Business complete after Griffiths


With Leigh Griffiths set to sign in the next few moments our business for the January transfer window is complete.  As well as Leigh, we added 20-year-old Icelandic striker Holmbert Fridjobsson, and 23-year-old Norwegian left-midfielder, Stefan Johansen.

I expect Johansen and Griffiths to be holding down a starting place no later than next month.  Johansen’s case will be made all the more straightforward if Joe Ledley accepts an offer from Crystal Palace, although he may choose to wait until the summer before leaving.

We’ll be wondering why we signed Mo Bangura years from now, he patently didn’t look a player at Celtic.

Neil Lennon has a fixer-upper with Leigh, a player he has taken a number of references for and believes he can turn into a productive Celtic player.   The player’s personal history is something he has to put behind him now.  I’ve read many comments on this subject over the last few days, with some empathy, but it’s just as well Twitter wasn’t around in the 60s, 70s or 80s.  Some of our heroes from past eras have been more than a tad off-colour in my earshot.

Time for Leigh to get onto the field and do what he does best.
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  1. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar



    If you see me about I would recommend you do not talk to me….



    kitalba has caught me out today – I am a hun and the past 38 yrs I have been living a lie!!



    Saw your comment on LG – good stuff, everyone deserves a chance.




  2. Well, we may have another struggle in the CL qualifiers again. Limited sides may cause us a lot of trouble again. Very disappointed.

  3. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon, what is the name of your book and will I be able to buy it from the book shop at Glasgow airport?





  4. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on

    A Ceiler Gonof Rust


    I’m Good sir




    Remember Bhoys & Ghirls its transfer deadline day,


    The day you need money or you cant take any part in.


    So have a bit of compassion if any penniless newclubs deluded fools wander over here to see what happens on days like this.



  5. Time to walk the dug, makes the kids dinner then head to Cathkin to watch Fin#2son playing against Celtic boys….



    Hail Hail to yeez.

  6. So Real Madrid, £500M in debt, are going to spend £330M doing up their stadium… financial fair play eh?



    Anyway, welcome Leigh – May you focus on performance on the playing field and show us what you can do. Bang a few goals in and you’ll be cheered to the rafters.

  7. Sevco transfer latest



    Player goes for record fee…..


    Sevco have paid players a record fee to leave the club….



    Records broken again…whit ur they like…







  8. Chairbhoy…..



    Lee Wallace isn’t worth a lot of money, but the selling of him must put Hearts’ back up, they got nowt for him and there’s Sevco attempting to flog him off and get the money for him.






    Sevco still think that they have income that they once had and aren’t moving with the times, example doing a Gretna Green, buying the best players for the league and wining it, so on and so on, then growing as they go up the leagues. Super Ally cant go out and do that the hordes would go f ing mental, that’s the reality they just wont accept it.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon 16:12


    Leigh Griffiths has the talent. If he can adopt the correct mentality to life at Celtic then he will be a star.




    If he’s playing regularly he should be fine. My concern would be whether he can adapt to being a squad player who doesn’t play every game.

  10. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Is this us preparing in advance for CL qualification?



    Might be enough if LG hits the ground running



    We seem content taking a chance with these things ..



    Maybe that £6m will be utilised in the summer ……and the band played believe it if you like …

  11. A Ceiler Gonof Rust,



    It’s called Calling Cards. Not sure about the airport shop but it will be on Amazon, in Waterstones and also available direct from the publishers.



    I’ll be sure to let eeveryone know where to find it – don’t worry about that!

  12. from last…



    Afternoon all,



    What better day for a brief return to CQN?



    Some great articles of late. There was one recently that was maybe the best ever… now I’ve forgotten, but, I always think it’s worth saying thanks. This stuff, about Celtic, isn’t to be found anywhere else really… what with the mainstream media being rubbish.



    Griffiths – not an exciting signing, but, another good back up. We have a plethora of quality back up strikers. And, I think this has been said, there will be a bunch of EPL signings in the £10m plus bracket today and a good proportion of those players would be less effective than Griffiths. It’s a good deal. Just not exciting.



    Ledley – you know, good luck and all that. However, I’m a bit relieved he’s gone. I’ve been struggling to understand why so many hold him in high regard, to the extent that I simply had no idea how to discuss him in public, without feeling like an idiot. He’s solid, good finisher, technically adept, but utterly underwhelming. In many respects a typical English midfielder (albeit Welsh), hard working, box to box, no game intelligence. Always struck me as a player who took the easy way in his career. At 19 he was the next big thing, and I haven’t seen any progress from him.



    More to the point, where Ledley is concerned, he hasn’t been a factor in many of our ‘big’ games at any stage in his time at Celtic. Usually injured during CL group campaign, or behind someone in the pecking order. This year we could really have done with him, in Brown’s absence, and again he wasn’t available. Given the SPL situation, we are, in effect, losing nothing. If we are to mourne his loss, it certainly can’t be for his contribution. It is the potential we all see in him, or the idea of him. I suspect his career will be remembered, if at all, for this lack of impact, for all his obvious ability he has managed to underwhelm on a consistent basis.



    So, harsh, all that stuff about Ledley. I recognise that. On the other hand, I’m glad we don’t have to worry about his enigmatic qualities and pretend he’s a top player for us, the way Brown, Wanyama, and Mulgrew have been… and even Kayal has done more for Celtic on the big stage. I’m just relieved this odd conundrum of a player is moving on, and wish him the very best. Truly hope he proves me wrong, because he seems like a top bloke.

  13. John O’Neil


    16:12 on 31 January, 2014



    We’re allowed to sign players in the summer, even in time for pre season training in June. 1st CL qualifier, probably against a team the youths could beat, not until mid July.

  14. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Hail Hail Lee G. and welcome.



    Any more developments on Deadline Day? ( Or Friday for any lurking sevcojones)

  15. I couldn’t care less about Rangers’ transfer dealings. Celtic are the priority. It doesn’t look like we have much ambition for next year. Who will be up front for the Euro games? Samaras may be distracted by possible transfer moves in the summer. It is a big gamble.

  16. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Lennybhoy has just confirmed that our transfer business is over for this window….so it must be true! :-)



    ok so who thinks we’re all geared up for the three CL qualifiers and we won’t sell Virgil and Fraser in the summer? If you do, I’ll have a pint of what you’re on….!




  17. If Joe Ledley doesn’t move on or sign an extension, I for one won’t be surprised.


    He played pass the buck football when up against strong opposition…played well when we coasted.


    Hopefully we can get some money in for him as he’s for the off at the end of the season sitting pretty if we don’t.



    Good luck to LG, I’m one of the ones that thinks the boy can step up…here’s hoping.

  18. Kayal, we were led to believe that Celtic would conduct transfer business in advance of the CL.

  19. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance and yes that includes Leigh Griffith.



    I abhor the sentiment expressed in his racist tweet and that will never change. My point all along was that as a club, Celtic should never have gone near him, it wasn’t an issue with LG as much as displeasure with Celtic.



    Anyway he’s signed now and my sentiments are that I hope he becomes a hero as a Tim and a man.

  20. TootingTim supports Wee Oscar on

    Celtic First from this morning – wonderful post, hope the idea progresses. Enjoy your travels:)



    Loved the Rumour Mill – if only 25% of it isn’t fabricated flatulence it will scratch a few itches.

  21. Kojo




    Bonty Bhoy



    Pal.. efter reading yer Take oan Ledley..



    Let me Gie ye a Big …Cyber. High Five!



    Regarding yer Take oan Joe..n his less than Sparklin’ Contributions tae the The Celtic Cause.. Past.n Present…



    Ye ..absolutely .. Nailed it!



    Joe wulll NO Be MISSED!






  22. Not a happy bhoy



    We should be signing



    A marquee player



    Don’t ask me who



    Hope Sammy stays & signs



    Same with Joe although I think that ship has sailed

  23. TootingTim supports Wee Oscar on

    Paul67 – thanks for the nod, at least we have the rest of the day to ourselves now :)



    F the F5ing!

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