Bury, Bolton, the remarkably durable English game


I have heard a lot of nonsense as to why Bury are this morning expelled from the Football League and Bolton Wanderers are two weeks away from a similar fate.  There are not ‘too many teams’, in fact, attendances across all levels of the game in England are at historical highs and compare favourably to those in mainland Europe.  More choice has led to more attendees.

Inadequate ‘fit and proper tests’ are not to blame either.  None of those responsible for the plight of these two clubs had red flags in their backgrounds.  The suggestion that supporter representation on the board would have inhibited clubs spending their way into trouble is perhaps the most laughable suggestion.  Can you imagine a fans’ rep. at a board meeting saying, “Hang on, we can’t sign him, that’s going to push our wage levels to unsustainable levels”?

Football clubs are remarkably durable.  Most of the senior club formed in the 19th century are still in business.  The failure rate is incredibly low comparable to any industry.

The grass roots game, which Bury is a part of, is healthier in England than in anywhere in the world.  Bury over-spent, securitised their stadium and had multi-year commitments they could no longer service.  They failed because they are the worst crop in the field.

Bolton were a fixture in the Premier League when the late Phil Gartside was in charge, but the loss of revenue from that source following relegation is like nothing else in world sport.  I’m amazed we see so few failures of this nature, but by any reasonable expectation, failures like Bury and Bolton should be more common than they are.

There are those in the game who think ‘the model’ of English football is broken.  I have been reading the tea leaves of English football finances for decades.  The model looked broken before Financial Fair Play brought a correction to the market, but we will need to see a lot more Bolton and Burys fall down before that theory stands up.


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    I dislike the Celtic board and in my opinion they have screwed up multiple times, protecting their bonuses and dividends.



    If they all chucked it tomorrow I’d be delighted.

  2. BREENY on 28TH AUGUST 2019 5:19 PM


    If I can summarise, we have around 50 million in the bank and unless we sign Messi before Sunday then Sevco will start favourites with the bookies to beat us. Think about that, this should not be tolerated, it is unacceptable, we should be so far ahead of them.






    Who cares about the bookies



    Jeez oh.

  3. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    CORKCELT on 28TH AUGUST 2019 4:50 PM



    ….”give him a chance and stop this endless whinging”



    Steady on their Corkcelt, that’s way too radical for the majority of our ‘supporters’…

  4. GREENPINATA @ 4:50 PM,






    We got Odsonne Edouard in the same circumstances. A loan with an option to buy. How did that work out. ?






    Wee correction. No we did not.



    OE came with a reputation for being a great football prospect (I’m talking world top 50) yet a loose cannon.



    Lee Congerton constructed a water tight deal where by if he came good at Celtic, personal terms were agreed and we could buy him for €9M as long as we did so before the 17th June 2018.



    After that date PSG could sell him to the highest bidder and OE’s agent could negotiate a deal on behalf of his client.



    Even after what was obvious to all of us, that OE was a snip, Big Pedro prevaricated to the last moment and succumbed to the Football departments pressure but apparently resented buying him afterwards.



    I’m not sure about the Bauer deal but would be very surprised if it had been so carefully and professionally constructed.



    As for big Fraser, he gets a chance to work once again with the Celtic goalkeeping coach that was so pivatol in his career. If “Woodsy” can work his magic again Southhampton can take him back in January as a keeper or to sell on.



    Hail Hail

  5. TIMALOY29


    Seems like you don’t get my point? For as long as we adopt that attitude nothing will change.

  6. Sorry I never post but wanted to check if we still use Rosshall for medicals.


    I heard s firmer player was spotted there today




    Welcome, are you a…………………..?



    Was it BIG VIC?



    Please say it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sorry I never post but wanted to check if we still use Rosshall for medicals.


    I heard a former player was spotted there today.


    Gary Hooper.


    Just passing on what I was told a few mins ago.

  9. ALEC EIFFEL on 28TH AUGUST 2019 5:27 PM


    Sorry I never post but wanted to check if we still use Rosshall for medicals.



    I heard s firmer player was spotted there today






    Spill fella. Was it big Vic or Marvin Compper……?

  10. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    MARADOMINIC on 28TH AUGUST 2019 5:17 PM



    if you don’t care about that I would say you are not Celtic supporter but maybe a Celtic PLC fan!






    …and I would say based on your contributions here recently that you are neither…

  11. Is he a man?


    Does he have black hair?


    Mole on his arse……?



    Just spill….then we can poo=poo it….

  12. That’s how to troll a blog, a poster never heard of before mentions that Gary Hooper was at Ross Hall, superb trolling Alec.

  13. CHAIRBHOY on 28TH AUGUST 2019 5:26 PM



    Do you really believe that our Head of Recruitment was allowed to negotiate a transfer fee, agree wages with OE’s agents and structure the deal? Our record transfer fee?

  14. Welcome to the Bauer!


    First sign, for me at least, that Neil wants to build his own team!

  15. Contented we’ve at last signed a natural right back,at least until I’ve seen how he performs in the Hoops where the Celtic support no doubt will back him, to the hilt, and given his previous £5M price tag its imperative we had the missing ‘Paddy Roberts’ option to buy.



    Sort the left back situation and the angst of another torturous summer window will dissipate quickly when the on field results, take a natural order?, some icing required on the cake too please a middy or striker.



    I Brendan Rodgers and the board ( in that order ) the lack of a scouting system i.e. Lee Congerton, who both jumped ship, mid job, and left behind a mess, and all toys out of pram. Neil Lennon had the players to beat Cluj, perhaps not Prague we’ll never know, but he’s doing a reasonable job clearing the decks, and domestically.



    Get the chequebook out CSC

  16. Celtic Mac. 5.44


    I’m not sure about that, we tried to sign him when Brendan Rodgers was the manager.


    The player had a very good reputation before he went to Stoke, hopefully he will be a good signing for us.

  17. Hello everyone !


    I`ve been completely out of touch for the past three years so don`t know what has been happening in Scottish Football. I`ve tried to glean the situation by reading CQN. Quite obviously, we ( Celtic) have gone through a very bad time. Just to satisfy my curiosity, who has won all the titles and trophies over these past three years and are we currently bottom of the league or just in the bottom half?


    Obviously a terrible time to be a Celtic supporter.

  18. Mr Bauer Celtic’s latest arrival seems quite an interesting character. Played in the Swiss Super League and capped at junior level for Switzerland and for Austria at senior level due to having parent from that country. Moved to Ruben Kazan in Russia and voted their player of the year and very popular with the support and on to the EPL. The guy is a qualified pilot and can speak 5 languages. Let’s see what he can do for us.



    Great to see Frazer Forster back in the Hoops. He achieved his ambition of playing for England and is in the right frame of mind for his return to Celtic and hugely popular with the support.



    It used be join the navy and see the world now be a footballer annd do the same. Celtic continue their travels tomorrow night up near the Arctic Circle with a visit to Stockholm. I think the Hoops have to score assuming they will concede at least one goal. Celtic attackers are in great form possibly due to the influence of new coach Damian Duff so we can get the job done providing defenders do their job.

  19. bigrailroadblues on

    Any player who pulls on the wonderful green and white hoops has my full support. And I’ve seen some duffers in my 61 years. 🤣

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Feed the Bhauer!



    He’s here , he’s there he’s every feckin where….



    feed the Bhauer , feed the Bhauer!

  21. Do we really have £50,000,000 spare?



    All the next 12 months costs are covered and we have £50,000,000 spare.




  22. Mike in Toronto on




    Philip K. Dick once said that “it is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

  23. CHAIRBHOY on 28TH AUGUST 2019 5:44 PM



    Theres nothing in that article that suggests he’d be leading negotiations for our most expensive player ever.



    Thats not part of the remit of a Head of Recruitment.



    I thought it was pretty much accepted that Congerton and Rodgers found the players, PL did all the negations, lowballed selling clubs and messed up the deals, or refused to pay the wages so we missed out on targets? Or is that just for the ones we dont “get over the line?”

  24. Just a wee ditty for our new Bhoy.





    Will you come to the Bauer o’er the free boundless ocean


    Where the stupendous waves roll in thundering motion


    Where the mermaids are seen and the fierce tempest gathers


    To loved Erin the green, the dear land of our fathers


    Will you come, will you, will you, will you come to the Bauer


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    Will you come to the Bauer?


    Will you come to the land of O’Neill and O’Donnell


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    Where Brian drove the Danes and Saint Patrick the vermin


    And whose valleys remain still most beautiful and charming?


    Will you come, will you, will you


    Will you come to the Bauer


    You can visit Benburb and the storied Blackwater


    Where Owen Roe met Munroe and his Chieftains did slaughter


    Where the lambs skip and play on the mossy all over


    From those bright golden views to enchanting Rostrevor


    Will you come, will you, will you


    Will you come to the Bauerwer?


    You can see Dublin city and the fine groves of Blarney


    The Bann, Boyne and Liffey and the Lakes of Killarney


    You may ride on the tide on the broad majestic Shannon


    You may sail round Loch Neagh and see storied Dungannon


    Will you come, will you, will you


    Will you come to the Bauer


    You can visit New Ross, gallant Wexford and Gorey


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    Where they died satisfied that their enemies they would not run from


    Will you come, will you, will you


    Will you come to the Bauer?


    Will you come and awake our lost land from its slumber


    And her fetters we’ll break, links that long are encumbered


    And the air will resound with hosannas to greet you


    On the shore will be found gallant Irishmen to meet you.


    Will you come, will you, will you


    Will you come to the Bauer.


    PHILBHOY on 28TH AUGUST 2019 5:01 PM


    Can’t believe the absolute shite I am reading today about or new player.








    He wants to be here and he looks great in a Celtic top.








    I wish him well.







    I remember when we signed MON, he wasn’t our first choice.







    How did that work out then?







    This place is really going to the dogs.




    can someone remind me what happened to the last player who came to scotland and ONE FAT PUNDIT REMARKED” HE LIKED THE CUT OF HIS JIB”



    so we sign people who look good in a CELTIC TOP.




  26. Killie knock back a bid of under a million for Taylor from Sunderland, they want 3m….

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