Burden of history against Kilmarnock


I don’t like the run-up to home games against Kilmarnock, this was especially so when Gordon Strachan was manager.  Someone would always ask Gordon the 1955 question, “Gordon, did you know….”  If you don’t know the question, don’t go looking for it.  It’s a fact that should ostensibly give you confidence but it only puts me into a nervous disposition.  During Gordon’s time, every game felt like a must-win game.  The carnage on here after a 2-2 home draw with Dundee United lives long in the memory, so the burden of a reversal at home to Kilmarnock would have been intolerable.

Celtic have an enormously impressive history which can inspire great things in the support but sometimes it’s evidently a burden to those having to go out and win the next game.  Jock Stein’s famous, “The Celtic jersey doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players” quote was meant to inspire greatness and awe, but I’ve seen it used to damn contemporary players who were in no way inferior to some who played for Celtic in Jock’s latter years in charge.

Kilmarnock beat Rangers last time out and will feel as though they let two points slip away against us earlier in the season.  Celtic should be sufficiently concerned to avoid premature Christmas cheer.

Best wishes to our friends at the Melbourne No. 1 CSC, who will be celebrating Christmas during tomorrow’s game.

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  1. SOAL



    Actually don’t think that’s the payment for this weekend for either of us.



    You appear to know better. Or is that just a smart ass comment?

  2. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    Now then young mhan no need for that surley.



    Paul67 and all his followers have a great Christmas.




  3. Voguepunter.


    You can but hope. Perhaps the mib may have too much christmas spirit in him (literally) and forgets the honest mistakes.


    hh lbb

  4. I think this is an excellent juncture to wish all Friends of Celtic a very…….. Messy Christmas!




  5. Knoxy2000



    God bless Oscar, yourself and the rest of your Family. You’re all in my prayers.

  6. I made a request on CQN to find a copy of Christy Moore’s Spirit of Freedom album.



    Pablophanque got in touch straight away, told me he had it, copied it for me and posted it from the Republic of Ireland to England for me.



    Sadly, I never got to meet the man or to shake his hand or to thank him face to face.



    Here’s my favourite song from that Album. In tribute to and memory of an excellent CQN’r and a man who demonstrated the Spirit of Celtic.



    Christy Moore – No Time for Love. In memory of pablophanque RIP.




  7. .



    Lennon: I sympathise with our Irish fans..





    NEIL LENNON has sent a message of support to the legions of Celtic fans in Ireland who have been inconvenienced by the festive fixture card.



    While English football takes a break tomorrow, it’s business as usual in the SPL as Celtic face Kilmarnock with a 1.30pm kick-off and the derby match with Rangers four days later.



    In Martin O’Neill’s heyday, Celtic had 6,000 season ticket holders across Ireland but even though that number has been halved, Lennon is well aware of the sacrifices that long distance fans make to support their team.



    “There is no reason why the game couldn’t have been played on Boxing Day, with the derby game moved back a day or two,” Lennon said. “On Christmas Eve you should be with your families, or, in our case, training and possibly having Christmas Day off, but to have a game at 1.30, I am disappointed with that and I can only sympathise … with our Irish fans.”



    Celtic’s match with Kilmarnock and Rangers’ trip to St Mirren have been virtually overshadowed by thoughts of next week’s derby.



    A home win on Wednesday would cut Rangers’ lead to a single point, assuming both side’s have the same result tomorrow, while an away win would provide the Ibrox team with a seven-point advantage.



    The fixture hardly needs any extra spice but the release of ex-Rangers striker Kris Boyd from Turkish side Eskisehirspor provides an extra twist.



    The chances of debt-ridden Rangers coming up with a wages deal to suit Boyd seem unlikely — but not as unlikely as a move to Celtic.



    Whether Lennon was playing mind games or has a genuine interest in the striker remains to be seen, but he said: “He is a player with a great record and any player like that would interest me.”



    Anthony Stokes is likely to miss out tomorrow due to a calf strain but Joe Ledley should return after injury.



    – Joe McHugh




  8. Vmhan, Kano 1000 – Supporting Lenny & the Green Brigada! says:


    23 December, 2011 at 20:53



    It is not so much as being a cheapskate…I value you my life. Brownie points are slowly but surely building up ahead of Wednesday, bought Mrs. LB her Christmas today. It would have been good to meet up with Paul67 et al. Another time.



    Hope you and Derryghirl have a great Christmas, it wont be the same without the Bhoys but I am sure you will raise a glass to them…



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  9. Well Paul’s header had me thinking. Thinking of wee Chico sweating every ounce out of the ‘…not won here since…’ schtick when they were heading to an unfinished Celtic Park to face Wim Jansen’s team. How they wanted it to be resolved. Wasn’t. Long may it continue. Won’t be the end of the world if it stops. The Govanites are catchable on head to heads alone.




  10. Knoxy



    I’m praying hard for wee Oscar and taking on board your appeal to lapsed blood donors like me.



    God bless you all, and especially the wee fella.



    St Peregrine, pray for us.


    Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.

  11. Uly



    I still fancy Celtic to win tomorrow and win against Rangers to go top.



    Celtic are the only team, as Raemonn memorably told the Thai Tims.

  12. El Diego, Vmhan, Jobo, Bada, Joe Fillipi, Sannabhoy, Bourne, Summa, Lennybhoy, mickeybhoy, fritzsong……….and of course Philvis….et al.



    Have a great Christmas. Best wishes to you and all your families.

  13. SwanseaBhoy says:


    23 December, 2011 at 21:11



    I never met Stevie either but communicated often with him through texts, you know the ones that I share with some of you. In those days I think I had communicated with about four CQNers. That number has swelled to thirty-six.



    I remember a text I got after telling him a whisper I heard about a signing. He replied and I paraphrase…”You heard anything else, I won’t tell anybody else…” I laughed at that as I knew that he knew so many people not least CQNers.



    The last text I received from Stevie was that we should meet for a drink the next time he was in town. Hopefully one day I will be able to have that drink if I am lucky enough to get to the place where Stevie is now.



    God Bless Stevie and his family from whom he has temporarily been separated from.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  14. They are truely found struggling when the byline a story about Naisy his


    profile is advanced by Hugh McDonald in ambient words and photogenic


    soft focus a recividist cheating diver and plain wee fanny fecked up careerist.


    The dignity of las ranglers lies most obviously on the plane of obscurity, the


    Narrowest bandwith of data accessabile Orc Hub Central.


    Jabba remains king the hun jungle of impenetrability any intrepid Tim adventurer


    his folly folly embarcation the snake path train of shortbread it’s engine room and


    tracks designed and engineered for and employed for the right types….those of


    True Blue persuasion and yearning the downstairs servility a secure life of service


    the vicarious dreams of them who they slaved for in servile economic drudgery and


    despised in whispers not quite loud enough their master’s evil ear.


    The Huns, are unique in this regard at this time as subservient clowns.



  15. @knoxy2000



    Thoughts and prayers for you and your Family knoxy. God bless you all and keep you strong



  16. MWD,



    That was some post to revisit. I had spent a week in Donegal in a caravan and was unaware that Pablo was sick. I travelled home that Sunday morning to watch the game at home in Belfast rather than Sharkey’s in Annagry as planned.



    The sole reason being I was afraid of a bad result and that I would be driving in a foul mood and the wife and boys would have to suffer my mood throughout the 3 hour journey.



    I watched the match and noticed a couple of references to Pablo (I never liked calling him Steve). It took me a while to fathom out the awful truth.



    Árd Macha

  17. Danny Boyle, Blaser Brown and Charlie Donnelly and Neil Lennon on

    Re vigil mass times: St.Cadocs in Newton Mearns has a 5pm vigil tomorrow.

  18. saltires en sevilla on




    Anyone needing a lift to CP tomorrow morning leaving N Hampshire from 03:30:



    Willing to collect en route M40/6/74



    arrive Glasgow c 10:00- 11:00 isshh



    sorry can’t offer return trip







  19. Diego Simeone is the new manager of Atlético Madrid. Gregorio Manzano got the tin tack yesterday.

  20. Celtic_First



    Imagine life without Celtic?



    I’d rather not if it’s all the same with you!!



    Gutted about not getting up to the game tomorrow but it’d be a step too far.



    Hope you and all your lassies have a great Christmas.




  21. SwanseaBhoy



    Same to you and Mrs SB. We head for that Nottingham about 10 am, Mrs First has said, so if you fancy a cup of coffee, drop in any time before midday. But don’t tell her I said that.

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