Cadete scandal casts shadow


Alexander (Sandy) Bryson has been mentioned in reports concerning another controversial matter in SFA history.  He was Head of Registrations when Celtic tried to register Jorge Cadete in 1996.  That case led to SFA chief executive, Jim Farry, being dismissed for gross misconduct after he failed to register the player in time for him to face Rangers in a Scottish Cup tie.

The Burness report into what happened noted that Farry “deflected responsibility to Mr (Sandy] Bryson (head of registrations] …. (on] certain executive decisions”.  In a contemporary article, Mirror Group Newspapers noted “it is unclear what part registration chief Sandy Bryson may have played in this debacle”.
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  1. geordie munro



    15:10 on


    28 February, 2013





    I salute your support for Celtic but disagree with support for the sfa.



    I do not have a ticket for Saturday but I might have two spare for Friday night. Much more enjoyable ;)



    Heading over myself with a couple of work mates and Lazarus( father in law). He is like a kid waiting for Christmas, as am I. Meeting heroes who never disappoint is always a joy.

  2. from last blog..


    FourGreenFields – my sentiments exactly. It is impossible to “move on” when in reality it simply means we are awaiting the next incident of bias within the Scottish game.


    I honestly think that Celtic have to do something – draw a line in the sand – not just to seek justice for the past but to seek justice for the future.


    We owe that to our children.

  3. So for a man who was Head of Registrations from as far back as 1996 to not realise there was a potential problem with the registrations process is incompetence beyond belief.




  4. Genuinely saddened.



    The actions of the authorities, politicians and police had already created a split amongst the Celtic support regarding the treatment of the Green Brigade.



    In light of today’s decision it would appear that split is now a chasm.


    I’m reminded of Martin McGuiness’ speech in 1986 at the Sinn Fein conference where he uttered the words, “Don’t go my friends….”




    As I said, a dreadfully sad day indeed but now looking forward, more than ever, to a Saturday trip to Paisley.

  5. Are Sevco still facing the prospect of


    lower division football next season?




    Are Sevco running at a loss whilst filling


    their stadium every second week? Check!


    Are they still run by a con man? Check!


    Are the zombies none the wiser as to


    who actually own’s them? Check!


    Are they still managed by probably their


    worst manager of all time? Check!


    Will Celtic always be there to rub their


    noses in their cheating filth? CHECK!

  6. twomacaroons


    15:30 on 28 February, 2013




    15:27 on 28 February, 2013



    Well said. I liked the bit about letting them have yesterday we’ll have tomorrow.



    Ree posted as Paul caught me out with new article. HH

  7. Are Sevco still facing the prospect of


    lower division football next season?




    Are Sevco running at a loss whilst filling


    their stadium every second week? Check!


    Are they still run by a con man? Check!


    Are the zombies none the wiser as to


    who actually own’s them? Check!


    Are they still managed by probably their


    worst manager of all time? Check!


    Will Celtic always be there to rub their


    noses in their cheating filth? CHECK!



    A brilliant and positive way to view this farce.




  8. From last article , any views appreciated . thanks Tomtheleedstim for your response .






    14:13 on


    28 February, 2013


    So according to some on here we are just supposed to take it on the chin and get on with it .


    Ok let’s go with that scenario , 6 months , a year maybe 10 years down the line we discover that the NEW club have done something else to give them an unfair advantage ( cheated again ) to get them to the top.


    What do we do then ?

  9. Extract from SFA Procedure on Registrations:


  a Player shall be deemed to be registered on the day upon which such form and any


    agreement if applicable has been received by the Scottish FA and is fully compliant with


    the Articles and these Procedures.



    Therefore if not compliant with Articles and Procedures the player is not registered.


    Seems simple to me, but then I’m not a Judge or a lodge member

  10. Margaret McGill on

    I think we should all write a nastygram to the SFA and ask them to stop cheating, lying and stealing.



    Dear SFA


    Please stop cheating, lying and stealing.




    Forever Yours


    Scottish football supporter…<—-replace with your name here.

  11. We are here on earth but a short time. Speding hours (weeks, months, years) obsessing over the unfairness of Scottish football isn’t how I want to pass my life. Time to concentrate on what matters in this world – my family, my health and my wealth.


    Celtic are in my heart for ever. I don’t give a damn anymore about the rest of it. Why should their corruption ruin my day?


    Time to let it go and move on. Life is precious fellow Tims – enjoy it.

  12. FourGreenFields



    Exactly my point earlier. If you break into a house and get a wad of cash and goods and eventually get caught and only get a slap on the wrist would you risk doing it again?


    They didn’t have audited acounts to even get in the league in the first place. They have been breaking rules non stop since Murray came in the door. Like a drug addict they can’t help themselves. It’s how that club operates.


    They are above the law. They are not punished for any wrong doing. Check out any punishment they are given. It’s paltry. If they don’t like it they just refuse to accept it and it goes away.



    Celtic must stand up for their club and the fans and they must do it NOW




  13. Paul time to focus on the future. I would rather have our future than their past. There is a chasm between us now and replica I am more focussed on sustaining that with zeal and vigour. Bhoys on here talking about not going to games are food to the hungry zombie and starvation for Celtic.. They cant grow bigger than us if we support our club. I support Celtic dont care for oldco or newco, i prefetr to focus on our future not their past. Future is certainly not blue or orange if we are upbeat.

  14. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    We can console ourselves with moral, financial and footballing superiority.



    Other clubs cheated can not.



    Our day(s) will come . We will humiliate ThevRangers FC, we will win trophies , we will have our European days in the sun.



    Other clubs won’t. Some may have been robbed of trophies they are unlikely to win in the future.



    Celtic fans feel let down but not surprised. The fans of other clubs should be livid. For some they have been denied once in a lifetime opportunity to taste victory.



    I expect fans of other clubs to make noises. I expect fans of other clubs to conduct boycotts.



    We can seek revenge on and off the park as we outplay them and bank £millions from champions League.



    Other clubs can’t…!

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on




    Just wondering if you think we might also feel we have been cheated out of a European trophy as well as all the domestic ones?



    If you think back to how hard we went at it in the run-in in 2002-03 when points (and goals) were vital to try and secure the title. Had we been competing against a team funded through legal means we would surely have won the title fairly comfortably and been able to rest players ahead of the UEFA Cup Final. Just might have tipped the balance our way on the night in what was an evenly-balanced game.

  16. Football must be a sport or there is no point to it. To be a sport every competing team has to be treated fairly. Rangers are guilty of greater crimes than St Mirren and Spartans and others before them yet receive a slap on the wrist – if you want to join the SFL you need 3 years accounts – not if you are Rangers – if the President of an organisation is embroiled in a scandal they would be expected to stand aside when an investigation is carried out and resign if that investigation finds him guilty – but not if his previous club is Rangers. So it’s not a sport as the rules are applied differently to one club. If Celtic do not take this up then Celtic are colluding in the preferential treatment of one club and therefore as guilty as the SFA.

  17. From Henceforth…



    I shall always refer to the home of the S.F.A./S.P.L., at Leatherby Drive.. as






    Boss Tweed, could have earned his Major there.



    Doncha Know Folks..



    “Ye Canny Fight City Hall??”



    Yes, Indeed..



    Corruption… is a Terrible Thing.





    Still Laughin’

  18. Celtic_First



    He’s been right in the spotlight tho’ and that seems a bit weird to me if this case should go any further, too many years of Tim Paranoia I guess..



    In a world full of corruption this story is just one of a long line of cover ups and whitewashes that have blighted it!!



    It seems to be the norm now in our game to allow bias and cheating today is just the cherry on Murray’s cake, the SFA have zero credibility now and not just with the Celtic support, I suppose I am dreaming to think we can start a new association free from the gravy trainers..

  19. This business about a judge or a jury having to reach a certain verdict because of what they are told in evidence is nonsense.



    Judges or Tribunal members, have the choice of whether or not to accept the evidence.



    Juries can accept the evidence or reject it as being false.



    Nimmo Smith and this panel chose to believe the unbelievable as told by the registrar of the SFA.



    There was an atlernative to interpret the registration rules in a reasonable manner and not the Alice in Wonderland way that Bryson portrayed.



    Scottish Football RIP.

  20. Smyth



    Trust me I prayed I would be wrong, but knowing how they work, and I know first hand, and you can trust me on that as well, the cabal don’t do coming second to Timmy.



    When you look at it in the cold light of the day, the fact we have ever won anything just goes to show how good we really are.



    We are Celtic, and we should be proud of what we have achieved.




  21. FourGreenFields



    An age old question and one I’ve been looking for the answer to for many years.I really wish I knew the answer.Even with proof they cheated they got away with it.As I said in an earlier post I give up.

  22. Can I Have Raspberry On That Champions League Ice Cream


    “And first dab on the goat. No doubt”



    LOL – needed that.

  23. Rule D1.13:



    ‘A Club must as a condition of Registration and for a Player to be eligible to Play in Official Matches, deliver the executed originals of all Contracts of Service and all other agreements providing for payment….’



    Hmmmmm. (Pinched from TSFM blog)

  24. Paul67 et al



    Earlier this week the Scotsman reported that the Scottish Youth Football Association (SYFA), threw out Hutchison Vale U16s from the Scottish Youth Cup. They had reached the quarter-finals, before a complaint was made concerning a registered player. The club had registered the player online but had ticked the box for season 2011-2012, instead of the current season.The player concerned had been registered with the club since he was five.


    The club may lose league points. Now for those who played or play youth football Hutchison Vale may not your favourite club, along with Tynecastle they tended to be Edinburgh’s top teams, or one to beat if you wanted to win your version of the Scottish Cup. The SYFA is based at er Hampden Park.

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