate minor european league, well let’s try doing what the fans want for a change…eh?



    Also trying to think a little bit politically here – the swing voters at the other teams, if you like:)



    Anyway, gotta sneaky feeling Kris Commons will score today.



    Hail, hail



    TT Souther(n)

  6. GCT – getter well soon, looks like this is buiding uo to a season where every week is a must see event.




  7. West Wales Celt on



    Their ‘reputation’ tumbles with the speed if a runaway train.




    Welcome (albeit temporarily) to the armchair clique; the songs can be belted out in the same way but the singer looks a bit dafter! One bonus though, if you have safely cleared the living room you can engage in as much ‘singing most people find offensive and some would consider sectarian’





    All the best to Tom and his family; here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery…

  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I’m impressed with ole JHilday having the chutzpah to move his armchair into the greenhouse and watch the games there.

  9. Zbyszek—–



    Jelavic / CSKA Moscow..?



    The biggest selling newspaper in Italy is the 7 days a week —- La Gazzetta dello Sport — it regularly contains 60 plus pages of football stuff . Lot of pages to fill and in consequence is very fond of the unsubstantiated rumor—-



    One recent rumor was CSKA selling Vagner Love to Flamengo and using some of the money to buy Jelavic.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Ulster Celt,Malc-thanks,a pal is working in Peterboro and looking for today’s game.HH

  11. The inmates at FF have a concern for their fellow man that is touching:



    “What a shock from 5 Priests



    If we are found guilty of tax evasion he wants the club hammered so that it will deter anyone to do it again.



    Aye right Hugh. What you really mean is that you want your wee ginger pal to win the league by default for the next 4 years while we get a 10 point penalty each season.




    He has not thought of the harm it would do to Scottish football and employment in this country. As the league would be over by Christmas, crowds would fall away and the season would be a non event.



    Can you imagine the effect on companies who rely on football. Bus companies, programme writers and printers, publicans, TV income to smaller clubs, caterers for the fans as well as many more spin off’s that are derived from Rangers fans travelling home and away to see their team.



    But never you mind about them Shug. Lets hammer the Rangers for your benefit and your wee pal in the east end.



    Why not campaign for David Murray to be made bankrupt to pay the government the taxes that he authorised to be held back in the EBT scheme. Also why no shouting from the rooftops that he should be stripped of his knighthood like they are trying to do to Fred the shred Goodwin.



    We know the answer to that Shug…………….it would not have a negative effect on the team and also the ability to compete against your heroes.



    He should not be allowed to write things like this in the paper as it is for his self interest only. His concern should be the good of Scottish football and the economy of Scotland as a whole.”

  12. English Mirror, David Sullivan, “Im disappointed that details of the offer were exaggerated and made public in Scotland. They were leaked in an attempt to create an auction for Jelavic” Surely your not bringing into question our beloved Scottish neutral press or Sally, tut tut David no succulant spam fritter for you laddie.

  13. My very best wishes to Tom and his family – here’s hoping for a complete and quick recovery!



    Wide pitch, bumpy surface – Paddy has to start today, surely?



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster :::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Matthews ::::::::: Rogne ::::::: Mulgrew :::::: Izaguirre



    :::::::::::: Wanyama :::::::::::::::: Ledley ::::::::::::::



    Brown ::::::::::::::::::: McCourt ::::::::::::::: Samaras



    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hooper :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  14. Nostalgia time –



    I have fond memories of this —



    One of ” Elvis ” Pressley’s early appearances for Celtic . He was playing badly [ no surprise ]



    Guy shouts -” Elvis get a ——- grip ”



    Another guy shouts — ” Elvis —– ? you mean Reg ? ”



    Another guy shouts —- ” It’s no Elvis /it’s no Reg -it’s ——- Priscilla ”



    Made sense to me .



    Longbranch Pennywhistle CSC —–Way down south.

  15. time for change on

    There is no Old Firm.



    Tom get well quickly.



    Looking forward to the game today which of course I hope we win….at moment looks like a good day to play.



    Saw this on twitter (off the wall but like many of these things interesting)



    This, on the transfers that appear from nowhere, is very good –



    Enjoy your Sunday and let’s see what the close of business brings on Tuesday…….someone’s business plan may need a rapid rewrite.



    Hail Hail

  16. Good morning friends from a cold but dry and calm East Kilbride. Great conditions for a memorable semi final.




  17. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    VP-Morning sir,it was requested by BT although during your wee soiree in the PV yesterday,i’m sure you were ripping the….oot me ;}

  18. So … now we know. The huns haven’t been usinf EBTS too cheat so that they can win the league all these years. No, their motives were nowhere near as base as to want to win titles for themselves.



    They were only making the league competitive. For the good of Scottish football, you understand. Because it would get boring if we kept winning every year.



    And now that they have been caught out in this oh so noble endeavour, they argue that it would be unfair to penalise them too much of course. That might just make the league uncompetitive and therefore undo all their good work.



    I don’t remember them being too bothered about competitiveness during the Souness “buy the title” years. Didn’t seem to bother them then, did it?

  19. up_over_goal says:


    29 January, 2012 at 10:24



    Paddy won’t even make the bench. Commons is the man to start.





    Matthews Rogne Mulgrew Ledley


    Forrest Brown Wanyama Commons


    Stokes Hooper



    Subs Samaras Ki Izaguirre Wilson Zaluska



    3-0 celtic

  20. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 says:


    29 January, 2012 at 10:28



    I will not have a bad word said about you,my big friend.

  21. Vmhan – thanks for the kind words. Don’t get TOO comfortable in that armchair. Get your car sorted and get back where you belong. :0)



    Tom McLaughlin – wishing you a full, speedy recovery. Thoughts with you and those who love and care for you who will be going through a torrid time just now. Dig in Tom, look forward to seeing you back on the blog very soon.




  22. Interesting little snippit from the BBC:



    “If Rangers sell star striker Nikica Jelavic this month, his former club Rapid Vienna will take at least 20% of the fee. (Sunday Post)”



    Take off 20%, anything they still owe Rapid,agents’ fees, etc. and it doesn’t leave too much, does it?

  23. Bada ,you going to game today,or are just another


    addition to the CQN armchair supporters club?

  24. scotlands shame on

    not sure how paddy playing well at big open hampden against a team of young boys from lower league would prove anything to doubters. Probably just confirm that that is his level and in old firm/european games he would struggle against better opponents.


    Thats not criticising the man, his place at celtic is to come off the bench against bottom 6 teams for impact, if he isnt happy with that role then perhaps time to move on.

  25. …another benefit of Thems getting finally banned….



    No more, O@@ F@@@, no more joint sponsorship.



    In celebration, I’ll buy 3 tops, Home and Away……Every year.



    We don’t need them to be Us, and football will be better off without thems……




    Show thems up for the shameful frauds they are.

  26. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Beware laydees and VP-Police were confiscating perfume at Hampden yesterday during searches before Killie v Ayr yesterday.You couldn’t make this stuff up.