Burden of history against Kilmarnock


I don’t like the run-up to home games against Kilmarnock, this was especially so when Gordon Strachan was manager.  Someone would always ask Gordon the 1955 question, “Gordon, did you know….”  If you don’t know the question, don’t go looking for it.  It’s a fact that should ostensibly give you confidence but it only puts me into a nervous disposition.  During Gordon’s time, every game felt like a must-win game.  The carnage on here after a 2-2 home draw with Dundee United lives long in the memory, so the burden of a reversal at home to Kilmarnock would have been intolerable.

Celtic have an enormously impressive history which can inspire great things in the support but sometimes it’s evidently a burden to those having to go out and win the next game.  Jock Stein’s famous, “The Celtic jersey doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players” quote was meant to inspire greatness and awe, but I’ve seen it used to damn contemporary players who were in no way inferior to some who played for Celtic in Jock’s latter years in charge.

Kilmarnock beat Rangers last time out and will feel as though they let two points slip away against us earlier in the season.  Celtic should be sufficiently concerned to avoid premature Christmas cheer.

Best wishes to our friends at the Melbourne No. 1 CSC, who will be celebrating Christmas during tomorrow’s game.

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  1. Vmhan, Kano 1000 – Supporting Lenny & the Green Brigada! says:



    He didn’t slag the support in my opinion.



    Like our elders he tried to cool a few of our young lads (us) on what or not what to do.



    You and I are now those elders and we need to pass on our advice.



    Can’t reply because I’m fecked here and ready for the leaba.



    Sin é



    Árd Macha

  2. zimmerman says:


    24 December, 2011 at 02:13



    petec says:


    24 December, 2011 at 02:03



    I’ll see you,and raise you


    Roger Waters – Home.



    Great track.



    Not really raising things but keeping it Spanish flavoured.







  3. Petec



    A wee hike up our hills would be interesting, you are clearly aff yer heid, and I am a discerning viewer of feral Dumbartoners.

  4. Rascar Capac says:


    24 December, 2011 at 03:25



    On the contrary, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much control of my heid.



    Television and MSM manipulates minds so much it is frightening. TV is just a mind controlling implement IMHO.



    If that makes me a rocket in your mind, who am I to argue.



    Have you ever caught any sizable fish in Loch Humphrey? 1lb+?

  5. Petec



    You are a man who says what he means.



    I don’t fish.



    When I stand on the shores of Loch Humphery, I feel good that i’ve done my training.



    I love the isolation, I love those hills.

  6. Rascar






    You seem like you are pumping yourself up for something Rasc, you got a World title fight upcoming you kept secret from CQN?



    hail hail banners from the north west side loch humphrey crew can be made at short notice.

  7. Petec



    You wise old dog.



    I am half way to where I want to be.



    No fighting til I I’ll good.



    Still fat as fcuk.

  8. Rascar Capac says:


    24 December, 2011 at 03:57



    and if only the protesters had conformed and been Euro friendly with their banner, or even dyslexic.



    Maybe Neil Lennon is delivering Exoteric messages to the profane(media)……. A total reversal of exoteric/esoteric stuff from the secret societies.



    Neil is SMART and he could have been delivering a blow like that.



    Thank You Rascar Capac,




  9. saltires en sevilla on

    Good morning fellow celts from m40 en route to paradise



    Dry 2degrees and road clear….so far








    Well,that was a pleasantly short shift.



    Now to get cracking on the Christmas dinner.



    Bit early,perhaps,but alcohol is very much in the plans for later.



    And tomorrow……..


    What is the Stars says:


    24 December, 2011 at 00:53


    This is funny (in a weird/sad type of way)


    Her Majestys Loyal Subjects on holiday and celebrating their unique culture in their usual dignified manner












    Just saw a snippet of this,that was enough.



    Most of the wimmin on there need to take a razor to their armpits,not very pleasant at all.



    Obviously they’d been blunted previously on their chins.



    Right. Turkey time for me.






    24 December, 2011 at 05:15




    The video that you have just displayed should lead to, Paul 67 expelling you from this site!



    Only kiddin M8!



    Like your ghoodself, the first few seconds were more than enough!



    “Thank God I Was Born On The CORRECT Side Of The Street!” CSC



    Hail! Hail!

  13. Was just hearing tonight that, karate-kicking Ruth Davidson(leader of the Scottish Conservitives) is the grand-daughter of the late, Bobby Davidson who, if memory serves me correctly was, one the GRAND MASTERS of the Scottish refereeing circle who, certainly wasn’t slow in showing where his allegiances lay.


    “Bring Back The Foreign Ref’s !” CSC

  14. One for the night shift music afficionados.



    Roger Waters is playing Brisbane soon. It is advertised as ‘The Wall’.



    I’m a big Pink Floyd fan, but not sure about this one.



    What d’ya reckon?



    Worth a punt?





    Mortgage your house to see it!



    IMO,the album was a tad too conceptual,therefore flawed,but he has been getting fantastic reviews for the show.



    Also,probably your last chance to see him on stage.



    Worthwhile picking up a copy of David Gilmour-Live at Gdansk. Double CD,throw the first one away-kidding-and wallow in nostalgia.



    A few herbal remedies will help…..


    KEVJUNGLE 0532



    Haha,I know what you mean!



    Here’s something that,while not a barring offence,comes close.



    I was born 10 minutes before Orange Walk day,under a Union Flag,and as a hun.



    Alright,it was in a British Army hospital in Germany-hence the hun part-but most of my hun mates are jealous as f..k!



    One of them,and his wife,tried their damnedest to have a kid born on that day,but gave up after eight.



    True story,the sad bassas!

  17. Top of the morning to you all from a dark, windy, but mild Fife.



    Kenny Sheils was quite cute in the Mail yesterday and said something to the effect of;


    “it is commonly believed that Celtic get all the decisions of the refs since Neil fell out with them last year, but I don’t buy that”



    I’ve always liked Sheils and he was the only one to come out four square behind Lennon last year in the bombs and bullets thing.



    Can’t blame him for putting pressure on today’s ref in the subtlest way, but it does have the desired effect I suppose.



    Who is M.I.B. today?

  18. Tom, Roger Waters is a genius, go for it. He is pink floyd. Never had any time for them after he left.




    Big Nan, the referee today is George Salmond. Nothing fishy about him :-)




  19. .






    My One and Only Concert was Floyd @ De Kuip Stadd Rotterdam..



    50 Mates Came Over we Hired a Hotel Just for Us..



    I retired from Concerts After that.. Ha..









    Merry Christmas when it Comes then 3 Points 2 hrs Later..

  20. Lubo says:


    24 December, 2011 at 07:04




    I predicted earlier that we would gubb Killie 4-0 but, since you have revealed Mr Salmond as the ref then, I have to say that something fishy might be going down ???



    “Paranoid Me erse !” CSC

  21. Slan_Abhaile:



    I’m down your way over the course of the holidays, meeting up with a couple of guys who were flooded out from their homes in the Lockyer Valley around this time last year. I remember all you posts of concern from that period so if you are about and want to meet up with some real guys, I’ll show you the Pink Palace and Rebel Mountain.



    BTW, are you still of the opinion that Neil Lennon should be booted out the door?

  22. Good morning friends and a very Happy Christmas Eve from a fairly wet and windy East Kilbride.



    An early rise (for a Saturday) but not sure whether it’s the excitement of Santa or of the potential return of Izzy.



    Off for a scroll back…




  23. thebhoydaveJAPAN on

    morning all


    well today is my big present!


    first time back in paradise for 5 years – taking my boy (4) & Japanese wife.


    i’m more excited the the boy.



    looking for some parking tips.


    when i was up at the superstore the other day I saw all the works going on for the commonwealth.


    scuppering my old usual side street “watch yer motor mister” tradition.



    we’re sitting in jock stein upper.




  24. fergus slayed the blues on

    Morning bhoys/ghirls


    Forecast for heavy rain today ,hope it’s goals that are reigning into the killie goal today


    C’mon you bhoys in green .


    Oh and SANTAS on his way ,he said he won’t make the game today due to a heavy workload .


    keep yer chimneys clear mini bhoys/ghirls and have a very merry CHRISTMAS


    hail hail

  25. Big Nan says:


    24 December, 2011 at 06:48



    Big Nan…


    What an excellent asset you are to this blog….



    I for one look forward to your posts..



    Have a nice one and take care…

  26. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Morning bhoys and ghirls,a great site for Santa to talk to the kids is Portable North Pole,you type in age,what he/she wants,likes etc and Santa talks to the kid,its brilliant.hh.