BSkyB suffering after taxing fans for years


BT’s successful £897m bid for UK Champions League and Europa League rights is one of the most significant commercial developments for Celtic in years – if we continue to qualify for the Champions League group stage.

This money, £299m per season, more than double the current deal, is paid directly to Uefa.  What participating teams receive is directly linked to the value their domestic TV rights raise.  If Scottish clubs participate, they earn 10% of the UK distribution.

Scottish Premiership TV rights are currently shared by BT and Sky but they are worth a fraction of what they went for the last time a competitor (Setanta) made a genuine challenge to Sky.  It would literally take loose change from BT’s budget to remove Sky from the required list of providers for Scottish football fans.  Whatever the next SPFL deal looks like, having two major players bidding should ensure it is worth a lot more money.

The same is true for English football rights.  20 years ago Sky built their UK business on the back of English Premier League broadcast rights.  If BT want to supplant them in the TV market, enhance their ISP position and secure a lead in the emerging services on-demand market, English Premier League rights will be the major battleground.

BSkyB share prices is down around 10% today, reflecting the reality that they will either have to pay a whole lot more for the same rights in future, or they risk losing market share.  I’d be very happy to dump Sky, which has recently resembled a tax on committed Scottish football fans without the corresponding revenue spend.
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  1. Jungle Jim



    He looks like a plain clothes policeman to me, and Celtic are holding their own investigation as to what happened, first hand evidence including eye witness statements from Celtic fans suggest something was either planned, or went very wrong.



    I think if we stretch back to the night before the first game in Glasgow where Scottish police played softly, softly, something doesn’t add up.



    They have riot cops here too, we dont tend to use them, and I think as Paul67 suggested last week they like to exercise them in Amsterdam regardless of who visits in large numbers.

  2. Have been on crappy conf call for over 2 hours. Dipping into CQN has just saved my life.



    VVD. Our best defender. Our most dangerous guy moving into midfield and our most lethal striker.



    Best buy since Henrik I think he’ll prove to be. Never thought the letters V and D would bring such solace to my soul!







  3. We just need to keep qualifying for that CL and keep strengthening!



    Meanwhile, I’ve just been reading on TSFM about how Sevco, as part of their Rememberance commemorations laid a wreath at the foot of the statue of… John Greig!



    To the best of my knowledge Captain Blood is still alive (and probably still kicking), and was never a sodjur.



    Crazy doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  4. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    Masty – congrats, Grandad! :-)



    Garcia – probably both reasons!



    Saw a thread on FB earlier, where some of the more enlightened zombies were saying that John Daly should be able to wear the tricolour when they win their wee diddy league. Some of them congratulating themselves for being so tolerant….!




  5. My own plan is to dump sky as soon as bt fibre optic cables are in my area..and use infinity set up x5 faster than standard broad band..they’ve ripped the wee for too long..only worry is some of the presenters might jump or be re employed by bt

  6. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    Paul – our board has been very pro Sky in recent times. Will attitudes shift following this move by BT? I would imagine we had a heads up from Mr Livingston!




  7. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    Tommysbhoy – the wife looked into us switching from Virgin to BT infinity, but she was advised that SS3 & 4 would not be available on BT. Some of our CL and domestic games are broadcast on SS4.


    Has anyone else been advised differently?








    Even without an increase in money,losing Sky is a win for Tims everywhere.



    Think of all the huns players who will have to go cap in hand to their EBT provider to eke out their pensions.



    Canny wait….





    Wasn’t just Sky who got that wrong. I reckon every coupon in the country was down!

  10. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    When is the current Scottish football TV deal up for renewal?


    I hope the SPFL go for one broadcaster rather than forcing the fan to pay for two.




  11. Paul67



    Is there is something fishy about this deal? Is it



    a) Sky has let BT Sport win the Bidding on an overpriced deal. They can then step in with a lower price once BT Sports go’s bust (Just like the Setanta deal for the SPL)



    b) Sky and BT Sport are in cahoots; meaning the punters will have to pay the same price (as we do now) to Sky for the EPL and SPL and an extra subscription to BT Sports to watch the Champions League.



    c) None of the above

  12. Hi Paul67,



    Good article and analysis, this is awesome news for Celtic – going forward it makes UCL qualification all the more important.



    “I’d be very happy to dump Sky, which has recently resembled a tax on committed Scottish football fans without the corresponding revenue spend.”



    Totally agree, it is hard enough to accept Scottish Clubs can’t compete financially with their English counterparts due largely to TV revenue without the fact that the Premiership deal is subsidised by Scottish subscribers.



    Hail Hail





    You heard from The BARCA mole in the last few days?

  14. TTTT




    I would be livid if Fraser Forster ran around CP with a Union Jack if Celtic win the league again this year.



    I am even more shallow than the Zombies it would seem.







  15. Choons———



    Downbeat Shuffle ——The Birth of a Legend { Sunrise }



    A mighty fine 3 Cd box set compilation of early Coxsone Dodd productions.



    Highly recommended. A bargain @ £ 7.99 . It will be released on 18 11 2013.

  16. Bmcuw



    The Barca Mole may have problems getting access to a telephone or Internet signal in Cebu.



    If you can read this TBM .



    I am thinking of you and yours.




  17. Have any of the CQN statisticians yet posted the last time that Celtic scored 4 headed goals in one game ?



    Anybody ?

  18. Previous article



    livibhoy – god bless wee oscar



    11:15 on 11 November, 2013





    I never said anything negative about biton and ledleys performances, both did well especially joe with 2 goals.



    Just think that mulgrew could have been rested to give rogic much needed game time and confidence plus it would be another attacker.



    Watch first half again if u get chance.. Game of 2 halfs it was. Or even look at the game update article and see the comments. We were slow and predictable the whole first half.



    Matthews is injuryed alot but still worth a run at left back or as he was playing right wing im happy for him to stay there.

  19. eddieinkirkmichael on

    God don’t you get it yet? More money means we will spend it on players wages. An increase in the amounts paid to EPL clubs will only result in EPL clubs paying higher wages meaning we will have to pay those who we target more aswell. What all this really means is we won’t develop youth and if we do they wont be given a chance as we will continue to buy from abroad, therefore our young players will not get the 1st team experience they need.



    Look at some of the younsters in the Ajax team compared to our own. Then compare the budgets of both teams. Who is getting value for money?

  20. Garngad to Croy



    I think the answer is c).



    BT have seen profits fall in recent years as customers no longer have to rely on them for broadband and telephone calls. By moving into the TV market and using Sport as a hook to attract customers, they are also getting more customers moving back to BT broadband (as BT sport is free to those customers).



    To put this mega deal into context, BT paid £738m to show 114 English Premier League games over three years. That is almost £6.5m per game.



    They have paid £897m to show 350 Champions League and Europa League games over the next 3 years. Thats just over £2.5m per game.



    I know what I’d prefer to see.




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