Burden of history against Kilmarnock


I don’t like the run-up to home games against Kilmarnock, this was especially so when Gordon Strachan was manager.  Someone would always ask Gordon the 1955 question, “Gordon, did you know….”  If you don’t know the question, don’t go looking for it.  It’s a fact that should ostensibly give you confidence but it only puts me into a nervous disposition.  During Gordon’s time, every game felt like a must-win game.  The carnage on here after a 2-2 home draw with Dundee United lives long in the memory, so the burden of a reversal at home to Kilmarnock would have been intolerable.

Celtic have an enormously impressive history which can inspire great things in the support but sometimes it’s evidently a burden to those having to go out and win the next game.  Jock Stein’s famous, “The Celtic jersey doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players” quote was meant to inspire greatness and awe, but I’ve seen it used to damn contemporary players who were in no way inferior to some who played for Celtic in Jock’s latter years in charge.

Kilmarnock beat Rangers last time out and will feel as though they let two points slip away against us earlier in the season.  Celtic should be sufficiently concerned to avoid premature Christmas cheer.

Best wishes to our friends at the Melbourne No. 1 CSC, who will be celebrating Christmas during tomorrow’s game.

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  1. knoxy2000



    I survived a massive bleed in my head another stroke and


    6 hours of open brain surgery only to walk again 4 months later.


    This was down to excellent docors, which you will have and


    being crammed full of platlets and blood from so many good


    people, which you will also have on hand.



    Watch out for the blood bags marked BT.


    Get in touch if you care to.

  2. BT



    He scared the life out of me!!



    Was sitting in a darkened car park in Barmulloch when there was a rap on the window. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to the words, “You must be hamiltontim!”



    Seems a nice fella. You meeting for drinks tonight?

  3. “Sir, sir, here’s a good stick to beat the lovely lady. ”


    Wouldn’t get past the censors these day’s !!

  4. HT



    not tonight buddy..



    he got sent off and I got the letter for it..


    refs back then where just as bad… 0))

  5. Start Izzy against Killie tomorrow. He may not be 100% fit, but he relishes playing them, so it would be a great way of easing him in before we take on the baddies.



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Zaluska ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Cha ::::::::::::: Rogne :::::::::::::: Wanyama ::::: Izaguirre



    :::::::: Brown :::::::::::::: Kayal :::::::::::::::: Ki ::::::::::::



    :::::::: Forrest ::::::::::::: Hooper ::::::::::: Samaras ::::::::



    Izzy, fit or not, is hugely important for this game, as are Brown and Ki. Sammi, however, is the most important of all.

  6. Knoxy2000



    Just read that – you and your family will definitely be in my thoughts this Christmas. Hang in there.




  7. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home says:


    23 December, 2011 at 12:19


    Illicit Fog



    Quite interested in your post.


    Oddly enough reply avoids answering the question that, if there was illicit/offensive chanting, some of it possibly in breach of the PTA, why did match commander Smith not order his men to deal with it on the spot, rather than pass the buck to EUFA?

  8. Knoxy – keep the chin up, times will be tough but a lot of people need you to be strong mate, good luck.



    Doctastic – I know life begins at 40 but this place puts years on ye, ask Vmhan, he’s for the glue factory?

  9. Knoxxy



    You and your famaliy are in my thoughts. And my new years resolution is sorted now as well



    Hail hail

  10. Bigjock67 wishes Kano 1000 all the best on




    My prayers are with you, Oscar and your whole family.



    I was only in the Blood Donor centre at Nelson Mandella place the other day, and was a little miffed that there was a long queue waiting to give blood. I stayed with it, and some 90 mins later managed to give a pint. I am glad now that i stayed with it and also glad that there was a long queue, as it proves that people really do think about others at all times of the year, but especially at this time of the year when blood donors are really stretched.



    Your story has reinforced my wishes to give blood as often as is possible, and i can only hope that by contributing my blood I can someway get some satisfaction that i have helped someone who is in real need f it.

  11. Knoxy2000,



    My prayers are with you and your little bhoy, this time 5 years ago my family


    and I were given a trip to lapland as we had been told that my wife’s brain tumour


    was untreatable and that it would be only weeks/months before she was taken from us.


    5 years on she is still here and in good health. I hope that you will enjoy the same fortune as


    we have and I’ll be lighting a candle at mass for yours this christmas day.



    Hail Hail



  12. Lullabies and Battle Cries on




    My thoughts are with you a your family, especially young Oscar.




    To All other Posters,



    A very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to one and all



    Paul, keep up the good work, I can’t imagine life without CQN, all the best to you and your family

  13. Knoxy2000,



    Heartfelt sympathy for your devastating news.



    I hope your appeal for donors falls on receptive ears.



    I gave blood from my teens until I left Glasgow and I always hoped that my “armfull” would help someone.



    I would not be surprised if a wee CQN campaign does not emerge from your plea.



    God Bless you and your familt and may the Child Jesus watch over Oscar in his fight.

  14. Summa of Sammi…. says:


    23 December, 2011 at 14:36





    ThomtheTim & Bourne..



    Are You Two a AyeTim..?






    Aye, right.



    Never met the man! Cock-a-doodle doo x 3

  15. Knoxy,


    Ive often felt guilty about not giving blood but none more so than today.


    I`m definately doing it at next opportunity, I`ll say a prayer for young Oscar at mass tomorrow night.

  16. knoxy2000 says:



    23 December, 2011 at 14:14



    Thoughts and prayers with you and the family. I started giving blood this year and can’t believe it took me so long to get round to do it(I’m 42). 20 mins or so out of your life can save a life…simple.



    If anyone is struggling for a New Year’s resolution they could do worse than give blood.

  17. The Ghood will prevail on



    So sorry to hear your wee boy’s illness. I will light a candle for him tomorrow and I will be sure to give blood also.


    A massive hail hail to you and wee Oscar


    the ghood will prevail

  18. GourockEmeraldBhoy HAILS THE KANO FOUNDATION on




    Got 2 young bhoys myself, your post brought a real tear to my eye. I hope everything works out in the future although its only words I hope they are of some comfort. Give Oscar the best Christmas ever.




  19. Had some good times in the Celtic club in Melbourne



    Met a guy, think the name was Harry, he was a builder and his



    Business cards had the Celtic crest on them.



    Watched the game where Maloney scored his 30 harder into Klos, then



    Ended up in St Kilda with some Irish Guys, what a day that was





  20. http://www.scotblood.co.uk/



    I have tried to arrange a CQN give blood day but it is difficult as most of our events/meeting involve alcohol which


    cannot be cosumed before giving or should not be consumed after.


    For anybody worried about giving I don’t like needles but have pints taken out often and thrown away


    for a condition – just don’t watch.

  21. saltires en sevilla on

    “write his name in the book…now score it out!”



    “yessur squire danahar, sur”




    “-ach you have a fine steady hand mary kate danahar”- Liam Og O’Flynn




    Gerry McNee wrote a book about the film







  22. Knoxy 2000



    Thoughts are with you and your family, my wee man (2 and a half) has had nine operations and plenty of blood was needed, he’s out the other end now. It is important to highlight the need to give blood. Unfortunately they don’t let me give blood in Ireland cause I lived in Scotland during the mad cow era. I will however get myself up to Mandela Square next visit home

  23. Thank you all for your kind words! It’s great to hear that many of you will start or resume giving blood again. That was of course the aim behind my post.



    Oscar is being prayed for at mass and (other church services?) all over the country!! He’s even being prayed for by the Orange Order and the Masons in the Lisburn area haha!!! Im not really a religious person, but have found myself saying the odd wee prayer now and then. You know, just incase! I appreciate everyone who takes time to pray for him.



    Needless to say we will do everything we can to give Oscar and his wee sister a fantastic christmas! I hate the thought of it being his last, but that is a very real possibility.



    whitedoghunch… whats with the bags marked BT? Are they Blantyre Tim’s?? Should I refuse them if they turn up?? ;-)



    wolfetonebhoy, fantastic news about your wife! May she have many, many more years ahead.




  24. hamiltontim says:



    23 December, 2011 at 15:41



    HT agreed mate – though I am having to record it on the V+ box as I lost out to the kids who are watching SpongeBob…..never mind, watch it later tonight with a few beers.

  25. knoxy2000



    My nephews son had the same thing, unfortunately didn’t make it. Insidious, aggressive cancer, good luck to the wee man I hope he is lucky.



    Will say a prayer for him, unfortunately they don’t take blood from the over 50’s these days!



    God Bless him.




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